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Season 2 Upgraded

Exp 150 dynamic, Drop 60

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Char nameResetLevel
Item actual drop
MapMonsterItemDrop count
from monster
from monster
Total drop count from all monsters
LorenciaBudge DragApple29819%4034
LorenciaBudge DragLeather Gloves1379%942
LorenciaBudge DragVine Gloves1359%928
LorenciaBudge DragShort Bow1308%1457
LorenciaBudge DragPad Gloves1268%982
LorenciaBudge DragSmall Axe1258%1328
LorenciaBudge DragSmall Shield1188%968
LorenciaBudge DragCrossbow1097%992
LorenciaBudge DragPad Boots1077%943
LorenciaBudge DragShort Sword1067%961
LorenciaBudge DragHand Axe1006%911
LorenciaBudge DragOrb of Summoning221%24681
LorenciaBudge DragTransformation Ring +0121%392
LorenciaBudge DragBlood Bone +191%496
LorenciaBudge DragBox of Luck +191%19744
LorenciaBudge DragScroll of Archangel +181%493
LorenciaBudge DragDevils Key50%77205
LorenciaBudge DragDevils Eye50%77208
LorenciaBudge DragJewel of Bless30%31135
LorenciaBudge DragJewel of Chaos10%15411
LorenciaBudge DragBox of Luck +710%51244
LorenciaBudge DragJewel of Creation10%9087
LorenciaBudge DragHorn of Uniria10%195724
LorenciaBudge DragRena +310%58855
LorenciaBudge DragJewel of Soul10%28647
LorenciaBull FightApple17412%4034
LorenciaBull FightVine Helm805%793
LorenciaBull FightBuckler805%881
LorenciaBull FightVine Boots775%821
LorenciaBull FightCrossbow755%992
LorenciaBull FightPad Boots745%943
LorenciaBull FightLeather Gloves715%942
LorenciaBull FightShort Bow705%1457
LorenciaBull FightPad Helm695%833
LorenciaBull FightVine Gloves685%928
LorenciaBull FightSkull Staff675%782
LorenciaBull FightLeather Boots665%850
LorenciaBull FightSmall Axe654%1328
LorenciaBull FightSmall Shield624%968
LorenciaBull FightPad Gloves614%982
LorenciaBull FightLeather Helm614%858
LorenciaBull FightHand Axe614%911
LorenciaBull FightShort Sword564%961
LorenciaBull FightKris534%813
LorenciaBull FightDevils Eye121%77208
LorenciaBull FightBox of Luck +1121%19744
LorenciaBull FightTransformation Ring +0121%392
LorenciaBull FightDevils Key81%77205
LorenciaBull FightBox of Luck +770%51244
LorenciaBull FightBlood Bone +140%496
LorenciaBull FightScroll of Archangel +140%493
LorenciaBull FightScroll of Fire Ball30%45
LorenciaBull FightRena +320%58855
LorenciaBull FightJewel of Life10%19831
LorenciaBull FightJewel of Chaos10%15411
LorenciaBull FightHorn of Uniria10%195724
LorenciaBull FightOrb of Summoning10%24681
LorenciaBull FightJewel of Bless10%31135
LorenciaDestructivWizards Ring253132%7931
LorenciaElite BullApple5120%4034
LorenciaElite BullVine Armor135%969
LorenciaElite BullSword of Assassin125%943
LorenciaElite BullLeather Helm104%858
LorenciaElite BullLeather Armor104%907
LorenciaElite BullPad Boots94%943
LorenciaElite BullBronze Boots83%928
LorenciaElite BullShort Sword83%961
LorenciaElite BullPad Pants73%846
LorenciaElite BullGolden Crossbow73%933
LorenciaElite BullPad Armor73%897
LorenciaElite BullSkull Staff73%782
LorenciaElite BullPad Helm73%833
LorenciaElite BullSmall Axe73%1328
LorenciaElite BullHand Axe62%911
LorenciaElite BullHealing Orb62%846
LorenciaElite BullLeather Gloves62%942
LorenciaElite BullVine Helm62%793
LorenciaElite BullVine Boots52%821
LorenciaElite BullBuckler52%881
LorenciaElite BullKite Shield42%931
LorenciaElite BullRapier42%874
LorenciaElite BullMace42%758
LorenciaElite BullBox of Luck +142%19744
LorenciaElite BullBow42%865
LorenciaElite BullHorn Shield42%836
LorenciaElite BullLeather Boots42%850
LorenciaElite BullPad Gloves31%982
LorenciaElite BullKris31%813
LorenciaElite BullVine Gloves31%928
LorenciaElite BullVine Pants31%860
LorenciaElite BullCrossbow31%992
LorenciaElite BullShort Bow21%1457
LorenciaElite BullTransformation Ring +021%392
LorenciaElite BullJewel of Soul10%28647
LorenciaElite BullLeather Pants10%862
LorenciaElite BullDevils Key10%77205
LorenciaElite BullBlood Bone +110%496
LorenciaElite BullSmall Shield10%968
LorenciaElite BullScroll of Power Wave10%64
LorenciaElite BullBox of Luck +710%51244
LorenciaElite BullScroll of Fire Ball10%45
LorenciaGiantDragon Lance1102%464
LorenciaGiantHorn Shield1082%836
LorenciaGiantVine Armor1042%969
LorenciaGiantVine Pants1012%860
LorenciaGiantLeather Pants1002%862
LorenciaGiantPad Pants1002%846
LorenciaGiantBronze Gloves1002%982
LorenciaGiantLeather Helm992%858
LorenciaGiantBronze Boots992%928
LorenciaGiantRing of Poison992%612
LorenciaGiantVine Helm982%793
LorenciaGiantSilk Gloves982%945
LorenciaGiantDouble Axe962%893
LorenciaGiantSilk Boots962%463
LorenciaGiantOrb of Greater Fortitude962%46591
LorenciaGiantSkull Shield952%472
LorenciaGiantGolden Crossbow942%933
LorenciaGiantSword of Assassin932%943
LorenciaGiantBronze Pants892%497
LorenciaGiantSilk Helm892%546
LorenciaGiantHealing Orb892%846
LorenciaGiantBronze Helm882%526
LorenciaGiantLeather Armor882%907
LorenciaGiantElven Bow862%541
LorenciaGiantSkull Staff852%782
LorenciaGiantPad Armor852%897
LorenciaGiantKite Shield842%931
LorenciaGiantMorning Star832%952
LorenciaGiantPendant of Fire822%945
LorenciaGiantBone Gloves822%879
LorenciaGiantBone Boots812%556
LorenciaGiantDouble Poleaxe812%949
LorenciaGiantHand Axe762%911
LorenciaGiantPad Helm721%833
LorenciaGiantPad Gloves711%982
LorenciaGiantLeather Gloves651%942
LorenciaGiantVine Boots631%821
LorenciaGiantPad Boots621%943
LorenciaGiantSmall Axe611%1328
LorenciaGiantVine Gloves611%928
LorenciaGiantLeather Boots581%850
LorenciaGiantShort Sword581%961
LorenciaGiantShort Bow581%1457
LorenciaGiantTransformation Ring +0561%392
LorenciaGiantSmall Shield511%968
LorenciaGiantBlood Bone +1451%496
LorenciaGiantBox of Luck +3401%4027
LorenciaGiantDevils Eye391%77208
LorenciaGiantDevils Key361%77205
LorenciaGiantScroll of Archangel +1351%493
LorenciaGiantBox of Luck +1311%19744
LorenciaGiantBox of Luck +7210%51244
LorenciaGiantRena +3170%58855
LorenciaGiantScroll of Lighting100%70
LorenciaGiantJewel of Bless90%31135
LorenciaGiantScroll of Fire Ball60%45
LorenciaGiantJewel of Soul50%28647
LorenciaGiantJewel of Life50%19831
LorenciaGiantHorn of Uniria40%195724
LorenciaGiantScroll of Teleport40%83
LorenciaGiantScroll of Power Wave40%64
LorenciaGiantJewel of Chaos20%15411
LorenciaGiantOrb of Summoning20%24681
LorenciaGolden DerBox of Luck +106419%222
LorenciaGolden DerBox of Luck +8309%618
LorenciaGolden DerBox of Luck +9288%531
LorenciaHoundSkull Staff414%782
LorenciaHoundLeather Boots404%850
LorenciaHoundLeather Gloves384%942
LorenciaHoundVine Pants384%860
LorenciaHoundPad Pants353%846
LorenciaHoundPad Boots353%943
LorenciaHoundHorn Shield343%836
LorenciaHoundPad Gloves343%982
LorenciaHoundPad Helm333%833
LorenciaHoundVine Gloves303%928
LorenciaHoundVine Boots303%821
LorenciaHoundSmall Axe303%1328
LorenciaHoundShort Sword293%961
LorenciaHoundSmall Shield293%968
LorenciaHoundHand Axe273%911
LorenciaHoundShort Bow273%1457
LorenciaHoundHealing Orb273%846
LorenciaHoundLeather Helm273%858
LorenciaHoundLeather Pants252%862
LorenciaHoundVine Helm242%793
LorenciaHoundTransformation Ring +0101%392
LorenciaHoundScroll of Archangel +171%493
LorenciaHoundBox of Luck +161%19744
LorenciaHoundBlood Bone +161%496
LorenciaHoundDevils Eye50%77208
LorenciaHoundDevils Key40%77205
LorenciaHoundScroll of Fire Ball20%45
LorenciaHoundJewel of Life20%19831
LorenciaHoundJewel of Bless20%31135
LorenciaHoundJewel of Chaos20%15411
LorenciaHoundScroll of Power Wave20%64
LorenciaHoundRena +310%58855
LorenciaHoundBox of Luck +710%51244
LorenciaHoundJewel of Soul10%28647
LorenciaLIchBronze Gloves5142%982
LorenciaLIchOrb of Greater Fortitude5122%46591
LorenciaLIchLeather Boots5002%850
LorenciaLIchVine Armor4982%969
LorenciaLIchPendant of Fire4932%945
LorenciaLIchPad Armor4922%897
LorenciaLIchDouble Poleaxe4912%949
LorenciaLIchVine Pants4892%860
LorenciaLIchShort Bow4832%1457
LorenciaLIchSmall Shield4822%968
LorenciaLIchLeather Helm4802%858
LorenciaLIchBronze Boots4782%928
LorenciaLIchHand Axe4762%911
LorenciaLIchVine Boots4762%821
LorenciaLIchPad Helm4762%833
LorenciaLIchLeather Pants4752%862
LorenciaLIchKite Shield4752%931
LorenciaLIchShort Sword4732%961
LorenciaLIchPad Gloves4722%982
LorenciaLIchSilk Gloves4702%945
LorenciaLIchMorning Star4692%952
LorenciaLIchPad Boots4642%943
LorenciaLIchLeather Armor4622%907
LorenciaLIchSmall Axe4602%1328
LorenciaLIchGolden Crossbow4592%933
LorenciaLIchSword of Assassin4592%943
LorenciaLIchHealing Orb4592%846
LorenciaLIchPad Pants4542%846
LorenciaLIchBone Gloves4502%879
LorenciaLIchHorn Shield4472%836
LorenciaLIchVine Gloves4432%928
LorenciaLIchLeather Gloves4392%942
LorenciaLIchVine Helm4382%793
LorenciaLIchSkull Staff4252%782
LorenciaLIchDouble Axe4242%893
LorenciaLIchTransformation Ring +02371%392
LorenciaLIchScroll of Archangel +11811%493
LorenciaLIchDevils Eye1511%77208
LorenciaLIchBox of Luck +11501%19744
LorenciaLIchBlood Bone +11451%496
LorenciaLIchDevils Key1411%77205
LorenciaLIchOrb of Summoning880%24681
LorenciaLIchRena +3860%58855
LorenciaLIchBox of Luck +7770%51244
LorenciaLIchJewel of Soul390%28647
LorenciaLIchScroll of Power Wave380%64
LorenciaLIchJewel of Bless340%31135
LorenciaLIchJewel of Life260%19831
LorenciaLIchScroll of Lighting260%70
LorenciaLIchJewel of Chaos250%15411
LorenciaLIchHorn of Uniria170%195724
LorenciaLIchScroll of Fire Ball120%45
LorenciaLIchJewel of Creation70%9087
LorenciaSkeletonLeather Gloves232%942
LorenciaSkeletonOrb of Greater Fortitude222%46591
LorenciaSkeletonElven Bow212%541
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Gloves212%982
LorenciaSkeletonHealing Orb192%846
LorenciaSkeletonLarge Round Shield182%2240
LorenciaSkeletonBone Boots172%556
LorenciaSkeletonPad Pants172%846
LorenciaSkeletonPendant of Fire172%945
LorenciaSkeletonKite Shield172%931
LorenciaSkeletonPad Armor162%897
LorenciaSkeletonLeather Armor162%907
LorenciaSkeletonGolden Crossbow151%933
LorenciaSkeletonOrb of Greater Damage151%2198
LorenciaSkeletonBone Helm151%2168
LorenciaSkeletonLeather Helm151%858
LorenciaSkeletonVine Armor141%969
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Helm141%526
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Armor141%2213
LorenciaSkeletonAngelic Staff141%2261
LorenciaSkeletonShort Bow141%1457
LorenciaSkeletonSword of Assassin141%943
LorenciaSkeletonLeather Pants141%862
LorenciaSkeletonSmall Shield131%968
LorenciaSkeletonSilk Boots131%463
LorenciaSkeletonSmall Axe131%1328
LorenciaSkeletonPad Boots131%943
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Boots131%928
LorenciaSkeletonVine Helm121%793
LorenciaSkeletonBone Gloves121%879
LorenciaSkeletonDouble Poleaxe121%949
LorenciaSkeletonSilk Helm121%546
LorenciaSkeletonRing of Poison121%612
LorenciaSkeletonDouble Axe111%893
LorenciaSkeletonSilk Pants111%2149
LorenciaSkeletonMorning Star101%952
LorenciaSkeletonScroll of Archangel +1101%493
LorenciaSkeletonSilk Gloves101%945
LorenciaSkeletonTransformation Ring +091%392
LorenciaSkeletonLeather Boots91%850
LorenciaSkeletonVine Gloves91%928
LorenciaSkeletonHorn Shield81%836
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Pants81%497
LorenciaSkeletonBox of Luck +181%19744
LorenciaSkeletonHand Axe81%911
LorenciaSkeletonDragon Lance81%464
LorenciaSkeletonVine Pants71%860
LorenciaSkeletonSkull Shield71%472
LorenciaSkeletonPad Gloves71%982
LorenciaSkeletonSkull Staff61%782
LorenciaSkeletonVine Boots61%821
LorenciaSkeletonShort Sword50%961
LorenciaSkeletonJewel of Bless50%31135
LorenciaSkeletonBlood Bone +150%496
LorenciaSkeletonDevils Eye50%77208
LorenciaSkeletonBox of Luck +340%4027
LorenciaSkeletonPad Helm40%833
LorenciaSkeletonJewel of Soul40%28647
LorenciaSkeletonBox of Luck +720%51244
LorenciaSkeletonScroll of Power Wave20%64
LorenciaSkeletonDevils Key20%77205
LorenciaSkeletonHorn of Uniria10%195724
LorenciaSkeletonJewel of Chaos10%15411
LorenciaSkeletonScroll of Fire Ball10%45
LorenciaSkeletonScroll of Teleport10%83
LorenciaSkeletonScroll of Lighting10%70
LorenciaSkeletonOrb of Summoning10%24681
LorenciaSkeletonRena +310%58855
LorenciaSpiderShort Bow11511%1457
LorenciaSpiderSmall Axe1009%1328
LorenciaSpiderOrb of Summoning192%24681
LorenciaSpiderTransformation Ring +040%392
LorenciaSpiderBox of Luck +730%51244
LorenciaSpiderScroll of Archangel +120%493
LorenciaSpiderJewel of Life20%19831
LorenciaSpiderDevils Key10%77205
LorenciaSpiderBox of Luck +110%19744
LorenciaSpiderJewel of Bless10%31135
LorenciaWhite wizaJewel of Bless8927%31135
DungeonChief SkelBox of Luck +5990%7376
DungeonChief SkelSymbol of Kundun +1950%25458
DungeonChief SkelBrass Pants710%15540
DungeonChief SkelWind Armor670%5468
DungeonChief SkelBlade660%16598
DungeonChief SkelSerpent Staff640%4126
DungeonChief SkelRing of Earth630%15036
DungeonChief SkelSphinx Boots630%4186
DungeonChief SkelLight Crossbow610%5426
DungeonChief SkelWind Helm610%3216
DungeonChief SkelRing of Fire580%4155
DungeonChief SkelBrass Gloves570%5226
DungeonChief SkelPlate Gloves570%13463
DungeonChief SkelTiger Bow570%14362
DungeonChief SkelWind Pants570%4115
DungeonChief SkelSpirit Helm570%14626
DungeonChief SkelBrass Boots570%5368
DungeonChief SkelScale Armor560%3149
DungeonChief SkelBerdysh550%15283
DungeonChief SkelPlate Boots540%13671
DungeonChief SkelSphinx Gloves540%3330
DungeonChief SkelThunder Staff530%13327
DungeonChief SkelSphinx Mask530%5437
DungeonChief SkelBrass Armor530%15281
DungeonChief SkelBattle Axe520%4194
DungeonChief SkelTower Shield500%14378
DungeonChief SkelSpirit Gloves500%15159
DungeonChief SkelSpirit Boots500%14415
DungeonChief SkelSphinx Armor490%14861
DungeonChief SkelLight Plate Gloves490%13594
DungeonChief SkelNikea Axe480%14272
DungeonChief SkelSword of Salamander480%5235
DungeonChief SkelLight Saber470%14564
DungeonChief SkelBrass Helm460%16334
DungeonChief SkelGreat Hammer450%15150
DungeonChief SkelLight Spear450%13540
DungeonChief SkelPendant of Wind410%13464
DungeonChief SkelGiant Trident410%3149
DungeonChief SkelDragon Slayer Shield410%15340
DungeonChief SkelSphinx Pants410%14500
DungeonChief SkelSpiked Shield400%4111
DungeonChief SkelSerpent Sword390%4344
DungeonChief SkelPendant of Ice380%14416
DungeonChief SkelSpirit Pants370%13507
DungeonChief SkelTransformation Ring +3340%6318
DungeonChief SkelBlood Bone +2260%4427
DungeonChief SkelBox of Luck +3250%4027
DungeonChief SkelScroll of Archangel +2250%4560
DungeonChief SkelDevils Eye240%77208
DungeonChief SkelDevils Key190%77205
DungeonChief SkelBox of Luck +1170%19744
DungeonChief SkelBox of Luck +7170%51244
DungeonChief SkelGuardian Angel160%230850
DungeonChief SkelRena +3110%58855
DungeonChief SkelImp70%185777
DungeonChief SkelOrb of Summoning70%24681
DungeonChief SkelJewel of Life60%19831
DungeonChief SkelJewel of Soul50%28647
DungeonChief SkelScroll of Poison40%1636
DungeonChief SkelScroll of Ice40%477
DungeonChief SkelScroll of Flame40%1245
DungeonChief SkelJewel of Chaos20%15411
DungeonChief SkelHorn of Uniria20%195724
DungeonChief SkelJewel of Bless20%31135
DungeonChief SkelScroll of Twister10%1401
DungeonCyclopsBox of Luck +5110%7376
DungeonCyclopsElven Axe70%3378
DungeonCyclopsWind Gloves50%3340
DungeonCyclopsLarge Round Shield50%2240
DungeonCyclopsSymbol of Kundun +150%25458
DungeonCyclopsBattle Bow50%3287
DungeonCyclopsRing of Poison40%612
DungeonCyclopsRing of Ice40%2976
DungeonCyclopsSilk Armor30%2941
DungeonCyclopsMorning Star30%952
DungeonCyclopsOrb of Impale30%2711
DungeonCyclopsBone Helm30%2168
DungeonCyclopsSilk Pants30%2149
DungeonCyclopsBone Pants30%2889
DungeonCyclopsKite Shield30%931
DungeonCyclopsSphinx Gloves30%3330
DungeonCyclopsPendant of Lighting30%2881
DungeonCyclopsElven Shield30%2926
DungeonCyclopsWind Helm30%3216
DungeonCyclopsTransformation Ring +130%249
DungeonCyclopsScale Boots30%3168
DungeonCyclopsWind Boots30%3130
DungeonCyclopsDragon Lance30%464
DungeonCyclopsOrb of Greater Fortitude20%46591
DungeonCyclopsScale Pants20%3069
DungeonCyclopsBox of Luck +720%51244
DungeonCyclopsBronze Pants20%497
DungeonCyclopsGolden Crossbow20%933
DungeonCyclopsDouble Axe20%893
DungeonCyclopsScale Helm20%3229
DungeonCyclopsElven Bow20%541
DungeonCyclopsVine Armor20%969
DungeonCyclopsBone Armor20%3140
DungeonCyclopsOrb of Greater Damage10%2198
DungeonCyclopsScale Gloves10%3086
DungeonCyclopsSword of Assassin10%943
DungeonCyclopsBone Gloves10%879
DungeonCyclopsJewel of Chaos10%15411
DungeonCyclopsBone Boots10%556
DungeonCyclopsBox of Luck +310%4027
DungeonCyclopsBronze Helm10%526
DungeonCyclopsDevils Key10%77205
DungeonCyclopsSmall Axe10%1328
DungeonCyclopsScroll of Archangel +110%493
DungeonCyclopsSilk Boots10%463
DungeonCyclopsAngelic Staff10%2261
DungeonCyclopsJewel of Life10%19831
DungeonCyclopsLeather Armor10%907
DungeonCyclopsBronze Boots10%928
DungeonCyclopsScroll of Meteorite10%520
DungeonCyclopsBlood Bone +110%496
DungeonCyclopsSkull Shield10%472
DungeonCyclopsBronze Armor10%2213
DungeonCyclopsPad Armor10%897
DungeonCyclopsSilk Gloves10%945
DungeonCyclopsBronze Gloves10%982
DungeonDark KnighSymbol of Kundun +21132%15334
DungeonDark KnighBox of Luck +51102%7376
DungeonDark KnighBrass Armor691%15281
DungeonDark KnighPlate Helm671%4515
DungeonDark KnighTower Shield671%14378
DungeonDark KnighLight Plate Gloves661%13594
DungeonDark KnighLegendary Boots641%4608
DungeonDark KnighOrb of Twisting Slash621%3621
DungeonDark KnighLegendary Sword621%12725
DungeonDark KnighLight Plate Mask621%4555
DungeonDark KnighSpirit Helm621%14626
DungeonDark KnighSphinx Armor611%14861
DungeonDark KnighSpirit Armor611%12531
DungeonDark KnighSpirit Boots601%14415
DungeonDark KnighSerpent Spear601%4587
DungeonDark KnighDouble Blade601%2483
DungeonDark KnighTiger Bow591%14362
DungeonDark KnighSpirit Gloves581%15159
DungeonDark KnighPlate Pants581%12371
DungeonDark KnighLight Plate Boots581%12330
DungeonDark KnighLight Saber581%14564
DungeonDark KnighLight Spear561%13540
DungeonDark KnighPlate Boots561%13671
DungeonDark KnighPendant of Wind561%13464
DungeonDark KnighThunder Staff551%13327
DungeonDark KnighLarkan Axe541%4561
DungeonDark KnighSpirit Pants531%13507
DungeonDark KnighRing of Magic521%3496
DungeonDark KnighGreat Hammer521%15150
DungeonDark KnighRing of Earth501%15036
DungeonDark KnighPendant of Water481%4692
DungeonDark KnighLegendary Gloves481%12852
DungeonDark KnighPlate Armor471%2363
DungeonDark KnighSerpent Crossbow471%2440
DungeonDark KnighSerpent Shield471%12562
DungeonDark KnighPlate Gloves451%13463
DungeonDark KnighRing of Wind451%12622
DungeonDark KnighBerdysh451%15283
DungeonDark KnighLegendary Shield391%2351
DungeonDark KnighTransformation Ring +3351%6318
DungeonDark KnighBox of Luck +3260%4027
DungeonDark KnighBox of Luck +1240%19744
DungeonDark KnighDevils Key220%77205
DungeonDark KnighDevils Eye210%77208
DungeonDark KnighGuardian Angel200%230850
DungeonDark KnighBlood Bone +3160%3757
DungeonDark KnighScroll of Archangel +3150%3835
DungeonDark KnighScroll of Evil Spirit140%8663
DungeonDark KnighRena +3140%58855
DungeonDark KnighBox of Luck +7120%51244
DungeonDark KnighScroll of Poison80%1636
DungeonDark KnighJewel of Life60%19831
DungeonDark KnighImp40%185777
DungeonDark KnighJewel of Soul30%28647
DungeonDark KnighScroll of Flame30%1245
DungeonDark KnighJewel of Chaos20%15411
DungeonDark KnighJewel of Bless20%31135
DungeonDark KnighHorn of Uniria10%195724
DungeonDark KnighScroll of Twister10%1401
DungeonGhostSymbol of Kundun +1196%25458
DungeonGhostBox of Luck +5134%7376
DungeonGhostBattle Bow124%3287
DungeonGhostSphinx Gloves103%3330
DungeonGhostScale Gloves103%3086
DungeonGhostWind Gloves93%3340
DungeonGhostWind Armor93%5468
DungeonGhostScale Armor93%3149
DungeonGhostRing of Fire93%4155
DungeonGhostSphinx Boots83%4186
DungeonGhostDevils Eye83%77208
DungeonGhostScale Helm72%3229
DungeonGhostSword of Salamander72%5235
DungeonGhostGiant Trident72%3149
DungeonGhostBrass Gloves62%5226
DungeonGhostSerpent Sword62%4344
DungeonGhostWind Pants62%4115
DungeonGhostScroll of Archangel +262%4560
DungeonGhostBlood Bone +252%4427
DungeonGhostScale Boots52%3168
DungeonGhostDevils Key52%77205
DungeonGhostBrass Boots52%5368
DungeonGhostElven Axe41%3378
DungeonGhostOrb of Greater Damage41%2198
DungeonGhostPlate Shield41%2962
DungeonGhostSilk Gloves41%945
DungeonGhostBone Armor41%3140
DungeonGhostSphinx Mask31%5437
DungeonGhostBone Boots31%556
DungeonGhostTransformation Ring +231%2077
DungeonGhostBattle Axe31%4194
DungeonGhostScroll of Archangel +131%493
DungeonGhostBox of Luck +331%4027
DungeonGhostLight Crossbow31%5426
DungeonGhostSilk Helm31%546
DungeonGhostBronze Helm31%526
DungeonGhostElven Shield31%2926
DungeonGhostSpiked Shield31%4111
DungeonGhostBone Gloves31%879
DungeonGhostSerpent Staff31%4126
DungeonGhostPendant of Lighting31%2881
DungeonGhostBone Pants21%2889
DungeonGhostBlood Bone +121%496
DungeonGhostWind Helm21%3216
DungeonGhostSilk Armor21%2941
DungeonGhostRing of Poison21%612
DungeonGhostWind Boots21%3130
DungeonGhostSilk Pants21%2149
DungeonGhostOrb of Impale21%2711
DungeonGhostLarge Round Shield21%2240
DungeonGhostRing of Ice21%2976
DungeonGhostDouble Axe21%893
DungeonGhostBronze Armor21%2213
DungeonGhostDragon Lance10%464
DungeonGhostBox of Luck +110%19744
DungeonGhostSkull Shield10%472
DungeonGhostSilk Boots10%463
DungeonGhostScale Pants10%3069
DungeonGhostScroll of Teleport10%83
DungeonGhostBox of Luck +710%51244
DungeonGhostBronze Pants10%497
DungeonGorgonBox of Luck +588%7376
DungeonGorgonDragon Pants66%26062
DungeonGorgonLegendary Pants55%10068
DungeonGorgonSerpent Crossbow55%2440
DungeonGorgonLegendary Sword55%12725
DungeonGorgonDevils Eye44%77208
DungeonGorgonPendant of Ability44%2655
DungeonGorgonDouble Blade44%2483
DungeonGorgonSymbol of Kundun +244%15334
DungeonGorgonScroll of Evil Spirit33%8663
DungeonGorgonSpirit Armor33%12531
DungeonGorgonSerpent Shield33%12562
DungeonGorgonRing of Wind33%12622
DungeonGorgonPendant of Water33%4692
DungeonGorgonLight Plate Boots33%12330
DungeonGorgonLegendary Gloves33%12852
DungeonGorgonGuardian Pants22%9949
DungeonGorgonLegendary Helm22%2823
DungeonGorgonRing of Magic22%3496
DungeonGorgonLight Plate Mask22%4555
DungeonGorgonPlate Pants22%12371
DungeonGorgonGorgon Staff22%8724
DungeonGorgonTransformation Ring +422%958
DungeonGorgonBattle Scepter22%9942
DungeonGorgonPlate Helm22%4515
DungeonGorgonGuardian Helm22%10025
DungeonGorgonSerpent Spear22%4587
DungeonGorgonPlate Armor22%2363
DungeonGorgonGiant Sword22%8674
DungeonGorgonLegendary Boots22%4608
DungeonGorgonLarkan Axe11%4561
DungeonGorgonGuardian Gloves11%2811
DungeonGorgonBox of Luck +311%4027
DungeonGorgonLight Plate Pants11%2702
DungeonGorgonOrb of Twisting Slash11%3621
DungeonGorgonJewel of Soul11%28647
DungeonGorgonDragon Gloves11%8615
DungeonGorgonBronze Shield11%9952
DungeonGorgonDragon Boots11%9912
DungeonGorgonLegendary Shield11%2351
DungeonGorgonBlood Bone +311%3757
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +515194%7376
DungeonHell HoundSymbol of Kundun +114954%25458
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Pants6712%14500
DungeonHell HoundBrass Helm6662%16334
DungeonHell HoundScale Boots6632%3168
DungeonHell HoundGreat Hammer6502%15150
DungeonHell HoundBrass Pants6502%15540
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Boots6482%4186
DungeonHell HoundDragon Slayer Shield6422%15340
DungeonHell HoundRing of Ice6412%2976
DungeonHell HoundWind Gloves6362%3340
DungeonHell HoundGladius6362%2908
DungeonHell HoundRing of Fire6352%4155
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Gloves6332%3330
DungeonHell HoundSword of Salamander6332%5235
DungeonHell HoundBrass Armor6332%15281
DungeonHell HoundBone Armor6332%3140
DungeonHell HoundRing of Earth6322%15036
DungeonHell HoundPendant of Lighting6302%2881
DungeonHell HoundBlade6302%16598
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Mask6292%5437
DungeonHell HoundLight Crossbow6282%5426
DungeonHell HoundOrb of Impale6252%2711
DungeonHell HoundFalcon6242%3002
DungeonHell HoundBattle Bow6212%3287
DungeonHell HoundSpiked Shield6202%4111
DungeonHell HoundFlail6202%3076
DungeonHell HoundSerpent Sword6192%4344
DungeonHell HoundWind Pants6181%4115
DungeonHell HoundArquebus6171%2980
DungeonHell HoundSpirit Gloves6161%15159
DungeonHell HoundWind Helm6161%3216
DungeonHell HoundBerdysh6151%15283
DungeonHell HoundWind Boots6131%3130
DungeonHell HoundScale Helm6131%3229
DungeonHell HoundBrass Boots6111%5368
DungeonHell HoundWind Armor6091%5468
DungeonHell HoundSpear6081%2976
DungeonHell HoundSilk Armor6071%2941
DungeonHell HoundElven Axe6061%3378
DungeonHell HoundScale Gloves6051%3086
DungeonHell HoundNikea Axe6031%14272
DungeonHell HoundElven Shield6031%2926
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Armor6031%14861
DungeonHell HoundScale Pants5991%3069
DungeonHell HoundGiant Trident5991%3149
DungeonHell HoundPendant of Ice5961%14416
DungeonHell HoundBattle Axe5961%4194
DungeonHell HoundSerpent Staff5901%4126
DungeonHell HoundPlate Shield5901%2962
DungeonHell HoundBone Pants5901%2889
DungeonHell HoundBrass Gloves5871%5226
DungeonHell HoundScale Armor5691%3149
DungeonHell HoundTransformation Ring +24831%2077
DungeonHell HoundDevils Eye3131%77208
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +13001%19744
DungeonHell HoundDevils Key2941%77205
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +32941%4027
DungeonHell HoundBlood Bone +22911%4427
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Archangel +22861%4560
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Meteorite1540%520
DungeonHell HoundRena +31490%58855
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +71360%51244
DungeonHell HoundGuardian Angel1340%230850
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Flame790%1245
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Poison420%1636
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Life400%19831
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Soul380%28647
DungeonHell HoundHorn of Uniria320%195724
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Bless290%31135
DungeonHell HoundImp240%185777
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Ice190%477
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Chaos120%15411
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Creation50%9087
DungeonHell HoundOrb of Summoning40%24681
DungeonHell HoundVine Armor20%969
DungeonHell HoundOrb of Greater Fortitude10%46591
DungeonHell HoundBronze Gloves10%982
DungeonHell SpideWind Pants10%4115
DungeonHell SpideBrass Boots10%5368
DungeonHell SpideTower Shield10%14378
DungeonHell SpideFlail10%3076
DungeonHell SpideBox of Luck +510%7376
DungeonHell SpideRing of Earth10%15036
DungeonHell SpidePendant of Ice10%14416
DungeonHell SpideScroll of Ice10%477
DungeonHell SpideSphinx Mask10%5437
DungeonHell SpideSword of Salamander10%5235
DungeonHell SpideBrass Armor10%15281
DungeonHell SpideBrass Gloves10%5226
DungeonHell SpideBlade10%16598
DungeonLarvaVine Pants312%860
DungeonLarvaBox of Luck +528%7376
DungeonLarvaSilk Pants28%2149
DungeonLarvaMorning Star14%952
DungeonLarvaSilk Boots14%463
DungeonLarvaAngelic Staff14%2261
DungeonLarvaLarge Round Shield14%2240
DungeonLarvaLeather Pants14%862
DungeonLarvaBronze Helm14%526
DungeonLarvaBone Helm14%2168
DungeonLarvaSkull Shield14%472
DungeonLarvaSilk Gloves14%945
DungeonLarvaSilk Armor14%2941
DungeonLarvaVine Armor14%969
DungeonLarvaSymbol of Kundun +114%25458
DungeonLarvaBronze Gloves14%982
DungeonLarvaBronze Armor14%2213
DungeonPoison BulSymbol of Kundun +13173%25458
DungeonPoison BulBox of Luck +53093%7376
DungeonPoison BulTower Shield2102%14378
DungeonPoison BulSpirit Gloves2102%15159
DungeonPoison BulPendant of Water2012%4692
DungeonPoison BulBrass Helm1972%16334
DungeonPoison BulSpirit Boots1922%14415
DungeonPoison BulSpirit Armor1922%12531
DungeonPoison BulPlate Helm1912%4515
DungeonPoison BulSerpent Shield1902%12562
DungeonPoison BulPlate Boots1882%13671
DungeonPoison BulLegendary Sword1852%12725
DungeonPoison BulLight Saber1852%14564
DungeonPoison BulSpirit Pants1852%13507
DungeonPoison BulBlade1822%16598
DungeonPoison BulRing of Wind1812%12622
DungeonPoison BulBrass Armor1782%15281
DungeonPoison BulLight Plate Gloves1752%13594
DungeonPoison BulTiger Bow1752%14362
DungeonPoison BulLegendary Boots1732%4608
DungeonPoison BulDragon Slayer Shield1732%15340
DungeonPoison BulRing of Earth1721%15036
DungeonPoison BulSerpent Spear1721%4587
DungeonPoison BulPlate Gloves1711%13463
DungeonPoison BulLegendary Gloves1711%12852
DungeonPoison BulLight Plate Boots1711%12330
DungeonPoison BulSphinx Armor1701%14861
DungeonPoison BulSpirit Helm1701%14626
DungeonPoison BulLight Spear1691%13540
DungeonPoison BulGreat Hammer1661%15150
DungeonPoison BulBrass Pants1651%15540
DungeonPoison BulBerdysh1651%15283
DungeonPoison BulThunder Staff1631%13327
DungeonPoison BulLarkan Axe1571%4561
DungeonPoison BulPendant of Wind1551%13464
DungeonPoison BulLight Plate Mask1531%4555
DungeonPoison BulPlate Pants1511%12371
DungeonPoison BulTransformation Ring +3901%6318
DungeonPoison BulDevils Eye671%77208
DungeonPoison BulBox of Luck +3651%4027
DungeonPoison BulDevils Key550%77205
DungeonPoison BulScroll of Archangel +3540%3835
DungeonPoison BulBlood Bone +3540%3757
DungeonPoison BulBox of Luck +1500%19744
DungeonPoison BulHorn of Uniria420%195724
DungeonPoison BulGuardian Angel350%230850
DungeonPoison BulBox of Luck +7340%51244
DungeonPoison BulRena +3320%58855
DungeonPoison BulScroll of Evil Spirit280%8663
DungeonPoison BulScroll of Flame210%1245
DungeonPoison BulScroll of Poison210%1636
DungeonPoison BulScroll of Twister170%1401
DungeonPoison BulOrb of Summoning170%24681
DungeonPoison BulImp160%185777
DungeonPoison BulJewel of Bless100%31135
DungeonPoison BulJewel of Soul90%28647
DungeonPoison BulJewel of Life30%19831
DungeonPoison BulJewel of Chaos20%15411
DungeonPoison BulScroll of the Emperor10%191
DungeonPoison BulLarge Round Shield10%2240
DungeonPoison BulJewel of Creation10%9087
DungeonSea WormDark Soul Armor123415%474825
DungeonSea WormGreat Dragon Pants117415%447896
DungeonSea WormDark Master Armor117314%453402
DungeonSea WormHurricane Pants114714%475294
DungeonSea WormDark Soul Pants114014%453392
DungeonSea WormImp5477%185777
DungeonSea WormBox of Luck +53214%7376
DungeonSea WormSymbol of Kundun +73154%195153
DungeonSea WormHorn of Uniria2022%195724
DungeonSea WormSpirit +11181%155813
DungeonSea WormGuardian Angel1101%230850
DungeonSea WormTransformation Ring +5841%146057
DungeonSea WormSpirit +0711%67978
DungeonSea WormBox of Luck +3681%4027
DungeonSea WormRena +3290%58855
DungeonSea WormBox of Luck +7270%51244
DungeonSea WormOrb of Summoning190%24681
DungeonSea WormSylphid Ray Pants180%2417
DungeonSea WormVenom Mist Gloves180%2374
DungeonSea WormSylphid Ray Gloves160%2398
DungeonSea WormDragon Knight Gloves150%2422
DungeonSea WormVolcano Boots130%2429
DungeonSea WormSylph Wind Bow130%2392
DungeonSea WormSylphid Ray Helm120%2446
DungeonSea WormVenom Mist Helm120%2406
DungeonSea WormVolcano Armor110%2402
DungeonSea WormDragon Knight Pants110%2410
DungeonSea WormVolcano Pants110%2318
DungeonSea WormBone Blade110%2375
DungeonSea WormSunlight Pants110%2344
DungeonSea WormSunlight Mask100%2389
DungeonSea WormDragon Knight Armor100%2326
DungeonSea WormVenom Mist Pants100%2431
DungeonSea WormSunlight Gloves90%2309
DungeonSea WormSunlight Armor90%2377
DungeonSea WormDragon Knight Helm80%2410
DungeonSea WormVenom Mist Boots80%2371
DungeonSea WormVolcano Gloves70%2452
DungeonSea WormDragon Knight Boots70%2392
DungeonSea WormSylphid Ray Boots70%2453
DungeonSea WormVenom Mist Armor70%2377
DungeonSea WormPet Rudolph70%5105
DungeonSea WormExplosion Blade60%2466
DungeonSea WormSylphid Ray Armor60%2423
DungeonSea WormSoleil Scepter50%2383
DungeonSea WormSunlight Boots40%2374
DungeonSea WormJewel of Bless40%31135
DungeonSea WormBless of Guardian40%4
DungeonSea WormGrand Viper Staff30%2302
DungeonSea WormJewel of Chaos30%15411
DungeonSea WormJewel of Creation30%9087
DungeonSea WormJewel of Soul20%28647
DungeonSea WormJewel of Life20%19831
DungeonSea WormSplinter of Armor10%1
DungeonSea WormClaw of Beast10%1
DungeonSkeletonVine Helm30%793
DungeonSkeletonGolden Crossbow30%933
DungeonSkeletonSilk Helm30%546
DungeonSkeletonVine Armor20%969
DungeonSkeletonSilk Pants20%2149
DungeonSkeletonLarge Round Shield20%2240
DungeonSkeletonShort Sword20%961
DungeonSkeletonBone Helm20%2168
DungeonSkeletonSilk Gloves20%945
DungeonSkeletonBox of Luck +520%7376
DungeonSkeletonBone Boots20%556
DungeonSkeletonSilk Boots20%463
DungeonSkeletonPad Gloves20%982
DungeonSkeletonHealing Orb20%846
DungeonSkeletonOrb of Greater Damage10%2198
DungeonSkeletonVine Pants10%860
DungeonSkeletonElven Bow10%541
DungeonSkeletonLeather Boots10%850
DungeonSkeletonDouble Poleaxe10%949
DungeonSkeletonPad Boots10%943
DungeonSkeletonPad Armor10%897
DungeonSkeletonSword of Assassin10%943
DungeonSkeletonBronze Gloves10%982
DungeonSkeletonOrb of Greater Fortitude10%46591
DungeonSkeletonBronze Helm10%526
DungeonSkeletonPad Helm10%833
DungeonSkeletonSmall Shield10%968
DungeonSkeletonLeather Pants10%862
DungeonSkeletonBlood Bone +110%496
DungeonSkeletonSkull Shield10%472
DungeonSkeletonAngelic Staff10%2261
DungeonSkeletonHorn of Uniria10%195724
DungeonSkeletonSkull Staff10%782
DungeonSkeletonHand Axe10%911
DungeonSkeletonBox of Luck +310%4027
DungeonSkeletonScroll of Teleport10%83
DungeonSkeletonSmall Axe10%1328
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +5761%7376
DungeonSkeleton ASymbol of Kundun +1731%25458
DungeonSkeleton AElven Axe431%3378
DungeonSkeleton AWind Armor421%5468
DungeonSkeleton AScale Helm421%3229
DungeonSkeleton ASpear411%2976
DungeonSkeleton ABattle Axe411%4194
DungeonSkeleton ASword of Salamander411%5235
DungeonSkeleton ABattle Bow411%3287
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Pants371%14500
DungeonSkeleton ASerpent Staff371%4126
DungeonSkeleton ASpiked Shield361%4111
DungeonSkeleton AGiant Trident351%3149
DungeonSkeleton AScale Pants351%3069
DungeonSkeleton ASerpent Sword351%4344
DungeonSkeleton AWind Pants351%4115
DungeonSkeleton APlate Shield341%2962
DungeonSkeleton AScale Armor341%3149
DungeonSkeleton ANikea Axe341%14272
DungeonSkeleton AFalcon341%3002
DungeonSkeleton ALight Crossbow341%5426
DungeonSkeleton AWind Gloves331%3340
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Gloves331%3330
DungeonSkeleton ABrass Gloves331%5226
DungeonSkeleton APendant of Ice331%14416
DungeonSkeleton AWind Helm310%3216
DungeonSkeleton AWind Boots310%3130
DungeonSkeleton ARing of Fire300%4155
DungeonSkeleton ABone Armor280%3140
DungeonSkeleton ABrass Boots270%5368
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Boots250%4186
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Mask250%5437
DungeonSkeleton ALarge Round Shield240%2240
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +3230%4027
DungeonSkeleton AFlail220%3076
DungeonSkeleton AOrb of Impale220%2711
DungeonSkeleton ASilk Pants220%2149
DungeonSkeleton ABronze Armor220%2213
DungeonSkeleton ABronze Helm210%526
DungeonSkeleton ABone Helm210%2168
DungeonSkeleton ABlood Bone +2200%4427
DungeonSkeleton ABone Boots200%556
DungeonSkeleton AArquebus190%2980
DungeonSkeleton ASilk Armor180%2941
DungeonSkeleton AHalberd180%2295
DungeonSkeleton ATransformation Ring +2180%2077
DungeonSkeleton AScale Boots170%3168
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +1170%19744
DungeonSkeleton AGladius160%2908
DungeonSkeleton AKatana160%523
DungeonSkeleton AElven Bow160%541
DungeonSkeleton ADevils Eye160%77208
DungeonSkeleton AAngelic Staff160%2261
DungeonSkeleton APendant of Lighting150%2881
DungeonSkeleton ARing of Poison150%612
DungeonSkeleton ABone Pants150%2889
DungeonSkeleton AElven Shield140%2926
DungeonSkeleton AScale Gloves130%3086
DungeonSkeleton ARing of Ice130%2976
DungeonSkeleton ASilk Helm120%546
DungeonSkeleton AScroll of Archangel +2110%4560
DungeonSkeleton AOrb of Greater Damage110%2198
DungeonSkeleton ATomahawk110%2273
DungeonSkeleton AOrb of Summoning100%24681
DungeonSkeleton AHorn of Uniria70%195724
DungeonSkeleton AJewel of Soul60%28647
DungeonSkeleton ADevils Key60%77205
DungeonSkeleton AScroll of Teleport50%83
DungeonSkeleton AJewel of Bless40%31135
DungeonSkeleton AScroll of Ice40%477
DungeonSkeleton ARena +330%58855
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +720%51244
DungeonSkeleton AScroll of Meteorite20%520
DungeonSkeleton ALeather Pants10%862
DungeonSkeleton AImp10%185777
DungeonSkeleton AScroll of Poison10%1636
DungeonSkeleton AJewel of Life10%19831
DungeonThunder LiBox of Luck +51365%7376
DungeonThunder LiSymbol of Kundun +11254%25458
DungeonThunder LiBrass Pants1114%15540
DungeonThunder LiRing of Earth1003%15036
DungeonThunder LiSpirit Gloves973%15159
DungeonThunder LiPendant of Wind943%13464
DungeonThunder LiThunder Staff933%13327
DungeonThunder LiBerdysh923%15283
DungeonThunder LiSpirit Boots923%14415
DungeonThunder LiLight Plate Gloves923%13594
DungeonThunder LiPendant of Ice913%14416
DungeonThunder LiGreat Hammer913%15150
DungeonThunder LiBlade903%16598
DungeonThunder LiLight Saber903%14564
DungeonThunder LiNikea Axe903%14272
DungeonThunder LiSpirit Helm893%14626
DungeonThunder LiPlate Gloves883%13463
DungeonThunder LiLegendary Gloves863%12852
DungeonThunder LiBrass Helm853%16334
DungeonThunder LiDragon Slayer Shield843%15340
DungeonThunder LiSphinx Armor843%14861
DungeonThunder LiTower Shield843%14378
DungeonThunder LiBrass Armor803%15281
DungeonThunder LiLight Spear803%13540
DungeonThunder LiSphinx Pants793%14500
DungeonThunder LiTiger Bow793%14362
DungeonThunder LiRing of Wind793%12622
DungeonThunder LiSpirit Armor783%12531
DungeonThunder LiSpirit Pants783%13507
DungeonThunder LiPlate Boots773%13671
DungeonThunder LiLegendary Sword702%12725
DungeonThunder LiTransformation Ring +3321%6318
DungeonThunder LiScroll of Archangel +2251%4560
DungeonThunder LiBlood Bone +2211%4427
DungeonThunder LiBox of Luck +1201%19744
DungeonThunder LiBox of Luck +3191%4027
DungeonThunder LiDevils Key161%77205
DungeonThunder LiRena +3150%58855
DungeonThunder LiGuardian Angel150%230850
DungeonThunder LiDevils Eye130%77208
DungeonThunder LiHorn of Uniria110%195724
DungeonThunder LiScroll of Poison90%1636
DungeonThunder LiBox of Luck +790%51244
DungeonThunder LiImp90%185777
DungeonThunder LiJewel of Chaos50%15411
DungeonThunder LiJewel of Soul40%28647
DungeonThunder LiScroll of Twister40%1401
DungeonThunder LiJewel of Bless30%31135
DungeonThunder LiJewel of Life30%19831
DungeonThunder LiScroll of Flame10%1245
DeviasAssassinSymbol of Kundun +11904%25458
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +51764%7376
DeviasAssassinBone Boots812%556
DeviasAssassinSilk Pants772%2149
DeviasAssassinPad Pants762%846
DeviasAssassinHorn Shield752%836
DeviasAssassinScale Gloves732%3086
DeviasAssassinSilk Helm732%546
DeviasAssassinRing of Poison732%612
DeviasAssassinBone Pants732%2889
DeviasAssassinBronze Pants722%497
DeviasAssassinBattle Bow722%3287
DeviasAssassinLarge Round Shield722%2240
DeviasAssassinLeather Pants722%862
DeviasAssassinOrb of Greater Damage712%2198
DeviasAssassinBronze Armor712%2213
DeviasAssassinScale Helm702%3229
DeviasAssassinLeather Armor691%907
DeviasAssassinDragon Lance691%464
DeviasAssassinDouble Axe681%893
DeviasAssassinVine Pants681%860
DeviasAssassinRing of Ice671%2976
DeviasAssassinMorning Star671%952
DeviasAssassinBronze Boots661%928
DeviasAssassinScale Pants661%3069
DeviasAssassinSword of Assassin661%943
DeviasAssassinDouble Poleaxe661%949
DeviasAssassinElven Shield661%2926
DeviasAssassinGolden Crossbow651%933
DeviasAssassinPendant of Fire651%945
DeviasAssassinBone Armor651%3140
DeviasAssassinAngelic Staff651%2261
DeviasAssassinOrb of Greater Fortitude641%46591
DeviasAssassinSkull Shield631%472
DeviasAssassinSilk Gloves621%945
DeviasAssassinElven Bow621%541
DeviasAssassinOrb of Impale621%2711
DeviasAssassinBone Helm611%2168
DeviasAssassinVine Armor601%969
DeviasAssassinSilk Armor581%2941
DeviasAssassinScale Boots581%3168
DeviasAssassinTransformation Ring +1581%249
DeviasAssassinElven Axe581%3378
DeviasAssassinBone Gloves571%879
DeviasAssassinPendant of Lighting561%2881
DeviasAssassinBronze Helm551%526
DeviasAssassinKite Shield551%931
DeviasAssassinSilk Boots541%463
DeviasAssassinWind Gloves531%3340
DeviasAssassinPad Armor531%897
DeviasAssassinHealing Orb521%846
DeviasAssassinBronze Gloves511%982
DeviasAssassinPlate Shield501%2962
DeviasAssassinBlood Bone +1441%496
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +3411%4027
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +1381%19744
DeviasAssassinScroll of Archangel +1381%493
DeviasAssassinDevils Eye381%77208
DeviasAssassinDevils Key311%77205
DeviasAssassinHorn of Uniria291%195724
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +7170%51244
DeviasAssassinRena +3170%58855
DeviasAssassinJewel of Soul80%28647
DeviasAssassinJewel of Chaos70%15411
DeviasAssassinScroll of Meteorite60%520
DeviasAssassinScroll of Teleport50%83
DeviasAssassinJewel of Bless50%31135
DeviasAssassinJewel of Life50%19831
DeviasAssassinScroll of Lighting50%70
DeviasAssassinScroll of Ice40%477
DeviasAssassinScroll of Power Wave20%64
DeviasAssassinOrb of Summoning10%24681
DeviasAssassinJewel of Creation10%9087
DeviasDestructivWizards Ring264833%7931
DeviasElite YetiSymbol of Kundun +140154%25458
DeviasElite YetiBox of Luck +540104%7376
DeviasElite YetiElven Shield17592%2926
DeviasElite YetiTomahawk17082%2273
DeviasElite YetiWind Gloves16932%3340
DeviasElite YetiArquebus16882%2980
DeviasElite YetiPendant of Lighting16822%2881
DeviasElite YetiWind Armor16802%5468
DeviasElite YetiElven Axe16712%3378
DeviasElite YetiScale Pants16702%3069
DeviasElite YetiSerpent Sword16662%4344
DeviasElite YetiSilk Armor16652%2941
DeviasElite YetiAngelic Staff16642%2261
DeviasElite YetiScale Gloves16632%3086
DeviasElite YetiRing of Ice16572%2976
DeviasElite YetiBlade16552%16598
DeviasElite YetiHalberd16532%2295
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Gloves16482%3330
DeviasElite YetiBrass Pants16442%15540
DeviasElite YetiBattle Axe16402%4194
DeviasElite YetiGiant Trident16372%3149
DeviasElite YetiLight Crossbow16352%5426
DeviasElite YetiFlail16342%3076
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Mask16342%5437
DeviasElite YetiBone Helm16332%2168
DeviasElite YetiBone Armor16322%3140
DeviasElite YetiBattle Bow16272%3287
DeviasElite YetiScale Boots16252%3168
DeviasElite YetiBone Pants16162%2889
DeviasElite YetiPlate Shield16162%2962
DeviasElite YetiLarge Round Shield16152%2240
DeviasElite YetiGladius16142%2908
DeviasElite YetiSerpent Staff16122%4126
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Pants16102%14500
DeviasElite YetiOrb of Greater Damage16072%2198
DeviasElite YetiBrass Boots16052%5368
DeviasElite YetiWind Pants15962%4115
DeviasElite YetiDragon Slayer Shield15912%15340
DeviasElite YetiPendant of Ice15862%14416
DeviasElite YetiScale Armor15852%3149
DeviasElite YetiWind Helm15822%3216
DeviasElite YetiOrb of Impale15802%2711
DeviasElite YetiBronze Armor15802%2213
DeviasElite YetiRing of Fire15802%4155
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Boots15782%4186
DeviasElite YetiSpear15752%2976
DeviasElite YetiNikea Axe15722%14272
DeviasElite YetiWind Boots15662%3130
DeviasElite YetiSilk Pants15642%2149
DeviasElite YetiFalcon15632%3002
DeviasElite YetiBrass Gloves15632%5226
DeviasElite YetiScale Helm15532%3229
DeviasElite YetiBrass Helm15442%16334
DeviasElite YetiSword of Salamander15352%5235
DeviasElite YetiSpiked Shield15251%4111
DeviasElite YetiTransformation Ring +212261%2077
DeviasElite YetiScroll of Archangel +28381%4560
DeviasElite YetiBox of Luck +17811%19744
DeviasElite YetiBox of Luck +37731%4027
DeviasElite YetiDevils Key7601%77205
DeviasElite YetiBlood Bone +27601%4427
DeviasElite YetiDevils Eye7491%77208
DeviasElite YetiRena +34090%58855
DeviasElite YetiBox of Luck +73500%51244
DeviasElite YetiScroll of Poison3250%1636
DeviasElite YetiScroll of Meteorite2740%520
DeviasElite YetiScroll of Ice1960%477
DeviasElite YetiHorn of Uniria1390%195724
DeviasElite YetiOrb of Summoning1020%24681
DeviasElite YetiJewel of Soul930%28647
DeviasElite YetiGuardian Angel820%230850
DeviasElite YetiJewel of Bless790%31135
DeviasElite YetiJewel of Life740%19831
DeviasElite YetiImp710%185777
DeviasElite YetiScroll of Flame540%1245
DeviasElite YetiApple520%4034
DeviasElite YetiJewel of Chaos460%15411
DeviasElite YetiJewel of Creation220%9087
DeviasGolden DerBox of Luck +104814%222
DeviasGolden DerBox of Luck +9216%531
DeviasGolden DerBox of Luck +8196%618
DeviasGolden DevBox of Luck +9439100%531
DeviasHommerdBox of Luck +5303%7376
DeviasHommerdMorning Star273%952
DeviasHommerdDragon Lance273%464
DeviasHommerdPendant of Lighting222%2881
DeviasHommerdBronze Pants212%497
DeviasHommerdGolden Crossbow202%933
DeviasHommerdScale Gloves202%3086
DeviasHommerdBone Pants202%2889
DeviasHommerdPendant of Fire192%945
DeviasHommerdOrb of Impale192%2711
DeviasHommerdSilk Pants192%2149
DeviasHommerdDouble Axe182%893
DeviasHommerdBone Boots182%556
DeviasHommerdSilk Helm182%546
DeviasHommerdOrb of Greater Damage182%2198
DeviasHommerdKite Shield172%931
DeviasHommerdBone Helm172%2168
DeviasHommerdElven Shield162%2926
DeviasHommerdBronze Armor162%2213
DeviasHommerdPad Armor162%897
DeviasHommerdScale Boots162%3168
DeviasHommerdSilk Armor162%2941
DeviasHommerdRing of Ice151%2976
DeviasHommerdLeather Armor151%907
DeviasHommerdElven Bow151%541
DeviasHommerdBronze Helm151%526
DeviasHommerdLarge Round Shield141%2240
DeviasHommerdSkull Shield141%472
DeviasHommerdBone Gloves141%879
DeviasHommerdSilk Boots141%463
DeviasHommerdRing of Poison141%612
DeviasHommerdDouble Poleaxe141%949
DeviasHommerdOrb of Greater Fortitude141%46591
DeviasHommerdSilk Gloves141%945
DeviasHommerdVine Pants131%860
DeviasHommerdBronze Gloves131%982
DeviasHommerdBone Armor131%3140
DeviasHommerdSword of Assassin131%943
DeviasHommerdAngelic Staff121%2261
DeviasHommerdBox of Luck +3121%4027
DeviasHommerdVine Armor121%969
DeviasHommerdBlood Bone +1111%496
DeviasHommerdDevils Key111%77205
DeviasHommerdDevils Eye111%77208
DeviasHommerdTransformation Ring +1111%249
DeviasHommerdLeather Pants101%862
DeviasHommerdLeather Helm101%858
DeviasHommerdBronze Boots101%928
DeviasHommerdHealing Orb91%846
DeviasHommerdScroll of Archangel +181%493
DeviasHommerdHorn Shield81%836
DeviasHommerdSkull Staff71%782
DeviasHommerdPad Pants61%846
DeviasHommerdBox of Luck +750%51244
DeviasHommerdVine Helm50%793
DeviasHommerdBox of Luck +140%19744
DeviasHommerdScroll of Teleport30%83
DeviasHommerdJewel of Chaos20%15411
DeviasHommerdScroll of Power Wave20%64
DeviasHommerdJewel of Soul20%28647
DeviasHommerdRena +320%58855
DeviasHommerdScroll of Lighting10%70
DeviasHommerdOrb of Summoning10%24681
DeviasHommerdHorn of Uniria10%195724
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +52184%7376
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Pants912%497
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Armor862%907
DeviasIce MonsteHealing Orb852%846
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Pants832%2149
DeviasIce MonsteHalberd832%2295
DeviasIce MonsteOrb of Impale832%2711
DeviasIce MonsteVine Gloves822%928
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Gloves822%945
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Helm812%858
DeviasIce MonsteSkull Shield812%472
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Helm812%526
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Gloves802%982
DeviasIce MonsteSkull Staff792%782
DeviasIce MonstePad Boots792%943
DeviasIce MonsteRapier781%874
DeviasIce MonsteSword of Assassin781%943
DeviasIce MonsteMorning Star781%952
DeviasIce MonsteDouble Poleaxe781%949
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Armor771%2213
DeviasIce MonsteArquebus771%2980
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Boots761%850
DeviasIce MonsteVine Helm761%793
DeviasIce MonstePad Pants761%846
DeviasIce MonsteDouble Axe751%893
DeviasIce MonsteKite Shield751%931
DeviasIce MonsteAngelic Staff741%2261
DeviasIce MonsteGladius741%2908
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Gloves731%942
DeviasIce MonsteVine Armor731%969
DeviasIce MonsteOrb of Greater Damage721%2198
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Pants721%862
DeviasIce MonsteBone Armor711%3140
DeviasIce MonsteCrossbow711%992
DeviasIce MonsteHorn Shield711%836
DeviasIce MonsteElven Bow711%541
DeviasIce MonsteElven Shield701%2926
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Helm701%546
DeviasIce MonsteGolden Crossbow701%933
DeviasIce MonsteFlail701%3076
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Boots691%463
DeviasIce MonsteKris691%813
DeviasIce MonsteBow681%865
DeviasIce MonstePad Helm681%833
DeviasIce MonsteVine Pants671%860
DeviasIce MonsteScale Boots671%3168
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Boots671%928
DeviasIce MonsteBuckler671%881
DeviasIce MonsteScale Gloves671%3086
DeviasIce MonsteTransformation Ring +1661%249
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Armor651%2941
DeviasIce MonsteBone Helm641%2168
DeviasIce MonsteVine Boots641%821
DeviasIce MonsteRing of Ice641%2976
DeviasIce MonsteOrb of Greater Fortitude641%46591
DeviasIce MonsteKatana621%523
DeviasIce MonsteTomahawk621%2273
DeviasIce MonstePendant of Lighting611%2881
DeviasIce MonsteLarge Round Shield581%2240
DeviasIce MonsteRing of Poison581%612
DeviasIce MonstePendant of Fire561%945
DeviasIce MonsteMace561%758
DeviasIce MonstePad Armor551%897
DeviasIce MonsteBone Boots551%556
DeviasIce MonsteHand Axe531%911
DeviasIce MonsteBone Pants491%2889
DeviasIce MonsteDevils Key491%77205
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +3471%4027
DeviasIce MonsteBone Gloves471%879
DeviasIce MonsteScroll of Archangel +1421%493
DeviasIce MonsteDragon Lance401%464
DeviasIce MonsteBlood Bone +1381%496
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +1331%19744
DeviasIce MonsteDevils Eye291%77208
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +7220%51244
DeviasIce MonsteRena +3150%58855
DeviasIce MonsteScroll of Fire Ball90%45
DeviasIce MonsteScroll of Meteorite80%520
DeviasIce MonsteScroll of Teleport70%83
DeviasIce MonsteJewel of Bless70%31135
DeviasIce MonsteJewel of Soul60%28647
DeviasIce MonsteHorn of Uniria60%195724
DeviasIce MonsteJewel of Life50%19831
DeviasIce MonsteScroll of Power Wave50%64
DeviasIce MonsteOrb of Summoning40%24681
DeviasIce MonsteJewel of Chaos30%15411
DeviasIce MonsteJewel of Creation10%9087
DeviasIce MonsteScroll of Lighting10%70
DeviasIce QueenThunder Staff84%13327
DeviasIce QueenRing of Wind74%12622
DeviasIce QueenPlate Gloves63%13463
DeviasIce QueenSymbol of Kundun +263%15334
DeviasIce QueenLegendary Gloves63%12852
DeviasIce QueenLegendary Sword53%12725
DeviasIce QueenGiant Sword53%8674
DeviasIce QueenLarkan Axe53%4561
DeviasIce QueenLegendary Shield53%2351
DeviasIce QueenBox of Luck +553%7376
DeviasIce QueenGorgon Staff53%8724
DeviasIce QueenSpirit Armor53%12531
DeviasIce QueenPlate Armor53%2363
DeviasIce QueenLight Plate Mask53%4555
DeviasIce QueenLight Plate Boots53%12330
DeviasIce QueenPlate Helm53%4515
DeviasIce QueenPendant of Wind53%13464
DeviasIce QueenOrb of Twisting Slash53%3621
DeviasIce QueenDouble Blade42%2483
DeviasIce QueenGuardian Boots42%8674
DeviasIce QueenPlate Boots42%13671
DeviasIce QueenSerpent Crossbow42%2440
DeviasIce QueenLight Plate Pants42%2702
DeviasIce QueenPendant of Ice42%14416
DeviasIce QueenTower Shield32%14378
DeviasIce QueenBrass Armor32%15281
DeviasIce QueenSpirit Helm32%14626
DeviasIce QueenLight Spear32%13540
DeviasIce QueenHorn of Uniria32%195724
DeviasIce QueenLegendary Helm32%2823
DeviasIce QueenRing of Magic32%3496
DeviasIce QueenPendant of Water21%4692
DeviasIce QueenPlate Pants21%12371
DeviasIce QueenSpirit Boots21%14415
DeviasIce QueenDragon Gloves21%8615
DeviasIce QueenBox of Luck +121%19744
DeviasIce QueenGuardian Gloves21%2811
DeviasIce QueenLight Saber21%14564
DeviasIce QueenLight Plate Gloves21%13594
DeviasIce QueenSerpent Spear21%4587
DeviasIce QueenSpirit Pants21%13507
DeviasIce QueenTransformation Ring +421%958
DeviasIce QueenSpirit Gloves21%15159
DeviasIce QueenOrb of Summoning21%24681
DeviasIce QueenScroll of Archangel +311%3835
DeviasIce QueenLegendary Boots11%4608
DeviasIce QueenBox of Luck +711%51244
DeviasIce QueenScroll of Twister11%1401
DeviasIce QueenBlood Bone +311%3757
DeviasIce QueenRena +311%58855
DeviasIce QueenSerpent Shield11%12562
DeviasIce QueenJewel of Life11%19831
DeviasIce QueenTiger Bow11%14362
DeviasPhoenix ofDark Phoenix Armor220%150401
DeviasWhite wizaJewel of Bless10733%31135
DeviasWormOrb of Greater Damage1055%2198
DeviasWormOrb of Impale995%2711
DeviasWormSilk Armor955%2941
DeviasWormBox of Luck +5935%7376
DeviasWormAngelic Staff894%2261
DeviasWormLarge Round Shield874%2240
DeviasWormRing of Ice864%2976
DeviasWormBone Helm804%2168
DeviasWormBronze Armor764%2213
DeviasWormBone Pants764%2889
DeviasWormSilk Pants764%2149
DeviasWormTransformation Ring +1312%249
DeviasWormSilk Helm221%546
DeviasWormLeather Gloves211%942
DeviasWormMorning Star181%952
DeviasWormLeather Armor171%907
DeviasWormLeather Pants171%862
DeviasWormHealing Orb171%846
DeviasWormDouble Poleaxe161%949
DeviasWormShort Bow161%1457
DeviasWormBronze Gloves161%982
DeviasWormBlood Bone +1151%496
DeviasWormScroll of Archangel +1151%493
DeviasWormDevils Key141%77205
DeviasWormDevils Eye141%77208
DeviasWormBox of Luck +1141%19744
DeviasWormKite Shield141%931
DeviasWormSkull Staff141%782
DeviasWormBone Gloves141%879
DeviasWormSkull Shield141%472
DeviasWormBronze Helm141%526
DeviasWormSword of Assassin131%943
DeviasWormGolden Crossbow131%933
DeviasWormLeather Boots131%850
DeviasWormVine Boots131%821
DeviasWormLeather Helm131%858
DeviasWormPendant of Fire131%945
DeviasWormVine Gloves131%928
DeviasWormBox of Luck +3121%4027
DeviasWormOrb of Greater Fortitude121%46591
DeviasWormPad Boots121%943
DeviasWormDragon Lance111%464
DeviasWormBone Boots111%556
DeviasWormElven Bow111%541
DeviasWormHand Axe111%911
DeviasWormSilk Boots111%463
DeviasWormBronze Pants111%497
DeviasWormVine Pants100%860
DeviasWormVine Armor100%969
DeviasWormHorn Shield100%836
DeviasWormPad Pants100%846
DeviasWormPad Gloves100%982
DeviasWormShort Sword90%961
DeviasWormRing of Poison90%612
DeviasWormDouble Axe90%893
DeviasWormPad Armor80%897
DeviasWormBronze Boots80%928
DeviasWormPad Helm70%833
DeviasWormVine Helm70%793
DeviasWormSilk Gloves70%945
DeviasWormBox of Luck +760%51244
DeviasWormRena +350%58855
DeviasWormJewel of Soul50%28647
DeviasWormSmall Shield50%968
DeviasWormJewel of Life30%19831
DeviasWormScroll of Teleport30%83
DeviasWormJewel of Bless20%31135
DeviasWormScroll of Power Wave20%64
DeviasWormJewel of Creation10%9087
DeviasWormScroll of Lighting10%70
DeviasWormScroll of Fire Ball10%45
DeviasYetiSymbol of Kundun +12714%25458
DeviasYetiBox of Luck +52374%7376
DeviasYetiBone Pants1352%2889
DeviasYetiPendant of Lighting1322%2881
DeviasYetiScale Boots1292%3168
DeviasYetiScale Armor1272%3149
DeviasYetiSpiked Shield1262%4111
DeviasYetiSilk Armor1262%2941
DeviasYetiRing of Fire1262%4155
DeviasYetiElven Shield1242%2926
DeviasYetiRing of Ice1232%2976
DeviasYetiSphinx Gloves1212%3330
DeviasYetiScale Helm1202%3229
DeviasYetiSphinx Boots1192%4186
DeviasYetiSerpent Staff1192%4126
DeviasYetiElven Axe1172%3378
DeviasYetiScale Pants1152%3069
DeviasYetiWind Boots1152%3130
DeviasYetiOrb of Impale1142%2711
DeviasYetiBattle Axe1132%4194
DeviasYetiScale Gloves1132%3086
DeviasYetiPlate Shield1122%2962
DeviasYetiWind Helm1122%3216
DeviasYetiBone Armor1092%3140
DeviasYetiBattle Bow1092%3287
DeviasYetiSerpent Sword1062%4344
DeviasYetiWind Gloves1042%3340
DeviasYetiGiant Trident1001%3149
DeviasYetiWind Pants971%4115
DeviasYetiTransformation Ring +2841%2077
DeviasYetiBone Boots761%556
DeviasYetiBronze Armor741%2213
DeviasYetiMorning Star711%952
DeviasYetiAngelic Staff711%2261
DeviasYetiLarge Round Shield651%2240
DeviasYetiDouble Axe651%893
DeviasYetiOrb of Greater Fortitude621%46591
DeviasYetiBone Gloves621%879
DeviasYetiDragon Lance621%464
DeviasYetiSilk Boots621%463
DeviasYetiDouble Poleaxe611%949
DeviasYetiBone Helm611%2168
DeviasYetiPendant of Fire601%945
DeviasYetiBox of Luck +1591%19744
DeviasYetiBronze Pants591%497
DeviasYetiSword of Assassin591%943
DeviasYetiElven Bow591%541
DeviasYetiBronze Helm591%526
DeviasYetiOrb of Greater Damage581%2198
DeviasYetiBlood Bone +1581%496
DeviasYetiSilk Gloves571%945
DeviasYetiKite Shield561%931
DeviasYetiDevils Key551%77205
DeviasYetiSilk Helm541%546
DeviasYetiGolden Crossbow531%933
DeviasYetiSilk Pants511%2149
DeviasYetiScroll of Archangel +1501%493
DeviasYetiBox of Luck +3491%4027
DeviasYetiRing of Poison491%612
DeviasYetiBronze Gloves491%982
DeviasYetiBronze Boots481%928
DeviasYetiSkull Shield481%472
DeviasYetiDevils Eye421%77208
DeviasYetiHorn of Uniria391%195724
DeviasYetiRena +3240%58855
DeviasYetiBox of Luck +7240%51244
DeviasYetiJewel of Soul140%28647
DeviasYetiScroll of Teleport120%83
DeviasYetiJewel of Chaos90%15411
DeviasYetiScroll of Lighting90%70
DeviasYetiScroll of Poison80%1636
DeviasYetiScroll of Meteorite80%520
DeviasYetiJewel of Life80%19831
DeviasYetiJewel of Bless60%31135
DeviasYetiOrb of Summoning50%24681
DeviasYetiScroll of Ice30%477
DeviasYetiJewel of Creation10%9087
DeviasYetiGuardian Angel10%230850
DeviasYetiShort Bow10%1457
DeviasYetiHand Axe10%911
NoriaAgonVine Gloves125%928
NoriaAgonElven Bow73%541
NoriaAgonLeather Helm73%858
NoriaAgonKite Shield73%931
NoriaAgonLeather Pants63%862
NoriaAgonVine Helm52%793
NoriaAgonSilk Boots52%463
NoriaAgonBone Boots52%556
NoriaAgonBronze Helm52%526
NoriaAgonHorn Shield52%836
NoriaAgonSkull Staff52%782
NoriaAgonPad Helm52%833
NoriaAgonOrb of Greater Fortitude52%46591
NoriaAgonSmall Axe42%1328
NoriaAgonSkull Shield42%472
NoriaAgonSilk Gloves42%945
NoriaAgonShort Bow42%1457
NoriaAgonBone Gloves42%879
NoriaAgonBlood Bone +142%496
NoriaAgonMorning Star42%952
NoriaAgonShort Sword42%961
NoriaAgonDouble Poleaxe42%949
NoriaAgonGolden Crossbow42%933
NoriaAgonLeather Armor42%907
NoriaAgonDragon Lance42%464
NoriaAgonSword of Assassin31%943
NoriaAgonVine Armor31%969
NoriaAgonBronze Boots31%928
NoriaAgonPad Armor31%897
NoriaAgonLeather Gloves31%942
NoriaAgonSilk Helm31%546
NoriaAgonVine Boots31%821
NoriaAgonBronze Gloves31%982
NoriaAgonTransformation Ring +031%392
NoriaAgonVine Pants21%860
NoriaAgonLeather Boots21%850
NoriaAgonHealing Orb21%846
NoriaAgonPad Gloves21%982
NoriaAgonPad Pants21%846
NoriaAgonHand Axe21%911
NoriaAgonRena +321%58855
NoriaAgonPad Boots21%943
NoriaAgonScroll of Archangel +110%493
NoriaAgonPendant of Fire10%945
NoriaAgonDevils Eye10%77208
NoriaAgonJewel of Chaos10%15411
NoriaAgonJewel of Bless10%31135
NoriaAgonBronze Pants10%497
NoriaAgonDouble Axe10%893
NoriaAgonSmall Shield10%968
NoriaAgonOrb of Summoning10%24681
NoriaBeetle MonApple5513%4034
NoriaBeetle MonPad Armor348%897
NoriaBeetle MonRapier338%874
NoriaBeetle MonHealing Orb327%846
NoriaBeetle MonHorn Shield327%836
NoriaBeetle MonBow297%865
NoriaBeetle MonPad Pants297%846
NoriaBeetle MonLeather Pants246%862
NoriaBeetle MonLeather Armor225%907
NoriaBeetle MonVine Pants225%860
NoriaBeetle MonVine Armor184%969
NoriaBeetle MonShort Sword92%961
NoriaBeetle MonPad Gloves72%982
NoriaBeetle MonOrb of Summoning72%24681
NoriaBeetle MonMace61%758
NoriaBeetle MonSmall Shield51%968
NoriaBeetle MonTransformation Ring +051%392
NoriaBeetle MonCrossbow51%992
NoriaBeetle MonLeather Gloves51%942
NoriaBeetle MonSmall Axe41%1328
NoriaBeetle MonLeather Boots41%850
NoriaBeetle MonLeather Helm41%858
NoriaBeetle MonVine Helm41%793
NoriaBeetle MonScroll of Archangel +131%493
NoriaBeetle MonPad Boots31%943
NoriaBeetle MonPad Helm31%833
NoriaBeetle MonShort Bow31%1457
NoriaBeetle MonKris31%813
NoriaBeetle MonBuckler31%881
NoriaBeetle MonBlood Bone +131%496
NoriaBeetle MonVine Gloves20%928
NoriaBeetle MonHand Axe20%911
NoriaBeetle MonSkull Staff20%782
NoriaBeetle MonBox of Luck +120%19744
NoriaBeetle MonDevils Eye20%77208
NoriaBeetle MonVine Boots20%821
NoriaBeetle MonScroll of Power Wave20%64
NoriaBeetle MonDevils Key10%77205
NoriaBeetle MonRena +310%58855
NoriaChain ScorApple8111%4034
NoriaChain ScorPad Boots548%943
NoriaChain ScorShort Bow537%1457
NoriaChain ScorHand Axe527%911
NoriaChain ScorSmall Shield527%968
NoriaChain ScorLeather Boots507%850
NoriaChain ScorSmall Axe497%1328
NoriaChain ScorCrossbow497%992
NoriaChain ScorShort Sword477%961
NoriaChain ScorVine Boots466%821
NoriaChain ScorPad Helm456%833
NoriaChain ScorVine Gloves436%928
NoriaChain ScorPad Gloves324%982
NoriaChain ScorLeather Gloves324%942
NoriaChain ScorTransformation Ring +091%392
NoriaChain ScorBox of Luck +151%19744
NoriaChain ScorDevils Eye41%77208
NoriaChain ScorJewel of Life30%19831
NoriaChain ScorDevils Key30%77205
NoriaChain ScorBlood Bone +130%496
NoriaChain ScorScroll of Fire Ball20%45
NoriaChain ScorJewel of Chaos20%15411
NoriaChain ScorScroll of Archangel +120%493
NoriaChain ScorJewel of Soul10%28647
NoriaChain ScorJewel of Creation10%9087
NoriaDestructivWizards Ring275235%7931
NoriaElite GoblHealing Orb137%846
NoriaElite GoblSmall Axe137%1328
NoriaElite GoblPad Helm116%833
NoriaElite GoblKris116%813
NoriaElite GoblApple105%4034
NoriaElite GoblLeather Helm95%858
NoriaElite GoblVine Pants84%860
NoriaElite GoblBow84%865
NoriaElite GoblLeather Gloves84%942
NoriaElite GoblPad Gloves74%982
NoriaElite GoblPad Pants74%846
NoriaElite GoblShort Sword74%961
NoriaElite GoblVine Helm74%793
NoriaElite GoblPad Boots74%943
NoriaElite GoblVine Gloves63%928
NoriaElite GoblSkull Staff63%782
NoriaElite GoblHand Axe63%911
NoriaElite GoblMace63%758
NoriaElite GoblLeather Boots63%850
NoriaElite GoblVine Boots53%821
NoriaElite GoblCrossbow53%992
NoriaElite GoblShort Bow53%1457
NoriaElite GoblLeather Pants53%862
NoriaElite GoblScroll of Archangel +142%493
NoriaElite GoblTransformation Ring +042%392
NoriaElite GoblSmall Shield42%968
NoriaElite GoblBlood Bone +121%496
NoriaElite GoblBuckler21%881
NoriaElite GoblBox of Luck +711%51244
NoriaElite GoblHorn of Uniria11%195724
NoriaElite GoblJewel of Soul11%28647
NoriaElite GoblJewel of Chaos11%15411
NoriaElite GoblDevils Key11%77205
NoriaForest MonPendant of Fire66%945
NoriaForest MonBronze Gloves55%982
NoriaForest MonDouble Poleaxe55%949
NoriaForest MonBone Gloves44%879
NoriaForest MonHealing Orb44%846
NoriaForest MonKris44%813
NoriaForest MonSilk Boots33%463
NoriaForest MonSmall Shield33%968
NoriaForest MonHand Axe33%911
NoriaForest MonApple33%4034
NoriaForest MonDragon Lance33%464
NoriaForest MonPad Helm33%833
NoriaForest MonKite Shield33%931
NoriaForest MonShort Sword22%961
NoriaForest MonSword of Assassin22%943
NoriaForest MonPad Gloves22%982
NoriaForest MonShort Bow22%1457
NoriaForest MonBronze Pants22%497
NoriaForest MonBow22%865
NoriaForest MonSkull Shield22%472
NoriaForest MonPad Pants22%846
NoriaForest MonMorning Star22%952
NoriaForest MonLeather Armor22%907
NoriaForest MonRena +322%58855
NoriaForest MonMace11%758
NoriaForest MonOrb of Summoning11%24681
NoriaForest MonLeather Pants11%862
NoriaForest MonScroll of Archangel +111%493
NoriaForest MonLeather Gloves11%942
NoriaForest MonSmall Axe11%1328
NoriaForest MonVine Armor11%969
NoriaForest MonJewel of Bless11%31135
NoriaForest MonGolden Crossbow11%933
NoriaForest MonScroll of Power Wave11%64
NoriaForest MonSilk Gloves11%945
NoriaForest MonBuckler11%881
NoriaForest MonHorn Shield11%836
NoriaForest MonJewel of Soul11%28647
NoriaForest MonDouble Axe11%893
NoriaForest MonBox of Luck +111%19744
NoriaForest MonVine Boots11%821
NoriaForest MonLeather Helm11%858
NoriaForest MonVine Helm11%793
NoriaForest MonCrossbow11%992
NoriaForest MonVine Pants11%860
NoriaForest MonOrb of Greater Fortitude11%46591
NoriaForest MonPad Armor11%897
NoriaForest MonBronze Boots11%928
NoriaGoblinPad Gloves12518%982
NoriaGoblinShort Bow12518%1457
NoriaGoblinShort Sword12117%961
NoriaGoblinSmall Shield11717%968
NoriaGoblinSmall Axe10715%1328
NoriaGoblinTransformation Ring +091%392
NoriaGoblinDevils Eye41%77208
NoriaGoblinOrb of Summoning41%24681
NoriaGoblinScroll of Archangel +130%493
NoriaGoblinBlood Bone +130%496
NoriaGoblinDevils Key20%77205
NoriaGoblinBox of Luck +710%51244
NoriaGoblinBox of Luck +110%19744
NoriaGoblinHorn of Uniria10%195724
NoriaGoblinJewel of Soul10%28647
NoriaGoblinRena +310%58855
NoriaGolden DerBox of Luck +106118%222
NoriaGolden DerBox of Luck +93310%531
NoriaGolden DerBox of Luck +83210%618
NoriaGolden GobBox of Luck +8510100%618
NoriaHunterVine Pants65%860
NoriaHunterBronze Boots65%928
NoriaHunterPendant of Fire54%945
NoriaHunterMorning Star54%952
NoriaHunterHealing Orb43%846
NoriaHunterSmall Axe43%1328
NoriaHunterKite Shield43%931
NoriaHunterSkull Staff43%782
NoriaHunterVine Boots43%821
NoriaHunterShort Bow43%1457
NoriaHunterShort Sword32%961
NoriaHunterOrb of Greater Fortitude32%46591
NoriaHunterHand Axe32%911
NoriaHunterLeather Pants32%862
NoriaHunterVine Armor32%969
NoriaHunterVine Helm32%793
NoriaHunterPad Helm32%833
NoriaHunterSmall Shield22%968
NoriaHunterPad Pants22%846
NoriaHunterPad Gloves22%982
NoriaHunterPad Boots22%943
NoriaHunterHorn Shield22%836
NoriaHunterJewel of Soul22%28647
NoriaHunterLeather Gloves22%942
NoriaHunterRena +322%58855
NoriaHunterDouble Poleaxe22%949
NoriaHunterGolden Crossbow22%933
NoriaHunterBlood Bone +111%496
NoriaHunterOrb of Summoning11%24681
NoriaHunterScroll of Fire Ball11%45
NoriaHunterBronze Gloves11%982
NoriaHunterSword of Assassin11%943
NoriaHunterDevils Key11%77205
NoriaHunterLeather Boots11%850
NoriaHunterLeather Armor11%907
NoriaHunterLeather Helm11%858
NoriaHunterPad Armor11%897
NoriaSpiderShort Bow32830%1457
NoriaSpiderSmall Axe26625%1328
NoriaSpiderOrb of Summoning343%24681
NoriaSpiderBlood Bone +181%496
NoriaSpiderTransformation Ring +050%392
NoriaSpiderBox of Luck +130%19744
NoriaSpiderRena +320%58855
NoriaSpiderJewel of Bless20%31135
NoriaSpiderScroll of Archangel +120%493
NoriaSpiderDevils Key20%77205
NoriaSpiderBox of Luck +720%51244
NoriaSpiderJewel of Life20%19831
NoriaSpiderDevils Eye10%77208
NoriaSpiderJewel of Chaos10%15411
NoriaStone GoleApple7513%4034
NoriaStone GoleCrossbow142%992
NoriaStone GoleAngelic Staff132%2261
NoriaStone GoleSilk Boots122%463
NoriaStone GoleSkull Staff122%782
NoriaStone GoleKite Shield122%931
NoriaStone GolePendant of Fire112%945
NoriaStone GoleVine Boots112%821
NoriaStone GoleBronze Armor112%2213
NoriaStone GoleBronze Gloves102%982
NoriaStone GoleBone Gloves102%879
NoriaStone GoleGolden Crossbow102%933
NoriaStone GolePad Boots102%943
NoriaStone GoleOrb of Greater Damage102%2198
NoriaStone GoleDouble Axe102%893
NoriaStone GoleVine Gloves102%928
NoriaStone GoleLarge Round Shield102%2240
NoriaStone GoleLeather Pants102%862
NoriaStone GoleLeather Helm92%858
NoriaStone GoleShort Bow92%1457
NoriaStone GoleHand Axe92%911
NoriaStone GoleMorning Star92%952
NoriaStone GoleBuckler92%881
NoriaStone GolePad Gloves92%982
NoriaStone GoleOrb of Greater Fortitude92%46591
NoriaStone GoleVine Armor92%969
NoriaStone GoleSkull Shield92%472
NoriaStone GoleTransformation Ring +092%392
NoriaStone GoleRapier92%874
NoriaStone GoleTomahawk81%2273
NoriaStone GoleShort Sword81%961
NoriaStone GoleSilk Helm81%546
NoriaStone GoleDragon Lance81%464
NoriaStone GoleSilk Pants81%2149
NoriaStone GolePad Helm81%833
NoriaStone GoleSmall Shield81%968
NoriaStone GoleVine Pants71%860
NoriaStone GoleBone Boots71%556
NoriaStone GoleBronze Pants71%497
NoriaStone GoleMace71%758
NoriaStone GoleVine Helm71%793
NoriaStone GoleDouble Poleaxe71%949
NoriaStone GoleLeather Armor71%907
NoriaStone GoleBronze Boots61%928
NoriaStone GoleHealing Orb61%846
NoriaStone GoleScroll of Archangel +161%493
NoriaStone GoleSword of Assassin61%943
NoriaStone GoleRing of Poison61%612
NoriaStone GoleBone Helm51%2168
NoriaStone GoleSmall Axe51%1328
NoriaStone GoleElven Bow51%541
NoriaStone GoleLeather Boots51%850
NoriaStone GoleKatana51%523
NoriaStone GoleLeather Gloves51%942
NoriaStone GoleKris51%813
NoriaStone GoleBow51%865
NoriaStone GoleBox of Luck +151%19744
NoriaStone GolePad Armor41%897
NoriaStone GoleDevils Key41%77205
NoriaStone GoleBlood Bone +141%496
NoriaStone GoleHorn Shield41%836
NoriaStone GoleSilk Gloves31%945
NoriaStone GolePad Pants31%846
NoriaStone GoleBronze Helm31%526
NoriaStone GoleScroll of Fire Ball20%45
NoriaStone GoleJewel of Life20%19831
NoriaStone GoleScroll of Teleport20%83
NoriaStone GoleRena +310%58855
NoriaStone GoleBox of Luck +310%4027
NoriaStone GoleBox of Luck +710%51244
NoriaWhite wizaJewel of Bless13340%31135
Lost TowerBalrogHelical Sword240%25923
Lost TowerBalrogBill of Balrog120%41809
Lost TowerBalrogAdamantine Boots120%45599
Lost TowerBalrogOrb of Fire Slash120%45815
Lost TowerCursed WizSymbol of Kundun +27924%15334
Lost TowerCursed WizDragon Boots4852%9912
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Sword4832%12725
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Boots4762%4608
Lost TowerCursed WizOrb of Twisting Slash4702%3621
Lost TowerCursed WizSerpent Spear4682%4587
Lost TowerCursed WizDouble Blade4682%2483
Lost TowerCursed WizPendant of Water4642%4692
Lost TowerCursed WizBronze Shield4642%9952
Lost TowerCursed WizLarkan Axe4642%4561
Lost TowerCursed WizSerpent Shield4632%12562
Lost TowerCursed WizPendant of Ability4572%2655
Lost TowerCursed WizBattle Scepter4552%9942
Lost TowerCursed WizLight Plate Boots4492%12330
Lost TowerCursed WizPlate Helm4472%4515
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Pants4462%9949
Lost TowerCursed WizPlate Pants4422%12371
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Gloves4422%2811
Lost TowerCursed WizDragon Gloves4422%8615
Lost TowerCursed WizGiant Sword4412%8674
Lost TowerCursed WizRing of Magic4412%3496
Lost TowerCursed WizGorgon Staff4372%8724
Lost TowerCursed WizLight Plate Mask4352%4555
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Pants4342%10068
Lost TowerCursed WizRing of Wind4342%12622
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Helm4322%10025
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Shield4262%2351
Lost TowerCursed WizGreat Scythe4252%9880
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Helm4242%2823
Lost TowerCursed WizLight Plate Pants4202%2702
Lost TowerCursed WizSerpent Crossbow4202%2440
Lost TowerCursed WizPlate Armor4202%2363
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Boots4152%8674
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Gloves4002%12852
Lost TowerCursed WizSpirit Armor3992%12531
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +63882%84005
Lost TowerCursed WizTransformation Ring +42521%958
Lost TowerCursed WizDevils Eye1551%77208
Lost TowerCursed WizBlood Bone +31461%3757
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +11461%19744
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +31451%4027
Lost TowerCursed WizScroll of Archangel +31431%3835
Lost TowerCursed WizScroll of Evil Spirit1381%8663
Lost TowerCursed WizDevils Key1321%77205
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +7760%51244
Lost TowerCursed WizRena +3740%58855
Lost TowerCursed WizScroll of Twister390%1401
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Angel320%230850
Lost TowerCursed WizImp280%185777
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Bless230%31135
Lost TowerCursed WizHorn of Uniria210%195724
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Life190%19831
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Soul130%28647
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Chaos80%15411
Lost TowerCursed WizOrb of Summoning60%24681
Lost TowerCursed WizScroll of the Emperor20%191
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Creation10%9087
Lost TowerDeath CowSymbol of Kundun +27313%15334
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Helm5112%2823
Lost TowerDeath CowSerpent Spear4832%4587
Lost TowerDeath CowLight Plate Pants4802%2702
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Helm4802%10025
Lost TowerDeath CowOrb of Twisting Slash4782%3621
Lost TowerDeath CowBronze Shield4772%9952
Lost TowerDeath CowGorgon Staff4712%8724
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Gloves4712%2811
Lost TowerDeath CowDouble Blade4662%2483
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Pants4642%10068
Lost TowerDeath CowPendant of Water4622%4692
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Armor4622%43834
Lost TowerDeath CowBattle Scepter4612%9942
Lost TowerDeath CowLarkan Axe4602%4561
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Gloves4602%8615
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Boots4592%4608
Lost TowerDeath CowHelical Sword4552%25923
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Pants4462%9949
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Boots4462%8674
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Helm4462%43538
Lost TowerDeath CowGiant Sword4452%8674
Lost TowerDeath CowGreat Scythe4422%9880
Lost TowerDeath CowPlate Armor4412%2363
Lost TowerDeath CowSilver Bow4402%25976
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Armor4402%25856
Lost TowerDeath CowSerpent Crossbow4352%2440
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Boots4322%9912
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Pants4312%26062
Lost TowerDeath CowAdamantine Gloves4302%44028
Lost TowerDeath CowPlate Helm4302%4515
Lost TowerDeath CowRing of Magic4282%3496
Lost TowerDeath CowLight Plate Mask4272%4555
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +64262%84005
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Shield4202%2351
Lost TowerDeath CowPendant of Ability4172%2655
Lost TowerDeath CowTransformation Ring +42491%958
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +31761%4027
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Archangel +41621%7859
Lost TowerDeath CowBlood Bone +41601%7912
Lost TowerDeath CowDevils Eye1591%77208
Lost TowerDeath CowDevils Key1551%77205
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Archangel +31531%3835
Lost TowerDeath CowBlood Bone +31441%3757
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +11291%19744
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Twister890%1401
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +7850%51244
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Evil Spirit780%8663
Lost TowerDeath CowRena +3680%58855
Lost TowerDeath CowHorn of Uniria520%195724
Lost TowerDeath CowImp300%185777
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Angel300%230850
Lost TowerDeath CowOrb of Summoning280%24681
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Bless200%31135
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Soul130%28647
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Chaos120%15411
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Life90%19831
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Creation80%9087
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of the Emperor20%191
Lost TowerDeath CowBrass Boots10%5368
Lost TowerDeath CowSpiked Shield10%4111
Lost TowerDeath GorgSymbol of Kundun +25733%15334
Lost TowerDeath GorgSilver Bow5633%25976
Lost TowerDeath GorgOrb of Penetration5593%50109
Lost TowerDeath GorgLegendary Armor5433%25856
Lost TowerDeath GorgLight Plate Armor5413%46719
Lost TowerDeath GorgOrb of Fire Slash5263%45815
Lost TowerDeath GorgHelical Sword5253%25923
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Shield5242%45924
Lost TowerDeath GorgAdamantine Boots5232%45599
Lost TowerDeath GorgBronze Shield5192%9952
Lost TowerDeath GorgAdamantine Gloves5132%44028
Lost TowerDeath GorgBill of Balrog5102%41809
Lost TowerDeath GorgLegendary Staff5062%45591
Lost TowerDeath GorgGuardian Pants4972%9949
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Helm4952%43538
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Pants4872%26062
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Armor4862%45616
Lost TowerDeath GorgGuardian Armor4832%43834
Lost TowerDeath GorgLegendary Pants4832%10068
Lost TowerDeath GorgLighting Sword4772%45825
Lost TowerDeath GorgOrb of Greater Fortitude4762%46591
Lost TowerDeath GorgGreat Scythe4732%9880
Lost TowerDeath GorgBattle Scepter4702%9942
Lost TowerDeath GorgGuardian Helm4692%10025
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Boots4612%9912
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +62651%84005
Lost TowerDeath GorgTransformation Ring +51571%146057
Lost TowerDeath GorgDevils Key1311%77205
Lost TowerDeath GorgScroll of Archangel +41151%7859
Lost TowerDeath GorgBlood Bone +41141%7912
Lost TowerDeath GorgImp1071%185777
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +31071%4027
Lost TowerDeath GorgDevils Eye1030%77208
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +11020%19744
Lost TowerDeath GorgGuardian Angel1020%230850
Lost TowerDeath GorgScroll of Evil Spirit680%8663
Lost TowerDeath GorgRena +3540%58855
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +7490%51244
Lost TowerDeath GorgScroll of Hellfire390%3151
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Bless270%31135
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Soul210%28647
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Chaos200%15411
Lost TowerDeath GorgHorn of Uniria190%195724
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Life140%19831
Lost TowerDeath GorgOrb of Summoning60%24681
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Creation20%9087
Lost TowerDeath KnigSymbol of Kundun +276034%15334
Lost TowerDeath KnigOrb of Fire Slash60893%45815
Lost TowerDeath KnigOrb of Greater Fortitude59883%46591
Lost TowerDeath KnigLight Plate Armor58113%46719
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Pants57493%9949
Lost TowerDeath KnigAdamantine Gloves57423%44028
Lost TowerDeath KnigGreat Scythe57393%9880
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Armor56923%43834
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Boots56923%8674
Lost TowerDeath KnigHelical Sword56903%25923
Lost TowerDeath KnigSilver Bow56743%25976
Lost TowerDeath KnigGorgon Staff56733%8724
Lost TowerDeath KnigAdamantine Boots56613%45599
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Pants56543%26062
Lost TowerDeath KnigGiant Sword56423%8674
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Helm56253%10025
Lost TowerDeath KnigLegendary Staff56233%45591
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Helm56203%43538
Lost TowerDeath KnigBronze Shield56113%9952
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Armor56103%45616
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Boots56093%9912
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Shield56013%45924
Lost TowerDeath KnigLighting Sword55953%45825
Lost TowerDeath KnigLegendary Pants55913%10068
Lost TowerDeath KnigBattle Scepter55813%9942
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Gloves55803%8615
Lost TowerDeath KnigLegendary Armor55743%25856
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +638742%84005
Lost TowerDeath KnigTransformation Ring +523191%146057
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +315551%4027
Lost TowerDeath KnigImp15511%185777
Lost TowerDeath KnigScroll of Archangel +415061%7859
Lost TowerDeath KnigBlood Bone +414861%7912
Lost TowerDeath KnigDevils Eye14691%77208
Lost TowerDeath KnigDevils Key14561%77205
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +114501%19744
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +77750%51244
Lost TowerDeath KnigRena +37680%58855
Lost TowerDeath KnigScroll of Evil Spirit6880%8663
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Angel4000%230850
Lost TowerDeath KnigHorn of Uniria3570%195724
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Soul2530%28647
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Bless2190%31135
Lost TowerDeath KnigScroll of Hellfire1810%3151
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Chaos1670%15411
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Life1650%19831
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Creation470%9087
Lost TowerDeath KnigSoul Shard of Wizard160%18
Lost TowerDeath KnigOrb of Summoning130%24681
Lost TowerDeath KnigBroken Sword60%16
Lost TowerDeath KnigTear of Elf40%5
Lost TowerDeath KnigSphinx Mask20%5437
Lost TowerDeath KnigRing of Fire20%4155
Lost TowerDeath KnigBerdysh20%15283
Lost TowerDeath KnigElven Axe20%3378
Lost TowerDeath KnigSpiked Shield20%4111
Lost TowerDeath KnigBrass Boots20%5368
Lost TowerDeath KnigBrass Pants20%15540
Lost TowerDeath KnigGiant Trident10%3149
Lost TowerDeath KnigBattle Axe10%4194
Lost TowerDeath KnigBrass Helm10%16334
Lost TowerDeath KnigSword of Salamander10%5235
Lost TowerDeath KnigWind Armor10%5468
Lost TowerDeath KnigBattle Bow10%3287
Lost TowerDeath KnigWind Gloves10%3340
Lost TowerDeath KnigPendant of Ice10%14416
Lost TowerDeath KnigSphinx Boots10%4186
Lost TowerDeath KnigNikea Axe10%14272
Lost TowerDeath KnigSphinx Pants10%14500
Lost TowerDeath KnigSerpent Sword10%4344
Lost TowerDevilSymbol of Kundun +25014%15334
Lost TowerDevilOrb of Fire Slash4503%45815
Lost TowerDevilDragon Armor4193%45616
Lost TowerDevilDragon Shield4173%45924
Lost TowerDevilOrb of Greater Fortitude4103%46591
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Staff4023%45591
Lost TowerDevilLighting Sword3873%45825
Lost TowerDevilAdamantine Boots3843%45599
Lost TowerDevilGreat Scythe3462%9880
Lost TowerDevilGiant Sword3402%8674
Lost TowerDevilAdamantine Gloves3352%44028
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Helm3342%2823
Lost TowerDevilDragon Helm3332%43538
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Gloves3332%2811
Lost TowerDevilGorgon Staff3312%8724
Lost TowerDevilBattle Scepter3302%9942
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Pants3252%9949
Lost TowerDevilDragon Pants3232%26062
Lost TowerDevilPendant of Ability3232%2655
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Armor3212%43834
Lost TowerDevilBronze Shield3212%9952
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Armor3172%25856
Lost TowerDevilDragon Boots3152%9912
Lost TowerDevilDragon Gloves3092%8615
Lost TowerDevilLight Plate Pants3072%2702
Lost TowerDevilHelical Sword3072%25923
Lost TowerDevilSilver Bow3012%25976
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Helm2992%10025
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Boots2982%8674
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Pants2922%10068
Lost TowerDevilBox of Luck +62602%84005
Lost TowerDevilTransformation Ring +51741%146057
Lost TowerDevilBlood Bone +41061%7912
Lost TowerDevilScroll of Archangel +41051%7859
Lost TowerDevilBox of Luck +31051%4027
Lost TowerDevilBox of Luck +1981%19744
Lost TowerDevilDevils Key931%77205
Lost TowerDevilDevils Eye911%77208
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Angel901%230850
Lost TowerDevilImp741%185777
Lost TowerDevilScroll of Evil Spirit721%8663
Lost TowerDevilBox of Luck +7550%51244
Lost TowerDevilHorn of Uniria410%195724
Lost TowerDevilRena +3390%58855
Lost TowerDevilJewel of Bless190%31135
Lost TowerDevilJewel of Soul130%28647
Lost TowerDevilJewel of Chaos130%15411
Lost TowerDevilJewel of Life120%19831
Lost TowerDevilScroll of Hellfire50%3151
Lost TowerDevilJewel of Creation40%9087
Lost TowerDevilOrb of Summoning30%24681
Lost TowerDevilScroll of the Emperor20%191
Lost TowerPoison ShaSymbol of Kundun +2291%15334
Lost TowerPoison ShaPendant of Ability261%2655
Lost TowerPoison ShaSpirit Helm211%14626
Lost TowerPoison ShaLight Plate Boots190%12330
Lost TowerPoison ShaPlate Pants190%12371
Lost TowerPoison ShaLight Plate Gloves180%13594
Lost TowerPoison ShaDouble Blade170%2483
Lost TowerPoison ShaPlate Armor170%2363
Lost TowerPoison ShaPendant of Wind170%13464
Lost TowerPoison ShaSerpent Shield150%12562
Lost TowerPoison ShaLight Plate Pants150%2702
Lost TowerPoison ShaSpirit Pants150%13507
Lost TowerPoison ShaRing of Magic150%3496
Lost TowerPoison ShaSerpent Crossbow150%2440
Lost TowerPoison ShaLarkan Axe150%4561
Lost TowerPoison ShaPendant of Water130%4692
Lost TowerPoison ShaLegendary Boots130%4608
Lost TowerPoison ShaSerpent Spear120%4587
Lost TowerPoison ShaTiger Bow120%14362
Lost TowerPoison ShaTower Shield120%14378
Lost TowerPoison ShaBox of Luck +6110%84005
Lost TowerPoison ShaSpirit Armor110%12531
Lost TowerPoison ShaPlate Gloves110%13463
Lost TowerPoison ShaLegendary Shield100%2351
Lost TowerPoison ShaLight Plate Mask100%4555
Lost TowerPoison ShaLegendary Sword100%12725
Lost TowerPoison ShaLight Spear100%13540
Lost TowerPoison ShaTransformation Ring +4100%958
Lost TowerPoison ShaOrb of Twisting Slash90%3621
Lost TowerPoison ShaPlate Boots90%13671
Lost TowerPoison ShaPlate Helm90%4515
Lost TowerPoison ShaLight Saber90%14564
Lost TowerPoison ShaBox of Luck +380%4027
Lost TowerPoison ShaBox of Luck +180%19744
Lost TowerPoison ShaSpirit Boots70%14415
Lost TowerPoison ShaRing of Wind70%12622
Lost TowerPoison ShaGuardian Gloves70%2811
Lost TowerPoison ShaThunder Staff60%13327
Lost TowerPoison ShaLegendary Helm60%2823
Lost TowerPoison ShaLegendary Gloves50%12852
Lost TowerPoison ShaDevils Key40%77205
Lost TowerPoison ShaImp30%185777
Lost TowerPoison ShaGuardian Angel30%230850
Lost TowerPoison ShaScroll of Archangel +330%3835
Lost TowerPoison ShaDevils Eye20%77208
Lost TowerPoison ShaBlood Bone +320%3757
Lost TowerPoison ShaBox of Luck +720%51244
Lost TowerPoison ShaScroll of Evil Spirit20%8663
Lost TowerPoison ShaJewel of Chaos20%15411
Lost TowerPoison ShaRena +310%58855
Lost TowerPoison ShaHorn of Uniria10%195724
Lost TowerPoison ShaJewel of Soul10%28647
Lost TowerPoison ShaJewel of Life10%19831
Lost TowerShadowSymbol of Kundun +210214%15334
Lost TowerShadowSerpent Shield6292%12562
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Gloves6182%15159
Lost TowerShadowLegendary Gloves6182%12852
Lost TowerShadowLight Saber6072%14564
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Armor6042%12531
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Helm6002%14626
Lost TowerShadowLight Plate Mask5982%4555
Lost TowerShadowLight Plate Gloves5972%13594
Lost TowerShadowBlade5952%16598
Lost TowerShadowOrb of Twisting Slash5922%3621
Lost TowerShadowLight Plate Boots5922%12330
Lost TowerShadowBrass Armor5912%15281
Lost TowerShadowTower Shield5902%14378
Lost TowerShadowPlate Boots5882%13671
Lost TowerShadowLegendary Boots5872%4608
Lost TowerShadowLegendary Sword5862%12725
Lost TowerShadowRing of Earth5842%15036
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Pants5832%13507
Lost TowerShadowPendant of Water5832%4692
Lost TowerShadowLight Spear5822%13540
Lost TowerShadowRing of Magic5802%3496
Lost TowerShadowThunder Staff5792%13327
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Boots5772%14415
Lost TowerShadowPlate Gloves5762%13463
Lost TowerShadowBrass Helm5762%16334
Lost TowerShadowSphinx Armor5712%14861
Lost TowerShadowTiger Bow5692%14362
Lost TowerShadowLarkan Axe5692%4561
Lost TowerShadowRing of Wind5672%12622
Lost TowerShadowPlate Helm5622%4515
Lost TowerShadowBerdysh5592%15283
Lost TowerShadowPlate Pants5522%12371
Lost TowerShadowGreat Hammer5522%15150
Lost TowerShadowPendant of Wind5452%13464
Lost TowerShadowSerpent Spear5432%4587
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +65162%84005
Lost TowerShadowTransformation Ring +32841%6318
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Archangel +32211%3835
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +32141%4027
Lost TowerShadowDevils Eye2061%77208
Lost TowerShadowBlood Bone +32041%3757
Lost TowerShadowDevils Key2011%77205
Lost TowerShadowImp1881%185777
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +11841%19744
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +71150%51244
Lost TowerShadowRena +3990%58855
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Evil Spirit780%8663
Lost TowerShadowGuardian Angel490%230850
Lost TowerShadowHorn of Uniria460%195724
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Bless410%31135
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Flame410%1245
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Poison380%1636
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Twister380%1401
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Life210%19831
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Soul190%28647
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Chaos160%15411
Lost TowerShadowScroll of the Emperor140%191
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Creation80%9087
Lost TowerShadowOrb of Summoning10%24681
Lost TowerShadowScale Boots10%3168
Lost TowerShadowBronze Boots10%928
Lost TowerShadowPendant of Fire10%945
Lost TowerShadowPad Helm10%833
Lost TowerShadowElven Shield10%2926
ArenaAegis7Hurricane Boots40%449496
ArenaAegis7Dark Breaker40%139370
ArenaAegis7Great Reign Crossbow40%149660
ArenaAegis7Hurricane Gloves40%94537
ArenaAegis7Dragon Soul Staff40%149652
ArenaAegis7Dark Phoenix Armor30%150401
ArenaAegis7Dark Master Mask30%206820
ArenaAegis7Great Dragon Helm20%139542
ArenaAegis7Devils Eye20%77208
ArenaAegis7Thunder Blade20%142494
ArenaAegis7Symbol of Kundun +620%137015
ArenaAegis7Rune Blade10%149859
ArenaAegis7Scroll of Nova10%15706
ArenaAegis7Thunder Hawk Armor10%254301
ArenaAegis7Scroll of Archangel +710%49363
ArenaAegis7Rena +310%58855
ArenaAegis7Spirit +010%67978
ArenaAegis7Red Spirit Pants10%150064
ArenaAegis7Spirit +110%155813
ArenaBerserkerLord Scepter30%101455
ArenaBerserkerDark Steel Pants20%68633
ArenaBerserkerGreat Dragon Boots20%101153
ArenaBerserkerGreat Reign Crossbow20%149660
ArenaBerserkerScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
ArenaBerserkerThunder Hawk Gloves10%99965
ArenaBerserkerRed Spirit Boots10%96847
ArenaBerserkerDragon Soul Staff10%149652
ArenaBerserkerThunder Hawk Pants10%87110
ArenaBerserkerElemental Mace10%72490
ArenaBerserkerRed Spirit Pants10%150064
ArenaBerserkerDark Phoenix Armor10%150401
ArenaBlood SoldDark Steel Pants110%68633
ArenaBlood SoldScroll of Summon100%102439
ArenaBlood SoldDark Soul Boots80%51292
ArenaBlood SoldLord Scepter80%101455
ArenaBlood SoldDark Master Boots70%51235
ArenaBlood SoldDark Phoenix Helm70%64883
ArenaBlood SoldDragon Soul Staff60%149652
ArenaBlood SoldGreat Dragon Gloves60%52574
ArenaBlood SoldDragon Spear60%68771
ArenaBlood SoldHoly Spirit Armor60%65260
ArenaBlood SoldGreat Reign Crossbow60%149660
ArenaBlood SoldDark Phoenix Armor50%150401
ArenaBlood SoldSymbol of Kundun +650%137015
ArenaBlood SoldScroll of Electric Spark50%69746
ArenaBlood SoldElemental Mace50%72490
ArenaBlood SoldSpirit +140%155813
ArenaBlood SoldDark Phoenix Pants40%48713
ArenaBlood SoldGrand Soul Armor40%65376
ArenaBlood SoldCelestial Bow40%65371
ArenaBlood SoldGreat Dragon Boots40%101153
ArenaBlood SoldDark Steel Armor40%48995
ArenaBlood SoldStaff of Destruction30%72986
ArenaBlood SoldThunder Hawk Pants20%87110
ArenaBlood SoldDark Phoenix Boots20%65411
ArenaBlood SoldScroll of Nova20%15706
ArenaBlood SoldBlood Bone +720%49328
ArenaBlood SoldRed Spirit Helm20%65880
ArenaBlood SoldScroll of Archangel +720%49363
ArenaBlood SoldThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
ArenaBlood SoldRed Spirit Pants10%150064
ArenaBlood SoldRune Blade10%149859
ArenaChief SkelScroll of Fire Scream20%94545
ArenaChief SkelDark Breaker20%139370
ArenaChief SkelScroll of Summon20%102439
ArenaChief SkelDevils Key20%77205
ArenaChief SkelRune Blade20%149859
ArenaChief SkelThunder Hawk Pants10%87110
ArenaChief SkelDragon Soul Staff10%149652
ArenaDeath AngeDark Master Armor250%453402
ArenaDeath AngeGreat Dragon Pants240%447896
ArenaDeath AngeDark Master Pants170%450726
ArenaDeath AngeDark Soul Pants160%453392
ArenaDeath AngeHurricane Boots140%449496
ArenaDeath AngeDark Soul Helm120%449375
ArenaDeath AngeImp80%185777
ArenaDeath AngeRed Spirit Armor70%320000
ArenaDeath AngeSpirit +160%155813
ArenaDeath AngeElemental Shield50%50664
ArenaDeath AngeThunder Hawk Armor40%254301
ArenaDeath AngeThunder Hawk Pants30%87110
ArenaDeath AngeDark Phoenix Pants30%48713
ArenaDeath AngeCrystal Sword30%47553
ArenaDeath AngeStorm Crow Boots20%47092
ArenaDeath AngeDark Phoenix Boots20%65411
ArenaDeath AngeAdamantine Mask20%50827
ArenaDeath AngeDark Master Boots20%51235
ArenaDeath AngeBluewing Crossbow20%50116
ArenaDeath AngeGuardian Angel20%230850
ArenaDeath AngeSymbol of Kundun +720%195153
ArenaDeath AngeSpirit +020%67978
ArenaDeath AngeScroll of FireBurst20%65144
ArenaDeath AngeGreat Reign Crossbow20%149660
ArenaDeath AngeHurricane Gloves10%94537
ArenaDeath AngeRune Blade10%149859
ArenaDeath AngeRed Spirit Pants10%150064
ArenaDeath AngeDark Steel Pants10%68633
ArenaDeath AngeDark Steel Armor10%48995
ArenaDeath AngeStaff of Resurrection10%38307
ArenaDeath AngeMaster Scepter10%47179
ArenaDeath AngeScroll of Archangel +710%49363
ArenaDeath AngeDevils Key10%77205
ArenaDeath AngeHoly Spirit Gloves10%39829
ArenaDeath AngeGreat Dragon Helm10%139542
ArenaDeath AngeBox of Luck +310%4027
ArenaDeath AngeGrand Soul Gloves10%32448
ArenaDeath CentHurricane Armor21220%644457
ArenaDeath CentGreat Dragon Armor14310%476110
ArenaDeath CentHurricane Pants13950%475294
ArenaDeath CentDark Soul Armor13310%474825
ArenaDeath CentHorn of Uniria7210%195724
ArenaDeath CentSymbol of Kundun +72190%195153
ArenaDeath CentSpirit +11180%155813
ArenaDeath CentTransformation Ring +5700%146057
ArenaDeath CentSpirit +0550%67978
ArenaDeath CentBox of Luck +3540%4027
ArenaDeath CentRena +3260%58855
ArenaDeath CentBox of Luck +7250%51244
ArenaDeath CentJewel of Bless70%31135
ArenaDeath CentSword of Destruction60%102091
ArenaDeath CentJewel of Creation60%9087
ArenaDeath CentJewel of Soul50%28647
ArenaDeath CentDark Steel Gloves40%65636
ArenaDeath CentJewel of Chaos40%15411
ArenaDeath CentPet Rudolph40%5105
ArenaDeath CentMaster Scepter30%47179
ArenaDeath CentJewel of Life30%19831
ArenaDeath CentBlack Dragon Boots30%97122
ArenaDeath CentGrand Soul Shield30%63697
ArenaDeath CentDark Steel Boots30%91514
ArenaDeath CentScroll of FireBurst30%65144
ArenaDeath CentStorm Crow Armor30%87702
ArenaDeath CentDark Steel Pants20%68633
ArenaDeath CentOrb of Rageful Blow20%86131
ArenaDeath CentBlack Dragon Armor20%72970
ArenaDeath CentGrand Soul Helm20%68127
ArenaDeath CentCelestial Bow20%65371
ArenaDeath CentDark Master Gloves20%69486
ArenaDeath CentDark Phoenix Gloves20%84637
ArenaDeath CentDark Breaker20%139370
ArenaDeath CentScroll of Critical Damage20%102821
ArenaDeath CentDark Phoenix Armor10%150401
ArenaDeath CentHoly Spirit Boots10%68418
ArenaDeath CentLord Scepter10%101455
ArenaDeath CentGreat Reign Crossbow10%149660
ArenaDeath CentRune Blade10%149859
ArenaDeath CentSymbol of Kundun +610%137015
ArenaDeath CentScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
ArenaDeath CentDark Phoenix Boots10%65411
ArenaDeath CentRed Spirit Armor10%320000
ArenaDeath CentOrb of Ice Arrow10%69018
ArenaDeath CentGreat Scepter10%102060
ArenaDeath CentOrb of Death Stab10%39242
ArenaDeath CentDark Phoenix Helm10%64883
ArenaDeath CentThunder Hawk Gloves10%99965
ArenaDeath CentHoly Spirit Pants10%96785
ArenaDeath CentStorm Crow Boots10%47092
ArenaDeath CentGreat Dragon Gloves10%52574
ArenaDeath CentBlack Dragon Gloves10%60259
ArenaDeath CentStorm Crow Pants10%64051
ArenaDeath CentBlack Dragon Helm10%101706
ArenaDeath CentSymbol of Kundun +410%30821
ArenaDeath CowScroll of Archangel +460%7859
ArenaDeath CowPlate Armor20%2363
ArenaDeath CowLegendary Boots20%4608
ArenaDeath CowRing of Magic20%3496
ArenaDeath CowLegendary Armor20%25856
ArenaDeath CowBox of Luck +320%4027
ArenaDeath CowTransformation Ring +420%958
ArenaDeath CowOrb of Twisting Slash10%3621
ArenaDeath CowHelical Sword10%25923
ArenaDeath CowGuardian Pants10%9949
ArenaDrakanGrand Soul Boots60%50668
ArenaDrakanSword of Destruction40%102091
ArenaDrakanStorm Crow Armor30%87702
ArenaDrakanAdamantine Armor30%96831
ArenaDrakanDark Steel Gloves20%65636
ArenaDrakanDark Phoenix Gloves20%84637
ArenaDrakanHoly Spirit Helm20%87839
ArenaDrakanBlack Dragon Boots20%97122
ArenaDrakanGrand Soul Helm20%68127
ArenaDrakanSaint Crossbow20%94484
ArenaDrakanDark Steel Mask20%88041
ArenaDrakanBlack Dragon Pants20%94711
ArenaDrakanOrb of Ice Arrow10%69018
ArenaDrakanScroll of Cometfall10%5057
ArenaDrakanRed Spirit Gloves10%95002
ArenaDrakanOrb of Rageful Blow10%86131
ArenaDrakanGreat Scepter10%102060
ArenaDrakanDevils Eye10%77208
ArenaDrakanScroll of Archangel +710%49363
ArenaDrakanBlack Dragon Helm10%101706
ArenaGenociderRune Blade70%149859
ArenaGenociderThunder Hawk Pants60%87110
ArenaGenociderSymbol of Kundun +650%137015
ArenaGenociderGreat Dragon Gloves40%52574
ArenaGenociderDark Master Boots40%51235
ArenaGenociderDark Phoenix Armor30%150401
ArenaGenociderDark Steel Armor30%48995
ArenaGenociderThunder Blade30%142494
ArenaGenociderDark Breaker20%139370
ArenaGenociderGreat Dragon Boots20%101153
ArenaGenociderGreat Dragon Helm20%139542
ArenaGenociderRed Spirit Helm20%65880
ArenaGenociderRed Spirit Pants20%150064
ArenaGenociderDark Phoenix Pants20%48713
ArenaGenociderDark Soul Boots20%51292
ArenaGenociderGreat Reign Crossbow20%149660
ArenaGenociderLord Scepter20%101455
ArenaGenociderScroll of Electric Spark20%69746
ArenaGenociderDragon Soul Staff10%149652
ArenaGenociderCelestial Bow10%65371
ArenaGenociderHorn of Uniria10%195724
ArenaGenociderThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
ArenaNecron5Sword of Destruction20%102091
ArenaNecron5Black Dragon Armor10%72970
ArenaNecron5Thunder Hawk Gloves10%99965
ArenaNecron5Saint Crossbow10%94484
ArenaNecron5Thunder Hawk Boots10%68258
ArenaNecron5Dark Phoenix Gloves10%84637
ArenaNecron6Thunder Blade920%142494
ArenaNecron6Hurricane Gloves920%94537
ArenaNecron6Red Spirit Pants840%150064
ArenaNecron6Red Spirit Armor800%320000
ArenaNecron6Scroll of Summon780%102439
ArenaNecron6Rune Blade780%149859
ArenaNecron6Thunder Hawk Armor780%254301
ArenaNecron6Dragon Soul Staff760%149652
ArenaNecron6Dark Breaker740%139370
ArenaNecron6Lord Scepter720%101455
ArenaNecron6Dark Phoenix Armor710%150401
ArenaNecron6Great Reign Crossbow650%149660
ArenaNecron6Great Dragon Helm650%139542
ArenaNecron6Dark Master Mask650%206820
ArenaNecron6Thunder Hawk Pants650%87110
ArenaNecron6Scroll of Fire Scream620%94545
ArenaNecron6Symbol of Kundun +6580%137015
ArenaNecron6Great Dragon Boots550%101153
ArenaNecron6Horn of Uniria190%195724
ArenaNecron6Spirit +1170%155813
ArenaNecron6Transformation Ring +5150%146057
ArenaNecron6Devils Key110%77205
ArenaNecron6Blood Bone +7100%49328
ArenaNecron6Devils Eye100%77208
ArenaNecron6Rena +360%58855
ArenaNecron6Scroll of Archangel +760%49363
ArenaNecron6Scroll of Decay60%7532
ArenaNecron6Spirit +050%67978
ArenaNecron6Box of Luck +350%4027
ArenaNecron6Scroll of Nova30%15706
ArenaNecron6Jewel of Chaos20%15411
ArenaNecron6Jewel of Soul20%28647
ArenaNecron6Scroll of Ice Storm10%5173
ArenaNecron6Orb of Summoning10%24681
ArenaNecron6Storm Crow Armor10%87702
ArenaNecron6Jewel of Creation10%9087
ArenaNecron6Pet Rudolph10%5105
ArenaNecron7Dark Soul Pants60%453392
ArenaNecron7Great Dragon Pants50%447896
ArenaNecron7Dark Master Armor40%453402
ArenaNecron7Hurricane Pants30%475294
ArenaNecron7Dark Soul Armor20%474825
ArenaNecron7Horn of Uniria20%195724
ArenaRogue CentThunder Blade50%142494
ArenaRogue CentDark Breaker30%139370
ArenaRogue CentScroll of Fire Scream20%94545
ArenaRogue CentDark Master Mask20%206820
ArenaRogue CentRune Blade20%149859
ArenaRogue CentRed Spirit Armor20%320000
ArenaRogue CentDark Soul Helm20%449375
ArenaRogue CentSpirit +120%155813
ArenaRogue CentGreat Dragon Helm10%139542
ArenaRogue CentThunder Hawk Armor10%254301
ArenaSchriker4Orb of Ice Arrow20%69018
ArenaSchriker4Black Dragon Boots20%97122
ArenaSchriker4Orb of Rageful Blow10%86131
ArenaSchriker4Holy Spirit Helm10%87839
ArenaSchriker4Dark Phoenix Gloves10%84637
ArenaSchriker7Great Dragon Armor61921%476110
ArenaSchriker7Hurricane Armor61741%644457
ArenaSchriker7Arrow Viper Bow61611%141369
ArenaSchriker7Dark Soul Armor15940%474825
ArenaSchriker7Hurricane Pants15320%475294
ArenaSchriker7Horn of Uniria11120%195724
ArenaSchriker7Symbol of Kundun +77390%195153
ArenaSchriker7Spirit +13980%155813
ArenaSchriker7Transformation Ring +52320%146057
ArenaSchriker7Spirit +02030%67978
ArenaSchriker7Orb of Summoning1800%24681
ArenaSchriker7Box of Luck +31500%4027
ArenaSchriker7Rena +31010%58855
ArenaSchriker7Box of Luck +7880%51244
ArenaSchriker7Jewel of Life270%19831
ArenaSchriker7Jewel of Bless240%31135
ArenaSchriker7Jewel of Chaos160%15411
ArenaSchriker7Jewel of Soul150%28647
ArenaSchriker7Jewel of Creation130%9087
ArenaSchriker7Dark Soul Helm90%449375
ArenaSchriker7Hurricane Boots80%449496
ArenaSchriker7Dark Master Pants70%450726
ArenaSchriker7Pet Rudolph70%5105
ArenaSchriker7Red Spirit Armor40%320000
ArenaSchriker7Thunder Hawk Armor30%254301
ArenaSchriker7Dark Phoenix Armor20%150401
ArenaSchriker7Thunder Blade10%142494
ArenaSchriker7Hurricane Gloves10%94537
ArenaSchriker7Great Dragon Helm10%139542
ArenaSchriker7Thunder Hawk Pants10%87110
ArenaSchriker7Dragon Soul Staff10%149652
AtlansAegis7Dark Phoenix Armor390544%150401
AtlansAegis7Red Spirit Pants389874%150064
AtlansAegis7Hurricane Gloves388873%94537
AtlansAegis7Dragon Soul Staff388583%149652
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Fire Scream388553%94545
AtlansAegis7Red Spirit Armor388373%320000
AtlansAegis7Rune Blade387563%149859
AtlansAegis7Dark Master Pants387193%450726
AtlansAegis7Dark Breaker387143%139370
AtlansAegis7Hurricane Boots387033%449496
AtlansAegis7Thunder Hawk Armor387023%254301
AtlansAegis7Great Dragon Helm386923%139542
AtlansAegis7Thunder Blade386873%142494
AtlansAegis7Great Reign Crossbow386823%149660
AtlansAegis7Dark Master Mask386753%206820
AtlansAegis7Dark Soul Helm385943%449375
AtlansAegis7Symbol of Kundun +6260802%137015
AtlansAegis7Box of Luck +6130801%84005
AtlansAegis7Spirit +1127851%155813
AtlansAegis7Horn of Uniria111171%195724
AtlansAegis7Transformation Ring +579501%146057
AtlansAegis7Spirit +064091%67978
AtlansAegis7Blood Bone +750850%49328
AtlansAegis7Devils Eye50220%77208
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Archangel +749980%49363
AtlansAegis7Devils Key49940%77205
AtlansAegis7Guardian Angel46610%230850
AtlansAegis7Rena +332330%58855
AtlansAegis7Box of Luck +725450%51244
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Nova23100%15706
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Decay18550%7532
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Ice Storm10420%5173
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Bless10280%31135
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Soul10070%28647
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Life8010%19831
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Chaos6490%15411
AtlansAegis7Pet Rudolph3230%5105
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Creation2000%9087
AtlansAegis7Orb of Summoning1900%24681
AtlansAegis7Sword of Destruction100%102091
AtlansAegis7Great Scepter80%102060
AtlansAegis7Dark Phoenix Gloves70%84637
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Critical Damage70%102821
AtlansAegis7Adamantine Armor70%96831
AtlansAegis7Holy Spirit Helm50%87839
AtlansAegis7Orb of Rageful Blow50%86131
AtlansAegis7Grand Soul Boots50%50668
AtlansAegis7Holy Spirit Boots50%68418
AtlansAegis7Black Dragon Pants40%94711
AtlansAegis7Saint Crossbow40%94484
AtlansAegis7Dark Steel Gloves40%65636
AtlansAegis7Storm Crow Armor40%87702
AtlansAegis7Black Dragon Helm40%101706
AtlansAegis7Grand Soul Pants30%84737
AtlansAegis7Grand Soul Helm30%68127
AtlansAegis7Dark Steel Boots30%91514
AtlansAegis7Red Spirit Gloves20%95002
AtlansAegis7Orb of Ice Arrow20%69018
AtlansAegis7Black Dragon Gloves20%60259
AtlansAegis7Black Dragon Boots20%97122
AtlansAegis7Dark Steel Mask10%88041
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Aqua Beam10%4728
AtlansBahamutSymbol of Kundun +120094%25458
AtlansBahamutLight Saber14243%14564
AtlansBahamutPendant of Wind14053%13464
AtlansBahamutPlate Boots13973%13671
AtlansBahamutSpirit Helm13863%14626
AtlansBahamutRing of Earth13773%15036
AtlansBahamutBrass Helm13763%16334
AtlansBahamutLight Spear13743%13540
AtlansBahamutGreat Hammer13573%15150
AtlansBahamutBrass Armor13513%15281
AtlansBahamutDragon Slayer Shield13473%15340
AtlansBahamutWind Armor13453%5468
AtlansBahamutNikea Axe13403%14272
AtlansBahamutPendant of Ice13383%14416
AtlansBahamutLight Plate Gloves13313%13594
AtlansBahamutPlate Gloves13283%13463
AtlansBahamutSphinx Pants13223%14500
AtlansBahamutLight Crossbow13223%5426
AtlansBahamutBrass Pants13203%15540
AtlansBahamutBrass Boots13163%5368
AtlansBahamutSphinx Armor13113%14861
AtlansBahamutThunder Staff13063%13327
AtlansBahamutSpirit Gloves13043%15159
AtlansBahamutTower Shield13023%14378
AtlansBahamutSpirit Pants12993%13507
AtlansBahamutSword of Salamander12973%5235
AtlansBahamutBrass Gloves12943%5226
AtlansBahamutSpirit Boots12883%14415
AtlansBahamutSphinx Mask12823%5437
AtlansBahamutTiger Bow12793%14362
AtlansBahamutBox of Luck +610212%84005
AtlansBahamutTransformation Ring +35751%6318
AtlansBahamutDevils Key4151%77205
AtlansBahamutBox of Luck +13791%19744
AtlansBahamutBlood Bone +23731%4427
AtlansBahamutScroll of Archangel +23731%4560
AtlansBahamutDevils Eye3561%77208
AtlansBahamutHorn of Uniria3151%195724
AtlansBahamutRena +31990%58855
AtlansBahamutBox of Luck +71940%51244
AtlansBahamutScroll of Poison1550%1636
AtlansBahamutScroll of Ice1060%477
AtlansBahamutGuardian Angel930%230850
AtlansBahamutScroll of Flame770%1245
AtlansBahamutJewel of Soul560%28647
AtlansBahamutJewel of Bless490%31135
AtlansBahamutScroll of Twister360%1401
AtlansBahamutJewel of Chaos350%15411
AtlansBahamutJewel of Life310%19831
AtlansBahamutOrb of Summoning230%24681
AtlansBahamutJewel of Creation120%9087
AtlansBahamutPad Helm10%833
AtlansBahamutLeather Helm10%858
AtlansBahamutBronze Gloves10%982
AtlansBahamutAngelic Staff10%2261
AtlansBahamutBronze Pants10%497
AtlansBahamutSword of Assassin10%943
AtlansBlood SoldDark Soul Pants510275%453392
AtlansBlood SoldHurricane Boots509715%449496
AtlansBlood SoldRed Spirit Armor509575%320000
AtlansBlood SoldDark Master Armor507255%453402
AtlansBlood SoldThunder Hawk Armor505975%254301
AtlansBlood SoldDark Soul Helm505845%449375
AtlansBlood SoldDark Master Mask503555%206820
AtlansBlood SoldDark Master Pants503125%450726
AtlansBlood SoldGreat Dragon Pants502135%447896
AtlansBlood SoldSymbol of Kundun +7209632%195153
AtlansBlood SoldBox of Luck +6106521%84005
AtlansBlood SoldSpirit +1104401%155813
AtlansBlood SoldHorn of Uniria100451%195724
AtlansBlood SoldImp88071%185777
AtlansBlood SoldDark Breaker64161%139370
AtlansBlood SoldGreat Dragon Helm63791%139542
AtlansBlood SoldTransformation Ring +563061%146057
AtlansBlood SoldThunder Blade61311%142494
AtlansBlood SoldSpirit +051530%67978
AtlansBlood SoldGuardian Angel49300%230850
AtlansBlood SoldScroll of Nova42280%15706
AtlansBlood SoldBlood Bone +741500%49328
AtlansBlood SoldDevils Key41390%77205
AtlansBlood SoldScroll of Archangel +740450%49363
AtlansBlood SoldDevils Eye40440%77208
AtlansBlood SoldRena +325740%58855
AtlansBlood SoldBox of Luck +720660%51244
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Soul7950%28647
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Bless7700%31135
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Life6180%19831
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Chaos5740%15411
AtlansBlood SoldPet Rudolph3140%5105
AtlansBlood SoldOrb of Summoning2250%24681
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Creation1570%9087
AtlansBlood SoldHoly Spirit Helm70%87839
AtlansBlood SoldCelestial Bow60%65371
AtlansBlood SoldBlack Dragon Pants50%94711
AtlansBlood SoldHoly Spirit Pants40%96785
AtlansBlood SoldStaff of Destruction40%72986
AtlansBlood SoldDark Steel Mask40%88041
AtlansBlood SoldBlack Dragon Helm40%101706
AtlansBlood SoldGrand Soul Armor40%65376
AtlansBlood SoldRed Spirit Gloves30%95002
AtlansBlood SoldDark Phoenix Gloves30%84637
AtlansBlood SoldHoly Spirit Armor30%65260
AtlansBlood SoldOrb of Ice Arrow30%69018
AtlansBlood SoldDark Master Gloves30%69486
AtlansBlood SoldGrand Soul Helm30%68127
AtlansBlood SoldDark Steel Boots30%91514
AtlansBlood SoldGrand Soul Pants30%84737
AtlansBlood SoldScroll of Critical Damage20%102821
AtlansBlood SoldDark Soul Gloves20%97031
AtlansBlood SoldElemental Mace20%72490
AtlansBlood SoldGreat Scepter20%102060
AtlansBlood SoldSaint Crossbow20%94484
AtlansBlood SoldDark Phoenix Helm20%64883
AtlansBlood SoldThunder Hawk Gloves20%99965
AtlansBlood SoldScroll of Soul Barrier10%4153
AtlansBlood SoldScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
AtlansBlood SoldThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
AtlansBlood SoldBlack Dragon Armor10%72970
AtlansDeath AngeHurricane Boots825686%449496
AtlansDeath AngeDark Master Pants825026%450726
AtlansDeath AngeGreat Dragon Pants823816%447896
AtlansDeath AngeDark Soul Pants823816%453392
AtlansDeath AngeDark Master Armor823696%453402
AtlansDeath AngeDark Soul Helm819736%449375
AtlansDeath AngeSymbol of Kundun +7215992%195153
AtlansDeath AngeRed Spirit Armor205161%320000
AtlansDeath AngeThunder Hawk Armor204531%254301
AtlansDeath AngeGuardian Angel153291%230850
AtlansDeath AngeImp132921%185777
AtlansDeath AngeBox of Luck +6109701%84005
AtlansDeath AngeHorn of Uniria108471%195724
AtlansDeath AngeSpirit +1106681%155813
AtlansDeath AngeTransformation Ring +565370%146057
AtlansDeath AngeSpirit +052740%67978
AtlansDeath AngeOrb of Summoning35590%24681
AtlansDeath AngeRena +326800%58855
AtlansDeath AngeBox of Luck +722270%51244
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Life10150%19831
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Soul9750%28647
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Bless9560%31135
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Creation7440%9087
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Chaos6790%15411
AtlansDeath AngePet Rudolph3260%5105
AtlansDeath AngeDark Master Boots90%51235
AtlansDeath AngeCelestial Bow90%65371
AtlansDeath AngeScroll of Electric Spark80%69746
AtlansDeath AngeDark Master Gloves70%69486
AtlansDeath AngeRed Spirit Helm60%65880
AtlansDeath AngeGrand Soul Armor60%65376
AtlansDeath AngeThunder Hawk Boots50%68258
AtlansDeath AngeStaff of Destruction50%72986
AtlansDeath AngeDark Steel Armor50%48995
AtlansDeath AngeHoly Spirit Armor50%65260
AtlansDeath AngeDark Soul Gloves40%97031
AtlansDeath AngeGreat Dragon Gloves40%52574
AtlansDeath AngeDark Phoenix Pants40%48713
AtlansDeath AngeThunder Hawk Gloves40%99965
AtlansDeath AngeHoly Spirit Pants40%96785
AtlansDeath AngeRed Spirit Boots30%96847
AtlansDeath AngeDark Steel Mask30%88041
AtlansDeath AngeDark Steel Pants30%68633
AtlansDeath AngeDragon Spear30%68771
AtlansDeath AngeHoly Spirit Helm30%87839
AtlansDeath AngeElemental Mace30%72490
AtlansDeath AngeGrand Soul Pants30%84737
AtlansDeath AngeBlack Dragon Armor20%72970
AtlansDeath AngeDark Soul Boots20%51292
AtlansDeath AngeDark Phoenix Gloves20%84637
AtlansDeath AngeDark Phoenix Helm20%64883
AtlansDeath AngeDark Phoenix Boots10%65411
AtlansDeath AngeScroll of Teleport Ally10%5425
AtlansDeath CentHurricane Armor34489016%644457
AtlansDeath CentHurricane Pants23063911%475294
AtlansDeath CentDark Soul Armor23045011%474825
AtlansDeath CentGreat Dragon Armor22944311%476110
AtlansDeath CentGuardian Angel684183%230850
AtlansDeath CentSymbol of Kundun +7386192%195153
AtlansDeath CentImp342882%185777
AtlansDeath CentHorn of Uniria239921%195724
AtlansDeath CentBox of Luck +6194101%84005
AtlansDeath CentSpirit +1186911%155813
AtlansDeath CentTransformation Ring +5117141%146057
AtlansDeath CentSpirit +093350%67978
AtlansDeath CentRena +345970%58855
AtlansDeath CentBox of Luck +738710%51244
AtlansDeath CentOrb of Summoning32090%24681
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Bless17510%31135
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Soul17250%28647
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Life16990%19831
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Creation11990%9087
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Chaos11120%15411
AtlansDeath CentPet Rudolph5810%5105
AtlansDeath CentThunder Blade150%142494
AtlansDeath CentLord Scepter140%101455
AtlansDeath CentDark Master Boots110%51235
AtlansDeath CentRed Spirit Pants100%150064
AtlansDeath CentGreat Dragon Helm100%139542
AtlansDeath CentRune Blade100%149859
AtlansDeath CentScroll of Summon90%102439
AtlansDeath CentDragon Soul Staff90%149652
AtlansDeath CentDark Phoenix Pants90%48713
AtlansDeath CentHurricane Gloves80%94537
AtlansDeath CentScroll of Fire Scream80%94545
AtlansDeath CentDark Steel Armor70%48995
AtlansDeath CentThunder Hawk Pants70%87110
AtlansDeath CentDark Phoenix Armor70%150401
AtlansDeath CentGreat Dragon Gloves70%52574
AtlansDeath CentGreat Dragon Boots70%101153
AtlansDeath CentDark Soul Boots60%51292
AtlansDeath CentGreat Reign Crossbow60%149660
AtlansDeath CentDark Breaker50%139370
AtlansDeath CentHoly Spirit Armor40%65260
AtlansDeath CentDragon Spear40%68771
AtlansDeath CentRed Spirit Helm20%65880
AtlansDeath CentGrand Soul Armor20%65376
AtlansDeath CentDark Phoenix Boots20%65411
AtlansDeath CentDark Phoenix Helm20%64883
AtlansDeath CentThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
AtlansDeath CentDark Steel Pants10%68633
AtlansDeath CentScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
AtlansDeath CentCelestial Bow10%65371
AtlansGolden SatBox of Luck +11487100%533
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Penetration173095%50109
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Shield164064%45924
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Pants163774%26062
AtlansGreat BahaElemental Shield162914%50664
AtlansGreat BahaSilver Bow162774%25976
AtlansGreat BahaLighting Sword162274%45825
AtlansGreat BahaAdamantine Gloves162274%44028
AtlansGreat BahaLegendary Staff162164%45591
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Helm162054%43538
AtlansGreat BahaGuardian Armor161954%43834
AtlansGreat BahaAdamantine Mask161854%50827
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Fire Slash161794%45815
AtlansGreat BahaLight Plate Armor161584%46719
AtlansGreat BahaBill of Balrog161524%41809
AtlansGreat BahaHelical Sword161394%25923
AtlansGreat BahaLegendary Armor161284%25856
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Greater Fortitude161014%46591
AtlansGreat BahaAdamantine Boots160764%45599
AtlansGreat BahaCrystal Morning Star160604%50456
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Armor160574%45616
AtlansGreat BahaSymbol of Kundun +3144294%40885
AtlansGreat BahaBox of Luck +673442%84005
AtlansGreat BahaTransformation Ring +544961%146057
AtlansGreat BahaHorn of Uniria39891%195724
AtlansGreat BahaImp30581%185777
AtlansGreat BahaDevils Key29761%77205
AtlansGreat BahaBox of Luck +129201%19744
AtlansGreat BahaBlood Bone +428461%7912
AtlansGreat BahaDevils Eye27781%77208
AtlansGreat BahaScroll of Archangel +427491%7859
AtlansGreat BahaScroll of Evil Spirit20001%8663
AtlansGreat BahaBox of Luck +714950%51244
AtlansGreat BahaRena +314690%58855
AtlansGreat BahaGuardian Angel8600%230850
AtlansGreat BahaScroll of Hellfire5130%3151
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Soul4960%28647
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Bless4810%31135
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Life3580%19831
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Chaos3060%15411
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Summoning1200%24681
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Creation920%9087
AtlansGreat BahaTower Shield70%14378
AtlansGreat BahaWind Armor40%5468
AtlansGreat BahaSphinx Mask40%5437
AtlansGreat BahaBerdysh40%15283
AtlansGreat BahaRing of Earth30%15036
AtlansGreat BahaSpiked Shield30%4111
AtlansGreat BahaBrass Gloves30%5226
AtlansGreat BahaSword of Salamander30%5235
AtlansGreat BahaBrass Helm30%16334
AtlansGreat BahaBrass Armor20%15281
AtlansGreat BahaBlade20%16598
AtlansGreat BahaNikea Axe20%14272
AtlansGreat BahaSerpent Sword20%4344
AtlansGreat BahaSerpent Staff20%4126
AtlansGreat BahaSphinx Pants10%14500
AtlansGreat BahaBattle Axe10%4194
AtlansGreat BahaSphinx Armor10%14861
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Slayer Shield10%15340
AtlansGreat BahaTiger Bow10%14362
AtlansGreat BahaRing of Fire10%4155
AtlansGreat BahaSphinx Boots10%4186
AtlansGreat BahaPendant of Ice10%14416
AtlansGreat BahaLight Crossbow10%5426
AtlansGreat BahaSpirit Helm10%14626
AtlansGreat BahaLight Saber10%14564
AtlansGreat BahaSpirit Gloves10%15159
AtlansHydraAdamantine Mask910%50827
AtlansHydraStorm Crow Pants67%64051
AtlansHydraGrand Soul Shield55%63697
AtlansHydraBill of Balrog55%41809
AtlansHydraCrystal Sword55%47553
AtlansHydraHoly Spirit Gloves55%39829
AtlansHydraAquagold Crossbow55%47596
AtlansHydraScroll of FireBurst55%65144
AtlansHydraOrb of Penetration44%50109
AtlansHydraElemental Shield44%50664
AtlansHydraTransformation Ring +544%146057
AtlansHydraCrystal Morning Star44%50456
AtlansHydraOrb of Death Stab44%39242
AtlansHydraStorm Crow Gloves33%38521
AtlansHydraAdamantine Pants33%38506
AtlansHydraMaster Scepter33%47179
AtlansHydraStaff of Resurrection33%38307
AtlansHydraSymbol of Kundun +333%40885
AtlansHydraDevils Eye22%77208
AtlansHydraGrand Soul Gloves22%32448
AtlansHydraStorm Crow Boots22%47092
AtlansHydraRena +311%58855
AtlansHydraBlood Bone +511%5169
AtlansHydraBox of Luck +611%84005
AtlansHydraGuardian Angel11%230850
AtlansHydraDevils Key11%77205
AtlansLizard KinAdamantine Pants13925%38506
AtlansLizard KinOrb of Penetration13635%50109
AtlansLizard KinElemental Shield13635%50664
AtlansLizard KinOrb of Fire Slash13565%45815
AtlansLizard KinBluewing Crossbow13565%50116
AtlansLizard KinLighting Sword13565%45825
AtlansLizard KinLegendary Staff13545%45591
AtlansLizard KinDragon Armor13525%45616
AtlansLizard KinStaff of Resurrection13495%38307
AtlansLizard KinAdamantine Mask13495%50827
AtlansLizard KinDragon Shield13445%45924
AtlansLizard KinGrand Soul Gloves13345%32448
AtlansLizard KinCrystal Morning Star13285%50456
AtlansLizard KinLight Plate Armor13265%46719
AtlansLizard KinBill of Balrog13215%41809
AtlansLizard KinAdamantine Boots13155%45599
AtlansLizard KinOrb of Greater Fortitude13115%46591
AtlansLizard KinStorm Crow Gloves12584%38521
AtlansLizard KinSymbol of Kundun +311734%40885
AtlansLizard KinBox of Luck +65702%84005
AtlansLizard KinTransformation Ring +53291%146057
AtlansLizard KinImp2881%185777
AtlansLizard KinHorn of Uniria2541%195724
AtlansLizard KinDevils Eye2421%77208
AtlansLizard KinBox of Luck +12271%19744
AtlansLizard KinBlood Bone +52201%5169
AtlansLizard KinDevils Key2121%77205
AtlansLizard KinScroll of Archangel +51981%5128
AtlansLizard KinScroll of Hellfire1711%3151
AtlansLizard KinGuardian Angel1390%230850
AtlansLizard KinBox of Luck +71180%51244
AtlansLizard KinRena +31090%58855
AtlansLizard KinScroll of Evil Spirit760%8663
AtlansLizard KinJewel of Soul460%28647
AtlansLizard KinOrb of Summoning460%24681
AtlansLizard KinJewel of Bless310%31135
AtlansLizard KinJewel of Life310%19831
AtlansLizard KinJewel of Chaos280%15411
AtlansLizard KinJewel of Creation70%9087
AtlansLizard KinTower Shield10%14378
AtlansLizard KinSpirit Gloves10%15159
AtlansLizard KinThunder Staff10%13327
AtlansLizard KinScroll of Flame10%1245
AtlansLizard KinGreat Hammer10%15150
AtlansLizard KinPlate Pants10%12371
AtlansLizard KinLegendary Sword10%12725
AtlansLizard KinPendant of Ice10%14416
AtlansSilver ValBluewing Crossbow187215%50116
AtlansSilver ValAdamantine Mask185365%50827
AtlansSilver ValAdamantine Boots184965%45599
AtlansSilver ValOrb of Greater Fortitude184905%46591
AtlansSilver ValLighting Sword184655%45825
AtlansSilver ValAdamantine Gloves184645%44028
AtlansSilver ValElemental Shield184215%50664
AtlansSilver ValDragon Armor184135%45616
AtlansSilver ValOrb of Fire Slash184085%45815
AtlansSilver ValCrystal Morning Star184035%50456
AtlansSilver ValBill of Balrog183955%41809
AtlansSilver ValLight Plate Armor183835%46719
AtlansSilver ValOrb of Penetration183665%50109
AtlansSilver ValDragon Shield183445%45924
AtlansSilver ValGuardian Armor183115%43834
AtlansSilver ValLegendary Staff182005%45591
AtlansSilver ValDragon Helm180675%43538
AtlansSilver ValSymbol of Kundun +3145254%40885
AtlansSilver ValBox of Luck +672712%84005
AtlansSilver ValGuardian Angel48661%230850
AtlansSilver ValTransformation Ring +544481%146057
AtlansSilver ValHorn of Uniria36131%195724
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Archangel +428521%7859
AtlansSilver ValBlood Bone +528171%5169
AtlansSilver ValBlood Bone +428151%7912
AtlansSilver ValDevils Key27911%77205
AtlansSilver ValBox of Luck +127871%19744
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Archangel +527671%5128
AtlansSilver ValDevils Eye27671%77208
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Evil Spirit22751%8663
AtlansSilver ValImp20511%185777
AtlansSilver ValRena +314170%58855
AtlansSilver ValBox of Luck +714090%51244
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Hellfire11970%3151
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Soul4570%28647
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Bless4340%31135
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Life3720%19831
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Chaos3030%15411
AtlansSilver ValOrb of Summoning2560%24681
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Creation800%9087
AtlansSilver ValPlate Gloves50%13463
AtlansSilver ValSpirit Helm40%14626
AtlansSilver ValTiger Bow40%14362
AtlansSilver ValThunder Staff40%13327
AtlansSilver ValBrass Helm30%16334
AtlansSilver ValBrass Pants30%15540
AtlansSilver ValSphinx Mask30%5437
AtlansSilver ValDragon Slayer Shield30%15340
AtlansSilver ValRing of Earth30%15036
AtlansSilver ValSpirit Gloves20%15159
AtlansSilver ValNikea Axe20%14272
AtlansSilver ValLight Crossbow20%5426
AtlansSilver ValSphinx Pants20%14500
AtlansSilver ValLight Spear20%13540
AtlansSilver ValPendant of Wind20%13464
AtlansSilver ValSpirit Boots20%14415
AtlansSilver ValPlate Boots10%13671
AtlansSilver ValTower Shield10%14378
AtlansSilver ValWind Armor10%5468
AtlansSilver ValBrass Gloves10%5226
AtlansSilver ValSword of Salamander10%5235
AtlansSilver ValSphinx Armor10%14861
AtlansSilver ValLight Plate Gloves10%13594
AtlansSilver ValSpirit Pants10%13507
AtlansSilver ValBlade10%16598
AtlansValkyrieSymbol of Kundun +114284%25458
AtlansValkyrieRing of Wind8843%12622
AtlansValkyrieLarkan Axe8673%4561
AtlansValkyrieBrass Armor8573%15281
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Helm8523%14626
AtlansValkyriePendant of Water8523%4692
AtlansValkyrieLegendary Sword8472%12725
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Armor8462%12531
AtlansValkyrieLegendary Gloves8442%12852
AtlansValkyrieLight Plate Gloves8422%13594
AtlansValkyrieTiger Bow8412%14362
AtlansValkyrieBrass Helm8392%16334
AtlansValkyrieDragon Slayer Shield8362%15340
AtlansValkyrieLight Saber8242%14564
AtlansValkyrieSerpent Spear8232%4587
AtlansValkyriePlate Helm8212%4515
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Pants8202%13507
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Gloves8192%15159
AtlansValkyrieBrass Pants8192%15540
AtlansValkyrieGreat Hammer8162%15150
AtlansValkyriePendant of Wind8152%13464
AtlansValkyriePlate Boots7992%13671
AtlansValkyriePlate Pants7922%12371
AtlansValkyrieLegendary Boots7902%4608
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Boots7872%14415
AtlansValkyriePlate Gloves7862%13463
AtlansValkyrieRing of Earth7862%15036
AtlansValkyrieLight Plate Mask7862%4555
AtlansValkyrieThunder Staff7852%13327
AtlansValkyrieLight Spear7782%13540
AtlansValkyrieLight Plate Boots7712%12330
AtlansValkyrieSphinx Armor7692%14861
AtlansValkyrieTower Shield7672%14378
AtlansValkyrieSerpent Shield7672%12562
AtlansValkyrieBox of Luck +66702%84005
AtlansValkyrieTransformation Ring +34491%6318
AtlansValkyrieHorn of Uniria3491%195724
AtlansValkyrieDevils Key2901%77205
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Archangel +32801%3835
AtlansValkyrieDevils Eye2701%77208
AtlansValkyrieBlood Bone +32621%3757
AtlansValkyrieBox of Luck +12621%19744
AtlansValkyrieRena +31500%58855
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Flame1120%1245
AtlansValkyrieBox of Luck +71080%51244
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Evil Spirit960%8663
AtlansValkyrieGuardian Angel900%230850
AtlansValkyrieOrb of Summoning760%24681
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Poison610%1636
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Twister560%1401
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Soul430%28647
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Bless350%31135
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Life340%19831
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Chaos310%15411
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Creation60%9087
AtlansValkyrieRing of Ice20%2976
AtlansValkyrieOrb of Greater Damage10%2198
AtlansValkyrieSkull Shield10%472
AtlansValkyrieBronze Gloves10%982
AtlansValkyrieDouble Axe10%893
AtlansValkyrieElven Shield10%2926
AtlansValkyrieDragon Lance10%464
AtlansVeparSymbol of Kundun +1126064%25458
AtlansVeparSerpent Shield85053%12562
AtlansVeparLegendary Gloves84783%12852
AtlansVeparGreat Hammer84613%15150
AtlansVeparBrass Pants84553%15540
AtlansVeparSphinx Pants84473%14500
AtlansVeparPlate Pants84293%12371
AtlansVeparSpirit Gloves84263%15159
AtlansVeparPendant of Ice83963%14416
AtlansVeparSpirit Pants83853%13507
AtlansVeparPlate Boots83773%13671
AtlansVeparDragon Slayer Shield83683%15340
AtlansVeparSpirit Helm83673%14626
AtlansVeparBrass Armor83583%15281
AtlansVeparLight Plate Boots83503%12330
AtlansVeparLight Saber83503%14564
AtlansVeparNikea Axe83423%14272
AtlansVeparLight Plate Gloves83293%13594
AtlansVeparLight Spear83263%13540
AtlansVeparLegendary Sword83243%12725
AtlansVeparSphinx Armor83183%14861
AtlansVeparSpirit Boots83173%14415
AtlansVeparTower Shield83113%14378
AtlansVeparRing of Earth82993%15036
AtlansVeparTiger Bow82983%14362
AtlansVeparRing of Wind82953%12622
AtlansVeparPlate Gloves82943%13463
AtlansVeparBrass Helm82873%16334
AtlansVeparPendant of Wind82583%13464
AtlansVeparSpirit Armor82253%12531
AtlansVeparThunder Staff82213%13327
AtlansVeparBox of Luck +665042%84005
AtlansVeparDevils Eye49532%77208
AtlansVeparDevils Key48161%77205
AtlansVeparTransformation Ring +339751%6318
AtlansVeparScroll of Archangel +225531%4560
AtlansVeparScroll of Archangel +325051%3835
AtlansVeparBlood Bone +225011%4427
AtlansVeparBlood Bone +324671%3757
AtlansVeparBox of Luck +124301%19744
AtlansVeparRena +312380%58855
AtlansVeparBox of Luck +712270%51244
AtlansVeparOrb of Summoning10880%24681
AtlansVeparGuardian Angel10020%230850
AtlansVeparScroll of Evil Spirit9500%8663
AtlansVeparScroll of Twister7560%1401
AtlansVeparScroll of Poison6740%1636
AtlansVeparScroll of Flame6140%1245
AtlansVeparHorn of Uniria4000%195724
AtlansVeparJewel of Bless3490%31135
AtlansVeparJewel of Soul3430%28647
AtlansVeparJewel of Life2910%19831
AtlansVeparJewel of Chaos2400%15411
AtlansVeparJewel of Creation700%9087
AtlansVeparScroll of the Emperor100%191
AtlansVeparOrb of Impale40%2711
AtlansVeparOrb of Greater Damage40%2198
AtlansVeparRing of Ice40%2976
AtlansVeparSilk Armor40%2941
AtlansVeparBone Helm20%2168
AtlansVeparBronze Armor20%2213
AtlansVeparHorn Shield20%836
AtlansVeparSilk Pants20%2149
AtlansVeparSkull Shield20%472
AtlansVeparPad Armor10%897
AtlansVeparLarge Round Shield10%2240
AtlansVeparOrb of Greater Fortitude10%46591
AtlansVeparLeather Armor10%907
AtlansVeparSword of Assassin10%943
AtlansVeparGolden Crossbow10%933
AtlansVeparDouble Axe10%893
AtlansVeparVine Boots10%821
AtlansVeparHand Axe10%911
AtlansVeparBronze Boots10%928
AtlansVeparBronze Helm10%526
AtlansVeparBone Pants10%2889
TarkanBeam KnighGrand Soul Shield260%63697
TarkanBeam KnighDark Steel Boots240%91514
TarkanBeam KnighDark Steel Gloves240%65636
TarkanBeam KnighOrb of Ice Arrow230%69018
TarkanBeam KnighBlack Dragon Boots230%97122
TarkanBeam KnighBlack Dragon Gloves220%60259
TarkanBeam KnighBlack Dragon Pants210%94711
TarkanBeam KnighSaint Crossbow210%94484
TarkanBeam KnighAdamantine Armor200%96831
TarkanBeam KnighBlack Dragon Helm200%101706
TarkanBeam KnighScroll of FireBurst200%65144
TarkanBeam KnighScroll of Critical Damage200%102821
TarkanBeam KnighStorm Crow Armor200%87702
TarkanBeam KnighGreat Scepter190%102060
TarkanBeam KnighStorm Crow Pants180%64051
TarkanBeam KnighOrb of Rageful Blow180%86131
TarkanBeam KnighGrand Soul Boots180%50668
TarkanBeam KnighRed Spirit Gloves180%95002
TarkanBeam KnighHoly Spirit Boots180%68418
TarkanBeam KnighSymbol of Kundun +5180%48721
TarkanBeam KnighSword of Destruction140%102091
TarkanBeam KnighGrand Soul Helm110%68127
TarkanBeam KnighScroll of Archangel +680%7980
TarkanBeam KnighDevils Key70%77205
TarkanBeam KnighBlood Bone +660%8020
TarkanBeam KnighBox of Luck +660%84005
TarkanBeam KnighCrystal Sword50%47553
TarkanBeam KnighAdamantine Pants50%38506
TarkanBeam KnighStorm Crow Gloves50%38521
TarkanBeam KnighTransformation Ring +540%146057
TarkanBeam KnighDevils Eye40%77208
TarkanBeam KnighAquagold Crossbow40%47596
TarkanBeam KnighStorm Crow Boots40%47092
TarkanBeam KnighRena +340%58855
TarkanBeam KnighImp30%185777
TarkanBeam KnighStaff of Resurrection30%38307
TarkanBeam KnighBox of Luck +730%51244
TarkanBeam KnighHoly Spirit Gloves30%39829
TarkanBeam KnighGrand Soul Gloves30%32448
TarkanBeam KnighGuardian Angel20%230850
TarkanBeam KnighScroll of Cometfall10%5057
TarkanBeam KnighScroll of the Emperor10%191
TarkanBeam KnighScroll of Teleport Ally10%5425
TarkanBeam KnighHorn of Uniria10%195724
TarkanBeam KnighJewel of Life10%19831
TarkanBeam KnighJewel of Chaos10%15411
TarkanBeam KnighOrb of Death Stab10%39242
TarkanBeam KnighMaster Scepter10%47179
TarkanBloody wolAquagold Crossbow6783%47596
TarkanBloody wolCrystal Morning Star6583%50456
TarkanBloody wolScroll of FireBurst6513%65144
TarkanBloody wolAdamantine Mask6503%50827
TarkanBloody wolGrand Soul Boots6473%50668
TarkanBloody wolMaster Scepter6353%47179
TarkanBloody wolStorm Crow Gloves6323%38521
TarkanBloody wolDark Steel Gloves6293%65636
TarkanBloody wolBluewing Crossbow6283%50116
TarkanBloody wolHoly Spirit Gloves6263%39829
TarkanBloody wolAdamantine Pants6253%38506
TarkanBloody wolGrand Soul Gloves6253%32448
TarkanBloody wolElemental Shield6163%50664
TarkanBloody wolBlack Dragon Gloves6153%60259
TarkanBloody wolStaff of Resurrection6053%38307
TarkanBloody wolStorm Crow Pants6033%64051
TarkanBloody wolOrb of Death Stab5983%39242
TarkanBloody wolCrystal Sword5913%47553
TarkanBloody wolGrand Soul Shield5633%63697
TarkanBloody wolSymbol of Kundun +35443%40885
TarkanBloody wolStorm Crow Boots5362%47092
TarkanBloody wolBox of Luck +62561%84005
TarkanBloody wolTransformation Ring +51541%146057
TarkanBloody wolImp1221%185777
TarkanBloody wolGuardian Angel1201%230850
TarkanBloody wolDevils Eye1191%77208
TarkanBloody wolBox of Luck +11141%19744
TarkanBloody wolScroll of Archangel +51111%5128
TarkanBloody wolScroll of Archangel +61101%7980
TarkanBloody wolDevils Key1060%77205
TarkanBloody wolBlood Bone +6960%8020
TarkanBloody wolBlood Bone +5950%5169
TarkanBloody wolBox of Luck +7610%51244
TarkanBloody wolRena +3530%58855
TarkanBloody wolScroll of Evil Spirit470%8663
TarkanBloody wolJewel of Soul330%28647
TarkanBloody wolScroll of Hellfire320%3151
TarkanBloody wolHorn of Uniria270%195724
TarkanBloody wolScroll of Aqua Beam260%4728
TarkanBloody wolJewel of Bless240%31135
TarkanBloody wolJewel of Chaos220%15411
TarkanBloody wolJewel of Life160%19831
TarkanBloody wolJewel of Creation40%9087
TarkanBloody wolOrb of Summoning30%24681
TarkanBloody wolScroll of the Emperor30%191
TarkanBloody wolSphinx Armor20%14861
TarkanBloody wolPendant of Ice10%14416
TarkanBloody wolSpirit Helm10%14626
TarkanBloody wolBroken Sword10%16
TarkanBloody wolDouble Blade10%2483
TarkanDeath BeamScroll of Electric Spark410%69746
TarkanDeath BeamDark Soul Gloves37%97031
TarkanDeath BeamHoly Spirit Pants37%96785
TarkanDeath BeamBlack Dragon Armor37%72970
TarkanDeath BeamThunder Hawk Boots25%68258
TarkanDeath BeamHoly Spirit Helm25%87839
TarkanDeath BeamDark Steel Boots25%91514
TarkanDeath BeamThunder Hawk Gloves25%99965
TarkanDeath BeamStaff of Destruction25%72986
TarkanDeath BeamBlack Dragon Helm25%101706
TarkanDeath BeamGreat Scepter25%102060
TarkanDeath BeamDark Phoenix Helm25%64883
TarkanDeath BeamSaint Crossbow12%94484
TarkanDeath BeamDevils Key12%77205
TarkanDeath BeamScroll of Archangel +712%49363
TarkanDeath BeamScroll of Ice Storm12%5173
TarkanDeath BeamDark Master Gloves12%69486
TarkanDeath BeamDragon Spear12%68771
TarkanDeath BeamDark Phoenix Gloves12%84637
TarkanDeath BeamSword of Destruction12%102091
TarkanDeath BeamRed Spirit Boots12%96847
TarkanDeath BeamDark Steel Pants12%68633
TarkanDeath BeamBlack Dragon Pants12%94711
TarkanDeath BeamScroll of Critical Damage12%102821
TarkanDeath BeamRed Spirit Helm12%65880
TarkanGolden IroBox of Luck +12490100%531
TarkanIron WheelOrb of Rageful Blow1750%86131
TarkanIron WheelBlack Dragon Boots1640%97122
TarkanIron WheelStorm Crow Armor1620%87702
TarkanIron WheelAdamantine Armor1600%96831
TarkanIron WheelScroll of FireBurst870%65144
TarkanIron WheelDark Steel Gloves830%65636
TarkanIron WheelAquagold Crossbow820%47596
TarkanIron WheelStorm Crow Boots800%47092
TarkanIron WheelGrand Soul Shield760%63697
TarkanIron WheelGrand Soul Gloves760%32448
TarkanIron WheelAdamantine Pants740%38506
TarkanIron WheelStorm Crow Pants700%64051
TarkanIron WheelHoly Spirit Gloves690%39829
TarkanIron WheelOrb of Death Stab690%39242
TarkanIron WheelBlack Dragon Gloves690%60259
TarkanIron WheelStaff of Resurrection670%38307
TarkanIron WheelCrystal Sword660%47553
TarkanIron WheelSymbol of Kundun +4660%30821
TarkanIron WheelMaster Scepter630%47179
TarkanIron WheelGrand Soul Boots600%50668
TarkanIron WheelStorm Crow Gloves560%38521
TarkanIron WheelBox of Luck +6470%84005
TarkanIron WheelTransformation Ring +5290%146057
TarkanIron WheelDevils Key230%77205
TarkanIron WheelImp200%185777
TarkanIron WheelScroll of Archangel +6180%7980
TarkanIron WheelBox of Luck +1150%19744
TarkanIron WheelHorn of Uniria150%195724
TarkanIron WheelBlood Bone +6140%8020
TarkanIron WheelDevils Eye120%77208
TarkanIron WheelBox of Luck +7100%51244
TarkanIron WheelRena +360%58855
TarkanIron WheelJewel of Chaos50%15411
TarkanIron WheelScroll of the Emperor30%191
TarkanIron WheelJewel of Bless30%31135
TarkanIron WheelScroll of Soul Barrier20%4153
TarkanIron WheelScroll of Cometfall20%5057
TarkanIron WheelJewel of Soul10%28647
TarkanIron WheelBroken Sword10%16
TarkanIron WheelGuardian Angel10%230850
TarkanIron WheelJewel of Life10%19831
TarkanMutantHoly Spirit Gloves10755%39829
TarkanMutantBluewing Crossbow10605%50116
TarkanMutantOrb of Death Stab10515%39242
TarkanMutantCrystal Sword10365%47553
TarkanMutantAdamantine Pants10305%38506
TarkanMutantAdamantine Mask10285%50827
TarkanMutantCrystal Morning Star10255%50456
TarkanMutantStorm Crow Boots10255%47092
TarkanMutantGrand Soul Gloves10055%32448
TarkanMutantLight Plate Armor9834%46719
TarkanMutantAquagold Crossbow9814%47596
TarkanMutantElemental Shield9804%50664
TarkanMutantMaster Scepter9724%47179
TarkanMutantStaff of Resurrection9714%38307
TarkanMutantBill of Balrog9684%41809
TarkanMutantOrb of Penetration9514%50109
TarkanMutantStorm Crow Gloves9494%38521
TarkanMutantSymbol of Kundun +38604%40885
TarkanMutantBox of Luck +64132%84005
TarkanMutantOrb of Fire Slash2681%45815
TarkanMutantLighting Sword2631%45825
TarkanMutantOrb of Greater Fortitude2621%46591
TarkanMutantAdamantine Boots2511%45599
TarkanMutantDragon Armor2511%45616
TarkanMutantDragon Shield2451%45924
TarkanMutantLegendary Staff2351%45591
TarkanMutantTransformation Ring +52231%146057
TarkanMutantScroll of Archangel +51701%5128
TarkanMutantBox of Luck +11561%19744
TarkanMutantDevils Eye1561%77208
TarkanMutantBlood Bone +51541%5169
TarkanMutantHorn of Uniria1331%195724
TarkanMutantDevils Key1281%77205
TarkanMutantBox of Luck +7920%51244
TarkanMutantRena +3910%58855
TarkanMutantGuardian Angel860%230850
TarkanMutantScroll of Hellfire650%3151
TarkanMutantScroll of Evil Spirit560%8663
TarkanMutantJewel of Soul310%28647
TarkanMutantJewel of Life270%19831
TarkanMutantJewel of Bless270%31135
TarkanMutantJewel of Chaos230%15411
TarkanMutantOrb of Summoning180%24681
TarkanMutantScroll of the Emperor80%191
TarkanMutantJewel of Creation50%9087
TarkanMutantBroken Sword30%16
TarkanMutantLight Plate Mask20%4555
TarkanMutantSoul Shard of Wizard20%18
TarkanMutantTear of Elf10%5
TarkanMutantSpirit Gloves10%15159
TarkanMutantPlate Pants10%12371
TarkanMutantLarkan Axe10%4561
TarkanTantalosBlack Dragon Gloves1365%60259
TarkanTantalosStorm Crow Boots1234%47092
TarkanTantalosOrb of Rageful Blow1224%86131
TarkanTantalosScroll of Critical Damage1224%102821
TarkanTantalosGrand Soul Helm1204%68127
TarkanTantalosAquagold Crossbow1194%47596
TarkanTantalosBlack Dragon Helm1164%101706
TarkanTantalosGrand Soul Shield1144%63697
TarkanTantalosDark Steel Boots1134%91514
TarkanTantalosMaster Scepter1134%47179
TarkanTantalosOrb of Ice Arrow1124%69018
TarkanTantalosDark Steel Gloves1114%65636
TarkanTantalosStorm Crow Pants1094%64051
TarkanTantalosCrystal Sword1084%47553
TarkanTantalosScroll of FireBurst1074%65144
TarkanTantalosSymbol of Kundun +41054%30821
TarkanTantalosHoly Spirit Gloves1023%39829
TarkanTantalosHoly Spirit Boots1023%68418
TarkanTantalosGrand Soul Boots1013%50668
TarkanTantalosBlack Dragon Boots1013%97122
TarkanTantalosStorm Crow Armor983%87702
TarkanTantalosSword of Destruction973%102091
TarkanTantalosAdamantine Armor963%96831
TarkanTantalosGreat Scepter923%102060
TarkanTantalosOrb of Death Stab873%39242
TarkanTantalosBox of Luck +6502%84005
TarkanTantalosTransformation Ring +5301%146057
TarkanTantalosDevils Eye281%77208
TarkanTantalosScroll of Archangel +6261%7980
TarkanTantalosHorn of Uniria191%195724
TarkanTantalosDevils Key171%77205
TarkanTantalosBlood Bone +6161%8020
TarkanTantalosGuardian Angel120%230850
TarkanTantalosBox of Luck +790%51244
TarkanTantalosJewel of Life60%19831
TarkanTantalosJewel of Soul50%28647
TarkanTantalosJewel of Bless40%31135
TarkanTantalosRena +340%58855
TarkanTantalosJewel of Chaos40%15411
TarkanTantalosScroll of Aqua Beam30%4728
TarkanTantalosScroll of Soul Barrier30%4153
TarkanTantalosOrb of Summoning20%24681
TarkanTantalosBroken Sword20%16
TarkanTantalosScroll of Teleport Ally20%5425
TarkanTantalosScroll of the Emperor10%191
TarkanTantalosLegendary Helm10%2823
TarkanTantalosScroll of Cometfall10%5057
TarkanTantalosOrb of Twisting Slash10%3621
TarkanZaikanGreat Scepter133%102060
TarkanZaikanTransformation Ring +5133%146057
TarkanZaikanStaff of Destruction133%72986
9Aegis2Serpent Staff10%4126
9Ax WarriorScroll of FireBurst401%65144
9Ax WarriorAdamantine Mask371%50827
9Ax WarriorGrand Soul Shield371%63697
9Ax WarriorStaff of Resurrection371%38307
9Ax WarriorSymbol of Kundun +3371%40885
9Ax WarriorStorm Crow Gloves361%38521
9Ax WarriorAdamantine Pants331%38506
9Ax WarriorElemental Shield311%50664
9Ax WarriorCrystal Morning Star290%50456
9Ax WarriorMaster Scepter240%47179
9Ax WarriorCrystal Sword230%47553
9Ax WarriorBluewing Crossbow230%50116
9Ax WarriorDark Steel Gloves230%65636
9Ax WarriorStorm Crow Pants220%64051
9Ax WarriorJewel of Bless200%31135
9Ax WarriorStorm Crow Boots200%47092
9Ax WarriorJewel of Soul160%28647
9Ax WarriorAquagold Crossbow160%47596
9Ax WarriorDevils Key110%77205
9Ax WarriorBox of Luck +180%19744
9Ax WarriorTransformation Ring +570%146057
9Ax WarriorJewel of Life60%19831
9Ax WarriorDevils Eye60%77208
9Ax WarriorGrand Soul Gloves50%32448
9Ax WarriorGuardian Angel50%230850
9Ax WarriorBlood Bone +540%5169
9Ax WarriorScroll of Archangel +540%5128
9Ax WarriorHoly Spirit Gloves30%39829
9Ax WarriorHorn of Uniria30%195724
9Ax WarriorOrb of Death Stab30%39242
9Ax WarriorOrb of Penetration20%50109
9Ax WarriorScroll of Aqua Beam20%4728
9Ax WarriorScroll of Hellfire10%3151
9Ax WarriorScroll of Evil Spirit10%8663
9Ax WarriorRena +310%58855
9Ax WarriorJewel of Creation10%9087
9Ax WarriorBox of Luck +710%51244
9Bloody wolDark Steel Gloves380%65636
9Bloody wolAdamantine Mask370%50827
9Bloody wolScroll of FireBurst350%65144
9Bloody wolElemental Shield350%50664
9Bloody wolBluewing Crossbow340%50116
9Bloody wolMaster Scepter330%47179
9Bloody wolCrystal Sword330%47553
9Bloody wolCrystal Morning Star320%50456
9Bloody wolBlack Dragon Gloves320%60259
9Bloody wolStorm Crow Pants300%64051
9Bloody wolStaff of Resurrection270%38307
9Bloody wolStorm Crow Boots260%47092
9Bloody wolStorm Crow Gloves260%38521
9Bloody wolAquagold Crossbow260%47596
9Bloody wolGrand Soul Shield250%63697
9Bloody wolAdamantine Pants240%38506
9Bloody wolSymbol of Kundun +3210%40885
9Bloody wolJewel of Soul180%28647
9Bloody wolJewel of Bless130%31135
9Bloody wolScroll of Archangel +590%5128
9Bloody wolScroll of Archangel +680%7980
9Bloody wolDevils Key70%77205
9Bloody wolJewel of Life70%19831
9Bloody wolImp60%185777
9Bloody wolOrb of Death Stab60%39242
9Bloody wolTransformation Ring +550%146057
9Bloody wolBlood Bone +540%5169
9Bloody wolHoly Spirit Gloves40%39829
9Bloody wolBox of Luck +740%51244
9Bloody wolGrand Soul Boots40%50668
9Bloody wolRena +340%58855
9Bloody wolGrand Soul Gloves30%32448
9Bloody wolGuardian Angel30%230850
9Bloody wolDevils Eye30%77208
9Bloody wolJewel of Creation30%9087
9Bloody wolScroll of Aqua Beam30%4728
9Bloody wolScroll of Evil Spirit20%8663
9Bloody wolJewel of Chaos20%15411
9Bloody wolBlood Bone +620%8020
9Bloody wolBox of Luck +120%19744
9Bloody wolScroll of Hellfire20%3151
9Bloody wolHorn of Uniria10%195724
9Cursed WizSymbol of Kundun +21781%15334
9Cursed WizGuardian Helm1171%10025
9Cursed WizSerpent Crossbow1161%2440
9Cursed WizSpirit Armor1151%12531
9Cursed WizDouble Blade1131%2483
9Cursed WizRing of Magic1111%3496
9Cursed WizGreat Scythe1111%9880
9Cursed WizGuardian Pants1090%9949
9Cursed WizSerpent Shield1080%12562
9Cursed WizLight Plate Mask1080%4555
9Cursed WizLight Plate Boots1080%12330
9Cursed WizSerpent Spear1070%4587
9Cursed WizJewel of Bless1050%31135
9Cursed WizPlate Armor1050%2363
9Cursed WizBattle Scepter1050%9942
9Cursed WizGuardian Gloves1020%2811
9Cursed WizBronze Shield1010%9952
9Cursed WizLegendary Shield1010%2351
9Cursed WizPlate Pants1000%12371
9Cursed WizDragon Boots990%9912
9Cursed WizLegendary Sword990%12725
9Cursed WizGorgon Staff990%8724
9Cursed WizPendant of Water980%4692
9Cursed WizDragon Gloves980%8615
9Cursed WizLegendary Boots970%4608
9Cursed WizOrb of Twisting Slash970%3621
9Cursed WizPendant of Ability960%2655
9Cursed WizLight Plate Pants930%2702
9Cursed WizLarkan Axe900%4561
9Cursed WizPlate Helm900%4515
9Cursed WizGuardian Boots890%8674
9Cursed WizLegendary Helm880%2823
9Cursed WizLegendary Gloves880%12852
9Cursed WizGiant Sword880%8674
9Cursed WizRing of Wind860%12622
9Cursed WizLegendary Pants820%10068
9Cursed WizJewel of Soul750%28647
9Cursed WizTransformation Ring +4610%958
9Cursed WizBox of Luck +1460%19744
9Cursed WizBlood Bone +3370%3757
9Cursed WizScroll of Archangel +3340%3835
9Cursed WizScroll of Evil Spirit330%8663
9Cursed WizDevils Eye300%77208
9Cursed WizDevils Key300%77205
9Cursed WizGuardian Angel290%230850
9Cursed WizRena +3250%58855
9Cursed WizJewel of Life160%19831
9Cursed WizBox of Luck +7160%51244
9Cursed WizJewel of Chaos140%15411
9Cursed WizJewel of Creation120%9087
9Cursed WizScroll of Twister100%1401
9Cursed WizHorn of Uniria80%195724
9Cursed WizOrb of Summoning50%24681
9Cursed WizImp40%185777
9CyclopsSymbol of Kundun +11863%25458
9CyclopsBone Armor1202%3140
9CyclopsLarge Round Shield1192%2240
9CyclopsBone Pants1152%2889
9CyclopsBronze Armor1142%2213
9CyclopsElven Axe1132%3378
9CyclopsRing of Poison1132%612
9CyclopsJewel of Bless1122%31135
9CyclopsBattle Bow1092%3287
9CyclopsScale Armor1052%3149
9CyclopsScale Boots1052%3168
9CyclopsScale Helm1042%3229
9CyclopsWind Helm1032%3216
9CyclopsSilk Pants1012%2149
9CyclopsOrb of Greater Damage1002%2198
9CyclopsRing of Ice992%2976
9CyclopsSilk Armor992%2941
9CyclopsScale Pants992%3069
9CyclopsScale Gloves982%3086
9CyclopsWind Boots972%3130
9CyclopsPlate Shield932%2962
9CyclopsBone Helm922%2168
9CyclopsAngelic Staff902%2261
9CyclopsSphinx Gloves892%3330
9CyclopsWind Gloves882%3340
9CyclopsElven Shield872%2926
9CyclopsVine Armor781%969
9CyclopsPendant of Lighting781%2881
9CyclopsJewel of Soul761%28647
9CyclopsSilk Gloves631%945
9CyclopsBronze Gloves621%982
9CyclopsBronze Helm611%526
9CyclopsSword of Assassin601%943
9CyclopsBronze Pants591%497
9CyclopsKite Shield591%931
9CyclopsSilk Helm581%546
9CyclopsDragon Lance571%464
9CyclopsSkull Shield561%472
9CyclopsBone Gloves561%879
9CyclopsGolden Crossbow551%933
9CyclopsMorning Star531%952
9CyclopsBronze Boots501%928
9CyclopsSilk Boots501%463
9CyclopsPendant of Fire481%945
9CyclopsPad Armor481%897
9CyclopsLeather Armor481%907
9CyclopsDouble Axe471%893
9CyclopsOrb of Greater Fortitude471%46591
9CyclopsBone Boots471%556
9CyclopsDouble Poleaxe461%949
9CyclopsElven Bow421%541
9CyclopsBox of Luck +1401%19744
9CyclopsScroll of Archangel +1401%493
9CyclopsDevils Key381%77205
9CyclopsTransformation Ring +1381%249
9CyclopsBlood Bone +1371%496
9CyclopsDevils Eye281%77208
9CyclopsJewel of Life250%19831
9CyclopsBox of Luck +7250%51244
9CyclopsRena +3200%58855
9CyclopsJewel of Creation170%9087
9CyclopsScroll of Meteorite130%520
9CyclopsScroll of Teleport120%83
9CyclopsJewel of Chaos110%15411
9CyclopsScroll of Ice100%477
9CyclopsHorn of Uniria90%195724
9CyclopsOrb of Impale80%2711
9CyclopsScroll of Lighting80%70
9CyclopsGuardian Angel10%230850
9Dark KnighSymbol of Kundun +21312%15334
9Dark KnighGreat Hammer1062%15150
9Dark KnighThunder Staff972%13327
9Dark KnighLight Plate Mask952%4555
9Dark KnighPlate Boots912%13671
9Dark KnighLegendary Shield891%2351
9Dark KnighOrb of Twisting Slash891%3621
9Dark KnighSerpent Spear881%4587
9Dark KnighSpirit Pants871%13507
9Dark KnighPendant of Water871%4692
9Dark KnighLight Plate Boots861%12330
9Dark KnighBrass Armor851%15281
9Dark KnighSerpent Crossbow841%2440
9Dark KnighLegendary Gloves831%12852
9Dark KnighTiger Bow831%14362
9Dark KnighLight Spear811%13540
9Dark KnighPlate Pants801%12371
9Dark KnighLegendary Boots801%4608
9Dark KnighPendant of Wind801%13464
9Dark KnighPlate Gloves801%13463
9Dark KnighSpirit Boots791%14415
9Dark KnighRing of Magic781%3496
9Dark KnighPlate Helm781%4515
9Dark KnighSerpent Shield781%12562
9Dark KnighSpirit Armor771%12531
9Dark KnighSphinx Armor771%14861
9Dark KnighTower Shield771%14378
9Dark KnighLight Plate Gloves741%13594
9Dark KnighRing of Wind731%12622
9Dark KnighSpirit Gloves731%15159
9Dark KnighLight Saber731%14564
9Dark KnighLarkan Axe681%4561
9Dark KnighRing of Earth671%15036
9Dark KnighBerdysh641%15283
9Dark KnighDouble Blade641%2483
9Dark KnighLegendary Sword631%12725
9Dark KnighJewel of Bless631%31135
9Dark KnighSpirit Helm611%14626
9Dark KnighJewel of Soul601%28647
9Dark KnighPlate Armor561%2363
9Dark KnighTransformation Ring +3451%6318
9Dark KnighBox of Luck +1361%19744
9Dark KnighBlood Bone +3341%3757
9Dark KnighDevils Eye321%77208
9Dark KnighDevils Key311%77205
9Dark KnighScroll of Archangel +3240%3835
9Dark KnighHorn of Uniria180%195724
9Dark KnighRena +3170%58855
9Dark KnighGuardian Angel160%230850
9Dark KnighScroll of Poison130%1636
9Dark KnighBox of Luck +7110%51244
9Dark KnighJewel of Life80%19831
9Dark KnighScroll of Flame80%1245
9Dark KnighJewel of Creation70%9087
9Dark KnighScroll of Evil Spirit70%8663
9Dark KnighScroll of Twister70%1401
9Dark KnighJewel of Chaos60%15411
9Dark KnighOrb of Summoning10%24681
9Death CowSymbol of Kundun +22981%15334
9Death CowPlate Helm1881%4515
9Death CowGuardian Gloves1831%2811
9Death CowSerpent Crossbow1821%2440
9Death CowGuardian Helm1791%10025
9Death CowDragon Boots1741%9912
9Death CowLegendary Pants1741%10068
9Death CowLegendary Shield1741%2351
9Death CowLegendary Helm1731%2823
9Death CowGuardian Pants1731%9949
9Death CowBronze Shield1731%9952
9Death CowBattle Scepter1731%9942
9Death CowLight Plate Mask1691%4555
9Death CowLegendary Armor1691%25856
9Death CowGuardian Boots1681%8674
9Death CowAdamantine Gloves1661%44028
9Death CowHelical Sword1651%25923
9Death CowPlate Armor1651%2363
9Death CowDragon Gloves1651%8615
9Death CowOrb of Twisting Slash1651%3621
9Death CowSilver Bow1641%25976
9Death CowLight Plate Pants1641%2702
9Death CowLegendary Boots1641%4608
9Death CowGiant Sword1631%8674
9Death CowDragon Helm1631%43538
9Death CowGorgon Staff1631%8724
9Death CowGuardian Armor1621%43834
9Death CowDragon Pants1611%26062
9Death CowPendant of Water1601%4692
9Death CowDouble Blade1571%2483
9Death CowRing of Magic1531%3496
9Death CowSerpent Spear1521%4587
9Death CowPendant of Ability1521%2655
9Death CowGreat Scythe1441%9880
9Death CowJewel of Bless1331%31135
9Death CowLarkan Axe1301%4561
9Death CowJewel of Soul1110%28647
9Death CowTransformation Ring +4910%958
9Death CowDevils Eye600%77208
9Death CowBlood Bone +4550%7912
9Death CowBox of Luck +1540%19744
9Death CowScroll of Archangel +3530%3835
9Death CowScroll of Twister520%1401
9Death CowScroll of Archangel +4500%7859
9Death CowJewel of Life450%19831
9Death CowDevils Key410%77205
9Death CowBlood Bone +3360%3757
9Death CowRena +3330%58855
9Death CowBox of Luck +7320%51244
9Death CowScroll of Evil Spirit270%8663
9Death CowImp210%185777
9Death CowGuardian Angel210%230850
9Death CowHorn of Uniria160%195724
9Death CowJewel of Creation140%9087
9Death CowJewel of Chaos140%15411
9Death CowOrb of Summoning20%24681
9Death GorgSymbol of Kundun +23272%15334
9Death GorgLegendary Staff2861%45591
9Death GorgDragon Armor2831%45616
9Death GorgHelical Sword2811%25923
9Death GorgDragon Helm2811%43538
9Death GorgLighting Sword2781%45825
9Death GorgAdamantine Boots2691%45599
9Death GorgDragon Pants2651%26062
9Death GorgBattle Scepter2601%9942
9Death GorgGreat Scythe2601%9880
9Death GorgLegendary Pants2581%10068
9Death GorgLegendary Armor2561%25856
9Death GorgDragon Shield2541%45924
9Death GorgAdamantine Gloves2531%44028
9Death GorgBronze Shield2521%9952
9Death GorgDragon Boots2501%9912
9Death GorgGuardian Pants2491%9949
9Death GorgSilver Bow2421%25976
9Death GorgGuardian Helm2411%10025
9Death GorgBill of Balrog2401%41809
9Death GorgGuardian Armor2391%43834
9Death GorgLight Plate Armor2271%46719
9Death GorgJewel of Bless1341%31135
9Death GorgJewel of Soul1221%28647
9Death GorgTransformation Ring +5830%146057
9Death GorgDevils Key650%77205
9Death GorgBox of Luck +1600%19744
9Death GorgDevils Eye590%77208
9Death GorgBlood Bone +4560%7912
9Death GorgScroll of Archangel +4460%7859
9Death GorgRena +3380%58855
9Death GorgOrb of Penetration340%50109
9Death GorgScroll of Evil Spirit340%8663
9Death GorgOrb of Greater Fortitude310%46591
9Death GorgGuardian Angel270%230850
9Death GorgHorn of Uniria250%195724
9Death GorgBox of Luck +7240%51244
9Death GorgJewel of Life240%19831
9Death GorgOrb of Fire Slash220%45815
9Death GorgImp210%185777
9Death GorgJewel of Creation190%9087
9Death GorgScroll of Hellfire80%3151
9Death GorgJewel of Chaos80%15411
9Death GorgOrb of Summoning20%24681
9Death KnigSymbol of Kundun +21650%15334
9Death KnigDragon Pants1490%26062
9Death KnigSilver Bow1430%25976
9Death KnigBattle Scepter1410%9942
9Death KnigGreat Scythe1400%9880
9Death KnigDragon Gloves1380%8615
9Death KnigLegendary Pants1370%10068
9Death KnigBronze Shield1340%9952
9Death KnigDragon Armor1330%45616
9Death KnigDragon Helm1320%43538
9Death KnigDragon Shield1310%45924
9Death KnigGuardian Boots1300%8674
9Death KnigLegendary Armor1300%25856
9Death KnigLight Plate Armor1280%46719
9Death KnigLighting Sword1240%45825
9Death KnigGuardian Helm1240%10025
9Death KnigGuardian Pants1240%9949
9Death KnigDragon Boots1230%9912
9Death KnigGuardian Armor1230%43834
9Death KnigGorgon Staff1210%8724
9Death KnigGiant Sword1200%8674
9Death KnigAdamantine Boots1180%45599
9Death KnigAdamantine Gloves1160%44028
9Death KnigLegendary Staff1140%45591
9Death KnigHelical Sword1060%25923
9Death KnigJewel of Bless880%31135
9Death KnigJewel of Soul590%28647
9Death KnigTransformation Ring +5430%146057
9Death KnigScroll of Archangel +4390%7859
9Death KnigDevils Eye360%77208
9Death KnigBlood Bone +4330%7912
9Death KnigBox of Luck +1310%19744
9Death KnigDevils Key280%77205
9Death KnigImp260%185777
9Death KnigJewel of Life170%19831
9Death KnigScroll of Evil Spirit160%8663
9Death KnigOrb of Greater Fortitude150%46591
9Death KnigRena +3140%58855
9Death KnigJewel of Chaos130%15411
9Death KnigBox of Luck +7130%51244
9Death KnigOrb of Fire Slash120%45815
9Death KnigHorn of Uniria90%195724
9Death KnigJewel of Creation90%9087
9Death KnigGuardian Angel50%230850
9Death KnigScroll of Hellfire40%3151
9Death KnigGiant Trident10%3149
9Death KnigRing of Fire10%4155
9DevilSymbol of Kundun +21041%15334
9DevilLighting Sword861%45825
9DevilLegendary Staff841%45591
9DevilAdamantine Boots831%45599
9DevilDragon Armor801%45616
9DevilLegendary Helm791%2823
9DevilLegendary Pants781%10068
9DevilDragon Boots751%9912
9DevilPendant of Ability741%2655
9DevilJewel of Bless741%31135
9DevilLegendary Armor731%25856
9DevilGuardian Gloves711%2811
9DevilDragon Pants700%26062
9DevilDragon Shield700%45924
9DevilGreat Scythe690%9880
9DevilLight Plate Pants680%2702
9DevilGiant Sword650%8674
9DevilDragon Gloves640%8615
9DevilGuardian Boots610%8674
9DevilDragon Helm610%43538
9DevilBattle Scepter590%9942
9DevilSilver Bow570%25976
9DevilBronze Shield570%9952
9DevilGuardian Helm560%10025
9DevilHelical Sword560%25923
9DevilGuardian Armor550%43834
9DevilGuardian Pants550%9949
9DevilAdamantine Gloves540%44028
9DevilGorgon Staff530%8724
9DevilJewel of Soul400%28647
9DevilTransformation Ring +5320%146057
9DevilDevils Eye260%77208
9DevilBox of Luck +1230%19744
9DevilBlood Bone +4220%7912
9DevilScroll of Archangel +4210%7859
9DevilJewel of Life210%19831
9DevilDevils Key170%77205
9DevilHorn of Uniria160%195724
9DevilGuardian Angel150%230850
9DevilOrb of Greater Fortitude130%46591
9DevilJewel of Creation120%9087
9DevilScroll of Evil Spirit120%8663
9DevilBox of Luck +7100%51244
9DevilRena +380%58855
9DevilOrb of Fire Slash60%45815
9DevilJewel of Chaos50%15411
9DevilOrb of Summoning10%24681
9Elite OgreBluewing Crossbow1706%50116
9Elite OgreStorm Crow Pants1596%64051
9Elite OgreAdamantine Mask1576%50827
9Elite OgreMaster Scepter1515%47179
9Elite OgreScroll of FireBurst1515%65144
9Elite OgreStaff of Resurrection1475%38307
9Elite OgreAquagold Crossbow1465%47596
9Elite OgreBill of Balrog1425%41809
9Elite OgreStorm Crow Boots1405%47092
9Elite OgreElemental Shield1385%50664
9Elite OgreAdamantine Pants1385%38506
9Elite OgreGrand Soul Shield1365%63697
9Elite OgreCrystal Morning Star1355%50456
9Elite OgreCrystal Sword1315%47553
9Elite OgreStorm Crow Gloves1275%38521
9Elite OgreSymbol of Kundun +31214%40885
9Elite OgreJewel of Bless672%31135
9Elite OgreJewel of Soul632%28647
9Elite OgreTransformation Ring +5361%146057
9Elite OgreBlood Bone +5341%5169
9Elite OgreScroll of Archangel +5241%5128
9Elite OgreBox of Luck +1231%19744
9Elite OgreDevils Eye231%77208
9Elite OgreImp231%185777
9Elite OgreDevils Key231%77205
9Elite OgreJewel of Life221%19831
9Elite OgreHoly Spirit Gloves221%39829
9Elite OgreGuardian Angel161%230850
9Elite OgreOrb of Penetration141%50109
9Elite OgreGrand Soul Gloves130%32448
9Elite OgreOrb of Death Stab120%39242
9Elite OgreRena +3110%58855
9Elite OgreScroll of Aqua Beam90%4728
9Elite OgreBox of Luck +760%51244
9Elite OgreJewel of Chaos50%15411
9Elite OgreScroll of Evil Spirit50%8663
9Elite OgreJewel of Creation50%9087
9Elite OgreScroll of Hellfire10%3151
9Hell HoundSymbol of Kundun +11510%25458
9Hell HoundBrass Boots810%5368
9Hell HoundJewel of Soul710%28647
9Hell HoundScale Boots700%3168
9Hell HoundLight Crossbow700%5426
9Hell HoundBone Pants700%2889
9Hell HoundJewel of Bless700%31135
9Hell HoundScale Pants690%3069
9Hell HoundArquebus670%2980
9Hell HoundSphinx Mask660%5437
9Hell HoundElven Axe660%3378
9Hell HoundSerpent Sword650%4344
9Hell HoundBerdysh640%15283
9Hell HoundWind Boots630%3130
9Hell HoundWind Helm630%3216
9Hell HoundSpirit Gloves620%15159
9Hell HoundBattle Axe620%4194
9Hell HoundPendant of Ice620%14416
9Hell HoundSphinx Boots610%4186
9Hell HoundWind Pants610%4115
9Hell HoundScale Gloves610%3086
9Hell HoundSphinx Pants600%14500
9Hell HoundBattle Bow590%3287
9Hell HoundRing of Ice580%2976
9Hell HoundSerpent Staff570%4126
9Hell HoundBone Armor570%3140
9Hell HoundRing of Fire560%4155
9Hell HoundBrass Helm560%16334
9Hell HoundBrass Armor560%15281
9Hell HoundPlate Shield550%2962
9Hell HoundBlade550%16598
9Hell HoundSword of Salamander550%5235
9Hell HoundSpear550%2976
9Hell HoundSilk Armor540%2941
9Hell HoundScale Helm540%3229
9Hell HoundBrass Gloves540%5226
9Hell HoundWind Armor540%5468
9Hell HoundGreat Hammer530%15150
9Hell HoundGladius530%2908
9Hell HoundFalcon530%3002
9Hell HoundPendant of Lighting520%2881
9Hell HoundSphinx Armor520%14861
9Hell HoundGiant Trident510%3149
9Hell HoundDragon Slayer Shield510%15340
9Hell HoundRing of Earth500%15036
9Hell HoundNikea Axe500%14272
9Hell HoundSphinx Gloves490%3330
9Hell HoundBrass Pants490%15540
9Hell HoundElven Shield480%2926
9Hell HoundWind Gloves480%3340
9Hell HoundScale Armor470%3149
9Hell HoundFlail470%3076
9Hell HoundTransformation Ring +2450%2077
9Hell HoundSpiked Shield410%4111
9Hell HoundDevils Eye290%77208
9Hell HoundDevils Key280%77205
9Hell HoundBlood Bone +2270%4427
9Hell HoundScroll of Archangel +2260%4560
9Hell HoundJewel of Life220%19831
9Hell HoundBox of Luck +1200%19744
9Hell HoundBox of Luck +7180%51244
9Hell HoundJewel of Chaos140%15411
9Hell HoundRena +3120%58855
9Hell HoundJewel of Creation90%9087
9Hell HoundScroll of Flame80%1245
9Hell HoundOrb of Impale70%2711
9Hell HoundHorn of Uniria50%195724
9Hell HoundScroll of Meteorite50%520
9Hell HoundGuardian Angel20%230850
9Hell HoundScroll of Poison10%1636
9Hell HoundOrb of Summoning10%24681
9Hell SpideSymbol of Kundun +11284%25458
9Hell SpideSphinx Mask993%5437
9Hell SpideSerpent Sword963%4344
9Hell SpideLight Crossbow943%5426
9Hell SpideGiant Trident913%3149
9Hell SpideSphinx Boots903%4186
9Hell SpideBrass Armor903%15281
9Hell SpideSpirit Helm882%14626
9Hell SpideBrass Gloves882%5226
9Hell SpideBerdysh822%15283
9Hell SpideWind Pants802%4115
9Hell SpideRing of Earth802%15036
9Hell SpideTower Shield802%14378
9Hell SpideRing of Fire792%4155
9Hell SpideNikea Axe792%14272
9Hell SpideDragon Slayer Shield782%15340
9Hell SpideBrass Pants772%15540
9Hell SpideJewel of Bless762%31135
9Hell SpideBattle Axe752%4194
9Hell SpideBrass Boots742%5368
9Hell SpideWind Armor742%5468
9Hell SpideSword of Salamander732%5235
9Hell SpideSphinx Armor732%14861
9Hell SpideSpirit Gloves732%15159
9Hell SpideSphinx Pants712%14500
9Hell SpideSerpent Staff702%4126
9Hell SpideTiger Bow672%14362
9Hell SpideLight Saber672%14564
9Hell SpideBlade652%16598
9Hell SpideSpiked Shield652%4111
9Hell SpideBrass Helm652%16334
9Hell SpideSpirit Boots652%14415
9Hell SpidePendant of Ice632%14416
9Hell SpideGreat Hammer622%15150
9Hell SpideJewel of Soul531%28647
9Hell SpideScale Armor441%3149
9Hell SpideTransformation Ring +3431%6318
9Hell SpideElven Axe401%3378
9Hell SpideSphinx Gloves401%3330
9Hell SpideScale Helm381%3229
9Hell SpideWind Boots381%3130
9Hell SpideWind Helm341%3216
9Hell SpideDevils Key331%77205
9Hell SpideScroll of Archangel +2331%4560
9Hell SpideWind Gloves321%3340
9Hell SpideBattle Bow291%3287
9Hell SpideFlail291%3076
9Hell SpideScale Pants281%3069
9Hell SpideDevils Eye271%77208
9Hell SpideBone Armor261%3140
9Hell SpideBox of Luck +1251%19744
9Hell SpideFalcon251%3002
9Hell SpideScale Boots241%3168
9Hell SpidePlate Shield231%2962
9Hell SpideSpear221%2976
9Hell SpideScale Gloves191%3086
9Hell SpideJewel of Chaos181%15411
9Hell SpideJewel of Life160%19831
9Hell SpideRena +3140%58855
9Hell SpideBlood Bone +2140%4427
9Hell SpideJewel of Creation120%9087
9Hell SpideBox of Luck +7110%51244
9Hell SpideScroll of Twister90%1401
9Hell SpideGuardian Angel90%230850
9Hell SpideScroll of Flame90%1245
9Hell SpideOrb of Summoning80%24681
9Hell SpideImp80%185777
9Hell SpideScroll of Poison80%1636
9Hell SpideHorn of Uniria50%195724
9Hell SpideScroll of Ice50%477
9Illusion oBox of Luck +8272%618
9Illusion oLegendary Gloves80%12852
9Illusion oBronze Shield60%9952
9Illusion oBox of Luck +960%531
9Illusion oOrb of Twisting Slash50%3621
9Illusion oBattle Scepter50%9942
9Illusion oLegendary Helm50%2823
9Illusion oDragon Gloves50%8615
9Illusion oPlate Gloves50%13463
9Illusion oDragon Armor50%45616
9Illusion oGrand Soul Shield40%63697
9Illusion oAdamantine Gloves40%44028
9Illusion oSerpent Crossbow40%2440
9Illusion oLight Plate Mask40%4555
9Illusion oBlood Bone +340%3757
9Illusion oSilver Bow40%25976
9Illusion oGorgon Staff40%8724
9Illusion oLegendary Shield40%2351
9Illusion oGuardian Pants40%9949
9Illusion oLight Plate Gloves30%13594
9Illusion oRena +330%58855
9Illusion oGuardian Boots30%8674
9Illusion oDark Steel Gloves30%65636
9Illusion oSpirit Pants30%13507
9Illusion oJewel of Creation30%9087
9Illusion oGiant Sword30%8674
9Illusion oPlate Boots30%13671
9Illusion oJewel of Soul30%28647
9Illusion oGuardian Gloves30%2811
9Illusion oBill of Balrog30%41809
9Illusion oLegendary Boots30%4608
9Illusion oSerpent Shield30%12562
9Illusion oPendant of Water30%4692
9Illusion oDouble Blade20%2483
9Illusion oDragon Boots20%9912
9Illusion oSphinx Armor20%14861
9Illusion oThunder Staff20%13327
9Illusion oThunder Hawk Pants20%87110
9Illusion oLight Plate Pants20%2702
9Illusion oStaff of Resurrection20%38307
9Illusion oRing of Wind20%12622
9Illusion oBrass Armor20%15281
9Illusion oLighting Sword20%45825
9Illusion oLight Spear20%13540
9Illusion oGuardian Armor20%43834
9Illusion oTransformation Ring +520%146057
9Illusion oDragon Shield20%45924
9Illusion oHelical Sword20%25923
9Illusion oLarkan Axe20%4561
9Illusion oSymbol of Kundun +220%15334
9Illusion oDragon Helm20%43538
9Illusion oDevils Eye20%77208
9Illusion oBox of Luck +120%19744
9Illusion oAdamantine Pants20%38506
9Illusion oRing of Magic20%3496
9Illusion oTiger Bow20%14362
9Illusion oPlate Pants10%12371
9Illusion oSpirit Gloves10%15159
9Illusion oRing of Earth10%15036
9Illusion oGreat Scythe10%9880
9Illusion oJewel of Bless10%31135
9Illusion oLight Plate Boots10%12330
9Illusion oLegendary Staff10%45591
9Illusion oMaster Scepter10%47179
9Illusion oSpirit Armor10%12531
9Illusion oDevils Key10%77205
9Illusion oOrb of Rageful Blow10%86131
9Illusion oScroll of FireBurst10%65144
9Illusion oBox of Luck +710%51244
9Illusion oBlack Dragon Boots10%97122
9Illusion oBlack Dragon Armor10%72970
9Illusion oAdamantine Armor10%96831
9Illusion oScroll of Evil Spirit10%8663
9Illusion oGreat Reign Crossbow10%149660
9Illusion oLord Scepter10%101455
9Illusion oPendant of Ability10%2655
9Illusion oBluewing Crossbow10%50116
9Illusion oPlate Helm10%4515
9Illusion oSerpent Spear10%4587
9Illusion oStorm Crow Gloves10%38521
9Illusion oScroll of Archangel +410%7859
9Illusion oCrystal Sword10%47553
9Illusion oStorm Crow Pants10%64051
9Illusion oScroll of Soul Barrier10%4153
9Illusion oPendant of Wind10%13464
9Illusion oGreat Hammer10%15150
9Illusion oThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
9Illusion oBlood Bone +610%8020
9Illusion oAquagold Crossbow10%47596
9Illusion oGuardian Angel10%230850
9Illusion oPlate Armor10%2363
9Illusion oDark Steel Pants10%68633
9Illusion oRed Spirit Helm10%65880
9Illusion oScroll of Summon10%102439
9Illusion oLegendary Armor10%25856
9Illusion oStorm Crow Armor10%87702
9Illusion oSpirit Helm10%14626
9Iron WheelAdamantine Armor400%96831
9Iron WheelStorm Crow Armor370%87702
9Iron WheelBlack Dragon Boots240%97122
9Iron WheelStorm Crow Gloves170%38521
9Iron WheelDark Steel Gloves170%65636
9Iron WheelStorm Crow Boots170%47092
9Iron WheelSymbol of Kundun +4160%30821
9Iron WheelScroll of FireBurst160%65144
9Iron WheelStorm Crow Pants160%64051
9Iron WheelMaster Scepter130%47179
9Iron WheelAquagold Crossbow130%47596
9Iron WheelAdamantine Pants120%38506
9Iron WheelGrand Soul Shield110%63697
9Iron WheelBlack Dragon Gloves100%60259
9Iron WheelStaff of Resurrection90%38307
9Iron WheelJewel of Bless90%31135
9Iron WheelJewel of Soul80%28647
9Iron WheelCrystal Sword70%47553
9Iron WheelImp70%185777
9Iron WheelDevils Key50%77205
9Iron WheelTransformation Ring +550%146057
9Iron WheelScroll of Archangel +650%7980
9Iron WheelHorn of Uniria40%195724
9Iron WheelBlood Bone +640%8020
9Iron WheelJewel of Life40%19831
9Iron WheelOrb of Rageful Blow30%86131
9Iron WheelBox of Luck +130%19744
9Iron WheelGrand Soul Boots20%50668
9Iron WheelDevils Eye20%77208
9Iron WheelRena +310%58855
9Iron WheelScroll of Soul Barrier10%4153
9Iron WheelHoly Spirit Gloves10%39829
9Iron WheelOrb of Death Stab10%39242
9Ogre archeDragon Armor1536%45616
9Ogre archeBill of Balrog1526%41809
9Ogre archeElemental Shield1446%50664
9Ogre archeAdamantine Mask1436%50827
9Ogre archeLegendary Staff1426%45591
9Ogre archeAdamantine Pants1416%38506
9Ogre archeStorm Crow Gloves1406%38521
9Ogre archeBluewing Crossbow1375%50116
9Ogre archeSymbol of Kundun +31345%40885
9Ogre archeDragon Shield1315%45924
9Ogre archeLight Plate Armor1305%46719
9Ogre archeStaff of Resurrection1285%38307
9Ogre archeLighting Sword1265%45825
9Ogre archeAdamantine Boots1185%45599
9Ogre archeCrystal Morning Star1114%50456
9Ogre archeJewel of Bless713%31135
9Ogre archeJewel of Soul522%28647
9Ogre archeBlood Bone +5412%5169
9Ogre archeHorn of Uniria371%195724
9Ogre archeTransformation Ring +5341%146057
9Ogre archeDevils Eye291%77208
9Ogre archeBox of Luck +1281%19744
9Ogre archeDevils Key261%77205
9Ogre archeScroll of Archangel +5221%5128
9Ogre archeOrb of Greater Fortitude181%46591
9Ogre archeBox of Luck +7171%51244
9Ogre archeRena +3161%58855
9Ogre archeOrb of Penetration151%50109
9Ogre archeGrand Soul Gloves151%32448
9Ogre archeImp141%185777
9Ogre archeOrb of Fire Slash131%45815
9Ogre archeScroll of Hellfire131%3151
9Ogre archeGuardian Angel120%230850
9Ogre archeJewel of Creation120%9087
9Ogre archeJewel of Life90%19831
9Ogre archeJewel of Chaos80%15411
9Ogre archeOrb of Summoning60%24681
9Ogre archeScroll of Evil Spirit50%8663
9Poison BulSymbol of Kundun +11621%25458
9Poison BulLegendary Gloves1091%12852
9Poison BulPlate Pants1091%12371
9Poison BulSpirit Boots1061%14415
9Poison BulBlade1051%16598
9Poison BulLight Plate Mask1031%4555
9Poison BulPendant of Water1021%4692
9Poison BulBrass Pants1021%15540
9Poison BulPlate Gloves1011%13463
9Poison BulBrass Armor1011%15281
9Poison BulSpirit Gloves1001%15159
9Poison BulSpirit Pants1001%13507
9Poison BulPlate Boots961%13671
9Poison BulLight Spear961%13540
9Poison BulLegendary Sword951%12725
9Poison BulTower Shield941%14378
9Poison BulBerdysh941%15283
9Poison BulLight Plate Gloves941%13594
9Poison BulSerpent Spear931%4587
9Poison BulLight Plate Boots901%12330
9Poison BulSpirit Armor901%12531
9Poison BulSphinx Armor901%14861
9Poison BulSpirit Helm891%14626
9Poison BulJewel of Bless891%31135
9Poison BulGreat Hammer891%15150
9Poison BulRing of Earth871%15036
9Poison BulLight Saber871%14564
9Poison BulSerpent Shield871%12562
9Poison BulPendant of Wind841%13464
9Poison BulLarkan Axe831%4561
9Poison BulTiger Bow821%14362
9Poison BulPlate Helm811%4515
9Poison BulThunder Staff791%13327
9Poison BulRing of Wind781%12622
9Poison BulDragon Slayer Shield781%15340
9Poison BulBrass Helm771%16334
9Poison BulLegendary Boots771%4608
9Poison BulJewel of Soul631%28647
9Poison BulTransformation Ring +3490%6318
9Poison BulDevils Eye380%77208
9Poison BulHorn of Uniria360%195724
9Poison BulScroll of Archangel +3340%3835
9Poison BulDevils Key300%77205
9Poison BulBox of Luck +1280%19744
9Poison BulBlood Bone +3250%3757
9Poison BulOrb of Summoning190%24681
9Poison BulJewel of Life190%19831
9Poison BulJewel of Creation170%9087
9Poison BulBox of Luck +7150%51244
9Poison BulGuardian Angel120%230850
9Poison BulScroll of Twister110%1401
9Poison BulScroll of Poison110%1636
9Poison BulScroll of Flame110%1245
9Poison BulRena +3100%58855
9Poison BulImp90%185777
9Poison BulJewel of Chaos70%15411
9Poison BulScroll of Evil Spirit60%8663
9Poison ShaSymbol of Kundun +21333%15334
9Poison ShaLight Spear1043%13540
9Poison ShaLegendary Helm1002%2823
9Poison ShaRing of Magic992%3496
9Poison ShaSpirit Pants972%13507
9Poison ShaSpirit Armor952%12531
9Poison ShaLegendary Shield932%2351
9Poison ShaLegendary Sword922%12725
9Poison ShaPlate Armor912%2363
9Poison ShaLegendary Boots902%4608
9Poison ShaSerpent Shield892%12562
9Poison ShaPlate Gloves882%13463
9Poison ShaPendant of Water862%4692
9Poison ShaPendant of Ability862%2655
9Poison ShaPlate Pants842%12371
9Poison ShaLight Plate Pants842%2702
9Poison ShaJewel of Bless832%31135
9Poison ShaTower Shield832%14378
9Poison ShaSpirit Helm832%14626
9Poison ShaGuardian Gloves832%2811
9Poison ShaSerpent Crossbow832%2440
9Poison ShaLight Plate Gloves832%13594
9Poison ShaLarkan Axe822%4561
9Poison ShaOrb of Twisting Slash822%3621
9Poison ShaPlate Boots822%13671
9Poison ShaDouble Blade802%2483
9Poison ShaRing of Wind792%12622
9Poison ShaSpirit Boots772%14415
9Poison ShaSerpent Spear772%4587
9Poison ShaLegendary Gloves752%12852
9Poison ShaLight Plate Boots752%12330
9Poison ShaTiger Bow742%14362
9Poison ShaPlate Helm742%4515
9Poison ShaPendant of Wind722%13464
9Poison ShaLight Saber702%14564
9Poison ShaThunder Staff702%13327
9Poison ShaLight Plate Mask692%4555
9Poison ShaDevils Eye421%77208
9Poison ShaJewel of Soul411%28647
9Poison ShaTransformation Ring +4401%958
9Poison ShaBox of Luck +1311%19744
9Poison ShaScroll of Archangel +3311%3835
9Poison ShaImp291%185777
9Poison ShaDevils Key261%77205
9Poison ShaRena +3231%58855
9Poison ShaBlood Bone +3211%3757
9Poison ShaJewel of Creation180%9087
9Poison ShaJewel of Life180%19831
9Poison ShaBox of Luck +7160%51244
9Poison ShaScroll of Evil Spirit160%8663
9Poison ShaJewel of Chaos140%15411
9Poison ShaScroll of Twister110%1401
9Poison ShaScroll of Flame70%1245
9Poison ShaGuardian Angel60%230850
9Poison ShaHorn of Uniria40%195724
9Poison ShaOrb of Summoning10%24681
9Poison ShaElven Bow10%541
9Poison ShaSword of Assassin10%943
9Queen RainStorm Crow Boots230%47092
9Queen RainBlack Dragon Boots230%97122
9Queen RainStorm Crow Pants190%64051
9Queen RainStorm Crow Armor190%87702
9Queen RainAdamantine Armor190%96831
9Queen RainGrand Soul Shield190%63697
9Queen RainSword of Destruction180%102091
9Queen RainCrystal Sword180%47553
9Queen RainGreat Scepter180%102060
9Queen RainScroll of FireBurst170%65144
9Queen RainAquagold Crossbow160%47596
9Queen RainMaster Scepter160%47179
9Queen RainBlack Dragon Helm160%101706
9Queen RainScroll of Critical Damage140%102821
9Queen RainSymbol of Kundun +4130%30821
9Queen RainBlack Dragon Gloves120%60259
9Queen RainDark Steel Gloves80%65636
9Queen RainJewel of Bless70%31135
9Queen RainHorn of Uniria50%195724
9Queen RainStorm Crow Gloves50%38521
9Queen RainGrand Soul Boots40%50668
9Queen RainScroll of Archangel +640%7980
9Queen RainOrb of Death Stab40%39242
9Queen RainImp30%185777
9Queen RainOrb of Rageful Blow30%86131
9Queen RainAdamantine Pants30%38506
9Queen RainJewel of Soul30%28647
9Queen RainDevils Eye30%77208
9Queen RainTransformation Ring +520%146057
9Queen RainGuardian Angel20%230850
9Queen RainOrb of Ice Arrow20%69018
9Queen RainBlood Bone +620%8020
9Queen RainJewel of Chaos10%15411
9Queen RainStaff of Resurrection10%38307
9Queen RainBox of Luck +710%51244
9Queen RainRena +310%58855
9Queen RainHoly Spirit Gloves10%39829
9Queen RainGrand Soul Helm10%68127
9Queen RainScroll of Cometfall10%5057
9Queen RainJewel of Creation10%9087
9Queen RainHoly Spirit Boots10%68418
9Queen RainBluewing Crossbow10%50116
9Schriker2Symbol of Kundun +21314%15334
9Schriker2Light Plate Boots883%12330
9Schriker2Ring of Magic863%3496
9Schriker2Pendant of Wind863%13464
9Schriker2Light Spear843%13540
9Schriker2Legendary Pants843%10068
9Schriker2Light Plate Mask843%4555
9Schriker2Spirit Pants822%13507
9Schriker2Plate Boots812%13671
9Schriker2Larkan Axe802%4561
9Schriker2Light Plate Gloves792%13594
9Schriker2Plate Gloves792%13463
9Schriker2Legendary Helm762%2823
9Schriker2Legendary Gloves752%12852
9Schriker2Double Blade752%2483
9Schriker2Serpent Crossbow752%2440
9Schriker2Serpent Shield752%12562
9Schriker2Plate Armor742%2363
9Schriker2Plate Helm742%4515
9Schriker2Gorgon Staff732%8724
9Schriker2Legendary Boots732%4608
9Schriker2Dragon Gloves732%8615
9Schriker2Guardian Gloves712%2811
9Schriker2Guardian Helm712%10025
9Schriker2Ring of Wind702%12622
9Schriker2Giant Sword702%8674
9Schriker2Thunder Staff702%13327
9Schriker2Pendant of Ability702%2655
9Schriker2Light Plate Pants692%2702
9Schriker2Spirit Armor692%12531
9Schriker2Plate Pants682%12371
9Schriker2Pendant of Water682%4692
9Schriker2Orb of Twisting Slash632%3621
9Schriker2Legendary Shield632%2351
9Schriker2Serpent Spear612%4587
9Schriker2Legendary Sword592%12725
9Schriker2Guardian Boots562%8674
9Schriker2Jewel of Bless562%31135
9Schriker2Jewel of Soul441%28647
9Schriker2Transformation Ring +4401%958
9Schriker2Devils Eye311%77208
9Schriker2Devils Key291%77205
9Schriker2Scroll of Archangel +3261%3835
9Schriker2Scroll of Evil Spirit231%8663
9Schriker2Blood Bone +3231%3757
9Schriker2Box of Luck +1221%19744
9Schriker2Spirit Boots201%14415
9Schriker2Spirit Helm191%14626
9Schriker2Light Saber160%14564
9Schriker2Tiger Bow150%14362
9Schriker2Ring of Earth150%15036
9Schriker2Horn of Uniria120%195724
9Schriker2Jewel of Life110%19831
9Schriker2Tower Shield100%14378
9Schriker2Rena +3100%58855
9Schriker2Jewel of Creation80%9087
9Schriker2Box of Luck +770%51244
9Schriker2Scroll of Flame60%1245
9Schriker2Jewel of Chaos60%15411
9Schriker2Scroll of Twister40%1401
9Schriker2Guardian Angel20%230850
9ShadowSymbol of Kundun +21511%15334
9ShadowPlate Gloves1130%13463
9ShadowTower Shield1050%14378
9ShadowGreat Hammer1010%15150
9ShadowPlate Boots970%13671
9ShadowSpirit Gloves950%15159
9ShadowThunder Staff950%13327
9ShadowLight Saber940%14564
9ShadowOrb of Twisting Slash940%3621
9ShadowBrass Helm940%16334
9ShadowLegendary Sword930%12725
9ShadowPendant of Water920%4692
9ShadowRing of Wind910%12622
9ShadowLegendary Gloves910%12852
9ShadowPendant of Wind900%13464
9ShadowTiger Bow900%14362
9ShadowSerpent Spear900%4587
9ShadowLight Plate Gloves870%13594
9ShadowRing of Magic860%3496
9ShadowLight Plate Mask860%4555
9ShadowRing of Earth850%15036
9ShadowLight Plate Boots840%12330
9ShadowPlate Pants840%12371
9ShadowLegendary Boots820%4608
9ShadowSerpent Shield790%12562
9ShadowPlate Helm790%4515
9ShadowSpirit Armor790%12531
9ShadowSpirit Boots780%14415
9ShadowJewel of Bless770%31135
9ShadowLight Spear770%13540
9ShadowBrass Armor770%15281
9ShadowSphinx Armor760%14861
9ShadowSpirit Helm740%14626
9ShadowLarkan Axe710%4561
9ShadowSpirit Pants680%13507
9ShadowJewel of Soul670%28647
9ShadowTransformation Ring +3480%6318
9ShadowBox of Luck +1370%19744
9ShadowDevils Key350%77205
9ShadowBlood Bone +3280%3757
9ShadowScroll of Archangel +3220%3835
9ShadowBox of Luck +7210%51244
9ShadowScroll of Flame170%1245
9ShadowDevils Eye160%77208
9ShadowJewel of Life150%19831
9ShadowJewel of Creation150%9087
9ShadowJewel of Chaos110%15411
9ShadowRena +3100%58855
9ShadowScroll of Evil Spirit90%8663
9ShadowScroll of Twister90%1401
9ShadowGuardian Angel90%230850
9ShadowHorn of Uniria70%195724
9ShadowOrb of Summoning40%24681
9ShadowScroll of Poison40%1636
9Skeleton ASymbol of Kundun +12223%25458
9Skeleton ASerpent Sword1102%4344
9Skeleton AWind Pants1102%4115
9Skeleton ABrass Boots1082%5368
9Skeleton AGiant Trident1072%3149
9Skeleton APendant of Ice1032%14416
9Skeleton ABrass Gloves1022%5226
9Skeleton AJewel of Bless1022%31135
9Skeleton ASphinx Mask1002%5437
9Skeleton AFalcon992%3002
9Skeleton APlate Shield961%2962
9Skeleton AWind Armor951%5468
9Skeleton ASphinx Boots931%4186
9Skeleton ASpiked Shield931%4111
9Skeleton ASphinx Gloves921%3330
9Skeleton ARing of Fire921%4155
9Skeleton ASerpent Staff921%4126
9Skeleton ASword of Salamander891%5235
9Skeleton ASpear871%2976
9Skeleton ALight Crossbow871%5426
9Skeleton AWind Gloves871%3340
9Skeleton AScale Helm871%3229
9Skeleton ABattle Axe861%4194
9Skeleton AElven Axe851%3378
9Skeleton ASphinx Pants841%14500
9Skeleton ANikea Axe841%14272
9Skeleton AScale Pants831%3069
9Skeleton ABattle Bow821%3287
9Skeleton AJewel of Soul821%28647
9Skeleton AWind Helm801%3216
9Skeleton AWind Boots781%3130
9Skeleton AScale Armor741%3149
9Skeleton ATransformation Ring +2671%2077
9Skeleton AElven Bow611%541
9Skeleton ARing of Ice611%2976
9Skeleton AAngelic Staff531%2261
9Skeleton ASilk Helm511%546
9Skeleton ASilk Armor511%2941
9Skeleton AArquebus491%2980
9Skeleton AElven Shield491%2926
9Skeleton ABone Armor481%3140
9Skeleton AKatana481%523
9Skeleton ABronze Armor481%2213
9Skeleton ABone Boots471%556
9Skeleton ATomahawk471%2273
9Skeleton ABronze Helm461%526
9Skeleton ARing of Poison451%612
9Skeleton ASilk Pants451%2149
9Skeleton AScale Gloves441%3086
9Skeleton ALarge Round Shield431%2240
9Skeleton AScale Boots431%3168
9Skeleton ABone Helm431%2168
9Skeleton AOrb of Greater Damage431%2198
9Skeleton ADevils Eye431%77208
9Skeleton APendant of Lighting431%2881
9Skeleton ABone Pants421%2889
9Skeleton AFlail411%3076
9Skeleton AHalberd411%2295
9Skeleton ADevils Key411%77205
9Skeleton AGladius391%2908
9Skeleton ABlood Bone +2351%4427
9Skeleton ABox of Luck +1300%19744
9Skeleton AScroll of Archangel +2280%4560
9Skeleton ABox of Luck +7220%51244
9Skeleton AJewel of Life210%19831
9Skeleton ARena +3200%58855
9Skeleton AScroll of Meteorite170%520
9Skeleton AHorn of Uniria170%195724
9Skeleton AOrb of Summoning160%24681
9Skeleton AScroll of Ice120%477
9Skeleton AJewel of Creation120%9087
9Skeleton AJewel of Chaos120%15411
9Skeleton AScroll of Poison80%1636
9Skeleton AOrb of Impale40%2711
9Skeleton AScroll of Teleport40%83
9Skeleton AImp20%185777
IcarusAlpha CrusScroll of Electric Spark190%69746
IcarusAlpha CrusDark Phoenix Gloves170%84637
IcarusAlpha CrusBlack Dragon Armor170%72970
IcarusAlpha CrusDark Phoenix Helm160%64883
IcarusAlpha CrusDragon Spear150%68771
IcarusAlpha CrusThunder Hawk Gloves140%99965
IcarusAlpha CrusSymbol of Kundun +6140%137015
IcarusAlpha CrusDark Steel Boots140%91514
IcarusAlpha CrusHoly Spirit Armor140%65260
IcarusAlpha CrusGrand Soul Pants130%84737
IcarusAlpha CrusScroll of Critical Damage130%102821
IcarusAlpha CrusHoly Spirit Helm130%87839
IcarusAlpha CrusOrb of Ice Arrow130%69018
IcarusAlpha CrusSword of Destruction130%102091
IcarusAlpha CrusBlack Dragon Pants130%94711
IcarusAlpha CrusDark Steel Mask120%88041
IcarusAlpha CrusBlack Dragon Helm120%101706
IcarusAlpha CrusSaint Crossbow110%94484
IcarusAlpha CrusRed Spirit Boots110%96847
IcarusAlpha CrusGreat Scepter110%102060
IcarusAlpha CrusDark Soul Gloves110%97031
IcarusAlpha CrusGrand Soul Armor110%65376
IcarusAlpha CrusElemental Mace100%72490
IcarusAlpha CrusCelestial Bow100%65371
IcarusAlpha CrusHoly Spirit Pants90%96785
IcarusAlpha CrusRed Spirit Gloves90%95002
IcarusAlpha CrusDark Steel Pants90%68633
IcarusAlpha CrusThunder Hawk Boots90%68258
IcarusAlpha CrusGrand Soul Helm80%68127
IcarusAlpha CrusHoly Spirit Boots80%68418
IcarusAlpha CrusDark Master Gloves70%69486
IcarusAlpha CrusStaff of Destruction70%72986
IcarusAlpha CrusTransformation Ring +550%146057
IcarusAlpha CrusBlood Bone +740%49328
IcarusAlpha CrusDevils Key30%77205
IcarusAlpha CrusDevils Eye30%77208
IcarusAlpha CrusBox of Luck +730%51244
IcarusAlpha CrusRena +320%58855
IcarusAlpha CrusScroll of Archangel +720%49363
IcarusAlpha CrusLochs Feather10%566
IcarusAlpha CrusScroll of Aqua Beam10%4728
IcarusAlpha CrusJewel of Bless10%31135
IcarusAlpha CrusJewel of Chaos10%15411
IcarusAlpha CrusScroll of Cometfall10%5057
IcarusAlpha CrusJewel of Soul10%28647
IcarusAlpha CrusPet Rudolph10%5105
IcarusAlpha CrusScroll of Soul Barrier10%4153
IcarusAlpha CrusHorn of Uniria10%195724
IcarusAlquamosScroll of FireBurst81995%65144
IcarusAlquamosStorm Crow Gloves76165%38521
IcarusAlquamosHoly Spirit Gloves75575%39829
IcarusAlquamosCrystal Sword75485%47553
IcarusAlquamosDark Steel Gloves75355%65636
IcarusAlquamosBluewing Crossbow75155%50116
IcarusAlquamosAdamantine Mask75115%50827
IcarusAlquamosMaster Scepter75075%47179
IcarusAlquamosStorm Crow Pants74965%64051
IcarusAlquamosElemental Shield74935%50664
IcarusAlquamosOrb of Death Stab74885%39242
IcarusAlquamosCrystal Morning Star74845%50456
IcarusAlquamosOrb of Penetration74695%50109
IcarusAlquamosAdamantine Pants74485%38506
IcarusAlquamosGrand Soul Gloves74405%32448
IcarusAlquamosAquagold Crossbow73995%47596
IcarusAlquamosStaff of Resurrection73765%38307
IcarusAlquamosStorm Crow Boots73305%47092
IcarusAlquamosGrand Soul Shield73185%63697
IcarusAlquamosSymbol of Kundun +357804%40885
IcarusAlquamosTransformation Ring +518221%146057
IcarusAlquamosGuardian Angel12551%230850
IcarusAlquamosDevils Key11531%77205
IcarusAlquamosScroll of Archangel +511511%5128
IcarusAlquamosBlood Bone +511481%5169
IcarusAlquamosBox of Luck +111401%19744
IcarusAlquamosDevils Eye11231%77208
IcarusAlquamosHorn of Uniria10551%195724
IcarusAlquamosBox of Luck +75750%51244
IcarusAlquamosRena +35560%58855
IcarusAlquamosScroll of Evil Spirit4530%8663
IcarusAlquamosScroll of Hellfire2710%3151
IcarusAlquamosScroll of Aqua Beam2550%4728
IcarusAlquamosLochs Feather1490%566
IcarusAlquamosJewel of Soul1460%28647
IcarusAlquamosJewel of Bless1410%31135
IcarusAlquamosJewel of Life1010%19831
IcarusAlquamosJewel of Chaos910%15411
IcarusAlquamosOrb of Summoning450%24681
IcarusAlquamosJewel of Creation380%9087
IcarusAlquamosDouble Blade50%2483
IcarusAlquamosTower Shield30%14378
IcarusAlquamosLight Spear20%13540
IcarusAlquamosLegendary Sword20%12725
IcarusAlquamosPlate Gloves20%13463
IcarusAlquamosPlate Pants20%12371
IcarusAlquamosRing of Wind20%12622
IcarusAlquamosTiger Bow10%14362
IcarusAlquamosLight Plate Gloves10%13594
IcarusAlquamosGuardian Gloves10%2811
IcarusAlquamosLegendary Shield10%2351
IcarusAlquamosPlate Boots10%13671
IcarusAlquamosPlate Armor10%2363
IcarusAlquamosPendant of Wind10%13464
IcarusAlquamosRing of Magic10%3496
IcarusAlquamosLegendary Gloves10%12852
IcarusAlquamosSpirit Armor10%12531
IcarusAlquamosPendant of Ability10%2655
IcarusDrakanGreat Scepter6153%102060
IcarusDrakanDark Steel Gloves5813%65636
IcarusDrakanBlack Dragon Gloves5803%60259
IcarusDrakanSaint Crossbow5803%94484
IcarusDrakanScroll of Critical Damage5743%102821
IcarusDrakanGrand Soul Boots5623%50668
IcarusDrakanBlack Dragon Pants5573%94711
IcarusDrakanDark Steel Boots5543%91514
IcarusDrakanSword of Destruction5483%102091
IcarusDrakanBlack Dragon Helm5453%101706
IcarusDrakanOrb of Ice Arrow5413%69018
IcarusDrakanDark Steel Mask5343%88041
IcarusDrakanRed Spirit Gloves5343%95002
IcarusDrakanDark Phoenix Gloves5283%84637
IcarusDrakanHoly Spirit Boots5283%68418
IcarusDrakanHoly Spirit Helm5253%87839
IcarusDrakanGrand Soul Helm5253%68127
IcarusDrakanStorm Crow Armor5203%87702
IcarusDrakanAdamantine Armor5173%96831
IcarusDrakanOrb of Rageful Blow5143%86131
IcarusDrakanGrand Soul Pants5143%84737
IcarusDrakanBlack Dragon Boots5123%97122
IcarusDrakanSymbol of Kundun +54902%48721
IcarusDrakanTransformation Ring +51501%146057
IcarusDrakanDevils Key1191%77205
IcarusDrakanDevils Eye1000%77208
IcarusDrakanGuardian Angel960%230850
IcarusDrakanScroll of Archangel +7840%49363
IcarusDrakanBlood Bone +7840%49328
IcarusDrakanHorn of Uniria640%195724
IcarusDrakanRena +3590%58855
IcarusDrakanBox of Luck +7370%51244
IcarusDrakanScroll of Teleport Ally290%5425
IcarusDrakanJewel of Soul280%28647
IcarusDrakanScroll of Soul Barrier230%4153
IcarusDrakanScroll of Aqua Beam220%4728
IcarusDrakanJewel of Chaos220%15411
IcarusDrakanScroll of Cometfall210%5057
IcarusDrakanJewel of Bless170%31135
IcarusDrakanJewel of Life150%19831
IcarusDrakanLochs Feather150%566
IcarusDrakanJewel of Creation60%9087
IcarusDrakanOrb of Summoning20%24681
IcarusGreat DrakThunder Hawk Pants8936%87110
IcarusGreat DrakDragon Soul Staff8816%149652
IcarusGreat DrakGreat Dragon Boots8736%101153
IcarusGreat DrakLord Scepter8726%101455
IcarusGreat DrakDark Phoenix Armor8676%150401
IcarusGreat DrakRune Blade8566%149859
IcarusGreat DrakRed Spirit Pants8546%150064
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Summon8516%102439
IcarusGreat DrakGreat Reign Crossbow8406%149660
IcarusGreat DrakSymbol of Kundun +64323%137015
IcarusGreat DrakSpirit +12182%155813
IcarusGreat DrakDark Phoenix Boots2162%65411
IcarusGreat DrakDark Steel Pants2142%68633
IcarusGreat DrakDark Phoenix Pants2122%48713
IcarusGreat DrakThunder Hawk Boots2122%68258
IcarusGreat DrakDark Soul Boots2122%51292
IcarusGreat DrakDark Phoenix Helm2092%64883
IcarusGreat DrakDark Master Boots2082%51235
IcarusGreat DrakDark Master Gloves2082%69486
IcarusGreat DrakBlack Dragon Armor2031%72970
IcarusGreat DrakElemental Mace2021%72490
IcarusGreat DrakCelestial Bow2011%65371
IcarusGreat DrakDragon Spear1991%68771
IcarusGreat DrakStaff of Destruction1991%72986
IcarusGreat DrakHoly Spirit Armor1981%65260
IcarusGreat DrakRed Spirit Helm1971%65880
IcarusGreat DrakDark Steel Armor1941%48995
IcarusGreat DrakGreat Dragon Gloves1931%52574
IcarusGreat DrakGrand Soul Armor1891%65376
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Electric Spark1871%69746
IcarusGreat DrakImp1421%185777
IcarusGreat DrakTransformation Ring +51211%146057
IcarusGreat DrakGuardian Angel1021%230850
IcarusGreat DrakDevils Key911%77205
IcarusGreat DrakThunder Hawk Gloves841%99965
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Archangel +7821%49363
IcarusGreat DrakDark Soul Gloves821%97031
IcarusGreat DrakDark Phoenix Gloves821%84637
IcarusGreat DrakDevils Eye811%77208
IcarusGreat DrakBlood Bone +7791%49328
IcarusGreat DrakHorn of Uniria751%195724
IcarusGreat DrakRed Spirit Boots731%96847
IcarusGreat DrakHoly Spirit Pants670%96785
IcarusGreat DrakGrand Soul Pants670%84737
IcarusGreat DrakDark Steel Mask640%88041
IcarusGreat DrakRena +3550%58855
IcarusGreat DrakBox of Luck +7510%51244
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Decay260%7532
IcarusGreat DrakJewel of Life240%19831
IcarusGreat DrakJewel of Bless240%31135
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Ice Storm210%5173
IcarusGreat DrakJewel of Soul200%28647
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Nova170%15706
IcarusGreat DrakJewel of Chaos120%15411
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Inferno110%5161
IcarusGreat DrakLochs Feather80%566
IcarusGreat DrakScroll of Teleport Ally70%5425
IcarusGreat DrakPet Rudolph20%5105
IcarusGreat DrakOrb of Summoning20%24681
IcarusGreat DrakStaff of Resurrection10%38307
IcarusMega CrustOrb of Rageful Blow95484%86131
IcarusMega CrustAdamantine Armor91784%96831
IcarusMega CrustGrand Soul Gloves91264%32448
IcarusMega CrustScroll of FireBurst91164%65144
IcarusMega CrustStorm Crow Boots91154%47092
IcarusMega CrustOrb of Death Stab90944%39242
IcarusMega CrustStorm Crow Pants90864%64051
IcarusMega CrustHoly Spirit Gloves90814%39829
IcarusMega CrustStaff of Resurrection90294%38307
IcarusMega CrustGrand Soul Shield90274%63697
IcarusMega CrustStorm Crow Gloves90254%38521
IcarusMega CrustMaster Scepter90144%47179
IcarusMega CrustBlack Dragon Gloves90014%60259
IcarusMega CrustAquagold Crossbow89914%47596
IcarusMega CrustDark Steel Gloves89554%65636
IcarusMega CrustCrystal Sword89524%47553
IcarusMega CrustBlack Dragon Boots89414%97122
IcarusMega CrustGrand Soul Boots89284%50668
IcarusMega CrustBluewing Crossbow89064%50116
IcarusMega CrustAdamantine Pants88694%38506
IcarusMega CrustSymbol of Kundun +474873%30821
IcarusMega CrustDevils Key29691%77205
IcarusMega CrustDevils Eye28951%77208
IcarusMega CrustTransformation Ring +522501%146057
IcarusMega CrustBlood Bone +614691%8020
IcarusMega CrustBox of Luck +114691%19744
IcarusMega CrustScroll of Archangel +614631%7980
IcarusMega CrustGuardian Angel13791%230850
IcarusMega CrustHorn of Uniria12051%195724
IcarusMega CrustBox of Luck +77330%51244
IcarusMega CrustRena +36890%58855
IcarusMega CrustScroll of Evil Spirit5740%8663
IcarusMega CrustImp5010%185777
IcarusMega CrustScroll of Aqua Beam4510%4728
IcarusMega CrustScroll of Soul Barrier4020%4153
IcarusMega CrustScroll of Hellfire2810%3151
IcarusMega CrustLochs Feather1960%566
IcarusMega CrustJewel of Soul1840%28647
IcarusMega CrustJewel of Bless1820%31135
IcarusMega CrustJewel of Life1540%19831
IcarusMega CrustJewel of Chaos950%15411
IcarusMega CrustOrb of Summoning830%24681
IcarusMega CrustJewel of Creation470%9087
IcarusMega CrustPendant of Ability30%2655
IcarusMega CrustSerpent Spear30%4587
IcarusMega CrustLegendary Gloves30%12852
IcarusMega CrustLegendary Boots20%4608
IcarusMega CrustPendant of Water20%4692
IcarusMega CrustPendant of Wind20%13464
IcarusMega CrustSpirit Pants20%13507
IcarusMega CrustGuardian Boots20%8674
IcarusMega CrustPlate Pants20%12371
IcarusMega CrustGuardian Helm20%10025
IcarusMega CrustSerpent Crossbow20%2440
IcarusMega CrustLegendary Sword20%12725
IcarusMega CrustGiant Sword20%8674
IcarusMega CrustLarkan Axe10%4561
IcarusMega CrustRing of Magic10%3496
IcarusMega CrustLight Plate Boots10%12330
IcarusMega CrustLight Saber10%14564
IcarusMega CrustSpirit Armor10%12531
IcarusMega CrustOrb of Twisting Slash10%3621
IcarusMega CrustDouble Blade10%2483
IcarusMega CrustLight Plate Mask10%4555
IcarusMega CrustSerpent Shield10%12562
IcarusMega CrustLight Plate Gloves10%13594
IcarusMega CrustRing of Earth10%15036
IcarusMega CrustSpirit Boots10%14415
IcarusMega CrustPlate Armor10%2363
IcarusPhantom KnSymbol of Kundun +6835%137015
IcarusPhantom KnGreat Dragon Gloves714%52574
IcarusPhantom KnBlack Dragon Armor674%72970
IcarusPhantom KnDark Steel Armor644%48995
IcarusPhantom KnDark Steel Pants644%68633
IcarusPhantom KnDragon Spear634%68771
IcarusPhantom KnDark Phoenix Gloves623%84637
IcarusPhantom KnRed Spirit Boots613%96847
IcarusPhantom KnHoly Spirit Armor613%65260
IcarusPhantom KnDark Soul Gloves613%97031
IcarusPhantom KnThunder Hawk Boots603%68258
IcarusPhantom KnDark Steel Mask593%88041
IcarusPhantom KnHoly Spirit Pants593%96785
IcarusPhantom KnCelestial Bow583%65371
IcarusPhantom KnThunder Hawk Gloves573%99965
IcarusPhantom KnDark Master Gloves573%69486
IcarusPhantom KnDark Phoenix Pants563%48713
IcarusPhantom KnElemental Mace563%72490
IcarusPhantom KnGrand Soul Armor553%65376
IcarusPhantom KnGrand Soul Pants553%84737
IcarusPhantom KnDark Phoenix Boots533%65411
IcarusPhantom KnDark Soul Boots503%51292
IcarusPhantom KnDark Phoenix Helm503%64883
IcarusPhantom KnRed Spirit Helm493%65880
IcarusPhantom KnScroll of Electric Spark493%69746
IcarusPhantom KnHoly Spirit Helm483%87839
IcarusPhantom KnDark Master Boots473%51235
IcarusPhantom KnStaff of Destruction453%72986
IcarusPhantom KnSpirit +1292%155813
IcarusPhantom KnHorn of Uniria272%195724
IcarusPhantom KnTransformation Ring +5211%146057
IcarusPhantom KnRena +3101%58855
IcarusPhantom KnDevils Key101%77205
IcarusPhantom KnBlood Bone +791%49328
IcarusPhantom KnScroll of Archangel +780%49363
IcarusPhantom KnDevils Eye60%77208
IcarusPhantom KnBox of Luck +760%51244
IcarusPhantom KnGuardian Angel40%230850
IcarusPhantom KnJewel of Bless30%31135
IcarusPhantom KnJewel of Life30%19831
IcarusPhantom KnJewel of Soul30%28647
IcarusPhantom KnScroll of Teleport Ally30%5425
IcarusPhantom KnJewel of Chaos20%15411
IcarusPhantom KnJewel of Creation20%9087
IcarusPhantom KnScroll of Inferno20%5161
IcarusPhantom KnScroll of Cometfall20%5057
IcarusPhantom KnImp10%185777
IcarusPhantom KnScroll of Decay10%7532
IcarusPhoenix ofThunder Blade220%142494
IcarusPhoenix ofThunder Hawk Pants110%87110
IcarusPhoenix ofDark Phoenix Pants110%48713
IcarusPhoenix ofSpirit +0110%67978
IcarusPhoenix ofGreat Reign Crossbow110%149660
IcarusPhoenix ofRune Blade110%149859
IcarusPhoenix ofDark Phoenix Armor110%150401
IcarusQueen RainScroll of Critical Damage84803%102821
IcarusQueen RainOrb of Ice Arrow82783%69018
IcarusQueen RainStorm Crow Armor81233%87702
IcarusQueen RainSword of Destruction80783%102091
IcarusQueen RainScroll of FireBurst80693%65144
IcarusQueen RainStorm Crow Pants80393%64051
IcarusQueen RainCrystal Sword80353%47553
IcarusQueen RainHoly Spirit Boots80163%68418
IcarusQueen RainBlack Dragon Helm80163%101706
IcarusQueen RainOrb of Rageful Blow80033%86131
IcarusQueen RainGrand Soul Shield80013%63697
IcarusQueen RainAquagold Crossbow79813%47596
IcarusQueen RainHoly Spirit Gloves79723%39829
IcarusQueen RainMaster Scepter79693%47179
IcarusQueen RainStorm Crow Boots79593%47092
IcarusQueen RainAdamantine Armor79323%96831
IcarusQueen RainGrand Soul Boots79173%50668
IcarusQueen RainBlack Dragon Gloves78963%60259
IcarusQueen RainBlack Dragon Boots78883%97122
IcarusQueen RainDark Steel Gloves78713%65636
IcarusQueen RainGreat Scepter78033%102060
IcarusQueen RainGrand Soul Helm77873%68127
IcarusQueen RainOrb of Death Stab77733%39242
IcarusQueen RainSymbol of Kundun +476493%30821
IcarusQueen RainTransformation Ring +523821%146057
IcarusQueen RainDevils Eye15341%77208
IcarusQueen RainHorn of Uniria15201%195724
IcarusQueen RainDevils Key14961%77205
IcarusQueen RainScroll of Archangel +614621%7980
IcarusQueen RainBlood Bone +614181%8020
IcarusQueen RainBluewing Crossbow13160%50116
IcarusQueen RainStorm Crow Gloves13140%38521
IcarusQueen RainAdamantine Pants13090%38506
IcarusQueen RainGrand Soul Gloves12860%32448
IcarusQueen RainStaff of Resurrection12730%38307
IcarusQueen RainRena +37380%58855
IcarusQueen RainBox of Luck +77320%51244
IcarusQueen RainGuardian Angel3420%230850
IcarusQueen RainScroll of Cometfall3170%5057
IcarusQueen RainImp3080%185777
IcarusQueen RainScroll of Aqua Beam2800%4728
IcarusQueen RainScroll of Soul Barrier2720%4153
IcarusQueen RainJewel of Bless2270%31135
IcarusQueen RainJewel of Soul2260%28647
IcarusQueen RainLochs Feather1970%566
IcarusQueen RainJewel of Life1760%19831
IcarusQueen RainJewel of Chaos1350%15411
IcarusQueen RainOrb of Summoning760%24681
IcarusQueen RainJewel of Creation490%9087
IcarusQueen RainLight Plate Pants30%2702
IcarusQueen RainGuardian Gloves30%2811
IcarusQueen RainDouble Blade20%2483
IcarusQueen RainRing of Magic20%3496
IcarusQueen RainDragon Pants20%26062
IcarusQueen RainSerpent Spear20%4587
IcarusQueen RainPlate Armor20%2363
IcarusQueen RainLegendary Shield20%2351
IcarusQueen RainLegendary Armor10%25856
IcarusQueen RainLegendary Boots10%4608
IcarusQueen RainBattle Scepter10%9942
IcarusQueen RainPendant of Water10%4692
IcarusQueen RainPendant of Ability10%2655
IcarusQueen RainGreat Scythe10%9880
IcarusQueen RainGuardian Helm10%10025
IcarusQueen RainLight Plate Mask10%4555
IcarusQueen RainDragon Gloves10%8615
IcarusQueen RainLarkan Axe10%4561
IcarusQueen RainOrb of Twisting Slash10%3621
IcarusQueen RainSilver Bow10%25976
IcarusQueen RainGiant Sword10%8674
IcarusQueen RainGuardian Boots10%8674
IcarusQueen RainPlate Helm10%4515
IcarusQueen RainDragon Helm10%43538
IcarusQueen RainAdamantine Gloves10%44028
IcarusQueen RainDragon Boots10%9912
IcarusQueen RainBronze Shield10%9952
IcarusQueen RainGuardian Pants10%9949
11Chief SkelElven Axe3900%3378
11Chief SkelSerpent Sword3890%4344
11Chief SkelWind Armor3820%5468
11Chief SkelSpiked Shield3820%4111
11Chief SkelSphinx Mask3770%5437
11Chief SkelScale Helm3730%3229
11Chief SkelWind Gloves3680%3340
11Chief SkelSphinx Gloves3660%3330
11Chief SkelLight Crossbow3590%5426
11Chief SkelSword of Salamander3570%5235
11Chief SkelWind Pants3560%4115
11Chief SkelGiant Trident3560%3149
11Chief SkelRing of Fire3510%4155
11Chief SkelWind Helm3510%3216
11Chief SkelSerpent Staff3500%4126
11Chief SkelSphinx Boots3500%4186
11Chief SkelWind Boots3500%3130
11Chief SkelBattle Bow3470%3287
11Chief SkelBattle Axe3460%4194
11Chief SkelScale Armor3400%3149
11Chief SkelBrass Boots3350%5368
11Chief SkelBrass Gloves3290%5226
11Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +12540%25458
11Chief SkelScale Boots2090%3168
11Chief SkelBone Armor2010%3140
11Chief SkelScale Pants1970%3069
11Chief SkelSphinx Pants1880%14500
11Chief SkelDragon Slayer Shield1860%15340
11Chief SkelBlade1840%16598
11Chief SkelFlail1830%3076
11Chief SkelFalcon1810%3002
11Chief SkelPlate Shield1790%2962
11Chief SkelBrass Pants1770%15540
11Chief SkelSpear1750%2976
11Chief SkelPendant of Ice1740%14416
11Chief SkelBerdysh1730%15283
11Chief SkelNikea Axe1700%14272
11Chief SkelScale Gloves1670%3086
11Chief SkelBrass Helm1610%16334
11Chief SkelTransformation Ring +21060%2077
11Chief SkelImp790%185777
11Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +2710%4560
11Chief SkelHorn of Uniria700%195724
11Chief SkelBox of Luck +1690%19744
11Chief SkelDevils Eye590%77208
11Chief SkelDevils Key520%77205
11Chief SkelBlood Bone +2430%4427
11Chief SkelOrb of Summoning310%24681
11Chief SkelScroll of Poison270%1636
11Chief SkelScroll of Ice270%477
11Chief SkelBox of Luck +7240%51244
11Chief SkelJewel of Bless240%31135
11Chief SkelRena +3220%58855
11Chief SkelScroll of Meteorite180%520
11Chief SkelJewel of Soul180%28647
11Chief SkelJewel of Life150%19831
11Chief SkelJewel of Chaos140%15411
11Chief SkelScroll of Teleport120%83
11Chief SkelScroll of Flame90%1245
11Chief SkelGuardian Angel30%230850
11Chief SkelJewel of Creation10%9087
11Dark SkullSerpent Sword10770%4344
11Dark SkullNikea Axe10540%14272
11Dark SkullDragon Slayer Shield10540%15340
11Dark SkullBattle Axe10510%4194
11Dark SkullSphinx Pants10510%14500
11Dark SkullSpirit Boots10450%14415
11Dark SkullTiger Bow10410%14362
11Dark SkullRing of Earth10410%15036
11Dark SkullSphinx Mask10410%5437
11Dark SkullSpiked Shield10380%4111
11Dark SkullBrass Armor10380%15281
11Dark SkullSpirit Helm10350%14626
11Dark SkullBrass Boots10270%5368
11Dark SkullSphinx Boots10260%4186
11Dark SkullBlade10250%16598
11Dark SkullBrass Helm10230%16334
11Dark SkullBrass Pants10100%15540
11Dark SkullRing of Fire10070%4155
11Dark SkullBerdysh10070%15283
11Dark SkullGreat Hammer10050%15150
11Dark SkullLight Crossbow10000%5426
11Dark SkullSpirit Gloves9990%15159
11Dark SkullBrass Gloves9900%5226
11Dark SkullSerpent Staff9810%4126
11Dark SkullPendant of Ice9810%14416
11Dark SkullSphinx Armor9750%14861
11Dark SkullWind Armor9730%5468
11Dark SkullSword of Salamander9710%5235
11Dark SkullWind Pants9670%4115
11Dark SkullTower Shield9540%14378
11Dark SkullLight Saber9090%14564
11Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +18040%25458
11Dark SkullOrb of Summoning3510%24681
11Dark SkullTransformation Ring +32610%6318
11Dark SkullBlood Bone +21700%4427
11Dark SkullDevils Key1590%77205
11Dark SkullDevils Eye1510%77208
11Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +21490%4560
11Dark SkullBox of Luck +11160%19744
11Dark SkullBox of Luck +7820%51244
11Dark SkullScroll of Ice770%477
11Dark SkullHorn of Uniria730%195724
11Dark SkullRena +3730%58855
11Dark SkullScroll of Poison650%1636
11Dark SkullScroll of Flame490%1245
11Dark SkullScroll of Twister410%1401
11Dark SkullJewel of Life400%19831
11Dark SkullJewel of Soul390%28647
11Dark SkullJewel of Bless380%31135
11Dark SkullJewel of Chaos270%15411
11Dark SkullJewel of Creation90%9087
11Dark SkullPad Gloves10%982
11Dark SkullShort Bow10%1457
11Dark SkullSilk Gloves10%945
11Dark SkullLeather Pants10%862
11Dark SkullPendant of Fire10%945
11Giant OgreBrass Pants5950%15540
11Giant OgreBrass Armor5830%15281
11Giant OgreLight Plate Gloves5750%13594
11Giant OgreTiger Bow5720%14362
11Giant OgreBrass Helm5700%16334
11Giant OgreBlade5680%16598
11Giant OgreLight Spear5670%13540
11Giant OgrePendant of Wind5650%13464
11Giant OgreGreat Hammer5650%15150
11Giant OgreLegendary Sword5640%12725
11Giant OgreLight Saber5580%14564
11Giant OgrePlate Boots5560%13671
11Giant OgreSphinx Armor5550%14861
11Giant OgreRing of Earth5550%15036
11Giant OgrePlate Gloves5530%13463
11Giant OgreBerdysh5520%15283
11Giant OgreSpirit Gloves5470%15159
11Giant OgrePendant of Ice5440%14416
11Giant OgreTower Shield5420%14378
11Giant OgreLegendary Gloves5420%12852
11Giant OgreThunder Staff5410%13327
11Giant OgreSphinx Pants5400%14500
11Giant OgreSpirit Helm5400%14626
11Giant OgreDragon Slayer Shield5380%15340
11Giant OgreSpirit Armor5370%12531
11Giant OgreRing of Wind5330%12622
11Giant OgreSpirit Boots5260%14415
11Giant OgreNikea Axe5220%14272
11Giant OgreSpirit Pants5200%13507
11Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +14030%25458
11Giant OgreTransformation Ring +31070%6318
11Giant OgreDevils Key1030%77205
11Giant OgreGuardian Angel890%230850
11Giant OgreBox of Luck +1840%19744
11Giant OgreDevils Eye810%77208
11Giant OgreBlood Bone +2760%4427
11Giant OgreScroll of Poison720%1636
11Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +2670%4560
11Giant OgreImp490%185777
11Giant OgreBox of Luck +7400%51244
11Giant OgreHorn of Uniria400%195724
11Giant OgreRena +3360%58855
11Giant OgreScroll of Twister310%1401
11Giant OgreJewel of Bless280%31135
11Giant OgreScroll of Flame280%1245
11Giant OgreJewel of Soul230%28647
11Giant OgreJewel of Life160%19831
11Giant OgreOrb of Summoning150%24681
11Giant OgreJewel of Chaos150%15411
11Giant OgreJewel of Creation100%9087
11Giant OgreBone Helm30%2168
11Giant OgrePad Pants10%846
11Giant OgreVine Gloves10%928
11Giant OgreKatana10%523
11Giant OgreVine Pants10%860
11Giant OgreHand Axe10%911
11Magic SkelGreat Hammer1370%15150
11Magic SkelBrass Armor1360%15281
11Magic SkelPlate Boots1360%13671
11Magic SkelLight Saber1340%14564
11Magic SkelSerpent Shield1330%12562
11Magic SkelPlate Pants1290%12371
11Magic SkelRing of Earth1280%15036
11Magic SkelLight Spear1280%13540
11Magic SkelSpirit Helm1260%14626
11Magic SkelLight Plate Boots1250%12330
11Magic SkelBerdysh1250%15283
11Magic SkelSpirit Boots1250%14415
11Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +21240%15334
11Magic SkelSpirit Pants1220%13507
11Magic SkelRing of Wind1220%12622
11Magic SkelSerpent Crossbow1210%2440
11Magic SkelLegendary Boots1210%4608
11Magic SkelPendant of Water1200%4692
11Magic SkelSphinx Armor1190%14861
11Magic SkelLight Plate Mask1190%4555
11Magic SkelSerpent Spear1180%4587
11Magic SkelPlate Gloves1170%13463
11Magic SkelThunder Staff1170%13327
11Magic SkelLegendary Helm1160%2823
11Magic SkelPlate Helm1160%4515
11Magic SkelDouble Blade1150%2483
11Magic SkelPendant of Ability1150%2655
11Magic SkelLight Plate Gloves1140%13594
11Magic SkelTiger Bow1130%14362
11Magic SkelPlate Armor1130%2363
11Magic SkelLight Plate Pants1110%2702
11Magic SkelPendant of Ice1100%14416
11Magic SkelOrb of Twisting Slash1100%3621
11Magic SkelLegendary Gloves1100%12852
11Magic SkelLarkan Axe1090%4561
11Magic SkelPendant of Wind1080%13464
11Magic SkelGuardian Gloves1040%2811
11Magic SkelLegendary Sword1030%12725
11Magic SkelSpirit Armor1010%12531
11Magic SkelRing of Magic980%3496
11Magic SkelTower Shield980%14378
11Magic SkelSpirit Gloves950%15159
11Magic SkelLegendary Shield940%2351
11Magic SkelTransformation Ring +4440%958
11Magic SkelImp430%185777
11Magic SkelDevils Key330%77205
11Magic SkelScroll of Twister290%1401
11Magic SkelBox of Luck +1240%19744
11Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +3210%3835
11Magic SkelDevils Eye210%77208
11Magic SkelScroll of Evil Spirit170%8663
11Magic SkelBox of Luck +7160%51244
11Magic SkelBlood Bone +3160%3757
11Magic SkelJewel of Bless120%31135
11Magic SkelScroll of Flame100%1245
11Magic SkelRena +360%58855
11Magic SkelJewel of Soul50%28647
11Magic SkelJewel of Chaos50%15411
11Magic SkelHorn of Uniria50%195724
11Magic SkelGuardian Angel40%230850
11Magic SkelOrb of Summoning30%24681
11Magic SkelJewel of Life20%19831
11Magic SkelBone Boots10%556
11Red SkeletBrass Armor4830%15281
11Red SkeletPlate Pants4570%12371
11Red SkeletLarkan Axe4490%4561
11Red SkeletLegendary Sword4420%12725
11Red SkeletBlade4410%16598
11Red SkeletSpirit Gloves4380%15159
11Red SkeletSerpent Shield4380%12562
11Red SkeletLegendary Gloves4370%12852
11Red SkeletSphinx Armor4360%14861
11Red SkeletLegendary Boots4330%4608
11Red SkeletRing of Magic4310%3496
11Red SkeletLight Saber4290%14564
11Red SkeletOrb of Twisting Slash4280%3621
11Red SkeletSerpent Spear4270%4587
11Red SkeletPendant of Wind4240%13464
11Red SkeletSpirit Boots4240%14415
11Red SkeletLight Plate Mask4180%4555
11Red SkeletThunder Staff4170%13327
11Red SkeletTower Shield4150%14378
11Red SkeletPendant of Water4130%4692
11Red SkeletLight Plate Boots4100%12330
11Red SkeletPlate Gloves4080%13463
11Red SkeletSpirit Helm4080%14626
11Red SkeletRing of Wind4040%12622
11Red SkeletPlate Helm4020%4515
11Red SkeletBrass Helm4020%16334
11Red SkeletLight Plate Gloves4000%13594
11Red SkeletSpirit Pants4000%13507
11Red SkeletBerdysh3970%15283
11Red SkeletPlate Boots3930%13671
11Red SkeletGreat Hammer3910%15150
11Red SkeletSpirit Armor3900%12531
11Red SkeletTiger Bow3880%14362
11Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +23860%15334
11Red SkeletLight Spear3840%13540
11Red SkeletRing of Earth3720%15036
11Red SkeletTransformation Ring +31150%6318
11Red SkeletDevils Eye910%77208
11Red SkeletImp880%185777
11Red SkeletGuardian Angel740%230850
11Red SkeletDevils Key720%77205
11Red SkeletBlood Bone +3710%3757
11Red SkeletBox of Luck +1680%19744
11Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +3630%3835
11Red SkeletHorn of Uniria390%195724
11Red SkeletBox of Luck +7380%51244
11Red SkeletScroll of Flame370%1245
11Red SkeletRena +3320%58855
11Red SkeletScroll of Poison310%1636
11Red SkeletJewel of Bless260%31135
11Red SkeletScroll of Evil Spirit230%8663
11Red SkeletJewel of Chaos210%15411
11Red SkeletScroll of Twister200%1401
11Red SkeletJewel of Life180%19831
11Red SkeletJewel of Soul160%28647
11Red SkeletOrb of Summoning130%24681
11Red SkeletJewel of Creation40%9087
11Red SkeletSword of Assassin10%943
12Chief SkelOrb of Twisting Slash3000%3621
12Chief SkelSerpent Shield2860%12562
12Chief SkelLegendary Gloves2830%12852
12Chief SkelRing of Wind2800%12622
12Chief SkelLight Plate Gloves2800%13594
12Chief SkelPendant of Wind2760%13464
12Chief SkelRing of Magic2750%3496
12Chief SkelPlate Boots2750%13671
12Chief SkelLegendary Sword2680%12725
12Chief SkelLegendary Boots2680%4608
12Chief SkelLight Spear2670%13540
12Chief SkelDouble Blade2660%2483
12Chief SkelSpirit Pants2650%13507
12Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +22630%15334
12Chief SkelLight Plate Mask2620%4555
12Chief SkelThunder Staff2610%13327
12Chief SkelLarkan Axe2590%4561
12Chief SkelSpirit Armor2590%12531
12Chief SkelPendant of Water2560%4692
12Chief SkelPlate Gloves2560%13463
12Chief SkelPlate Armor2560%2363
12Chief SkelSerpent Spear2540%4587
12Chief SkelLight Plate Boots2490%12330
12Chief SkelSerpent Crossbow2430%2440
12Chief SkelLegendary Shield2410%2351
12Chief SkelPlate Pants2380%12371
12Chief SkelPlate Helm2270%4515
12Chief SkelLight Saber1910%14564
12Chief SkelTower Shield1780%14378
12Chief SkelSpirit Helm1770%14626
12Chief SkelRing of Earth1740%15036
12Chief SkelSpirit Boots1620%14415
12Chief SkelSphinx Armor1600%14861
12Chief SkelGreat Hammer1490%15150
12Chief SkelTiger Bow1450%14362
12Chief SkelGuardian Helm1410%10025
12Chief SkelGuardian Gloves1370%2811
12Chief SkelGiant Sword1360%8674
12Chief SkelLight Plate Pants1360%2702
12Chief SkelBrass Armor1340%15281
12Chief SkelGuardian Boots1340%8674
12Chief SkelSpirit Gloves1290%15159
12Chief SkelGorgon Staff1260%8724
12Chief SkelDragon Gloves1260%8615
12Chief SkelLegendary Helm1240%2823
12Chief SkelLegendary Pants1230%10068
12Chief SkelPendant of Ability1000%2655
12Chief SkelDevils Eye540%77208
12Chief SkelDevils Key490%77205
12Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +3470%3835
12Chief SkelBlood Bone +3440%3757
12Chief SkelTransformation Ring +3410%6318
12Chief SkelBox of Luck +1360%19744
12Chief SkelScroll of Evil Spirit340%8663
12Chief SkelRena +3320%58855
12Chief SkelTransformation Ring +4260%958
12Chief SkelBox of Luck +7250%51244
12Chief SkelHorn of Uniria240%195724
12Chief SkelScroll of Twister210%1401
12Chief SkelScroll of Flame180%1245
12Chief SkelJewel of Soul150%28647
12Chief SkelJewel of Bless110%31135
12Chief SkelImp110%185777
12Chief SkelGuardian Angel100%230850
12Chief SkelJewel of Chaos70%15411
12Chief SkelOrb of Summoning60%24681
12Chief SkelJewel of Creation40%9087
12Chief SkelJewel of Life40%19831
12Chief SkelBone Helm10%2168
12Chief SkelOrb of Impale10%2711
12Dark SkullBronze Shield4700%9952
12Dark SkullBattle Scepter4690%9942
12Dark SkullSerpent Crossbow4670%2440
12Dark SkullDragon Boots4600%9912
12Dark SkullLegendary Shield4580%2351
12Dark SkullLegendary Helm4570%2823
12Dark SkullLegendary Armor4550%25856
12Dark SkullLight Plate Boots4520%12330
12Dark SkullDouble Blade4460%2483
12Dark SkullGuardian Boots4450%8674
12Dark SkullDragon Gloves4430%8615
12Dark SkullHelical Sword4410%25923
12Dark SkullPendant of Ability4400%2655
12Dark SkullLegendary Pants4390%10068
12Dark SkullPlate Helm4390%4515
12Dark SkullSilver Bow4350%25976
12Dark SkullGuardian Gloves4340%2811
12Dark SkullPlate Armor4300%2363
12Dark SkullPlate Pants4290%12371
12Dark SkullSerpent Shield4290%12562
12Dark SkullGorgon Staff4290%8724
12Dark SkullGiant Sword4290%8674
12Dark SkullRing of Magic4280%3496
12Dark SkullGuardian Pants4200%9949
12Dark SkullGreat Scythe4190%9880
12Dark SkullPendant of Water4180%4692
12Dark SkullOrb of Twisting Slash4180%3621
12Dark SkullLarkan Axe4170%4561
12Dark SkullSerpent Spear4160%4587
12Dark SkullLight Plate Mask4150%4555
12Dark SkullGuardian Helm4100%10025
12Dark SkullLight Plate Pants4080%2702
12Dark SkullLegendary Boots4080%4608
12Dark SkullDragon Pants3940%26062
12Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +23720%15334
12Dark SkullTransformation Ring +41280%958
12Dark SkullImp970%185777
12Dark SkullScroll of Twister910%1401
12Dark SkullDevils Eye900%77208
12Dark SkullBlood Bone +3780%3757
12Dark SkullHorn of Uniria760%195724
12Dark SkullDevils Key710%77205
12Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +3710%3835
12Dark SkullBox of Luck +1600%19744
12Dark SkullGuardian Angel560%230850
12Dark SkullScroll of Evil Spirit470%8663
12Dark SkullBox of Luck +7400%51244
12Dark SkullRena +3330%58855
12Dark SkullJewel of Bless290%31135
12Dark SkullJewel of Soul200%28647
12Dark SkullJewel of Life150%19831
12Dark SkullJewel of Chaos130%15411
12Dark SkullOrb of Summoning80%24681
12Dark SkullJewel of Creation30%9087
12Giant OgreOrb of Greater Fortitude3630%46591
12Giant OgreOrb of Fire Slash3040%45815
12Giant OgreDragon Shield2990%45924
12Giant OgreLighting Sword2950%45825
12Giant OgreAdamantine Boots2930%45599
12Giant OgreDragon Boots2770%9912
12Giant OgreLegendary Staff2750%45591
12Giant OgreGuardian Gloves2750%2811
12Giant OgreGorgon Staff2680%8724
12Giant OgreDragon Armor2660%45616
12Giant OgreGuardian Armor2650%43834
12Giant OgreLight Plate Pants2580%2702
12Giant OgreGuardian Pants2560%9949
12Giant OgreLegendary Helm2560%2823
12Giant OgreBattle Scepter2540%9942
12Giant OgreHelical Sword2490%25923
12Giant OgreGuardian Boots2470%8674
12Giant OgreGuardian Helm2430%10025
12Giant OgreAdamantine Gloves2410%44028
12Giant OgreLegendary Pants2400%10068
12Giant OgreLegendary Armor2390%25856
12Giant OgreGiant Sword2380%8674
12Giant OgreGreat Scythe2370%9880
12Giant OgreSilver Bow2340%25976
12Giant OgreDragon Helm2320%43538
12Giant OgreBronze Shield2270%9952
12Giant OgrePendant of Ability2240%2655
12Giant OgreDragon Pants2150%26062
12Giant OgreDragon Gloves2140%8615
12Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +21820%15334
12Giant OgreTransformation Ring +5810%146057
12Giant OgreGuardian Angel640%230850
12Giant OgreImp490%185777
12Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +4410%7859
12Giant OgreDevils Eye400%77208
12Giant OgreBox of Luck +1400%19744
12Giant OgreHorn of Uniria380%195724
12Giant OgreBlood Bone +4360%7912
12Giant OgreDevils Key270%77205
12Giant OgreRena +3270%58855
12Giant OgreScroll of Evil Spirit180%8663
12Giant OgreJewel of Soul140%28647
12Giant OgreJewel of Bless130%31135
12Giant OgreBox of Luck +7120%51244
12Giant OgreJewel of Life110%19831
12Giant OgreScroll of Hellfire70%3151
12Giant OgreJewel of Chaos50%15411
12Giant OgreJewel of Creation20%9087
12Magic SkelOrb of Penetration2390%50109
12Magic SkelLegendary Staff2360%45591
12Magic SkelLight Plate Armor2330%46719
12Magic SkelBill of Balrog2320%41809
12Magic SkelDragon Shield2290%45924
12Magic SkelLighting Sword2240%45825
12Magic SkelOrb of Greater Fortitude2220%46591
12Magic SkelAdamantine Mask2200%50827
12Magic SkelBluewing Crossbow2190%50116
12Magic SkelDragon Armor2160%45616
12Magic SkelCrystal Morning Star2140%50456
12Magic SkelAdamantine Boots2130%45599
12Magic SkelOrb of Fire Slash2110%45815
12Magic SkelElemental Shield1980%50664
12Magic SkelHelical Sword1660%25923
12Magic SkelAdamantine Gloves1620%44028
12Magic SkelGuardian Armor1530%43834
12Magic SkelDragon Pants1480%26062
12Magic SkelLegendary Armor1420%25856
12Magic SkelSilver Bow1340%25976
12Magic SkelDragon Helm1270%43538
12Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +31200%40885
12Magic SkelHorn of Uniria450%195724
12Magic SkelScroll of Hellfire410%3151
12Magic SkelTransformation Ring +5410%146057
12Magic SkelImp260%185777
12Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +5240%5128
12Magic SkelBlood Bone +5210%5169
12Magic SkelDevils Key210%77205
12Magic SkelBox of Luck +1200%19744
12Magic SkelScroll of Evil Spirit110%8663
12Magic SkelDevils Eye100%77208
12Magic SkelRena +3100%58855
12Magic SkelBox of Luck +770%51244
12Magic SkelJewel of Soul70%28647
12Magic SkelJewel of Chaos60%15411
12Magic SkelJewel of Life30%19831
12Magic SkelJewel of Bless30%31135
12Magic SkelOrb of Summoning20%24681
12Magic SkelGuardian Angel10%230850
12Magic SkelLegendary Gloves10%12852
12Red SkeletOrb of Penetration6030%50109
12Red SkeletBattle Scepter6000%9942
12Red SkeletLegendary Pants5910%10068
12Red SkeletLighting Sword5890%45825
12Red SkeletDragon Pants5810%26062
12Red SkeletDragon Helm5670%43538
12Red SkeletLegendary Staff5600%45591
12Red SkeletLight Plate Armor5580%46719
12Red SkeletLegendary Armor5540%25856
12Red SkeletOrb of Fire Slash5510%45815
12Red SkeletSilver Bow5460%25976
12Red SkeletDragon Boots5450%9912
12Red SkeletAdamantine Gloves5450%44028
12Red SkeletDragon Armor5420%45616
12Red SkeletGuardian Armor5420%43834
12Red SkeletGuardian Helm5380%10025
12Red SkeletOrb of Greater Fortitude5320%46591
12Red SkeletBronze Shield5310%9952
12Red SkeletGreat Scythe5300%9880
12Red SkeletBill of Balrog5250%41809
12Red SkeletHelical Sword5240%25923
12Red SkeletGuardian Pants5120%9949
12Red SkeletDragon Shield5060%45924
12Red SkeletAdamantine Boots5040%45599
12Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +23160%15334
12Red SkeletTransformation Ring +5980%146057
12Red SkeletGuardian Angel770%230850
12Red SkeletBlood Bone +4710%7912
12Red SkeletBox of Luck +1680%19744
12Red SkeletDevils Eye660%77208
12Red SkeletScroll of Evil Spirit630%8663
12Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +4620%7859
12Red SkeletDevils Key600%77205
12Red SkeletHorn of Uniria560%195724
12Red SkeletBox of Luck +7360%51244
12Red SkeletRena +3320%58855
12Red SkeletJewel of Bless310%31135
12Red SkeletImp260%185777
12Red SkeletScroll of Hellfire200%3151
12Red SkeletJewel of Soul190%28647
12Red SkeletJewel of Chaos160%15411
12Red SkeletJewel of Life90%19831
12Red SkeletOrb of Summoning80%24681
12Red SkeletJewel of Creation20%9087
13Chief SkelDragon Boots820%9912
13Chief SkelGiant Sword820%8674
13Chief SkelLegendary Pants780%10068
13Chief SkelGuardian Gloves770%2811
13Chief SkelDragon Gloves760%8615
13Chief SkelGuardian Boots740%8674
13Chief SkelHelical Sword730%25923
13Chief SkelLight Plate Pants720%2702
13Chief SkelDragon Pants710%26062
13Chief SkelSilver Bow700%25976
13Chief SkelBattle Scepter690%9942
13Chief SkelBronze Shield690%9952
13Chief SkelGorgon Staff690%8724
13Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +2670%15334
13Chief SkelGuardian Pants650%9949
13Chief SkelLegendary Armor640%25856
13Chief SkelLegendary Helm620%2823
13Chief SkelGreat Scythe600%9880
13Chief SkelPendant of Ability590%2655
13Chief SkelGuardian Helm570%10025
13Chief SkelOrb of Fire Slash450%45815
13Chief SkelAdamantine Boots430%45599
13Chief SkelDragon Armor420%45616
13Chief SkelGuardian Armor410%43834
13Chief SkelPlate Pants390%12371
13Chief SkelLighting Sword370%45825
13Chief SkelDragon Helm370%43538
13Chief SkelDouble Blade360%2483
13Chief SkelPlate Armor350%2363
13Chief SkelLegendary Staff340%45591
13Chief SkelPendant of Water340%4692
13Chief SkelOrb of Greater Fortitude340%46591
13Chief SkelLight Plate Mask340%4555
13Chief SkelLarkan Axe330%4561
13Chief SkelLegendary Boots330%4608
13Chief SkelLegendary Shield320%2351
13Chief SkelAdamantine Gloves320%44028
13Chief SkelDragon Shield310%45924
13Chief SkelSerpent Shield310%12562
13Chief SkelSerpent Crossbow310%2440
13Chief SkelOrb of Twisting Slash290%3621
13Chief SkelSerpent Spear290%4587
13Chief SkelPlate Helm280%4515
13Chief SkelLight Plate Boots270%12330
13Chief SkelRing of Magic260%3496
13Chief SkelDevils Key130%77205
13Chief SkelScroll of Evil Spirit120%8663
13Chief SkelBox of Luck +1120%19744
13Chief SkelTransformation Ring +4110%958
13Chief SkelDevils Eye80%77208
13Chief SkelBlood Bone +470%7912
13Chief SkelTransformation Ring +560%146057
13Chief SkelBlood Bone +350%3757
13Chief SkelGuardian Angel50%230850
13Chief SkelImp40%185777
13Chief SkelScroll of Twister40%1401
13Chief SkelJewel of Soul40%28647
13Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +440%7859
13Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +340%3835
13Chief SkelJewel of Life40%19831
13Chief SkelBox of Luck +740%51244
13Chief SkelJewel of Chaos40%15411
13Chief SkelJewel of Bless30%31135
13Chief SkelHorn of Uniria30%195724
13Chief SkelJewel of Creation20%9087
13Chief SkelRena +320%58855
13Chief SkelArquebus10%2980
13Chief SkelScroll of Hellfire10%3151
13Dark SkullGuardian Armor1640%43834
13Dark SkullOrb of Penetration1550%50109
13Dark SkullOrb of Fire Slash1540%45815
13Dark SkullLegendary Staff1540%45591
13Dark SkullDragon Armor1520%45616
13Dark SkullElemental Shield1500%50664
13Dark SkullOrb of Greater Fortitude1500%46591
13Dark SkullAdamantine Mask1410%50827
13Dark SkullDragon Shield1410%45924
13Dark SkullLighting Sword1380%45825
13Dark SkullLight Plate Armor1360%46719
13Dark SkullSilver Bow1340%25976
13Dark SkullAdamantine Gloves1330%44028
13Dark SkullDragon Pants1320%26062
13Dark SkullLegendary Armor1300%25856
13Dark SkullCrystal Morning Star1300%50456
13Dark SkullHelical Sword1290%25923
13Dark SkullDragon Helm1280%43538
13Dark SkullBill of Balrog1260%41809
13Dark SkullAdamantine Boots1180%45599
13Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +3790%40885
13Dark SkullImp430%185777
13Dark SkullTransformation Ring +5300%146057
13Dark SkullHorn of Uniria250%195724
13Dark SkullDevils Key180%77205
13Dark SkullScroll of Evil Spirit160%8663
13Dark SkullRena +3120%58855
13Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +4110%7859
13Dark SkullDevils Eye110%77208
13Dark SkullBlood Bone +4100%7912
13Dark SkullBox of Luck +790%51244
13Dark SkullBox of Luck +170%19744
13Dark SkullJewel of Chaos50%15411
13Dark SkullJewel of Life30%19831
13Dark SkullScroll of Hellfire20%3151
13Dark SkullJewel of Bless20%31135
13Dark SkullJewel of Soul20%28647
13Dark SkullJewel of Creation10%9087
13Dark SkullSerpent Sword10%4344
13Giant OgreBluewing Crossbow940%50116
13Giant OgreStorm Crow Gloves830%38521
13Giant OgreStaff of Resurrection820%38307
13Giant OgreOrb of Fire Slash820%45815
13Giant OgreCrystal Morning Star790%50456
13Giant OgreAdamantine Boots780%45599
13Giant OgreAdamantine Mask770%50827
13Giant OgreElemental Shield760%50664
13Giant OgreLighting Sword760%45825
13Giant OgreAdamantine Pants760%38506
13Giant OgreDragon Shield750%45924
13Giant OgreGrand Soul Gloves740%32448
13Giant OgreLight Plate Armor740%46719
13Giant OgreDragon Armor730%45616
13Giant OgreBill of Balrog710%41809
13Giant OgreLegendary Staff710%45591
13Giant OgreOrb of Penetration600%50109
13Giant OgreOrb of Greater Fortitude550%46591
13Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +3410%40885
13Giant OgreHorn of Uniria220%195724
13Giant OgreScroll of Hellfire140%3151
13Giant OgreImp110%185777
13Giant OgreBox of Luck +190%19744
13Giant OgreDevils Eye80%77208
13Giant OgreBlood Bone +570%5169
13Giant OgreTransformation Ring +570%146057
13Giant OgreDevils Key70%77205
13Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +560%5128
13Giant OgreScroll of Evil Spirit40%8663
13Giant OgreBox of Luck +740%51244
13Giant OgreOrb of Summoning40%24681
13Giant OgreJewel of Bless30%31135
13Giant OgreJewel of Creation30%9087
13Giant OgreGuardian Angel30%230850
13Giant OgreRena +320%58855
13Giant OgreJewel of Life10%19831
13Giant OgreJewel of Chaos10%15411
13Giant OgreJewel of Soul10%28647
13Magic SkelGrand Soul Gloves290%32448
13Magic SkelGrand Soul Boots220%50668
13Magic SkelGrand Soul Shield210%63697
13Magic SkelAdamantine Armor210%96831
13Magic SkelAquagold Crossbow190%47596
13Magic SkelStorm Crow Pants180%64051
13Magic SkelMaster Scepter180%47179
13Magic SkelDark Steel Gloves170%65636
13Magic SkelStorm Crow Boots170%47092
13Magic SkelStorm Crow Gloves170%38521
13Magic SkelHoly Spirit Gloves160%39829
13Magic SkelCrystal Sword150%47553
13Magic SkelBlack Dragon Gloves140%60259
13Magic SkelOrb of Rageful Blow130%86131
13Magic SkelScroll of FireBurst130%65144
13Magic SkelBlack Dragon Boots130%97122
13Magic SkelStaff of Resurrection120%38307
13Magic SkelAdamantine Pants110%38506
13Magic SkelOrb of Death Stab110%39242
13Magic SkelBluewing Crossbow90%50116
13Magic SkelCrystal Morning Star80%50456
13Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +470%30821
13Magic SkelElemental Shield40%50664
13Magic SkelDevils Key30%77205
13Magic SkelAdamantine Mask30%50827
13Magic SkelScroll of Soul Barrier30%4153
13Magic SkelTransformation Ring +530%146057
13Magic SkelBlood Bone +620%8020
13Magic SkelHorn of Uniria20%195724
13Magic SkelRena +320%58855
13Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +620%7980
13Magic SkelBox of Luck +110%19744
13Magic SkelBox of Luck +710%51244
13Magic SkelJewel of Bless10%31135
13Red SkeletCrystal Morning Star550%50456
13Red SkeletOrb of Penetration550%50109
13Red SkeletStorm Crow Boots530%47092
13Red SkeletAdamantine Pants480%38506
13Red SkeletMaster Scepter480%47179
13Red SkeletCrystal Sword470%47553
13Red SkeletScroll of FireBurst470%65144
13Red SkeletStaff of Resurrection460%38307
13Red SkeletElemental Shield460%50664
13Red SkeletStorm Crow Pants450%64051
13Red SkeletHoly Spirit Gloves450%39829
13Red SkeletBluewing Crossbow450%50116
13Red SkeletStorm Crow Gloves440%38521
13Red SkeletBill of Balrog430%41809
13Red SkeletGrand Soul Gloves410%32448
13Red SkeletOrb of Death Stab380%39242
13Red SkeletAquagold Crossbow380%47596
13Red SkeletGrand Soul Shield370%63697
13Red SkeletAdamantine Mask370%50827
13Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +3130%40885
13Red SkeletImp110%185777
13Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +590%5128
13Red SkeletTransformation Ring +580%146057
13Red SkeletBlood Bone +560%5169
13Red SkeletDevils Eye60%77208
13Red SkeletDevils Key50%77205
13Red SkeletGuardian Angel40%230850
13Red SkeletScroll of Evil Spirit40%8663
13Red SkeletJewel of Soul20%28647
13Red SkeletBox of Luck +120%19744
13Red SkeletJewel of Chaos20%15411
13Red SkeletScroll of Aqua Beam20%4728
13Red SkeletBox of Luck +720%51244
13Red SkeletHorn of Uniria10%195724
13Red SkeletJewel of Bless10%31135
13Red SkeletRena +310%58855
14Chief SkelOrb of Greater Fortitude2190%46591
14Chief SkelLight Plate Armor2090%46719
14Chief SkelDragon Shield2080%45924
14Chief SkelOrb of Penetration2080%50109
14Chief SkelLegendary Staff2070%45591
14Chief SkelBill of Balrog2050%41809
14Chief SkelAdamantine Boots2050%45599
14Chief SkelLighting Sword2030%45825
14Chief SkelOrb of Fire Slash2020%45815
14Chief SkelDragon Helm1970%43538
14Chief SkelDragon Armor1870%45616
14Chief SkelLegendary Armor1800%25856
14Chief SkelGuardian Armor1800%43834
14Chief SkelAdamantine Gloves1690%44028
14Chief SkelDragon Pants1620%26062
14Chief SkelHelical Sword1590%25923
14Chief SkelSilver Bow1510%25976
14Chief SkelDragon Boots1100%9912
14Chief SkelElemental Shield1100%50664
14Chief SkelGuardian Helm1080%10025
14Chief SkelAdamantine Mask1000%50827
14Chief SkelCrystal Morning Star970%50456
14Chief SkelBronze Shield970%9952
14Chief SkelGuardian Pants950%9949
14Chief SkelLegendary Pants920%10068
14Chief SkelBluewing Crossbow890%50116
14Chief SkelGreat Scythe860%9880
14Chief SkelBattle Scepter850%9942
14Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +2620%15334
14Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +3410%40885
14Chief SkelTransformation Ring +5320%146057
14Chief SkelHorn of Uniria310%195724
14Chief SkelImp230%185777
14Chief SkelBox of Luck +1230%19744
14Chief SkelDevils Eye230%77208
14Chief SkelScroll of Hellfire220%3151
14Chief SkelDevils Key160%77205
14Chief SkelBlood Bone +4150%7912
14Chief SkelBox of Luck +7110%51244
14Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +4110%7859
14Chief SkelScroll of Evil Spirit100%8663
14Chief SkelBlood Bone +590%5169
14Chief SkelRena +390%58855
14Chief SkelGuardian Angel80%230850
14Chief SkelJewel of Soul80%28647
14Chief SkelJewel of Life80%19831
14Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +570%5128
14Chief SkelJewel of Chaos50%15411
14Chief SkelJewel of Bless40%31135
14Chief SkelOrb of Summoning20%24681
14Chief SkelJewel of Creation10%9087
14Chief SkelSpirit Gloves10%15159
14Dark SkullScroll of FireBurst6690%65144
14Dark SkullHoly Spirit Gloves6620%39829
14Dark SkullAdamantine Mask6560%50827
14Dark SkullStorm Crow Boots6520%47092
14Dark SkullGrand Soul Gloves6350%32448
14Dark SkullAdamantine Pants6270%38506
14Dark SkullCrystal Sword6260%47553
14Dark SkullOrb of Death Stab6250%39242
14Dark SkullStaff of Resurrection6230%38307
14Dark SkullDark Steel Gloves6200%65636
14Dark SkullOrb of Penetration6060%50109
14Dark SkullElemental Shield6050%50664
14Dark SkullAquagold Crossbow6050%47596
14Dark SkullCrystal Morning Star6010%50456
14Dark SkullBluewing Crossbow6000%50116
14Dark SkullGrand Soul Shield5930%63697
14Dark SkullStorm Crow Pants5870%64051
14Dark SkullStorm Crow Gloves5850%38521
14Dark SkullMaster Scepter5730%47179
14Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +32960%40885
14Dark SkullGuardian Angel1270%230850
14Dark SkullHorn of Uniria850%195724
14Dark SkullTransformation Ring +5840%146057
14Dark SkullDevils Key700%77205
14Dark SkullDevils Eye630%77208
14Dark SkullBlood Bone +5610%5169
14Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +5600%5128
14Dark SkullBox of Luck +1590%19744
14Dark SkullImp430%185777
14Dark SkullBox of Luck +7280%51244
14Dark SkullJewel of Life240%19831
14Dark SkullScroll of Evil Spirit230%8663
14Dark SkullRena +3220%58855
14Dark SkullJewel of Bless210%31135
14Dark SkullScroll of Hellfire200%3151
14Dark SkullScroll of Aqua Beam200%4728
14Dark SkullJewel of Soul130%28647
14Dark SkullJewel of Chaos130%15411
14Dark SkullOrb of Summoning20%24681
14Dark SkullPendant of Ability10%2655
14Dark SkullJewel of Creation10%9087
14Giant OgreBluewing Crossbow3220%50116
14Giant OgreOrb of Rageful Blow3200%86131
14Giant OgreHoly Spirit Gloves3020%39829
14Giant OgreAquagold Crossbow2990%47596
14Giant OgreStorm Crow Boots2970%47092
14Giant OgreStorm Crow Pants2960%64051
14Giant OgreGrand Soul Shield2850%63697
14Giant OgreStaff of Resurrection2840%38307
14Giant OgreMaster Scepter2820%47179
14Giant OgreOrb of Death Stab2820%39242
14Giant OgreGrand Soul Boots2760%50668
14Giant OgreCrystal Sword2750%47553
14Giant OgreAdamantine Pants2740%38506
14Giant OgreAdamantine Armor2700%96831
14Giant OgreBlack Dragon Gloves2690%60259
14Giant OgreGrand Soul Gloves2680%32448
14Giant OgreBlack Dragon Boots2670%97122
14Giant OgreDark Steel Gloves2660%65636
14Giant OgreScroll of FireBurst2650%65144
14Giant OgreStorm Crow Gloves2630%38521
14Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +41650%30821
14Giant OgreCrystal Morning Star960%50456
14Giant OgreElemental Shield890%50664
14Giant OgreAdamantine Mask770%50827
14Giant OgreHorn of Uniria430%195724
14Giant OgreTransformation Ring +5410%146057
14Giant OgreBlood Bone +6400%8020
14Giant OgreBox of Luck +1340%19744
14Giant OgreDevils Eye280%77208
14Giant OgreDevils Key280%77205
14Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +6260%7980
14Giant OgreBox of Luck +7150%51244
14Giant OgreScroll of Soul Barrier140%4153
14Giant OgreJewel of Bless140%31135
14Giant OgreImp130%185777
14Giant OgreRena +3110%58855
14Giant OgreJewel of Soul110%28647
14Giant OgreScroll of Aqua Beam70%4728
14Giant OgreJewel of Life40%19831
14Giant OgreJewel of Chaos40%15411
14Giant OgreOrb of Summoning30%24681
14Giant OgreJewel of Creation30%9087
14Giant OgreLegendary Gloves10%12852
14Giant OgreSpirit Armor10%12531
14Magic SkelRed Spirit Gloves620%95002
14Magic SkelAdamantine Armor600%96831
14Magic SkelGrand Soul Shield580%63697
14Magic SkelBlack Dragon Helm570%101706
14Magic SkelGreat Scepter550%102060
14Magic SkelSword of Destruction550%102091
14Magic SkelHoly Spirit Boots540%68418
14Magic SkelStorm Crow Pants520%64051
14Magic SkelBlack Dragon Boots520%97122
14Magic SkelBlack Dragon Pants510%94711
14Magic SkelSaint Crossbow500%94484
14Magic SkelOrb of Ice Arrow500%69018
14Magic SkelStorm Crow Armor490%87702
14Magic SkelScroll of FireBurst490%65144
14Magic SkelBlack Dragon Gloves470%60259
14Magic SkelGrand Soul Boots460%50668
14Magic SkelDark Steel Boots460%91514
14Magic SkelOrb of Rageful Blow430%86131
14Magic SkelGrand Soul Helm420%68127
14Magic SkelScroll of Critical Damage410%102821
14Magic SkelDark Steel Gloves330%65636
14Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +5300%48721
14Magic SkelCrystal Sword170%47553
14Magic SkelMaster Scepter140%47179
14Magic SkelBlood Bone +6140%8020
14Magic SkelGrand Soul Gloves130%32448
14Magic SkelDevils Eye110%77208
14Magic SkelOrb of Death Stab100%39242
14Magic SkelAquagold Crossbow90%47596
14Magic SkelTransformation Ring +590%146057
14Magic SkelAdamantine Pants90%38506
14Magic SkelHoly Spirit Gloves80%39829
14Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +670%7980
14Magic SkelStorm Crow Gloves60%38521
14Magic SkelHorn of Uniria60%195724
14Magic SkelDevils Key50%77205
14Magic SkelJewel of Soul50%28647
14Magic SkelStorm Crow Boots50%47092
14Magic SkelGuardian Angel50%230850
14Magic SkelJewel of Bless30%31135
14Magic SkelJewel of Life30%19831
14Magic SkelScroll of Cometfall30%5057
14Magic SkelScroll of Aqua Beam20%4728
14Magic SkelStaff of Resurrection20%38307
14Magic SkelBox of Luck +720%51244
14Magic SkelImp10%185777
14Magic SkelScroll of Soul Barrier10%4153
14Magic SkelJewel of Chaos10%15411
14Magic SkelRena +310%58855
14Red SkeletOrb of Ice Arrow2240%69018
14Red SkeletScroll of Critical Damage2050%102821
14Red SkeletBlack Dragon Gloves2000%60259
14Red SkeletBlack Dragon Helm1840%101706
14Red SkeletStorm Crow Armor1830%87702
14Red SkeletCrystal Sword1820%47553
14Red SkeletGrand Soul Boots1810%50668
14Red SkeletGrand Soul Helm1800%68127
14Red SkeletOrb of Rageful Blow1780%86131
14Red SkeletScroll of FireBurst1750%65144
14Red SkeletGrand Soul Shield1750%63697
14Red SkeletGreat Scepter1740%102060
14Red SkeletStorm Crow Boots1720%47092
14Red SkeletSword of Destruction1720%102091
14Red SkeletBlack Dragon Boots1700%97122
14Red SkeletMaster Scepter1690%47179
14Red SkeletHoly Spirit Gloves1660%39829
14Red SkeletDark Steel Gloves1660%65636
14Red SkeletOrb of Death Stab1600%39242
14Red SkeletStorm Crow Pants1580%64051
14Red SkeletAquagold Crossbow1560%47596
14Red SkeletHoly Spirit Boots1510%68418
14Red SkeletAdamantine Armor1470%96831
14Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +41200%30821
14Red SkeletStorm Crow Gloves370%38521
14Red SkeletHorn of Uniria360%195724
14Red SkeletTransformation Ring +5360%146057
14Red SkeletStaff of Resurrection330%38307
14Red SkeletAdamantine Pants320%38506
14Red SkeletBluewing Crossbow260%50116
14Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +6260%7980
14Red SkeletGrand Soul Gloves260%32448
14Red SkeletDevils Key240%77205
14Red SkeletBlood Bone +6210%8020
14Red SkeletDevils Eye190%77208
14Red SkeletImp190%185777
14Red SkeletRena +3150%58855
14Red SkeletBox of Luck +7100%51244
14Red SkeletGuardian Angel100%230850
14Red SkeletJewel of Soul80%28647
14Red SkeletScroll of Cometfall70%5057
14Red SkeletJewel of Life60%19831
14Red SkeletScroll of Aqua Beam30%4728
14Red SkeletJewel of Bless30%31135
14Red SkeletJewel of Chaos30%15411
14Red SkeletOrb of Summoning30%24681
14Red SkeletScroll of Soul Barrier30%4153
14Red SkeletPendant of Water10%4692
14Red SkeletPendant of Ability10%2655
15Chief SkelAdamantine Pants2740%38506
15Chief SkelBluewing Crossbow2640%50116
15Chief SkelOrb of Penetration2530%50109
15Chief SkelStorm Crow Gloves2530%38521
15Chief SkelElemental Shield2430%50664
15Chief SkelGrand Soul Gloves2420%32448
15Chief SkelCrystal Morning Star2380%50456
15Chief SkelAdamantine Mask2350%50827
15Chief SkelStaff of Resurrection2350%38307
15Chief SkelDragon Shield1570%45924
15Chief SkelLegendary Staff1490%45591
15Chief SkelLight Plate Armor1450%46719
15Chief SkelLighting Sword1450%45825
15Chief SkelOrb of Fire Slash1420%45815
15Chief SkelAdamantine Boots1400%45599
15Chief SkelDragon Armor1400%45616
15Chief SkelBill of Balrog1360%41809
15Chief SkelOrb of Greater Fortitude1270%46591
15Chief SkelCrystal Sword1170%47553
15Chief SkelStorm Crow Pants1160%64051
15Chief SkelAquagold Crossbow1130%47596
15Chief SkelStorm Crow Boots1120%47092
15Chief SkelOrb of Death Stab1080%39242
15Chief SkelScroll of FireBurst1080%65144
15Chief SkelMaster Scepter1080%47179
15Chief SkelDark Steel Gloves1070%65636
15Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +31020%40885
15Chief SkelGrand Soul Shield1000%63697
15Chief SkelHoly Spirit Gloves1000%39829
15Chief SkelTransformation Ring +5480%146057
15Chief SkelHorn of Uniria400%195724
15Chief SkelImp380%185777
15Chief SkelGuardian Angel340%230850
15Chief SkelBlood Bone +5300%5169
15Chief SkelDevils Eye280%77208
15Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +5210%5128
15Chief SkelBox of Luck +1210%19744
15Chief SkelScroll of Hellfire190%3151
15Chief SkelDevils Key180%77205
15Chief SkelBox of Luck +7140%51244
15Chief SkelRena +3110%58855
15Chief SkelScroll of Aqua Beam90%4728
15Chief SkelScroll of Evil Spirit70%8663
15Chief SkelJewel of Bless50%31135
15Chief SkelJewel of Life40%19831
15Chief SkelJewel of Chaos20%15411
15Chief SkelOrb of Summoning20%24681
15Chief SkelJewel of Soul20%28647
15Chief SkelJewel of Creation10%9087
15Dark SkullStorm Crow Armor8870%87702
15Dark SkullOrb of Rageful Blow8530%86131
15Dark SkullBlack Dragon Boots8360%97122
15Dark SkullAdamantine Armor8260%96831
15Dark SkullScroll of FireBurst4210%65144
15Dark SkullStorm Crow Pants4130%64051
15Dark SkullStorm Crow Boots4070%47092
15Dark SkullGrand Soul Boots4000%50668
15Dark SkullGrand Soul Shield3970%63697
15Dark SkullStorm Crow Gloves3940%38521
15Dark SkullMaster Scepter3940%47179
15Dark SkullOrb of Death Stab3940%39242
15Dark SkullDark Steel Gloves3930%65636
15Dark SkullAdamantine Pants3870%38506
15Dark SkullHoly Spirit Gloves3860%39829
15Dark SkullGrand Soul Gloves3850%32448
15Dark SkullAquagold Crossbow3840%47596
15Dark SkullStaff of Resurrection3840%38307
15Dark SkullCrystal Sword3770%47553
15Dark SkullBlack Dragon Gloves3440%60259
15Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +42470%30821
15Dark SkullImp1160%185777
15Dark SkullHorn of Uniria970%195724
15Dark SkullTransformation Ring +5580%146057
15Dark SkullDevils Key570%77205
15Dark SkullBox of Luck +1540%19744
15Dark SkullDevils Eye430%77208
15Dark SkullBlood Bone +6420%8020
15Dark SkullBox of Luck +7360%51244
15Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +6320%7980
15Dark SkullRena +3260%58855
15Dark SkullScroll of Soul Barrier240%4153
15Dark SkullJewel of Soul150%28647
15Dark SkullJewel of Bless150%31135
15Dark SkullJewel of Life130%19831
15Dark SkullScroll of Aqua Beam130%4728
15Dark SkullScroll of Cometfall100%5057
15Dark SkullGuardian Angel100%230850
15Dark SkullOrb of Summoning50%24681
15Dark SkullJewel of Chaos40%15411
15Giant OgreGrand Soul Helm2650%68127
15Giant OgreHoly Spirit Boots2620%68418
15Giant OgreBlack Dragon Gloves2460%60259
15Giant OgreRed Spirit Gloves2380%95002
15Giant OgreStorm Crow Armor2310%87702
15Giant OgreAdamantine Armor2290%96831
15Giant OgreSword of Destruction2270%102091
15Giant OgreBlack Dragon Helm2260%101706
15Giant OgreScroll of FireBurst2260%65144
15Giant OgreSaint Crossbow2250%94484
15Giant OgreOrb of Rageful Blow2250%86131
15Giant OgreBlack Dragon Boots2190%97122
15Giant OgreDark Steel Gloves2190%65636
15Giant OgreBlack Dragon Pants2150%94711
15Giant OgreGrand Soul Boots2140%50668
15Giant OgreGreat Scepter2130%102060
15Giant OgreOrb of Ice Arrow2110%69018
15Giant OgreScroll of Critical Damage2110%102821
15Giant OgreGrand Soul Shield2100%63697
15Giant OgreStorm Crow Pants2100%64051
15Giant OgreHoly Spirit Helm2080%87839
15Giant OgreDark Steel Boots1900%91514
15Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +51260%48721
15Giant OgreImp400%185777
15Giant OgreTransformation Ring +5390%146057
15Giant OgreGuardian Angel330%230850
15Giant OgreBlood Bone +6290%8020
15Giant OgreBlood Bone +7250%49328
15Giant OgreDevils Eye230%77208
15Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +7230%49363
15Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +6220%7980
15Giant OgreDevils Key190%77205
15Giant OgreHorn of Uniria170%195724
15Giant OgreRena +3130%58855
15Giant OgreScroll of Teleport Ally120%5425
15Giant OgreBox of Luck +790%51244
15Giant OgreJewel of Soul70%28647
15Giant OgreJewel of Bless60%31135
15Giant OgreScroll of Aqua Beam60%4728
15Giant OgreScroll of Soul Barrier60%4153
15Giant OgreJewel of Life50%19831
15Giant OgreJewel of Chaos40%15411
15Giant OgreScroll of Cometfall40%5057
15Giant OgreJewel of Creation20%9087
15Magic SkelDark Master Gloves1520%69486
15Magic SkelThunder Hawk Gloves1500%99965
15Magic SkelBlack Dragon Armor1420%72970
15Magic SkelStaff of Destruction1400%72986
15Magic SkelElemental Mace1390%72490
15Magic SkelHoly Spirit Pants1260%96785
15Magic SkelGreat Scepter890%102060
15Magic SkelHoly Spirit Helm850%87839
15Magic SkelDark Steel Boots850%91514
15Magic SkelGrand Soul Helm840%68127
15Magic SkelGrand Soul Pants840%84737
15Magic SkelDark Soul Gloves830%97031
15Magic SkelHoly Spirit Boots800%68418
15Magic SkelRed Spirit Gloves790%95002
15Magic SkelOrb of Ice Arrow780%69018
15Magic SkelBlack Dragon Pants770%94711
15Magic SkelSaint Crossbow760%94484
15Magic SkelScroll of Critical Damage760%102821
15Magic SkelSword of Destruction730%102091
15Magic SkelDark Phoenix Gloves720%84637
15Magic SkelBlack Dragon Helm710%101706
15Magic SkelRed Spirit Boots660%96847
15Magic SkelDark Steel Mask660%88041
15Magic SkelStorm Crow Armor640%87702
15Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +5500%48721
15Magic SkelTransformation Ring +5240%146057
15Magic SkelHorn of Uniria210%195724
15Magic SkelBlack Dragon Gloves170%60259
15Magic SkelAdamantine Armor150%96831
15Magic SkelGrand Soul Boots150%50668
15Magic SkelDevils Key140%77205
15Magic SkelOrb of Rageful Blow140%86131
15Magic SkelDevils Eye130%77208
15Magic SkelBox of Luck +7110%51244
15Magic SkelBlood Bone +790%49328
15Magic SkelBlack Dragon Boots90%97122
15Magic SkelRena +380%58855
15Magic SkelGuardian Angel80%230850
15Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +780%49363
15Magic SkelScroll of Soul Barrier70%4153
15Magic SkelImp70%185777
15Magic SkelScroll of Cometfall60%5057
15Magic SkelJewel of Soul40%28647
15Magic SkelScroll of Aqua Beam40%4728
15Magic SkelJewel of Bless30%31135
15Magic SkelJewel of Chaos20%15411
15Magic SkelScroll of Teleport Ally20%5425
15Magic SkelScroll of Inferno10%5161
15Magic SkelBattle Scepter10%9942
15Magic SkelJewel of Life10%19831
15Red SkeletOrb of Ice Arrow3460%69018
15Red SkeletBlack Dragon Boots3310%97122
15Red SkeletGrand Soul Helm3300%68127
15Red SkeletOrb of Rageful Blow3280%86131
15Red SkeletStorm Crow Armor3250%87702
15Red SkeletDark Phoenix Gloves3240%84637
15Red SkeletDark Steel Boots3240%91514
15Red SkeletRed Spirit Gloves3220%95002
15Red SkeletBlack Dragon Pants3110%94711
15Red SkeletGreat Scepter3110%102060
15Red SkeletGrand Soul Boots3050%50668
15Red SkeletHoly Spirit Boots3040%68418
15Red SkeletBlack Dragon Helm3000%101706
15Red SkeletRed Spirit Boots2990%96847
15Red SkeletDark Soul Gloves2970%97031
15Red SkeletSword of Destruction2950%102091
15Red SkeletGrand Soul Pants2950%84737
15Red SkeletDark Steel Mask2930%88041
15Red SkeletHoly Spirit Helm2920%87839
15Red SkeletScroll of Critical Damage2830%102821
15Red SkeletSaint Crossbow2830%94484
15Red SkeletAdamantine Armor2800%96831
15Red SkeletBlack Dragon Gloves2790%60259
15Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +51990%48721
15Red SkeletDark Steel Gloves790%65636
15Red SkeletScroll of FireBurst760%65144
15Red SkeletStorm Crow Pants760%64051
15Red SkeletTransformation Ring +5710%146057
15Red SkeletGrand Soul Shield690%63697
15Red SkeletGuardian Angel680%230850
15Red SkeletHorn of Uniria540%195724
15Red SkeletImp420%185777
15Red SkeletDevils Key410%77205
15Red SkeletDevils Eye410%77208
15Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +7320%49363
15Red SkeletBlood Bone +7300%49328
15Red SkeletBox of Luck +7260%51244
15Red SkeletScroll of Aqua Beam230%4728
15Red SkeletJewel of Soul230%28647
15Red SkeletRena +3190%58855
15Red SkeletScroll of Cometfall190%5057
15Red SkeletScroll of Soul Barrier150%4153
15Red SkeletJewel of Life90%19831
15Red SkeletJewel of Bless70%31135
15Red SkeletJewel of Chaos60%15411
15Red SkeletScroll of Teleport Ally40%5425
15Red SkeletJewel of Creation30%9087
15Red SkeletOrb of Summoning30%24681
16Chief SkelStaff of Resurrection9290%38307
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Gloves9190%38521
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Pants9140%64051
16Chief SkelCrystal Sword9090%47553
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Shield9080%63697
16Chief SkelMaster Scepter8850%47179
16Chief SkelAquagold Crossbow8830%47596
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Gloves8800%32448
16Chief SkelAdamantine Pants8730%38506
16Chief SkelBlack Dragon Gloves8720%60259
16Chief SkelScroll of FireBurst8700%65144
16Chief SkelHoly Spirit Gloves8660%39829
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Boots8590%50668
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Boots8490%47092
16Chief SkelOrb of Death Stab8470%39242
16Chief SkelDark Steel Gloves8430%65636
16Chief SkelBluewing Crossbow7070%50116
16Chief SkelCrystal Morning Star5120%50456
16Chief SkelElemental Shield5020%50664
16Chief SkelAdamantine Mask4980%50827
16Chief SkelOrb of Ice Arrow4640%69018
16Chief SkelHoly Spirit Boots4170%68418
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Armor4100%87702
16Chief SkelOrb of Rageful Blow3910%86131
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Helm3820%68127
16Chief SkelBlack Dragon Boots3810%97122
16Chief SkelAdamantine Armor3790%96831
16Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +32700%40885
16Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +42670%30821
16Chief SkelTransformation Ring +51270%146057
16Chief SkelImp1200%185777
16Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +61050%7980
16Chief SkelBlood Bone +6980%8020
16Chief SkelDevils Key980%77205
16Chief SkelDevils Eye840%77208
16Chief SkelHorn of Uniria640%195724
16Chief SkelRena +3600%58855
16Chief SkelScroll of Aqua Beam600%4728
16Chief SkelGuardian Angel600%230850
16Chief SkelBlood Bone +5500%5169
16Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +5500%5128
16Chief SkelBox of Luck +7460%51244
16Chief SkelBox of Luck +1370%19744
16Chief SkelJewel of Soul300%28647
16Chief SkelJewel of Bless280%31135
16Chief SkelJewel of Life250%19831
16Chief SkelJewel of Chaos250%15411
16Chief SkelScroll of Hellfire240%3151
16Chief SkelScroll of Cometfall220%5057
16Chief SkelScroll of Evil Spirit180%8663
16Chief SkelScroll of Soul Barrier150%4153
16Chief SkelOrb of Summoning70%24681
16Chief SkelJewel of Creation20%9087
16Chief SkelDragon Pants10%26062
16Chief SkelPendant of Ability10%2655
16Dark SkullGreat Scepter21881%102060
16Dark SkullDark Steel Mask21251%88041
16Dark SkullDark Phoenix Gloves21231%84637
16Dark SkullSaint Crossbow21221%94484
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Helm21091%101706
16Dark SkullRed Spirit Gloves21021%95002
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Gloves21011%60259
16Dark SkullDark Steel Boots20921%91514
16Dark SkullGrand Soul Pants20821%84737
16Dark SkullHoly Spirit Boots20751%68418
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Pants20711%94711
16Dark SkullHoly Spirit Helm20691%87839
16Dark SkullGrand Soul Boots20641%50668
16Dark SkullStorm Crow Armor20621%87702
16Dark SkullGrand Soul Helm20621%68127
16Dark SkullSword of Destruction20611%102091
16Dark SkullOrb of Ice Arrow20571%69018
16Dark SkullScroll of Critical Damage20461%102821
16Dark SkullAdamantine Armor20261%96831
16Dark SkullDark Steel Gloves20241%65636
16Dark SkullOrb of Rageful Blow20051%86131
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Boots19681%97122
16Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +511540%48721
16Dark SkullImp4460%185777
16Dark SkullGuardian Angel4380%230850
16Dark SkullTransformation Ring +53690%146057
16Dark SkullDevils Eye2470%77208
16Dark SkullBlood Bone +72230%49328
16Dark SkullDevils Key2220%77205
16Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +72070%49363
16Dark SkullScroll of Cometfall1290%5057
16Dark SkullBox of Luck +71250%51244
16Dark SkullRena +31120%58855
16Dark SkullHorn of Uniria990%195724
16Dark SkullScroll of Aqua Beam900%4728
16Dark SkullJewel of Soul750%28647
16Dark SkullJewel of Life620%19831
16Dark SkullScroll of Teleport Ally580%5425
16Dark SkullJewel of Bless570%31135
16Dark SkullJewel of Chaos550%15411
16Dark SkullScroll of Soul Barrier540%4153
16Dark SkullOrb of Summoning150%24681
16Dark SkullJewel of Creation140%9087
16Dark SkullGuardian Pants20%9949
16Dark SkullAdamantine Boots20%45599
16Dark SkullDragon Armor20%45616
16Dark SkullGuardian Helm20%10025
16Dark SkullDragon Boots10%9912
16Dark SkullSilver Bow10%25976
16Dark SkullLighting Sword10%45825
16Dark SkullGorgon Staff10%8724
16Dark SkullBattle Scepter10%9942
16Dark SkullHelical Sword10%25923
16Dark SkullGiant Sword10%8674
16Dark SkullGuardian Armor10%43834
16Dark SkullDragon Helm10%43538
16Giant OgreStaff of Destruction14481%72986
16Giant OgreHoly Spirit Pants14411%96785
16Giant OgreDark Master Gloves14311%69486
16Giant OgreThunder Hawk Gloves13641%99965
16Giant OgreElemental Mace13611%72490
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Armor12881%72970
16Giant OgreScroll of Critical Damage7961%102821
16Giant OgreDark Steel Mask7931%88041
16Giant OgreHoly Spirit Boots7721%68418
16Giant OgreDark Steel Boots7661%91514
16Giant OgreOrb of Ice Arrow7661%69018
16Giant OgreDark Phoenix Gloves7621%84637
16Giant OgreStorm Crow Armor7601%87702
16Giant OgreGreat Scepter7531%102060
16Giant OgreGrand Soul Helm7451%68127
16Giant OgreSword of Destruction7441%102091
16Giant OgreRed Spirit Gloves7401%95002
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Helm7361%101706
16Giant OgreDark Soul Gloves7331%97031
16Giant OgreHoly Spirit Helm7241%87839
16Giant OgreGrand Soul Pants7211%84737
16Giant OgreSaint Crossbow7121%94484
16Giant OgreRed Spirit Boots7111%96847
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Pants7101%94711
16Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +55810%48721
16Giant OgreHorn of Uniria2060%195724
16Giant OgreTransformation Ring +51790%146057
16Giant OgreImp1510%185777
16Giant OgreGrand Soul Boots1430%50668
16Giant OgreAdamantine Armor1330%96831
16Giant OgreOrb of Rageful Blow1300%86131
16Giant OgreGuardian Angel1280%230850
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Boots1240%97122
16Giant OgreBlood Bone +71240%49328
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Gloves1200%60259
16Giant OgreDevils Key1170%77205
16Giant OgreDevils Eye1140%77208
16Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +71130%49363
16Giant OgreRena +3780%58855
16Giant OgreBox of Luck +7610%51244
16Giant OgreScroll of Soul Barrier530%4153
16Giant OgreJewel of Soul430%28647
16Giant OgreJewel of Bless360%31135
16Giant OgreScroll of Teleport Ally340%5425
16Giant OgreScroll of Inferno280%5161
16Giant OgreScroll of Aqua Beam280%4728
16Giant OgreJewel of Life250%19831
16Giant OgreJewel of Chaos250%15411
16Giant OgreScroll of Cometfall240%5057
16Giant OgreJewel of Creation90%9087
16Giant OgrePet Rudolph20%5105
16Giant OgreGuardian Pants10%9949
16Giant OgreDragon Shield10%45924
16Magic SkelScroll of Summon4151%102439
16Magic SkelDark Master Gloves4011%69486
16Magic SkelDark Soul Boots3981%51292
16Magic SkelStaff of Destruction3921%72986
16Magic SkelHoly Spirit Armor3911%65260
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Pants3911%48713
16Magic SkelLord Scepter3901%101455
16Magic SkelElemental Mace3831%72490
16Magic SkelGreat Dragon Boots3821%101153
16Magic SkelDark Master Boots3791%51235
16Magic SkelHoly Spirit Pants3781%96785
16Magic SkelThunder Hawk Pants3741%87110
16Magic SkelDark Steel Armor3741%48995
16Magic SkelGreat Dragon Gloves3721%52574
16Magic SkelCelestial Bow3721%65371
16Magic SkelGrand Soul Armor3711%65376
16Magic SkelThunder Hawk Gloves3681%99965
16Magic SkelDragon Spear3671%68771
16Magic SkelScroll of Electric Spark3661%69746
16Magic SkelBlack Dragon Armor3641%72970
16Magic SkelDark Steel Pants3611%68633
16Magic SkelThunder Hawk Boots3531%68258
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Helm3521%64883
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Boots3511%65411
16Magic SkelRed Spirit Helm3481%65880
16Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +62360%137015
16Magic SkelGrand Soul Pants1420%84737
16Magic SkelDark Steel Mask1410%88041
16Magic SkelHoly Spirit Helm1270%87839
16Magic SkelRed Spirit Boots1230%96847
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Gloves1080%84637
16Magic SkelSpirit +11070%155813
16Magic SkelDark Soul Gloves1050%97031
16Magic SkelTransformation Ring +5890%146057
16Magic SkelDevils Eye710%77208
16Magic SkelImp580%185777
16Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +7490%49363
16Magic SkelDevils Key390%77205
16Magic SkelRena +3380%58855
16Magic SkelBlood Bone +7380%49328
16Magic SkelGuardian Angel380%230850
16Magic SkelBox of Luck +7310%51244
16Magic SkelScroll of Inferno240%5161
16Magic SkelHorn of Uniria230%195724
16Magic SkelScroll of Ice Storm190%5173
16Magic SkelJewel of Bless170%31135
16Magic SkelJewel of Soul150%28647
16Magic SkelScroll of Teleport Ally140%5425
16Magic SkelJewel of Life120%19831
16Magic SkelScroll of Decay60%7532
16Magic SkelJewel of Chaos50%15411
16Magic SkelOrb of Summoning40%24681
16Magic SkelPet Rudolph30%5105
16Magic SkelJewel of Creation20%9087
16Magic SkelCrystal Sword10%47553
16Red SkeletCelestial Bow13021%65371
16Red SkeletDark Phoenix Gloves12731%84637
16Red SkeletGrand Soul Pants12601%84737
16Red SkeletScroll of Electric Spark12481%69746
16Red SkeletRed Spirit Helm12381%65880
16Red SkeletStaff of Destruction12361%72986
16Red SkeletRed Spirit Boots12291%96847
16Red SkeletDark Phoenix Helm12261%64883
16Red SkeletThunder Hawk Boots12241%68258
16Red SkeletDark Steel Boots12201%91514
16Red SkeletDark Phoenix Boots12201%65411
16Red SkeletGrand Soul Armor12141%65376
16Red SkeletDark Steel Mask12091%88041
16Red SkeletDark Master Gloves12081%69486
16Red SkeletHoly Spirit Armor12041%65260
16Red SkeletHoly Spirit Pants12021%96785
16Red SkeletRed Spirit Gloves12021%95002
16Red SkeletBlack Dragon Pants11991%94711
16Red SkeletGreat Dragon Gloves11951%52574
16Red SkeletDragon Spear11921%68771
16Red SkeletSaint Crossbow11911%94484
16Red SkeletHoly Spirit Helm11791%87839
16Red SkeletDark Soul Gloves11771%97031
16Red SkeletThunder Hawk Gloves11641%99965
16Red SkeletDark Steel Pants11641%68633
16Red SkeletBlack Dragon Armor11571%72970
16Red SkeletElemental Mace11331%72490
16Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +68581%137015
16Red SkeletHorn of Uniria3990%195724
16Red SkeletImp2560%185777
16Red SkeletTransformation Ring +52390%146057
16Red SkeletDevils Eye1880%77208
16Red SkeletBlood Bone +71780%49328
16Red SkeletDevils Key1700%77205
16Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +71620%49363
16Red SkeletGuardian Angel1270%230850
16Red SkeletRena +31120%58855
16Red SkeletScroll of Ice Storm850%5173
16Red SkeletBox of Luck +7750%51244
16Red SkeletScroll of Soul Barrier550%4153
16Red SkeletJewel of Soul460%28647
16Red SkeletScroll of Inferno360%5161
16Red SkeletJewel of Life350%19831
16Red SkeletJewel of Bless350%31135
16Red SkeletScroll of Teleport Ally340%5425
16Red SkeletJewel of Chaos340%15411
16Red SkeletPet Rudolph180%5105
16Red SkeletScroll of Cometfall160%5057
16Red SkeletJewel of Creation110%9087
16Red SkeletOrb of Summoning90%24681
16Red SkeletElemental Shield20%50664
16Red SkeletAdamantine Boots10%45599
16Red SkeletDragon Armor10%45616
16Red SkeletOrb of Greater Fortitude10%46591
17Chief SkelScroll of Critical Damage52573%102821
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Helm52193%68127
17Chief SkelOrb of Rageful Blow52093%86131
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Boots51963%97122
17Chief SkelGreat Scepter51793%102060
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Gloves51433%60259
17Chief SkelHoly Spirit Boots51383%68418
17Chief SkelHoly Spirit Helm51183%87839
17Chief SkelAdamantine Armor51103%96831
17Chief SkelStorm Crow Armor51093%87702
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Pants51053%94711
17Chief SkelOrb of Ice Arrow50823%69018
17Chief SkelSaint Crossbow50573%94484
17Chief SkelDark Steel Boots50563%91514
17Chief SkelSword of Destruction50533%102091
17Chief SkelRed Spirit Gloves50473%95002
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Helm50233%101706
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Boots50033%50668
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Shield34142%63697
17Chief SkelScroll of FireBurst34122%65144
17Chief SkelStorm Crow Pants34122%64051
17Chief SkelDark Steel Gloves33512%65636
17Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +529662%48721
17Chief SkelDark Soul Gloves23641%97031
17Chief SkelDark Phoenix Gloves23441%84637
17Chief SkelRed Spirit Boots23301%96847
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Pants23211%84737
17Chief SkelDark Steel Mask23131%88041
17Chief SkelTransformation Ring +59170%146057
17Chief SkelImp7730%185777
17Chief SkelGuardian Angel7240%230850
17Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +76110%49363
17Chief SkelHorn of Uniria6070%195724
17Chief SkelDevils Key5830%77205
17Chief SkelDevils Eye5660%77208
17Chief SkelBlood Bone +75610%49328
17Chief SkelRena +33080%58855
17Chief SkelBlood Bone +62940%8020
17Chief SkelBox of Luck +72810%51244
17Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +62740%7980
17Chief SkelScroll of Cometfall2340%5057
17Chief SkelScroll of Aqua Beam2290%4728
17Chief SkelScroll of Teleport Ally2280%5425
17Chief SkelScroll of Soul Barrier2060%4153
17Chief SkelJewel of Soul1750%28647
17Chief SkelJewel of Life1480%19831
17Chief SkelJewel of Bless1390%31135
17Chief SkelJewel of Chaos1220%15411
17Chief SkelJewel of Creation410%9087
17Chief SkelOrb of Summoning340%24681
17Chief SkelOrb of Greater Fortitude80%46591
17Chief SkelGorgon Staff50%8724
17Chief SkelBattle Scepter50%9942
17Chief SkelDragon Armor40%45616
17Chief SkelGuardian Pants40%9949
17Chief SkelLighting Sword40%45825
17Chief SkelDragon Pants30%26062
17Chief SkelDragon Helm30%43538
17Chief SkelAdamantine Gloves30%44028
17Chief SkelGuardian Boots30%8674
17Chief SkelGuardian Armor30%43834
17Chief SkelGuardian Helm20%10025
17Chief SkelLegendary Staff20%45591
17Chief SkelDragon Shield20%45924
17Chief SkelDragon Gloves20%8615
17Chief SkelOrb of Fire Slash20%45815
17Chief SkelGreat Scythe20%9880
17Chief SkelAdamantine Boots10%45599
17Chief SkelDragon Boots10%9912
17Chief SkelLegendary Armor10%25856
17Chief SkelGuardian Gloves10%2811
17Chief SkelHelical Sword10%25923
17Chief SkelBronze Shield10%9952
17Chief SkelLight Plate Armor10%46719
17Dark SkullElemental Mace87453%72490
17Dark SkullDark Master Gloves87423%69486
17Dark SkullStaff of Destruction86723%72986
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Armor86613%72970
17Dark SkullThunder Hawk Gloves86233%99965
17Dark SkullHoly Spirit Pants85623%96785
17Dark SkullGrand Soul Helm47872%68127
17Dark SkullSaint Crossbow47792%94484
17Dark SkullGreat Scepter47772%102060
17Dark SkullScroll of Critical Damage47762%102821
17Dark SkullGrand Soul Pants47642%84737
17Dark SkullStorm Crow Armor47562%87702
17Dark SkullSword of Destruction47342%102091
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Pants47202%94711
17Dark SkullDark Steel Boots47202%91514
17Dark SkullDark Soul Gloves47162%97031
17Dark SkullRed Spirit Boots47052%96847
17Dark SkullOrb of Ice Arrow47002%69018
17Dark SkullHoly Spirit Helm46982%87839
17Dark SkullRed Spirit Gloves46882%95002
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Helm46762%101706
17Dark SkullDark Steel Mask46652%88041
17Dark SkullDark Phoenix Gloves46612%84637
17Dark SkullHoly Spirit Boots46362%68418
17Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +536401%48721
17Dark SkullHorn of Uniria12440%195724
17Dark SkullTransformation Ring +511070%146057
17Dark SkullImp8650%185777
17Dark SkullGuardian Angel8300%230850
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Boots8220%97122
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Gloves8130%60259
17Dark SkullGrand Soul Boots8050%50668
17Dark SkullAdamantine Armor7510%96831
17Dark SkullOrb of Rageful Blow7430%86131
17Dark SkullDevils Eye7290%77208
17Dark SkullBlood Bone +77160%49328
17Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +76760%49363
17Dark SkullDevils Key6690%77205
17Dark SkullRena +34460%58855
17Dark SkullBox of Luck +73590%51244
17Dark SkullScroll of Soul Barrier3290%4153
17Dark SkullScroll of Inferno2400%5161
17Dark SkullScroll of Aqua Beam2260%4728
17Dark SkullJewel of Bless2220%31135
17Dark SkullJewel of Soul2110%28647
17Dark SkullScroll of Teleport Ally2070%5425
17Dark SkullJewel of Life1510%19831
17Dark SkullScroll of Cometfall1480%5057
17Dark SkullJewel of Chaos1400%15411
17Dark SkullPet Rudolph500%5105
17Dark SkullJewel of Creation430%9087
17Dark SkullGuardian Armor80%43834
17Dark SkullDragon Armor60%45616
17Dark SkullOrb of Penetration50%50109
17Dark SkullBill of Balrog50%41809
17Dark SkullGreat Scythe40%9880
17Dark SkullBattle Scepter40%9942
17Dark SkullLight Plate Armor40%46719
17Dark SkullAdamantine Gloves40%44028
17Dark SkullGuardian Pants30%9949
17Dark SkullBronze Shield30%9952
17Dark SkullHelical Sword30%25923
17Dark SkullDragon Shield30%45924
17Dark SkullLegendary Staff20%45591
17Dark SkullLighting Sword20%45825
17Dark SkullAdamantine Boots20%45599
17Dark SkullLegendary Armor20%25856
17Dark SkullDragon Boots20%9912
17Dark SkullOrb of Greater Fortitude10%46591
17Dark SkullGorgon Staff10%8724
17Dark SkullOrb of Fire Slash10%45815
17Dark SkullDragon Pants10%26062
17Dark SkullSilver Bow10%25976
17Giant OgreScroll of Electric Spark23522%69746
17Giant OgreDark Phoenix Boots23222%65411
17Giant OgreHoly Spirit Pants23132%96785
17Giant OgreGrand Soul Armor23022%65376
17Giant OgreHoly Spirit Helm22972%87839
17Giant OgreDark Soul Gloves22972%97031
17Giant OgreBlack Dragon Helm22942%101706
17Giant OgreDark Steel Mask22932%88041
17Giant OgreDragon Spear22922%68771
17Giant OgreRed Spirit Helm22922%65880
17Giant OgreScroll of Critical Damage22902%102821
17Giant OgreStaff of Destruction22862%72986
17Giant OgreRed Spirit Gloves22752%95002
17Giant OgreGreat Scepter22752%102060
17Giant OgreCelestial Bow22662%65371
17Giant OgreThunder Hawk Boots22452%68258
17Giant OgreRed Spirit Boots22402%96847
17Giant OgreSword of Destruction22372%102091
17Giant OgreBlack Dragon Pants22322%94711
17Giant OgreThunder Hawk Gloves22252%99965
17Giant OgreElemental Mace22242%72490
17Giant OgreDark Phoenix Gloves22072%84637
17Giant OgreDark Phoenix Helm22012%64883
17Giant OgreSaint Crossbow22002%94484
17Giant OgreBlack Dragon Armor22002%72970
17Giant OgreHoly Spirit Armor21982%65260
17Giant OgreDark Steel Boots21962%91514
17Giant OgreDark Master Gloves21722%69486
17Giant OgreGrand Soul Pants21582%84737
17Giant OgreDark Steel Pants21552%68633
17Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +616831%137015
17Giant OgreTransformation Ring +55020%146057
17Giant OgreDevils Key3480%77205
17Giant OgreDevils Eye3250%77208
17Giant OgreGuardian Angel3190%230850
17Giant OgreBlood Bone +73020%49328
17Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +72960%49363
17Giant OgreRena +32080%58855
17Giant OgreHorn of Uniria1930%195724
17Giant OgreBox of Luck +71730%51244
17Giant OgreScroll of Teleport Ally1570%5425
17Giant OgreScroll of Cometfall1330%5057
17Giant OgreImp1150%185777
17Giant OgreJewel of Bless1110%31135
17Giant OgreJewel of Soul960%28647
17Giant OgreScroll of Inferno860%5161
17Giant OgreJewel of Life830%19831
17Giant OgreJewel of Chaos690%15411
17Giant OgreScroll of Soul Barrier490%4153
17Giant OgreScroll of Ice Storm480%5173
17Giant OgrePet Rudolph270%5105
17Giant OgreJewel of Creation150%9087
17Giant OgreGuardian Armor50%43834
17Giant OgreLight Plate Armor50%46719
17Giant OgreOrb of Summoning40%24681
17Giant OgreAdamantine Boots40%45599
17Giant OgreLighting Sword30%45825
17Giant OgreDragon Shield20%45924
17Giant OgreLegendary Staff20%45591
17Giant OgreOrb of Fire Slash10%45815
17Giant OgreAdamantine Gloves10%44028
17Giant OgreDragon Helm10%43538
17Giant OgreBill of Balrog10%41809
17Giant OgreBluewing Crossbow10%50116
17Giant OgreElemental Shield10%50664
17Giant OgreCrystal Morning Star10%50456
17Magic SkelScroll of Summon11632%102439
17Magic SkelHurricane Gloves11572%94537
17Magic SkelGreat Dragon Gloves11572%52574
17Magic SkelScroll of Fire Scream11542%94545
17Magic SkelDark Master Boots11382%51235
17Magic SkelCelestial Bow11362%65371
17Magic SkelLord Scepter11302%101455
17Magic SkelRune Blade11292%149859
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Armor11242%150401
17Magic SkelHoly Spirit Armor11132%65260
17Magic SkelDark Steel Pants11122%68633
17Magic SkelThunder Hawk Pants11092%87110
17Magic SkelDragon Soul Staff10882%149652
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Helm10882%64883
17Magic SkelDragon Spear10792%68771
17Magic SkelRed Spirit Helm10782%65880
17Magic SkelGreat Dragon Boots10772%101153
17Magic SkelThunder Hawk Boots10772%68258
17Magic SkelRed Spirit Pants10752%150064
17Magic SkelGrand Soul Armor10742%65376
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Boots10712%65411
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Pants10692%48713
17Magic SkelGreat Reign Crossbow10602%149660
17Magic SkelDark Soul Boots10552%51292
17Magic SkelDark Steel Armor10442%48995
17Magic SkelScroll of Electric Spark10222%69746
17Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +68101%137015
17Magic SkelStaff of Destruction4541%72986
17Magic SkelDark Master Gloves4371%69486
17Magic SkelThunder Hawk Gloves4321%99965
17Magic SkelElemental Mace4251%72490
17Magic SkelHoly Spirit Pants4201%96785
17Magic SkelBlack Dragon Armor4101%72970
17Magic SkelSpirit +14021%155813
17Magic SkelTransformation Ring +52520%146057
17Magic SkelGuardian Angel2480%230850
17Magic SkelImp2130%185777
17Magic SkelSpirit +01940%67978
17Magic SkelHorn of Uniria1860%195724
17Magic SkelDevils Eye1760%77208
17Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +71600%49363
17Magic SkelDevils Key1500%77205
17Magic SkelBlood Bone +71490%49328
17Magic SkelRena +31180%58855
17Magic SkelBox of Luck +7790%51244
17Magic SkelScroll of Decay690%7532
17Magic SkelJewel of Bless600%31135
17Magic SkelScroll of Nova500%15706
17Magic SkelJewel of Soul390%28647
17Magic SkelScroll of Inferno340%5161
17Magic SkelJewel of Life300%19831
17Magic SkelScroll of Ice Storm300%5173
17Magic SkelJewel of Chaos260%15411
17Magic SkelPet Rudolph80%5105
17Magic SkelJewel of Creation40%9087
17Magic SkelAdamantine Pants30%38506
17Magic SkelHoly Spirit Gloves30%39829
17Magic SkelMaster Scepter10%47179
17Magic SkelGrand Soul Boots10%50668
17Magic SkelDark Steel Gloves10%65636
17Magic SkelStorm Crow Boots10%47092
17Magic SkelScroll of FireBurst10%65144
17Magic SkelElemental Shield10%50664
17Magic SkelGrand Soul Shield10%63697
17Magic SkelBlack Dragon Gloves10%60259
17Magic SkelAquagold Crossbow10%47596
17Red SkeletScroll of Summon27672%102439
17Red SkeletRed Spirit Helm26822%65880
17Red SkeletHoly Spirit Armor26642%65260
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Helm26532%64883
17Red SkeletThunder Hawk Boots26322%68258
17Red SkeletDark Soul Gloves26242%97031
17Red SkeletThunder Hawk Gloves26212%99965
17Red SkeletDark Steel Armor26082%48995
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Pants25962%48713
17Red SkeletStaff of Destruction25932%72986
17Red SkeletDark Master Gloves25892%69486
17Red SkeletCelestial Bow25892%65371
17Red SkeletDark Soul Boots25832%51292
17Red SkeletLord Scepter25792%101455
17Red SkeletDragon Spear25722%68771
17Red SkeletGrand Soul Armor25682%65376
17Red SkeletDark Master Boots25632%51235
17Red SkeletHoly Spirit Pants25582%96785
17Red SkeletDark Steel Pants25532%68633
17Red SkeletBlack Dragon Armor25352%72970
17Red SkeletGreat Dragon Gloves25312%52574
17Red SkeletElemental Mace25292%72490
17Red SkeletRed Spirit Boots25282%96847
17Red SkeletScroll of Electric Spark25022%69746
17Red SkeletGreat Dragon Boots24972%101153
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Boots24932%65411
17Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +618461%137015
17Red SkeletSpirit +19011%155813
17Red SkeletTransformation Ring +55750%146057
17Red SkeletImp5530%185777
17Red SkeletHorn of Uniria4880%195724
17Red SkeletDark Steel Mask4610%88041
17Red SkeletRed Spirit Gloves4520%95002
17Red SkeletGrand Soul Pants4440%84737
17Red SkeletSaint Crossbow4330%94484
17Red SkeletBlack Dragon Pants4320%94711
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Gloves4300%84637
17Red SkeletHoly Spirit Helm3950%87839
17Red SkeletDevils Key3830%77205
17Red SkeletBlood Bone +73420%49328
17Red SkeletDevils Eye3380%77208
17Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +73310%49363
17Red SkeletGuardian Angel2570%230850
17Red SkeletRena +32100%58855
17Red SkeletBox of Luck +71870%51244
17Red SkeletScroll of Cometfall1250%5057
17Red SkeletJewel of Bless1080%31135
17Red SkeletJewel of Soul1060%28647
17Red SkeletScroll of Decay930%7532
17Red SkeletScroll of Teleport Ally920%5425
17Red SkeletJewel of Chaos830%15411
17Red SkeletJewel of Life750%19831
17Red SkeletScroll of Inferno660%5161
17Red SkeletScroll of Ice Storm520%5173
17Red SkeletPet Rudolph200%5105
17Red SkeletJewel of Creation140%9087
17Red SkeletOrb of Summoning110%24681
Kalima 1Aegis1Bronze Pants223%497
Kalima 1Aegis1Leather Helm203%858
Kalima 1Aegis1Skull Staff183%782
Kalima 1Aegis1Ring of Poison162%612
Kalima 1Aegis1Pad Armor162%897
Kalima 1Aegis1Vine Armor162%969
Kalima 1Aegis1Katana152%523
Kalima 1Aegis1Mace152%758
Kalima 1Aegis1Pendant of Fire152%945
Kalima 1Aegis1Elven Bow152%541
Kalima 1Aegis1Bronze Helm152%526
Kalima 1Aegis1Bone Boots142%556
Kalima 1Aegis1Bronze Boots142%928
Kalima 1Aegis1Silk Gloves132%945
Kalima 1Aegis1Leather Boots132%850
Kalima 1Aegis1Silk Helm132%546
Kalima 1Aegis1Sword of Assassin132%943
Kalima 1Aegis1Horn Shield132%836
Kalima 1Aegis1Leather Armor132%907
Kalima 1Aegis1Leather Pants132%862
Kalima 1Aegis1Double Poleaxe122%949
Kalima 1Aegis1Leather Gloves122%942
Kalima 1Aegis1Bow122%865
Kalima 1Aegis1Morning Star122%952
Kalima 1Aegis1Skull Shield122%472
Kalima 1Aegis1Vine Helm122%793
Kalima 1Aegis1Pad Helm122%833
Kalima 1Aegis1Dragon Lance112%464
Kalima 1Aegis1Golden Crossbow112%933
Kalima 1Aegis1Crossbow112%992
Kalima 1Aegis1Healing Orb112%846
Kalima 1Aegis1Pad Pants112%846
Kalima 1Aegis1Kite Shield112%931
Kalima 1Aegis1Rapier112%874
Kalima 1Aegis1Double Axe102%893
Kalima 1Aegis1Short Sword102%961
Kalima 1Aegis1Vine Boots102%821
Kalima 1Aegis1Orb of Greater Fortitude102%46591
Kalima 1Aegis1Bronze Gloves102%982
Kalima 1Aegis1Hand Axe102%911
Kalima 1Aegis1Small Shield91%968
Kalima 1Aegis1Buckler91%881
Kalima 1Aegis1Bone Gloves91%879
Kalima 1Aegis1Kris91%813
Kalima 1Aegis1Silk Boots81%463
Kalima 1Aegis1Pad Gloves81%982
Kalima 1Aegis1Pad Boots71%943
Kalima 1Aegis1Blood Bone +171%496
Kalima 1Aegis1Devils Eye61%77208
Kalima 1Aegis1Small Axe61%1328
Kalima 1Aegis1Vine Pants61%860
Kalima 1Aegis1Short Bow51%1457
Kalima 1Aegis1Scroll of Archangel +141%493
Kalima 1Aegis1Transformation Ring +041%392
Kalima 1Aegis1Vine Gloves41%928
Kalima 1Aegis1Jewel of Chaos30%15411
Kalima 1Aegis1Scroll of Fire Ball30%45
Kalima 1Aegis1Scroll of Lighting20%70
Kalima 1Aegis1Box of Luck +720%51244
Kalima 1Aegis1Jewel of Soul20%28647
Kalima 1Aegis1Box of Luck +120%19744
Kalima 1Aegis1Rena +320%58855
Kalima 1Aegis1Devils Key20%77205
Kalima 1Aegis1Jewel of Life10%19831
Kalima 1Aegis1Orb of Summoning10%24681
Kalima 1Blood SoldPendant of Lighting170%2881
Kalima 1Blood SoldOrb of Greater Fortitude150%46591
Kalima 1Blood SoldKatana150%523
Kalima 1Blood SoldRing of Ice150%2976
Kalima 1Blood SoldBronze Armor150%2213
Kalima 1Blood SoldLeather Armor150%907
Kalima 1Blood SoldSilk Helm150%546
Kalima 1Blood SoldBronze Boots140%928
Kalima 1Blood SoldPad Armor140%897
Kalima 1Blood SoldTomahawk140%2273
Kalima 1Blood SoldDragon Lance130%464
Kalima 1Blood SoldSilk Boots130%463
Kalima 1Blood SoldSkull Shield130%472
Kalima 1Blood SoldAngelic Staff130%2261
Kalima 1Blood SoldHalberd120%2295
Kalima 1Blood SoldGladius120%2908
Kalima 1Blood SoldElven Shield120%2926
Kalima 1Blood SoldLarge Round Shield120%2240
Kalima 1Blood SoldGolden Crossbow110%933
Kalima 1Blood SoldBone Pants110%2889
Kalima 1Blood SoldOrb of Greater Damage110%2198
Kalima 1Blood SoldSilk Armor110%2941
Kalima 1Blood SoldVine Armor110%969
Kalima 1Blood SoldDouble Poleaxe110%949
Kalima 1Blood SoldRing of Poison110%612
Kalima 1Blood SoldOrb of Impale100%2711
Kalima 1Blood SoldElven Bow100%541
Kalima 1Blood SoldSilk Gloves100%945
Kalima 1Blood SoldBronze Pants90%497
Kalima 1Blood SoldKite Shield80%931
Kalima 1Blood SoldPendant of Fire80%945
Kalima 1Blood SoldDouble Axe80%893
Kalima 1Blood SoldSilk Pants80%2149
Kalima 1Blood SoldBone Boots80%556
Kalima 1Blood SoldSword of Assassin70%943
Kalima 1Blood SoldMorning Star60%952
Kalima 1Blood SoldBone Gloves60%879
Kalima 1Blood SoldArquebus60%2980
Kalima 1Blood SoldBronze Gloves60%982
Kalima 1Blood SoldBox of Luck +150%19744
Kalima 1Blood SoldBronze Helm50%526
Kalima 1Blood SoldBlood Bone +150%496
Kalima 1Blood SoldBox of Luck +730%51244
Kalima 1Blood SoldTransformation Ring +130%249
Kalima 1Blood SoldDevils Key30%77205
Kalima 1Blood SoldDevils Eye20%77208
Kalima 1Blood SoldBone Helm20%2168
Kalima 1Blood SoldRena +320%58855
Kalima 1Blood SoldJewel of Soul20%28647
Kalima 1Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +110%493
Kalima 1Blood SoldScroll of Fire Ball10%45
Kalima 1Blood SoldJewel of Chaos10%15411
Kalima 1Death AngeElven Bow170%541
Kalima 1Death AngeLarge Round Shield150%2240
Kalima 1Death AngeVine Armor130%969
Kalima 1Death AngeBone Armor120%3140
Kalima 1Death AngeFlail120%3076
Kalima 1Death AngeAngelic Staff120%2261
Kalima 1Death AngeRing of Ice110%2976
Kalima 1Death AngeScale Gloves110%3086
Kalima 1Death AngeBone Boots110%556
Kalima 1Death AngeScale Boots100%3168
Kalima 1Death AngeRing of Poison100%612
Kalima 1Death AngeSpear100%2976
Kalima 1Death AngeOrb of Greater Fortitude100%46591
Kalima 1Death AngeSilk Pants100%2149
Kalima 1Death AngeBronze Armor90%2213
Kalima 1Death AngeTomahawk90%2273
Kalima 1Death AngeBlood Bone +190%496
Kalima 1Death AngeSkull Shield90%472
Kalima 1Death AngeHalberd90%2295
Kalima 1Death AngeBone Gloves90%879
Kalima 1Death AngePendant of Fire90%945
Kalima 1Death AngeKatana90%523
Kalima 1Death AngeDouble Axe80%893
Kalima 1Death AngeDouble Poleaxe80%949
Kalima 1Death AngeSword of Assassin80%943
Kalima 1Death AngeFalcon80%3002
Kalima 1Death AngeLeather Helm70%858
Kalima 1Death AngePendant of Lighting70%2881
Kalima 1Death AngeSilk Boots70%463
Kalima 1Death AngeBox of Luck +170%19744
Kalima 1Death AngeKite Shield70%931
Kalima 1Death AngeOrb of Impale70%2711
Kalima 1Death AngePad Armor70%897
Kalima 1Death AngeMorning Star70%952
Kalima 1Death AngeBone Helm60%2168
Kalima 1Death AngeElven Shield60%2926
Kalima 1Death AngeSilk Armor60%2941
Kalima 1Death AngeDragon Lance60%464
Kalima 1Death AngeArquebus60%2980
Kalima 1Death AngeGolden Crossbow60%933
Kalima 1Death AngeKris60%813
Kalima 1Death AngeLeather Armor60%907
Kalima 1Death AngeSilk Gloves60%945
Kalima 1Death AngeDevils Eye60%77208
Kalima 1Death AngeLeather Pants60%862
Kalima 1Death AngeSilk Helm50%546
Kalima 1Death AngeDevils Key50%77205
Kalima 1Death AngePad Pants50%846
Kalima 1Death AngeGladius50%2908
Kalima 1Death AngeBow50%865
Kalima 1Death AngeTransformation Ring +140%249
Kalima 1Death AngeRapier40%874
Kalima 1Death AngeBronze Pants40%497
Kalima 1Death AngeBronze Boots40%928
Kalima 1Death AngeBone Pants40%2889
Kalima 1Death AngeOrb of Greater Damage40%2198
Kalima 1Death AngeHealing Orb40%846
Kalima 1Death AngeVine Helm30%793
Kalima 1Death AngeHorn Shield30%836
Kalima 1Death AngeSkull Staff30%782
Kalima 1Death AngeVine Pants30%860
Kalima 1Death AngeBuckler30%881
Kalima 1Death AngeBronze Gloves30%982
Kalima 1Death AngeMace30%758
Kalima 1Death AngeBronze Helm20%526
Kalima 1Death AngeRena +320%58855
Kalima 1Death AngeBox of Luck +720%51244
Kalima 1Death AngeScroll of Power Wave10%64
Kalima 1Death AngeScroll of Teleport10%83
Kalima 1Death CentFlail390%3076
Kalima 1Death CentScale Gloves390%3086
Kalima 1Death CentPlate Shield380%2962
Kalima 1Death CentBattle Bow380%3287
Kalima 1Death CentBrass Gloves360%5226
Kalima 1Death CentSymbol of Kundun +1340%25458
Kalima 1Death CentScale Boots340%3168
Kalima 1Death CentWind Helm340%3216
Kalima 1Death CentRing of Fire330%4155
Kalima 1Death CentBone Armor320%3140
Kalima 1Death CentSphinx Mask320%5437
Kalima 1Death CentSphinx Gloves310%3330
Kalima 1Death CentLight Crossbow310%5426
Kalima 1Death CentSerpent Staff300%4126
Kalima 1Death CentElven Axe300%3378
Kalima 1Death CentWind Boots300%3130
Kalima 1Death CentSerpent Sword290%4344
Kalima 1Death CentWind Armor280%5468
Kalima 1Death CentScale Helm270%3229
Kalima 1Death CentScale Armor270%3149
Kalima 1Death CentBrass Boots260%5368
Kalima 1Death CentBattle Axe260%4194
Kalima 1Death CentSpear260%2976
Kalima 1Death CentSword of Salamander260%5235
Kalima 1Death CentGiant Trident250%3149
Kalima 1Death CentScale Pants240%3069
Kalima 1Death CentWind Gloves230%3340
Kalima 1Death CentSphinx Boots230%4186
Kalima 1Death CentFalcon220%3002
Kalima 1Death CentWind Pants210%4115
Kalima 1Death CentSpiked Shield210%4111
Kalima 1Death CentBox of Luck +1110%19744
Kalima 1Death CentTransformation Ring +2100%2077
Kalima 1Death CentScroll of Archangel +2100%4560
Kalima 1Death CentOrb of Summoning70%24681
Kalima 1Death CentHorn of Uniria60%195724
Kalima 1Death CentDevils Eye60%77208
Kalima 1Death CentDevils Key50%77205
Kalima 1Death CentBlood Bone +250%4427
Kalima 1Death CentBox of Luck +740%51244
Kalima 1Death CentRena +330%58855
Kalima 1Death CentScroll of Meteorite10%520
Kalima 1Death CentJewel of Creation10%9087
Kalima 1Death CentScroll of Teleport10%83
Kalima 1Death CentJewel of Life10%19831
Kalima 1Death CentJewel of Chaos10%15411
Kalima 1Death CentScroll of Poison10%1636
Kalima 1Death CentJewel of Soul10%28647
Kalima 1Necron1Symbol of Kundun +11064%25458
Kalima 1Necron1Pendant of Lighting703%2881
Kalima 1Necron1Gladius682%2908
Kalima 1Necron1Bone Armor682%3140
Kalima 1Necron1Ring of Poison622%612
Kalima 1Necron1Arquebus622%2980
Kalima 1Necron1Sphinx Gloves622%3330
Kalima 1Necron1Bronze Armor612%2213
Kalima 1Necron1Scale Boots612%3168
Kalima 1Necron1Elven Axe602%3378
Kalima 1Necron1Tomahawk592%2273
Kalima 1Necron1Spear592%2976
Kalima 1Necron1Silk Armor582%2941
Kalima 1Necron1Wind Helm562%3216
Kalima 1Necron1Wind Gloves562%3340
Kalima 1Necron1Large Round Shield552%2240
Kalima 1Necron1Scale Armor552%3149
Kalima 1Necron1Halberd552%2295
Kalima 1Necron1Bone Pants542%2889
Kalima 1Necron1Scale Gloves542%3086
Kalima 1Necron1Orb of Impale542%2711
Kalima 1Necron1Angelic Staff532%2261
Kalima 1Necron1Falcon522%3002
Kalima 1Necron1Flail522%3076
Kalima 1Necron1Wind Boots522%3130
Kalima 1Necron1Elven Shield522%2926
Kalima 1Necron1Ring of Ice502%2976
Kalima 1Necron1Silk Pants502%2149
Kalima 1Necron1Orb of Greater Damage502%2198
Kalima 1Necron1Battle Bow492%3287
Kalima 1Necron1Scale Helm482%3229
Kalima 1Necron1Scale Pants482%3069
Kalima 1Necron1Bone Helm472%2168
Kalima 1Necron1Plate Shield462%2962
Kalima 1Necron1Transformation Ring +1351%249
Kalima 1Necron1Bone Gloves341%879
Kalima 1Necron1Bone Boots331%556
Kalima 1Necron1Katana331%523
Kalima 1Necron1Skull Shield331%472
Kalima 1Necron1Silk Gloves301%945
Kalima 1Necron1Bronze Pants301%497
Kalima 1Necron1Orb of Greater Fortitude291%46591
Kalima 1Necron1Pad Armor291%897
Kalima 1Necron1Elven Bow291%541
Kalima 1Necron1Pendant of Fire281%945
Kalima 1Necron1Double Axe281%893
Kalima 1Necron1Silk Helm281%546
Kalima 1Necron1Bronze Boots271%928
Kalima 1Necron1Devils Eye271%77208
Kalima 1Necron1Bronze Gloves271%982
Kalima 1Necron1Sword of Assassin251%943
Kalima 1Necron1Devils Key251%77205
Kalima 1Necron1Double Poleaxe251%949
Kalima 1Necron1Golden Crossbow241%933
Kalima 1Necron1Dragon Lance231%464
Kalima 1Necron1Vine Armor221%969
Kalima 1Necron1Box of Luck +1221%19744
Kalima 1Necron1Bronze Helm221%526
Kalima 1Necron1Silk Boots211%463
Kalima 1Necron1Scroll of Archangel +1191%493
Kalima 1Necron1Blood Bone +1191%496
Kalima 1Necron1Morning Star191%952
Kalima 1Necron1Leather Armor191%907
Kalima 1Necron1Kite Shield141%931
Kalima 1Necron1Box of Luck +7110%51244
Kalima 1Necron1Rena +3110%58855
Kalima 1Necron1Scroll of Meteorite100%520
Kalima 1Necron1Jewel of Soul70%28647
Kalima 1Necron1Scroll of Lighting60%70
Kalima 1Necron1Scroll of Teleport40%83
Kalima 1Necron1Jewel of Chaos30%15411
Kalima 1Necron1Jewel of Life30%19831
Kalima 1Necron1Jewel of Bless30%31135
Kalima 1Necron1Orb of Summoning20%24681
Kalima 1Necron1Horn of Uniria10%195724
Kalima 1Necron1Scroll of Ice10%477
Kalima 1Rogue CentSilk Boots130%463
Kalima 1Rogue CentLarge Round Shield110%2240
Kalima 1Rogue CentAngelic Staff110%2261
Kalima 1Rogue CentHorn Shield90%836
Kalima 1Rogue CentBronze Armor90%2213
Kalima 1Rogue CentMorning Star80%952
Kalima 1Rogue CentDouble Poleaxe80%949
Kalima 1Rogue CentGolden Crossbow70%933
Kalima 1Rogue CentRing of Poison70%612
Kalima 1Rogue CentPendant of Fire70%945
Kalima 1Rogue CentDouble Axe60%893
Kalima 1Rogue CentSmall Axe60%1328
Kalima 1Rogue CentOrb of Greater Damage60%2198
Kalima 1Rogue CentBone Boots60%556
Kalima 1Rogue CentKris60%813
Kalima 1Rogue CentRapier60%874
Kalima 1Rogue CentKite Shield60%931
Kalima 1Rogue CentHealing Orb50%846
Kalima 1Rogue CentBlood Bone +150%496
Kalima 1Rogue CentBronze Gloves50%982
Kalima 1Rogue CentCrossbow50%992
Kalima 1Rogue CentBronze Helm50%526
Kalima 1Rogue CentVine Gloves50%928
Kalima 1Rogue CentDragon Lance50%464
Kalima 1Rogue CentLeather Armor50%907
Kalima 1Rogue CentSmall Shield50%968
Kalima 1Rogue CentBuckler50%881
Kalima 1Rogue CentPad Armor50%897
Kalima 1Rogue CentElven Bow50%541
Kalima 1Rogue CentShort Sword40%961
Kalima 1Rogue CentLeather Pants40%862
Kalima 1Rogue CentBow40%865
Kalima 1Rogue CentHalberd40%2295
Kalima 1Rogue CentBone Helm40%2168
Kalima 1Rogue CentVine Boots40%821
Kalima 1Rogue CentBone Gloves40%879
Kalima 1Rogue CentVine Pants40%860
Kalima 1Rogue CentVine Armor40%969
Kalima 1Rogue CentSword of Assassin40%943
Kalima 1Rogue CentPad Helm40%833
Kalima 1Rogue CentOrb of Greater Fortitude40%46591
Kalima 1Rogue CentBronze Pants30%497
Kalima 1Rogue CentSkull Shield30%472
Kalima 1Rogue CentBox of Luck +730%51244
Kalima 1Rogue CentSilk Pants30%2149
Kalima 1Rogue CentTomahawk30%2273
Kalima 1Rogue CentPad Pants30%846
Kalima 1Rogue CentBronze Boots30%928
Kalima 1Rogue CentDevils Eye30%77208
Kalima 1Rogue CentHand Axe20%911
Kalima 1Rogue CentLeather Helm20%858
Kalima 1Rogue CentKatana20%523
Kalima 1Rogue CentPad Boots20%943
Kalima 1Rogue CentSilk Gloves20%945
Kalima 1Rogue CentVine Helm20%793
Kalima 1Rogue CentShort Bow20%1457
Kalima 1Rogue CentRena +320%58855
Kalima 1Rogue CentMace20%758
Kalima 1Rogue CentTransformation Ring +020%392
Kalima 1Rogue CentLeather Boots20%850
Kalima 1Rogue CentScroll of Teleport20%83
Kalima 1Rogue CentScroll of Power Wave20%64
Kalima 1Rogue CentLeather Gloves10%942
Kalima 1Rogue CentScroll of Archangel +110%493
Kalima 1Rogue CentScroll of Fire Ball10%45
Kalima 1Rogue CentHorn of Uniria10%195724
Kalima 1Rogue CentPad Gloves10%982
Kalima 1Rogue CentDevils Key10%77205
Kalima 1Rogue CentBox of Luck +110%19744
Kalima 1Rogue CentSilk Helm10%546
Kalima 1Schriker1Ring of Fire204%4155
Kalima 1Schriker1Sphinx Boots204%4186
Kalima 1Schriker1Berdysh193%15283
Kalima 1Schriker1Brass Pants183%15540
Kalima 1Schriker1Dragon Slayer Shield173%15340
Kalima 1Schriker1Spirit Helm173%14626
Kalima 1Schriker1Nikea Axe173%14272
Kalima 1Schriker1Symbol of Kundun +1173%25458
Kalima 1Schriker1Sphinx Mask163%5437
Kalima 1Schriker1Sphinx Pants163%14500
Kalima 1Schriker1Battle Axe153%4194
Kalima 1Schriker1Tower Shield143%14378
Kalima 1Schriker1Serpent Staff143%4126
Kalima 1Schriker1Wind Armor143%5468
Kalima 1Schriker1Spirit Boots143%14415
Kalima 1Schriker1Light Crossbow132%5426
Kalima 1Schriker1Great Hammer132%15150
Kalima 1Schriker1Light Saber132%14564
Kalima 1Schriker1Brass Helm122%16334
Kalima 1Schriker1Sphinx Armor122%14861
Kalima 1Schriker1Sword of Salamander122%5235
Kalima 1Schriker1Pendant of Ice122%14416
Kalima 1Schriker1Spiked Shield122%4111
Kalima 1Schriker1Wind Pants112%4115
Kalima 1Schriker1Spirit Gloves112%15159
Kalima 1Schriker1Brass Armor112%15281
Kalima 1Schriker1Giant Trident112%3149
Kalima 1Schriker1Elven Axe102%3378
Kalima 1Schriker1Ring of Earth102%15036
Kalima 1Schriker1Serpent Sword102%4344
Kalima 1Schriker1Tiger Bow92%14362
Kalima 1Schriker1Plate Shield81%2962
Kalima 1Schriker1Scale Helm81%3229
Kalima 1Schriker1Wind Helm71%3216
Kalima 1Schriker1Scale Gloves71%3086
Kalima 1Schriker1Brass Boots71%5368
Kalima 1Schriker1Brass Gloves71%5226
Kalima 1Schriker1Transformation Ring +371%6318
Kalima 1Schriker1Sphinx Gloves61%3330
Kalima 1Schriker1Wind Gloves61%3340
Kalima 1Schriker1Scale Boots61%3168
Kalima 1Schriker1Blade61%16598
Kalima 1Schriker1Scale Pants51%3069
Kalima 1Schriker1Scale Armor51%3149
Kalima 1Schriker1Wind Boots51%3130
Kalima 1Schriker1Rena +341%58855
Kalima 1Schriker1Devils Eye41%77208
Kalima 1Schriker1Falcon41%3002
Kalima 1Schriker1Flail41%3076
Kalima 1Schriker1Battle Bow41%3287
Kalima 1Schriker1Devils Key31%77205
Kalima 1Schriker1Jewel of Bless20%31135
Kalima 1Schriker1Scroll of Archangel +220%4560
Kalima 1Schriker1Blood Bone +220%4427
Kalima 1Schriker1Box of Luck +710%51244
Kalima 1Schriker1Orb of Summoning10%24681
Kalima 1Schriker1Bone Armor10%3140
Kalima 1Schriker1Spear10%2976
Kalima 1Schriker1Jewel of Creation10%9087
Kalima 1Schriker1Box of Luck +110%19744
Kalima 1Schriker1Horn of Uniria10%195724
Kalima 1Schriker1Jewel of Chaos10%15411
Kalima 1Schriker1Scroll of Flame10%1245
Kalima 1Schriker1Scroll of Poison10%1636
Kalima 1Schriker1Scroll of Twister10%1401
Kalima 2Aegis2Battle Bow163%3287
Kalima 2Aegis2Symbol of Kundun +1163%25458
Kalima 2Aegis2Wind Armor143%5468
Kalima 2Aegis2Scale Pants143%3069
Kalima 2Aegis2Spiked Shield143%4111
Kalima 2Aegis2Falcon133%3002
Kalima 2Aegis2Sphinx Gloves133%3330
Kalima 2Aegis2Serpent Sword133%4344
Kalima 2Aegis2Wind Gloves133%3340
Kalima 2Aegis2Wind Boots133%3130
Kalima 2Aegis2Scale Boots133%3168
Kalima 2Aegis2Brass Boots122%5368
Kalima 2Aegis2Sword of Salamander122%5235
Kalima 2Aegis2Flail122%3076
Kalima 2Aegis2Bone Armor122%3140
Kalima 2Aegis2Wind Helm112%3216
Kalima 2Aegis2Serpent Staff112%4126
Kalima 2Aegis2Elven Axe112%3378
Kalima 2Aegis2Devils Eye112%77208
Kalima 2Aegis2Giant Trident102%3149
Kalima 2Aegis2Sphinx Boots102%4186
Kalima 2Aegis2Battle Axe102%4194
Kalima 2Aegis2Light Crossbow102%5426
Kalima 2Aegis2Plate Shield92%2962
Kalima 2Aegis2Bone Pants82%2889
Kalima 2Aegis2Scale Armor82%3149
Kalima 2Aegis2Wind Pants82%4115
Kalima 2Aegis2Silk Boots71%463
Kalima 2Aegis2Sphinx Mask71%5437
Kalima 2Aegis2Spear71%2976
Kalima 2Aegis2Box of Luck +171%19744
Kalima 2Aegis2Elven Shield71%2926
Kalima 2Aegis2Scale Helm71%3229
Kalima 2Aegis2Silk Helm61%546
Kalima 2Aegis2Pendant of Lighting61%2881
Kalima 2Aegis2Scale Gloves61%3086
Kalima 2Aegis2Orb of Impale61%2711
Kalima 2Aegis2Silk Pants51%2149
Kalima 2Aegis2Scroll of Archangel +251%4560
Kalima 2Aegis2Transformation Ring +251%2077
Kalima 2Aegis2Devils Key51%77205
Kalima 2Aegis2Bronze Pants51%497
Kalima 2Aegis2Ring of Ice41%2976
Kalima 2Aegis2Silk Gloves41%945
Kalima 2Aegis2Halberd41%2295
Kalima 2Aegis2Brass Gloves41%5226
Kalima 2Aegis2Blood Bone +241%4427
Kalima 2Aegis2Ring of Fire41%4155
Kalima 2Aegis2Bronze Armor41%2213
Kalima 2Aegis2Bone Boots31%556
Kalima 2Aegis2Large Round Shield31%2240
Kalima 2Aegis2Bone Helm31%2168
Kalima 2Aegis2Katana31%523
Kalima 2Aegis2Imp31%185777
Kalima 2Aegis2Tomahawk20%2273
Kalima 2Aegis2Orb of Greater Damage20%2198
Kalima 2Aegis2Angelic Staff20%2261
Kalima 2Aegis2Scroll of Archangel +120%493
Kalima 2Aegis2Scroll of Teleport20%83
Kalima 2Aegis2Arquebus20%2980
Kalima 2Aegis2Double Axe20%893
Kalima 2Aegis2Elven Bow20%541
Kalima 2Aegis2Box of Luck +720%51244
Kalima 2Aegis2Skull Shield20%472
Kalima 2Aegis2Silk Armor20%2941
Kalima 2Aegis2Dragon Lance20%464
Kalima 2Aegis2Rena +310%58855
Kalima 2Aegis2Scroll of Ice10%477
Kalima 2Aegis2Scroll of Meteorite10%520
Kalima 2Aegis2Orb of Summoning10%24681
Kalima 2Aegis2Blood Bone +110%496
Kalima 2Aegis2Bronze Helm10%526
Kalima 2Aegis2Ring of Poison10%612
Kalima 2Aegis2Bone Gloves10%879
Kalima 2Blood SoldSymbol of Kundun +1840%25458
Kalima 2Blood SoldSphinx Gloves700%3330
Kalima 2Blood SoldWind Gloves700%3340
Kalima 2Blood SoldSpiked Shield670%4111
Kalima 2Blood SoldWind Pants640%4115
Kalima 2Blood SoldSerpent Staff640%4126
Kalima 2Blood SoldWind Boots620%3130
Kalima 2Blood SoldBrass Helm610%16334
Kalima 2Blood SoldBrass Pants610%15540
Kalima 2Blood SoldGiant Trident600%3149
Kalima 2Blood SoldBrass Boots590%5368
Kalima 2Blood SoldPendant of Ice590%14416
Kalima 2Blood SoldSerpent Sword590%4344
Kalima 2Blood SoldBattle Axe580%4194
Kalima 2Blood SoldLight Crossbow580%5426
Kalima 2Blood SoldWind Armor580%5468
Kalima 2Blood SoldRing of Fire570%4155
Kalima 2Blood SoldBrass Gloves570%5226
Kalima 2Blood SoldDragon Slayer Shield560%15340
Kalima 2Blood SoldBattle Bow550%3287
Kalima 2Blood SoldScale Helm550%3229
Kalima 2Blood SoldBerdysh550%15283
Kalima 2Blood SoldWind Helm550%3216
Kalima 2Blood SoldNikea Axe540%14272
Kalima 2Blood SoldElven Axe540%3378
Kalima 2Blood SoldSword of Salamander530%5235
Kalima 2Blood SoldScale Armor510%3149
Kalima 2Blood SoldBlade490%16598
Kalima 2Blood SoldSphinx Mask490%5437
Kalima 2Blood SoldSphinx Pants480%14500
Kalima 2Blood SoldSphinx Boots460%4186
Kalima 2Blood SoldTransformation Ring +2260%2077
Kalima 2Blood SoldOrb of Summoning240%24681
Kalima 2Blood SoldHorn of Uniria230%195724
Kalima 2Blood SoldDevils Eye190%77208
Kalima 2Blood SoldBox of Luck +1190%19744
Kalima 2Blood SoldDevils Key140%77205
Kalima 2Blood SoldBlood Bone +2130%4427
Kalima 2Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +270%4560
Kalima 2Blood SoldRena +370%58855
Kalima 2Blood SoldScroll of Poison60%1636
Kalima 2Blood SoldScroll of Flame50%1245
Kalima 2Blood SoldScroll of Ice40%477
Kalima 2Blood SoldImp30%185777
Kalima 2Blood SoldBox of Luck +730%51244
Kalima 2Blood SoldJewel of Chaos30%15411
Kalima 2Blood SoldJewel of Bless30%31135
Kalima 2Blood SoldJewel of Life20%19831
Kalima 2Blood SoldScroll of Meteorite20%520
Kalima 2Blood SoldJewel of Soul20%28647
Kalima 2Blood SoldVine Gloves10%928
Kalima 2Blood SoldSword of Assassin10%943
Kalima 2Blood SoldLeather Helm10%858
Kalima 2Blood SoldMace10%758
Kalima 2Death AngeSphinx Armor180%14861
Kalima 2Death AngeSphinx Boots180%4186
Kalima 2Death AngeWind Pants170%4115
Kalima 2Death AngeSpiked Shield170%4111
Kalima 2Death AngeSerpent Staff160%4126
Kalima 2Death AngeLight Saber160%14564
Kalima 2Death AngeSword of Salamander150%5235
Kalima 2Death AngeSpirit Gloves150%15159
Kalima 2Death AngeBlade140%16598
Kalima 2Death AngeSerpent Sword130%4344
Kalima 2Death AngePendant of Ice130%14416
Kalima 2Death AngeGreat Hammer130%15150
Kalima 2Death AngeSphinx Pants130%14500
Kalima 2Death AngeBrass Pants120%15540
Kalima 2Death AngeScale Helm120%3229
Kalima 2Death AngeWind Armor120%5468
Kalima 2Death AngeTransformation Ring +3120%6318
Kalima 2Death AngeSpirit Boots120%14415
Kalima 2Death AngeBattle Axe120%4194
Kalima 2Death AngeDragon Slayer Shield110%15340
Kalima 2Death AngeBrass Armor110%15281
Kalima 2Death AngeSpirit Helm110%14626
Kalima 2Death AngeGiant Trident100%3149
Kalima 2Death AngeBrass Gloves100%5226
Kalima 2Death AngeBerdysh100%15283
Kalima 2Death AngeSphinx Mask100%5437
Kalima 2Death AngeRing of Earth90%15036
Kalima 2Death AngeRing of Fire90%4155
Kalima 2Death AngeBrass Helm80%16334
Kalima 2Death AngeLight Crossbow80%5426
Kalima 2Death AngeNikea Axe80%14272
Kalima 2Death AngeTiger Bow80%14362
Kalima 2Death AngeTower Shield80%14378
Kalima 2Death AngeWind Helm80%3216
Kalima 2Death AngeScale Gloves70%3086
Kalima 2Death AngeSpear70%2976
Kalima 2Death AngeWind Gloves60%3340
Kalima 2Death AngeFalcon60%3002
Kalima 2Death AngeSphinx Gloves60%3330
Kalima 2Death AngeBattle Bow50%3287
Kalima 2Death AngeWind Boots50%3130
Kalima 2Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +150%25458
Kalima 2Death AngeBrass Boots50%5368
Kalima 2Death AngeScale Armor50%3149
Kalima 2Death AngeBox of Luck +150%19744
Kalima 2Death AngeBlood Bone +250%4427
Kalima 2Death AngeScroll of Archangel +240%4560
Kalima 2Death AngeGuardian Angel40%230850
Kalima 2Death AngeScale Pants40%3069
Kalima 2Death AngeElven Axe30%3378
Kalima 2Death AngeBone Armor30%3140
Kalima 2Death AngePlate Shield20%2962
Kalima 2Death AngeScale Boots20%3168
Kalima 2Death AngeFlail20%3076
Kalima 2Death AngeScroll of Poison20%1636
Kalima 2Death AngeDevils Eye20%77208
Kalima 2Death AngeHorn of Uniria20%195724
Kalima 2Death AngeScroll of Twister20%1401
Kalima 2Death AngeDevils Key10%77205
Kalima 2Death AngeJewel of Bless10%31135
Kalima 2Death AngeScroll of Ice10%477
Kalima 2Death AngeOrb of Summoning10%24681
Kalima 2Death CentSymbol of Kundun +21640%15334
Kalima 2Death CentPendant of Water1220%4692
Kalima 2Death CentTiger Bow1200%14362
Kalima 2Death CentThunder Staff1170%13327
Kalima 2Death CentOrb of Twisting Slash1150%3621
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Boots1140%13671
Kalima 2Death CentLight Spear1130%13540
Kalima 2Death CentLight Saber1110%14564
Kalima 2Death CentLight Plate Gloves1100%13594
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Armor1090%12531
Kalima 2Death CentLight Plate Boots1090%12330
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Boots1080%14415
Kalima 2Death CentBerdysh1050%15283
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Gloves1040%12852
Kalima 2Death CentLight Plate Mask1030%4555
Kalima 2Death CentRing of Earth1030%15036
Kalima 2Death CentBrass Armor1030%15281
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Boots1030%4608
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Helm1020%14626
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Gloves1010%15159
Kalima 2Death CentSerpent Spear1000%4587
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Pants990%13507
Kalima 2Death CentSerpent Shield990%12562
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Helm990%4515
Kalima 2Death CentSerpent Crossbow980%2440
Kalima 2Death CentTower Shield980%14378
Kalima 2Death CentGreat Hammer970%15150
Kalima 2Death CentDouble Blade970%2483
Kalima 2Death CentSphinx Armor960%14861
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Pants950%12371
Kalima 2Death CentRing of Wind950%12622
Kalima 2Death CentLarkan Axe920%4561
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Armor920%2363
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Shield910%2351
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Gloves900%13463
Kalima 2Death CentRing of Magic890%3496
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Sword890%12725
Kalima 2Death CentPendant of Wind840%13464
Kalima 2Death CentTransformation Ring +3480%6318
Kalima 2Death CentHorn of Uniria390%195724
Kalima 2Death CentBlood Bone +3350%3757
Kalima 2Death CentDevils Key340%77205
Kalima 2Death CentBox of Luck +1300%19744
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Archangel +3290%3835
Kalima 2Death CentDevils Eye260%77208
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Poison170%1636
Kalima 2Death CentBox of Luck +7150%51244
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Evil Spirit130%8663
Kalima 2Death CentRena +3120%58855
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Flame90%1245
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Twister50%1401
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Soul30%28647
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Bless30%31135
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Life30%19831
Kalima 2Death CentOrb of Summoning20%24681
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Chaos20%15411
Kalima 2Death CentGuardian Angel10%230850
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Creation10%9087
Kalima 2Necron2Symbol of Kundun +12254%25458
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Gloves2143%15159
Kalima 2Necron2Tower Shield2113%14378
Kalima 2Necron2Sphinx Pants2073%14500
Kalima 2Necron2Berdysh2073%15283
Kalima 2Necron2Light Spear2053%13540
Kalima 2Necron2Pendant of Ice2043%14416
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Pants2033%13507
Kalima 2Necron2Blade2003%16598
Kalima 2Necron2Ring of Wind1993%12622
Kalima 2Necron2Plate Gloves1993%13463
Kalima 2Necron2Brass Pants1983%15540
Kalima 2Necron2Nikea Axe1973%14272
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Boots1953%14415
Kalima 2Necron2Pendant of Wind1953%13464
Kalima 2Necron2Light Saber1953%14564
Kalima 2Necron2Brass Armor1943%15281
Kalima 2Necron2Plate Boots1923%13671
Kalima 2Necron2Ring of Earth1883%15036
Kalima 2Necron2Light Plate Gloves1863%13594
Kalima 2Necron2Thunder Staff1863%13327
Kalima 2Necron2Dragon Slayer Shield1843%15340
Kalima 2Necron2Brass Helm1823%16334
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Helm1813%14626
Kalima 2Necron2Sphinx Armor1793%14861
Kalima 2Necron2Legendary Gloves1793%12852
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Armor1773%12531
Kalima 2Necron2Great Hammer1753%15150
Kalima 2Necron2Tiger Bow1743%14362
Kalima 2Necron2Legendary Sword1733%12725
Kalima 2Necron2Transformation Ring +3671%6318
Kalima 2Necron2Imp511%185777
Kalima 2Necron2Devils Eye461%77208
Kalima 2Necron2Devils Key441%77205
Kalima 2Necron2Scroll of Archangel +2411%4560
Kalima 2Necron2Box of Luck +1371%19744
Kalima 2Necron2Blood Bone +2341%4427
Kalima 2Necron2Scroll of Poison210%1636
Kalima 2Necron2Box of Luck +7200%51244
Kalima 2Necron2Rena +3190%58855
Kalima 2Necron2Jewel of Soul120%28647
Kalima 2Necron2Jewel of Bless110%31135
Kalima 2Necron2Horn of Uniria80%195724
Kalima 2Necron2Guardian Angel80%230850
Kalima 2Necron2Jewel of Chaos70%15411
Kalima 2Necron2Scroll of Flame60%1245
Kalima 2Necron2Scroll of Twister50%1401
Kalima 2Necron2Orb of Summoning50%24681
Kalima 2Necron2Jewel of Life30%19831
Kalima 2Necron2Double Poleaxe10%949
Kalima 2Rogue CentSerpent Staff130%4126
Kalima 2Rogue CentSphinx Pants110%14500
Kalima 2Rogue CentFalcon110%3002
Kalima 2Rogue CentWind Pants100%4115
Kalima 2Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +1100%25458
Kalima 2Rogue CentScale Pants100%3069
Kalima 2Rogue CentLight Crossbow100%5426
Kalima 2Rogue CentSpear90%2976
Kalima 2Rogue CentBrass Boots90%5368
Kalima 2Rogue CentBone Boots90%556
Kalima 2Rogue CentWind Gloves90%3340
Kalima 2Rogue CentScale Helm90%3229
Kalima 2Rogue CentScale Gloves80%3086
Kalima 2Rogue CentSerpent Sword80%4344
Kalima 2Rogue CentElven Axe80%3378
Kalima 2Rogue CentScale Armor80%3149
Kalima 2Rogue CentWind Boots70%3130
Kalima 2Rogue CentLarge Round Shield70%2240
Kalima 2Rogue CentBronze Helm70%526
Kalima 2Rogue CentScale Boots70%3168
Kalima 2Rogue CentWind Helm70%3216
Kalima 2Rogue CentGiant Trident70%3149
Kalima 2Rogue CentPlate Shield70%2962
Kalima 2Rogue CentWind Armor60%5468
Kalima 2Rogue CentFlail60%3076
Kalima 2Rogue CentBattle Axe60%4194
Kalima 2Rogue CentBattle Bow60%3287
Kalima 2Rogue CentBronze Armor60%2213
Kalima 2Rogue CentRing of Poison60%612
Kalima 2Rogue CentSphinx Boots60%4186
Kalima 2Rogue CentKatana50%523
Kalima 2Rogue CentSword of Salamander50%5235
Kalima 2Rogue CentAngelic Staff50%2261
Kalima 2Rogue CentSpiked Shield50%4111
Kalima 2Rogue CentElven Shield50%2926
Kalima 2Rogue CentSilk Pants50%2149
Kalima 2Rogue CentRing of Fire50%4155
Kalima 2Rogue CentTomahawk50%2273
Kalima 2Rogue CentBone Pants50%2889
Kalima 2Rogue CentSphinx Mask40%5437
Kalima 2Rogue CentBrass Gloves40%5226
Kalima 2Rogue CentOrb of Greater Damage40%2198
Kalima 2Rogue CentSphinx Gloves40%3330
Kalima 2Rogue CentPendant of Lighting40%2881
Kalima 2Rogue CentTransformation Ring +240%2077
Kalima 2Rogue CentPendant of Ice40%14416
Kalima 2Rogue CentDevils Key40%77205
Kalima 2Rogue CentHorn of Uniria40%195724
Kalima 2Rogue CentBone Armor30%3140
Kalima 2Rogue CentBox of Luck +730%51244
Kalima 2Rogue CentNikea Axe30%14272
Kalima 2Rogue CentElven Bow30%541
Kalima 2Rogue CentBox of Luck +130%19744
Kalima 2Rogue CentHalberd30%2295
Kalima 2Rogue CentBlood Bone +220%4427
Kalima 2Rogue CentGladius20%2908
Kalima 2Rogue CentArquebus20%2980
Kalima 2Rogue CentScroll of Ice20%477
Kalima 2Rogue CentBone Helm20%2168
Kalima 2Rogue CentSilk Helm20%546
Kalima 2Rogue CentScroll of Poison20%1636
Kalima 2Rogue CentDevils Eye20%77208
Kalima 2Rogue CentJewel of Soul10%28647
Kalima 2Rogue CentOrb of Summoning10%24681
Kalima 2Rogue CentScroll of Teleport10%83
Kalima 2Rogue CentOrb of Impale10%2711
Kalima 2Schriker2Spirit Armor40%12531
Kalima 2Schriker2Light Plate Boots30%12330
Kalima 2Schriker2Ring of Magic30%3496
Kalima 2Schriker2Light Plate Gloves30%13594
Kalima 2Schriker2Plate Pants30%12371
Kalima 2Schriker2Gorgon Staff20%8724
Kalima 2Schriker2Plate Helm20%4515
Kalima 2Schriker2Symbol of Kundun +220%15334
Kalima 2Schriker2Pendant of Wind20%13464
Kalima 2Schriker2Serpent Shield20%12562
Kalima 2Schriker2Plate Armor20%2363
Kalima 2Schriker2Legendary Helm20%2823
Kalima 2Schriker2Plate Boots20%13671
Kalima 2Schriker2Light Plate Pants20%2702
Kalima 2Schriker2Spirit Pants10%13507
Kalima 2Schriker2Guardian Gloves10%2811
Kalima 2Schriker2Pendant of Water10%4692
Kalima 2Schriker2Orb of Twisting Slash10%3621
Kalima 2Schriker2Tiger Bow10%14362
Kalima 2Schriker2Plate Gloves10%13463
Kalima 2Schriker2Scroll of Archangel +310%3835
Kalima 2Schriker2Blood Bone +310%3757
Kalima 2Schriker2Guardian Boots10%8674
Kalima 2Schriker2Legendary Pants10%10068
Kalima 2Schriker2Light Saber10%14564
Kalima 2Schriker2Guardian Angel10%230850
Kalima 2Schriker2Ring of Wind10%12622
Kalima 2Schriker2Legendary Shield10%2351
Kalima 2Schriker2Legendary Sword10%12725
Kalima 2Schriker2Guardian Helm10%10025
Kalima 2Schriker2Thunder Staff10%13327
Kalima 2Schriker2Giant Sword10%8674
Kalima 2Schriker2Serpent Spear10%4587
Kalima 2Schriker2Legendary Boots10%4608
Kalima 2Schriker2Spirit Helm10%14626
Kalima 2Schriker2Light Spear10%13540
Kalima 3Aegis3Symbol of Kundun +1210%25458
Kalima 3Aegis3Tiger Bow210%14362
Kalima 3Aegis3Great Hammer210%15150
Kalima 3Aegis3Scroll of Evil Spirit15%8663
Kalima 3Aegis3Legendary Boots15%4608
Kalima 3Aegis3Plate Gloves15%13463
Kalima 3Aegis3Light Spear15%13540
Kalima 3Aegis3Sphinx Armor15%14861
Kalima 3Aegis3Horn of Uniria15%195724
Kalima 3Aegis3Brass Pants15%15540
Kalima 3Aegis3Imp15%185777
Kalima 3Aegis3Transformation Ring +315%6318
Kalima 3Aegis3Dragon Slayer Shield15%15340
Kalima 3Aegis3Plate Boots15%13671
Kalima 3Aegis3Spirit Boots15%14415
Kalima 3Aegis3Light Saber15%14564
Kalima 3Aegis3Ring of Wind15%12622
Kalima 3Blood SoldLegendary Sword10%12725
Kalima 3Blood SoldBlood Bone +310%3757
Kalima 3Blood SoldSerpent Shield10%12562
Kalima 3Blood SoldHorn of Uniria10%195724
Kalima 3Blood SoldLarkan Axe10%4561
Kalima 3Blood SoldLegendary Shield10%2351
Kalima 3Blood SoldPlate Pants10%12371
Kalima 3Blood SoldLight Plate Mask10%4555
Kalima 3Blood SoldDevils Key10%77205
Kalima 3Death AngeLegendary Pants20%10068
Kalima 3Death AngeGuardian Boots20%8674
Kalima 3Death AngeLight Plate Mask10%4555
Kalima 3Death AngePlate Gloves10%13463
Kalima 3Death AngeLegendary Gloves10%12852
Kalima 3Death AngeTower Shield10%14378
Kalima 3Death AngeSerpent Spear10%4587
Kalima 3Death AngeLight Plate Boots10%12330
Kalima 3Death AngeLight Spear10%13540
Kalima 3Death AngeBlood Bone +310%3757
Kalima 3Death AngePendant of Wind10%13464
Kalima 3Death AngeOrb of Twisting Slash10%3621
Kalima 3Death AngeRing of Wind10%12622
Kalima 3Death AngeRing of Magic10%3496
Kalima 3Death CentGuardian Helm4030%10025
Kalima 3Death CentBronze Shield4000%9952
Kalima 3Death CentLegendary Pants4000%10068
Kalima 3Death CentDragon Gloves3940%8615
Kalima 3Death CentGuardian Pants3880%9949
Kalima 3Death CentLegendary Armor3850%25856
Kalima 3Death CentDragon Boots3840%9912
Kalima 3Death CentSymbol of Kundun +23810%15334
Kalima 3Death CentOrb of Greater Fortitude3800%46591
Kalima 3Death CentDragon Shield3770%45924
Kalima 3Death CentDragon Helm3770%43538
Kalima 3Death CentAdamantine Gloves3750%44028
Kalima 3Death CentGuardian Boots3740%8674
Kalima 3Death CentBill of Balrog3730%41809
Kalima 3Death CentBattle Scepter3730%9942
Kalima 3Death CentOrb of Fire Slash3700%45815
Kalima 3Death CentGiant Sword3700%8674
Kalima 3Death CentDragon Armor3700%45616
Kalima 3Death CentGuardian Armor3690%43834
Kalima 3Death CentGorgon Staff3680%8724
Kalima 3Death CentDragon Pants3680%26062
Kalima 3Death CentHelical Sword3640%25923
Kalima 3Death CentLight Plate Armor3640%46719
Kalima 3Death CentGreat Scythe3630%9880
Kalima 3Death CentLighting Sword3590%45825
Kalima 3Death CentLegendary Staff3560%45591
Kalima 3Death CentSilver Bow3540%25976
Kalima 3Death CentAdamantine Boots3270%45599
Kalima 3Death CentTransformation Ring +51170%146057
Kalima 3Death CentBlood Bone +4800%7912
Kalima 3Death CentDevils Key790%77205
Kalima 3Death CentScroll of Archangel +4760%7859
Kalima 3Death CentBox of Luck +1710%19744
Kalima 3Death CentDevils Eye710%77208
Kalima 3Death CentScroll of Evil Spirit430%8663
Kalima 3Death CentBox of Luck +7330%51244
Kalima 3Death CentJewel of Bless230%31135
Kalima 3Death CentJewel of Chaos220%15411
Kalima 3Death CentRena +3220%58855
Kalima 3Death CentJewel of Soul190%28647
Kalima 3Death CentJewel of Life190%19831
Kalima 3Death CentScroll of Hellfire180%3151
Kalima 3Death CentOrb of Summoning90%24681
Kalima 3Death CentHorn of Uniria80%195724
Kalima 3Death CentJewel of Creation30%9087
Kalima 3Illusion oOrb of Ice Arrow10%69018
Kalima 3Illusion oDevils Key10%77205
Kalima 3Illusion oScroll of FireBurst10%65144
Kalima 3Necron3Serpent Crossbow66%2440
Kalima 3Necron3Helical Sword66%25923
Kalima 3Necron3Guardian Armor55%43834
Kalima 3Necron3Symbol of Kundun +255%15334
Kalima 3Necron3Bronze Shield55%9952
Kalima 3Necron3Light Plate Pants55%2702
Kalima 3Necron3Gorgon Staff55%8724
Kalima 3Necron3Battle Scepter44%9942
Kalima 3Necron3Adamantine Gloves44%44028
Kalima 3Necron3Guardian Gloves44%2811
Kalima 3Necron3Legendary Shield44%2351
Kalima 3Necron3Double Blade44%2483
Kalima 3Necron3Guardian Pants44%9949
Kalima 3Necron3Dragon Helm33%43538
Kalima 3Necron3Guardian Boots33%8674
Kalima 3Necron3Dragon Pants33%26062
Kalima 3Necron3Silver Bow33%25976
Kalima 3Necron3Ring of Magic33%3496
Kalima 3Necron3Dragon Gloves33%8615
Kalima 3Necron3Great Scythe22%9880
Kalima 3Necron3Giant Sword22%8674
Kalima 3Necron3Orb of Twisting Slash22%3621
Kalima 3Necron3Guardian Helm22%10025
Kalima 3Necron3Box of Luck +122%19744
Kalima 3Necron3Legendary Helm22%2823
Kalima 3Necron3Scroll of Evil Spirit22%8663
Kalima 3Necron3Plate Armor22%2363
Kalima 3Necron3Devils Key11%77205
Kalima 3Necron3Legendary Armor11%25856
Kalima 3Necron3Pendant of Ability11%2655
Kalima 3Necron3Dragon Boots11%9912
Kalima 3Rogue CentLegendary Boots40%4608
Kalima 3Rogue CentSpirit Boots20%14415
Kalima 3Rogue CentLight Plate Mask20%4555
Kalima 3Rogue CentPlate Gloves20%13463
Kalima 3Rogue CentRing of Wind20%12622
Kalima 3Rogue CentPlate Boots10%13671
Kalima 3Rogue CentLight Spear10%13540
Kalima 3Rogue CentBrass Armor10%15281
Kalima 3Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +210%15334
Kalima 3Rogue CentSerpent Spear10%4587
Kalima 3Rogue CentTower Shield10%14378
Kalima 3Rogue CentLegendary Shield10%2351
Kalima 3Rogue CentSerpent Crossbow10%2440
Kalima 3Schriker3Dragon Shield565%45924
Kalima 3Schriker3Orb of Fire Slash555%45815
Kalima 3Schriker3Bill of Balrog545%41809
Kalima 3Schriker3Orb of Greater Fortitude545%46591
Kalima 3Schriker3Bluewing Crossbow515%50116
Kalima 3Schriker3Orb of Penetration515%50109
Kalima 3Schriker3Dragon Armor505%45616
Kalima 3Schriker3Light Plate Armor505%46719
Kalima 3Schriker3Adamantine Mask475%50827
Kalima 3Schriker3Legendary Staff454%45591
Kalima 3Schriker3Lighting Sword434%45825
Kalima 3Schriker3Helical Sword434%25923
Kalima 3Schriker3Adamantine Boots424%45599
Kalima 3Schriker3Crystal Morning Star424%50456
Kalima 3Schriker3Legendary Armor394%25856
Kalima 3Schriker3Elemental Shield384%50664
Kalima 3Schriker3Dragon Pants343%26062
Kalima 3Schriker3Adamantine Gloves333%44028
Kalima 3Schriker3Dragon Helm313%43538
Kalima 3Schriker3Silver Bow303%25976
Kalima 3Schriker3Horn of Uniria303%195724
Kalima 3Schriker3Guardian Armor263%43834
Kalima 3Schriker3Symbol of Kundun +3263%40885
Kalima 3Schriker3Transformation Ring +5111%146057
Kalima 3Schriker3Devils Eye81%77208
Kalima 3Schriker3Box of Luck +181%19744
Kalima 3Schriker3Blood Bone +561%5169
Kalima 3Schriker3Rena +361%58855
Kalima 3Schriker3Scroll of Hellfire61%3151
Kalima 3Schriker3Scroll of Archangel +561%5128
Kalima 3Schriker3Devils Key30%77205
Kalima 3Schriker3Jewel of Chaos20%15411
Kalima 3Schriker3Scroll of Evil Spirit20%8663
Kalima 3Schriker3Orb of Summoning20%24681
Kalima 3Schriker3Jewel of Bless10%31135
Kalima 3Schriker3Jewel of Life10%19831
Kalima 3Schriker3Box of Luck +710%51244
Kalima 4Aegis4Legendary Staff245%45591
Kalima 4Aegis4Helical Sword245%25923
Kalima 4Aegis4Dragon Shield234%45924
Kalima 4Aegis4Battle Scepter224%9942
Kalima 4Aegis4Legendary Armor224%25856
Kalima 4Aegis4Adamantine Boots224%45599
Kalima 4Aegis4Bronze Shield224%9952
Kalima 4Aegis4Great Scythe214%9880
Kalima 4Aegis4Giant Sword214%8674
Kalima 4Aegis4Dragon Armor194%45616
Kalima 4Aegis4Orb of Fire Slash194%45815
Kalima 4Aegis4Dragon Helm183%43538
Kalima 4Aegis4Guardian Boots173%8674
Kalima 4Aegis4Light Plate Armor163%46719
Kalima 4Aegis4Orb of Greater Fortitude163%46591
Kalima 4Aegis4Symbol of Kundun +2163%15334
Kalima 4Aegis4Guardian Armor163%43834
Kalima 4Aegis4Lighting Sword163%45825
Kalima 4Aegis4Dragon Pants153%26062
Kalima 4Aegis4Legendary Pants153%10068
Kalima 4Aegis4Dragon Gloves153%8615
Kalima 4Aegis4Adamantine Gloves153%44028
Kalima 4Aegis4Guardian Helm143%10025
Kalima 4Aegis4Dragon Boots143%9912
Kalima 4Aegis4Gorgon Staff143%8724
Kalima 4Aegis4Silver Bow133%25976
Kalima 4Aegis4Guardian Pants122%9949
Kalima 4Aegis4Box of Luck +741%51244
Kalima 4Aegis4Devils Key41%77205
Kalima 4Aegis4Devils Eye41%77208
Kalima 4Aegis4Box of Luck +131%19744
Kalima 4Aegis4Imp31%185777
Kalima 4Aegis4Rena +331%58855
Kalima 4Aegis4Jewel of Soul31%28647
Kalima 4Aegis4Transformation Ring +531%146057
Kalima 4Aegis4Scroll of Archangel +420%7859
Kalima 4Aegis4Scroll of Evil Spirit20%8663
Kalima 4Aegis4Jewel of Bless20%31135
Kalima 4Aegis4Jewel of Chaos10%15411
Kalima 4Aegis4Scroll of Hellfire10%3151
Kalima 4Aegis4Jewel of Life10%19831
Kalima 4Blood SoldStorm Crow Gloves70%38521
Kalima 4Blood SoldAdamantine Mask60%50827
Kalima 4Blood SoldBill of Balrog50%41809
Kalima 4Blood SoldGrand Soul Gloves40%32448
Kalima 4Blood SoldLegendary Staff40%45591
Kalima 4Blood SoldOrb of Greater Fortitude40%46591
Kalima 4Blood SoldLight Plate Armor40%46719
Kalima 4Blood SoldDragon Shield30%45924
Kalima 4Blood SoldOrb of Penetration30%50109
Kalima 4Blood SoldOrb of Fire Slash30%45815
Kalima 4Blood SoldAdamantine Pants30%38506
Kalima 4Blood SoldCrystal Morning Star30%50456
Kalima 4Blood SoldBluewing Crossbow20%50116
Kalima 4Blood SoldElemental Shield20%50664
Kalima 4Blood SoldLighting Sword20%45825
Kalima 4Blood SoldScroll of Hellfire10%3151
Kalima 4Blood SoldDragon Armor10%45616
Kalima 4Blood SoldStaff of Resurrection10%38307
Kalima 4Blood SoldHorn of Uniria10%195724
Kalima 4Blood SoldImp10%185777
Kalima 4Death AngeAquagold Crossbow2140%47596
Kalima 4Death AngeOrb of Death Stab2050%39242
Kalima 4Death AngeScroll of FireBurst2020%65144
Kalima 4Death AngeOrb of Penetration1950%50109
Kalima 4Death AngeBluewing Crossbow1940%50116
Kalima 4Death AngeElemental Shield1900%50664
Kalima 4Death AngeGrand Soul Gloves1890%32448
Kalima 4Death AngeBill of Balrog1840%41809
Kalima 4Death AngeStorm Crow Pants1800%64051
Kalima 4Death AngeHoly Spirit Gloves1790%39829
Kalima 4Death AngeAdamantine Mask1780%50827
Kalima 4Death AngeGrand Soul Shield1760%63697
Kalima 4Death AngeCrystal Sword1740%47553
Kalima 4Death AngeStaff of Resurrection1730%38307
Kalima 4Death AngeAdamantine Pants1720%38506
Kalima 4Death AngeStorm Crow Gloves1700%38521
Kalima 4Death AngeStorm Crow Boots1660%47092
Kalima 4Death AngeMaster Scepter1620%47179
Kalima 4Death AngeCrystal Morning Star1610%50456
Kalima 4Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +31390%40885
Kalima 4Death AngeTransformation Ring +5370%146057
Kalima 4Death AngeBlood Bone +5300%5169
Kalima 4Death AngeDevils Key290%77205
Kalima 4Death AngeDevils Eye280%77208
Kalima 4Death AngeBox of Luck +1220%19744
Kalima 4Death AngeScroll of Archangel +5180%5128
Kalima 4Death AngeRena +3150%58855
Kalima 4Death AngeHorn of Uniria130%195724
Kalima 4Death AngeGuardian Angel130%230850
Kalima 4Death AngeBox of Luck +7120%51244
Kalima 4Death AngeImp110%185777
Kalima 4Death AngeScroll of Evil Spirit90%8663
Kalima 4Death AngeScroll of Aqua Beam80%4728
Kalima 4Death AngeJewel of Life60%19831
Kalima 4Death AngeJewel of Soul50%28647
Kalima 4Death AngeJewel of Bless30%31135
Kalima 4Death AngeJewel of Chaos20%15411
Kalima 4Death AngePlate Helm10%4515
Kalima 4Death AngeScroll of Hellfire10%3151
Kalima 4Death CentStorm Crow Boots5440%47092
Kalima 4Death CentOrb of Ice Arrow5420%69018
Kalima 4Death CentDark Steel Boots5350%91514
Kalima 4Death CentCrystal Sword5270%47553
Kalima 4Death CentAquagold Crossbow5240%47596
Kalima 4Death CentDark Steel Gloves5220%65636
Kalima 4Death CentBlack Dragon Boots5110%97122
Kalima 4Death CentScroll of FireBurst5030%65144
Kalima 4Death CentStorm Crow Armor5020%87702
Kalima 4Death CentBlack Dragon Gloves5020%60259
Kalima 4Death CentGrand Soul Boots5010%50668
Kalima 4Death CentAdamantine Armor5010%96831
Kalima 4Death CentGrand Soul Helm4970%68127
Kalima 4Death CentOrb of Rageful Blow4920%86131
Kalima 4Death CentGreat Scepter4910%102060
Kalima 4Death CentHoly Spirit Gloves4900%39829
Kalima 4Death CentScroll of Critical Damage4830%102821
Kalima 4Death CentBlack Dragon Helm4820%101706
Kalima 4Death CentStorm Crow Pants4810%64051
Kalima 4Death CentSword of Destruction4750%102091
Kalima 4Death CentMaster Scepter4740%47179
Kalima 4Death CentHoly Spirit Boots4560%68418
Kalima 4Death CentOrb of Death Stab4450%39242
Kalima 4Death CentGrand Soul Shield4350%63697
Kalima 4Death CentSymbol of Kundun +44220%30821
Kalima 4Death CentTransformation Ring +51400%146057
Kalima 4Death CentHorn of Uniria1370%195724
Kalima 4Death CentImp1210%185777
Kalima 4Death CentDevils Eye900%77208
Kalima 4Death CentDevils Key890%77205
Kalima 4Death CentScroll of Archangel +6850%7980
Kalima 4Death CentBlood Bone +6770%8020
Kalima 4Death CentGuardian Angel480%230850
Kalima 4Death CentBox of Luck +7430%51244
Kalima 4Death CentRena +3360%58855
Kalima 4Death CentScroll of Cometfall220%5057
Kalima 4Death CentScroll of Teleport Ally190%5425
Kalima 4Death CentJewel of Bless150%31135
Kalima 4Death CentJewel of Soul140%28647
Kalima 4Death CentJewel of Life130%19831
Kalima 4Death CentScroll of Soul Barrier120%4153
Kalima 4Death CentJewel of Chaos90%15411
Kalima 4Death CentScroll of Aqua Beam90%4728
Kalima 4Death CentJewel of Creation70%9087
Kalima 4Illusion oDark Phoenix Armor30%150401
Kalima 4Illusion oLord Scepter20%101455
Kalima 4Illusion oHorn of Uniria10%195724
Kalima 4Illusion oGreat Dragon Boots10%101153
Kalima 4Illusion oThunder Hawk Pants10%87110
Kalima 4Illusion oRune Blade10%149859
Kalima 4Illusion oDevils Key10%77205
Kalima 4Illusion oSpirit +110%155813
Kalima 4Illusion oThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
Kalima 4Illusion oBlood Bone +710%49328
Kalima 4Illusion oRed Spirit Pants10%150064
Kalima 4Illusion oDragon Soul Staff10%149652
Kalima 4Illusion oJewel of Soul10%28647
Kalima 4Illusion oGreat Reign Crossbow10%149660
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of FireBurst226%65144
Kalima 4Necron4Master Scepter216%47179
Kalima 4Necron4Black Dragon Boots206%97122
Kalima 4Necron4Holy Spirit Gloves195%39829
Kalima 4Necron4Adamantine Pants195%38506
Kalima 4Necron4Bluewing Crossbow175%50116
Kalima 4Necron4Black Dragon Gloves175%60259
Kalima 4Necron4Aquagold Crossbow165%47596
Kalima 4Necron4Grand Soul Gloves165%32448
Kalima 4Necron4Storm Crow Gloves154%38521
Kalima 4Necron4Storm Crow Pants154%64051
Kalima 4Necron4Dark Steel Gloves144%65636
Kalima 4Necron4Orb of Rageful Blow144%86131
Kalima 4Necron4Grand Soul Boots144%50668
Kalima 4Necron4Storm Crow Boots134%47092
Kalima 4Necron4Symbol of Kundun +4134%30821
Kalima 4Necron4Staff of Resurrection123%38307
Kalima 4Necron4Grand Soul Shield123%63697
Kalima 4Necron4Orb of Death Stab123%39242
Kalima 4Necron4Crystal Sword123%47553
Kalima 4Necron4Adamantine Armor113%96831
Kalima 4Necron4Devils Eye41%77208
Kalima 4Necron4Box of Luck +121%19744
Kalima 4Necron4Guardian Angel21%230850
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Soul21%28647
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Hellfire21%3151
Kalima 4Necron4Blood Bone +621%8020
Kalima 4Necron4Devils Key21%77205
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Evil Spirit21%8663
Kalima 4Necron4Transformation Ring +521%146057
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Chaos10%15411
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Soul Barrier10%4153
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Archangel +610%7980
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Bless10%31135
Kalima 4Necron4Rena +310%58855
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Life10%19831
Kalima 4Necron4Imp10%185777
Kalima 4Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +340%40885
Kalima 4Rogue CentGuardian Armor30%43834
Kalima 4Rogue CentLighting Sword30%45825
Kalima 4Rogue CentBill of Balrog30%41809
Kalima 4Rogue CentOrb of Greater Fortitude30%46591
Kalima 4Rogue CentLight Plate Armor30%46719
Kalima 4Rogue CentDragon Helm20%43538
Kalima 4Rogue CentSilver Bow20%25976
Kalima 4Rogue CentHelical Sword20%25923
Kalima 4Rogue CentDragon Shield20%45924
Kalima 4Rogue CentDragon Armor20%45616
Kalima 4Rogue CentOrb of Penetration10%50109
Kalima 4Rogue CentJewel of Chaos10%15411
Kalima 4Rogue CentLegendary Armor10%25856
Kalima 4Rogue CentLegendary Staff10%45591
Kalima 4Rogue CentTransformation Ring +510%146057
Kalima 4Rogue CentCrystal Morning Star10%50456
Kalima 4Rogue CentOrb of Fire Slash10%45815
Kalima 4Rogue CentElemental Shield10%50664
Kalima 4Rogue CentAdamantine Mask10%50827
Kalima 4Rogue CentScroll of Evil Spirit10%8663
Kalima 4Schriker4Black Dragon Pants7744%94711
Kalima 4Schriker4Dark Phoenix Gloves7734%84637
Kalima 4Schriker4Orb of Ice Arrow7664%69018
Kalima 4Schriker4Dark Steel Boots7624%91514
Kalima 4Schriker4Black Dragon Helm7624%101706
Kalima 4Schriker4Grand Soul Helm7604%68127
Kalima 4Schriker4Dark Steel Mask7584%88041
Kalima 4Schriker4Red Spirit Boots7564%96847
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of Critical Damage7554%102821
Kalima 4Schriker4Adamantine Armor7484%96831
Kalima 4Schriker4Sword of Destruction7414%102091
Kalima 4Schriker4Holy Spirit Helm7414%87839
Kalima 4Schriker4Grand Soul Pants7364%84737
Kalima 4Schriker4Saint Crossbow7324%94484
Kalima 4Schriker4Thunder Hawk Gloves7274%99965
Kalima 4Schriker4Storm Crow Armor7244%87702
Kalima 4Schriker4Black Dragon Boots7244%97122
Kalima 4Schriker4Dark Soul Gloves7234%97031
Kalima 4Schriker4Orb of Rageful Blow7194%86131
Kalima 4Schriker4Holy Spirit Boots7164%68418
Kalima 4Schriker4Holy Spirit Pants7154%96785
Kalima 4Schriker4Red Spirit Gloves7094%95002
Kalima 4Schriker4Great Scepter6843%102060
Kalima 4Schriker4Symbol of Kundun +56733%48721
Kalima 4Schriker4Transformation Ring +51881%146057
Kalima 4Schriker4Guardian Angel1641%230850
Kalima 4Schriker4Imp1591%185777
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of FireBurst1471%65144
Kalima 4Schriker4Grand Soul Boots1411%50668
Kalima 4Schriker4Dark Steel Gloves1401%65636
Kalima 4Schriker4Devils Key1381%77205
Kalima 4Schriker4Storm Crow Pants1351%64051
Kalima 4Schriker4Grand Soul Shield1291%63697
Kalima 4Schriker4Black Dragon Gloves1281%60259
Kalima 4Schriker4Blood Bone +71201%49328
Kalima 4Schriker4Devils Eye1191%77208
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of Archangel +71071%49363
Kalima 4Schriker4Box of Luck +7720%51244
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of Inferno700%5161
Kalima 4Schriker4Rena +3550%58855
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of Aqua Beam450%4728
Kalima 4Schriker4Horn of Uniria290%195724
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of Soul Barrier230%4153
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of Cometfall200%5057
Kalima 4Schriker4Scroll of Teleport Ally200%5425
Kalima 4Schriker4Jewel of Bless180%31135
Kalima 4Schriker4Jewel of Life140%19831
Kalima 4Schriker4Jewel of Soul120%28647
Kalima 4Schriker4Jewel of Chaos90%15411
Kalima 4Schriker4Jewel of Creation30%9087
Kalima 4Schriker4Dragon Shield10%45924
Kalima 4Schriker4Dragon Pants10%26062
Kalima 5Aegis5Orb of Rageful Blow11185%86131
Kalima 5Aegis5Holy Spirit Gloves11155%39829
Kalima 5Aegis5Adamantine Armor10954%96831
Kalima 5Aegis5Grand Soul Gloves10804%32448
Kalima 5Aegis5Bluewing Crossbow10734%50116
Kalima 5Aegis5Black Dragon Gloves10684%60259
Kalima 5Aegis5Staff of Resurrection10684%38307
Kalima 5Aegis5Black Dragon Boots10624%97122
Kalima 5Aegis5Adamantine Pants10604%38506
Kalima 5Aegis5Grand Soul Boots10594%50668
Kalima 5Aegis5Master Scepter10554%47179
Kalima 5Aegis5Dark Steel Gloves10514%65636
Kalima 5Aegis5Storm Crow Boots10494%47092
Kalima 5Aegis5Storm Crow Pants10464%64051
Kalima 5Aegis5Aquagold Crossbow10454%47596
Kalima 5Aegis5Scroll of FireBurst10444%65144
Kalima 5Aegis5Orb of Death Stab10424%39242
Kalima 5Aegis5Storm Crow Gloves10354%38521
Kalima 5Aegis5Grand Soul Shield10194%63697
Kalima 5Aegis5Crystal Sword10004%47553
Kalima 5Aegis5Symbol of Kundun +49184%30821
Kalima 5Aegis5Crystal Morning Star3571%50456
Kalima 5Aegis5Elemental Shield3501%50664
Kalima 5Aegis5Adamantine Mask3191%50827
Kalima 5Aegis5Transformation Ring +52821%146057
Kalima 5Aegis5Scroll of Archangel +61871%7980
Kalima 5Aegis5Devils Eye1841%77208
Kalima 5Aegis5Blood Bone +61801%8020
Kalima 5Aegis5Box of Luck +11521%19744
Kalima 5Aegis5Devils Key1501%77205
Kalima 5Aegis5Box of Luck +7910%51244
Kalima 5Aegis5Rena +3740%58855
Kalima 5Aegis5Scroll of Soul Barrier570%4153
Kalima 5Aegis5Jewel of Soul540%28647
Kalima 5Aegis5Jewel of Bless450%31135
Kalima 5Aegis5Jewel of Life430%19831
Kalima 5Aegis5Horn of Uniria390%195724
Kalima 5Aegis5Jewel of Chaos220%15411
Kalima 5Aegis5Scroll of Aqua Beam110%4728
Kalima 5Aegis5Jewel of Creation90%9087
Kalima 5Blood SoldOrb of Ice Arrow810%69018
Kalima 5Blood SoldBlack Dragon Boots790%97122
Kalima 5Blood SoldDark Steel Boots670%91514
Kalima 5Blood SoldStorm Crow Pants660%64051
Kalima 5Blood SoldOrb of Rageful Blow650%86131
Kalima 5Blood SoldSword of Destruction650%102091
Kalima 5Blood SoldBlack Dragon Gloves650%60259
Kalima 5Blood SoldGrand Soul Boots630%50668
Kalima 5Blood SoldGrand Soul Helm630%68127
Kalima 5Blood SoldGreat Scepter610%102060
Kalima 5Blood SoldSymbol of Kundun +5600%48721
Kalima 5Blood SoldAdamantine Armor600%96831
Kalima 5Blood SoldSaint Crossbow600%94484
Kalima 5Blood SoldStorm Crow Armor590%87702
Kalima 5Blood SoldGrand Soul Shield560%63697
Kalima 5Blood SoldScroll of FireBurst560%65144
Kalima 5Blood SoldBlack Dragon Helm550%101706
Kalima 5Blood SoldBlack Dragon Pants550%94711
Kalima 5Blood SoldDark Steel Gloves540%65636
Kalima 5Blood SoldHoly Spirit Helm520%87839
Kalima 5Blood SoldScroll of Critical Damage510%102821
Kalima 5Blood SoldRed Spirit Gloves500%95002
Kalima 5Blood SoldHoly Spirit Boots500%68418
Kalima 5Blood SoldDevils Eye200%77208
Kalima 5Blood SoldTransformation Ring +5170%146057
Kalima 5Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +7160%49363
Kalima 5Blood SoldImp130%185777
Kalima 5Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +6120%7980
Kalima 5Blood SoldBlood Bone +7120%49328
Kalima 5Blood SoldDevils Key100%77205
Kalima 5Blood SoldGuardian Angel90%230850
Kalima 5Blood SoldBox of Luck +790%51244
Kalima 5Blood SoldScroll of Teleport Ally90%5425
Kalima 5Blood SoldRena +380%58855
Kalima 5Blood SoldBlood Bone +660%8020
Kalima 5Blood SoldScroll of Soul Barrier40%4153
Kalima 5Blood SoldHorn of Uniria20%195724
Kalima 5Blood SoldScroll of Cometfall20%5057
Kalima 5Blood SoldJewel of Bless10%31135
Kalima 5Death AngeBlack Dragon Helm8070%101706
Kalima 5Death AngeHoly Spirit Boots7990%68418
Kalima 5Death AngeBlack Dragon Pants7800%94711
Kalima 5Death AngeGreat Scepter7780%102060
Kalima 5Death AngeRed Spirit Gloves7610%95002
Kalima 5Death AngeOrb of Rageful Blow7600%86131
Kalima 5Death AngeBlack Dragon Boots7570%97122
Kalima 5Death AngeDark Steel Mask7500%88041
Kalima 5Death AngeGrand Soul Pants7480%84737
Kalima 5Death AngeDark Phoenix Gloves7420%84637
Kalima 5Death AngeStorm Crow Armor7370%87702
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of Critical Damage7370%102821
Kalima 5Death AngeRed Spirit Boots7350%96847
Kalima 5Death AngeDark Soul Gloves7310%97031
Kalima 5Death AngeGrand Soul Helm7280%68127
Kalima 5Death AngeHoly Spirit Helm7270%87839
Kalima 5Death AngeHoly Spirit Pants7270%96785
Kalima 5Death AngeSaint Crossbow7230%94484
Kalima 5Death AngeThunder Hawk Gloves7190%99965
Kalima 5Death AngeDark Steel Boots7180%91514
Kalima 5Death AngeAdamantine Armor7010%96831
Kalima 5Death AngeSword of Destruction6970%102091
Kalima 5Death AngeOrb of Ice Arrow6850%69018
Kalima 5Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +56050%48721
Kalima 5Death AngeTransformation Ring +51960%146057
Kalima 5Death AngeBlack Dragon Gloves1600%60259
Kalima 5Death AngeGrand Soul Boots1530%50668
Kalima 5Death AngeStorm Crow Pants1520%64051
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of FireBurst1420%65144
Kalima 5Death AngeGrand Soul Shield1400%63697
Kalima 5Death AngeImp1390%185777
Kalima 5Death AngeGuardian Angel1350%230850
Kalima 5Death AngeDark Steel Gloves1300%65636
Kalima 5Death AngeBlood Bone +71290%49328
Kalima 5Death AngeDevils Eye1180%77208
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of Archangel +71160%49363
Kalima 5Death AngeDevils Key1140%77205
Kalima 5Death AngeRena +3660%58855
Kalima 5Death AngeBox of Luck +7610%51244
Kalima 5Death AngeJewel of Soul370%28647
Kalima 5Death AngeJewel of Bless360%31135
Kalima 5Death AngeJewel of Chaos320%15411
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of Aqua Beam280%4728
Kalima 5Death AngeJewel of Life260%19831
Kalima 5Death AngeHorn of Uniria240%195724
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of Inferno240%5161
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of Teleport Ally220%5425
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of Cometfall190%5057
Kalima 5Death AngeScroll of Soul Barrier110%4153
Kalima 5Death AngeOrb of Summoning70%24681
Kalima 5Death AngeJewel of Creation50%9087
Kalima 5Death AngeDragon Pants10%26062
Kalima 5Death AngeBill of Balrog10%41809
Kalima 5Death CentLord Scepter10510%101455
Kalima 5Death CentDark Steel Armor10400%48995
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Summon10380%102439
Kalima 5Death CentThunder Hawk Boots10270%68258
Kalima 5Death CentDark Master Boots10190%51235
Kalima 5Death CentElemental Mace10180%72490
Kalima 5Death CentRed Spirit Boots10170%96847
Kalima 5Death CentGreat Dragon Gloves10010%52574
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Boots10000%65411
Kalima 5Death CentDark Steel Pants9970%68633
Kalima 5Death CentStaff of Destruction9840%72986
Kalima 5Death CentDark Soul Boots9840%51292
Kalima 5Death CentHoly Spirit Pants9790%96785
Kalima 5Death CentThunder Hawk Gloves9780%99965
Kalima 5Death CentRed Spirit Helm9740%65880
Kalima 5Death CentGreat Dragon Boots9720%101153
Kalima 5Death CentCelestial Bow9660%65371
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Helm9610%64883
Kalima 5Death CentBlack Dragon Armor9600%72970
Kalima 5Death CentGrand Soul Armor9580%65376
Kalima 5Death CentDragon Spear9540%68771
Kalima 5Death CentSymbol of Kundun +69520%137015
Kalima 5Death CentHoly Spirit Armor9480%65260
Kalima 5Death CentDark Soul Gloves9420%97031
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Pants9300%48713
Kalima 5Death CentDark Master Gloves9250%69486
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Electric Spark9100%69746
Kalima 5Death CentSpirit +14430%155813
Kalima 5Death CentTransformation Ring +53020%146057
Kalima 5Death CentDevils Key1970%77205
Kalima 5Death CentImp1940%185777
Kalima 5Death CentDevils Eye1800%77208
Kalima 5Death CentSaint Crossbow1770%94484
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Archangel +71720%49363
Kalima 5Death CentHoly Spirit Helm1680%87839
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Gloves1640%84637
Kalima 5Death CentGrand Soul Pants1630%84737
Kalima 5Death CentRed Spirit Gloves1550%95002
Kalima 5Death CentDark Steel Mask1540%88041
Kalima 5Death CentBlood Bone +71540%49328
Kalima 5Death CentBlack Dragon Pants1450%94711
Kalima 5Death CentGuardian Angel1230%230850
Kalima 5Death CentHorn of Uniria1160%195724
Kalima 5Death CentRena +3930%58855
Kalima 5Death CentBox of Luck +7880%51244
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Soul570%28647
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Cometfall570%5057
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Decay540%7532
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Bless530%31135
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Life360%19831
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Chaos270%15411
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Inferno230%5161
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Teleport Ally200%5425
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Ice Storm190%5173
Kalima 5Death CentPet Rudolph110%5105
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Creation80%9087
Kalima 5Death CentOrb of Summoning60%24681
Kalima 5Illusion oDark Soul Pants30%453392
Kalima 5Illusion oDark Master Mask30%206820
Kalima 5Illusion oThunder Hawk Armor20%254301
Kalima 5Illusion oDark Master Armor20%453402
Kalima 5Illusion oDark Soul Helm20%449375
Kalima 5Illusion oSymbol of Kundun +710%195153
Kalima 5Illusion oSpirit +110%155813
Kalima 5Illusion oGreat Dragon Helm10%139542
Kalima 5Illusion oGreat Dragon Pants10%447896
Kalima 5Illusion oThunder Blade10%142494
Kalima 5Illusion oHurricane Boots10%449496
Kalima 5Illusion oRed Spirit Armor10%320000
Kalima 5Illusion oScroll of Archangel +710%49363
Kalima 5Illusion oDark Master Pants10%450726
Kalima 5Illusion oScroll of Nova10%15706
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Electric Spark38723%69746
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Steel Boots38503%91514
Kalima 5Necron5Red Spirit Gloves38333%95002
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Steel Mask38133%88041
Kalima 5Necron5Dragon Spear38123%68771
Kalima 5Necron5Symbol of Kundun +638043%137015
Kalima 5Necron5Black Dragon Armor38043%72970
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Steel Pants37973%68633
Kalima 5Necron5Staff of Destruction37973%72986
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Phoenix Gloves37903%84637
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Phoenix Helm37743%64883
Kalima 5Necron5Celestial Bow37713%65371
Kalima 5Necron5Holy Spirit Helm37673%87839
Kalima 5Necron5Elemental Mace37653%72490
Kalima 5Necron5Thunder Hawk Boots37613%68258
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Master Gloves37553%69486
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Phoenix Boots37543%65411
Kalima 5Necron5Red Spirit Boots37363%96847
Kalima 5Necron5Great Scepter37353%102060
Kalima 5Necron5Thunder Hawk Gloves37233%99965
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Critical Damage37113%102821
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Soul Gloves37083%97031
Kalima 5Necron5Saint Crossbow37063%94484
Kalima 5Necron5Grand Soul Pants37043%84737
Kalima 5Necron5Grand Soul Armor37023%65376
Kalima 5Necron5Black Dragon Helm36993%101706
Kalima 5Necron5Sword of Destruction36933%102091
Kalima 5Necron5Holy Spirit Armor36923%65260
Kalima 5Necron5Red Spirit Helm36793%65880
Kalima 5Necron5Holy Spirit Pants36763%96785
Kalima 5Necron5Black Dragon Pants36743%94711
Kalima 5Necron5Transformation Ring +511261%146057
Kalima 5Necron5Devils Eye7741%77208
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Archangel +77601%49363
Kalima 5Necron5Devils Key7361%77205
Kalima 5Necron5Blood Bone +77311%49328
Kalima 5Necron5Guardian Angel6721%230850
Kalima 5Necron5Rena +34550%58855
Kalima 5Necron5Box of Luck +73950%51244
Kalima 5Necron5Horn of Uniria3530%195724
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Cometfall1830%5057
Kalima 5Necron5Jewel of Soul1780%28647
Kalima 5Necron5Jewel of Bless1740%31135
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Teleport Ally1700%5425
Kalima 5Necron5Imp1600%185777
Kalima 5Necron5Jewel of Chaos1410%15411
Kalima 5Necron5Jewel of Life1340%19831
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Ice Storm1200%5173
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Inferno1030%5161
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Soul Barrier930%4153
Kalima 5Necron5Pet Rudolph580%5105
Kalima 5Necron5Jewel of Creation340%9087
Kalima 5Necron5Orb of Summoning200%24681
Kalima 5Necron5Bluewing Crossbow40%50116
Kalima 5Necron5Adamantine Boots20%45599
Kalima 5Necron5Orb of Fire Slash20%45815
Kalima 5Necron5Elemental Shield10%50664
Kalima 5Necron5Dragon Shield10%45924
Kalima 5Necron5Bill of Balrog10%41809
Kalima 5Necron5Crystal Morning Star10%50456
Kalima 5Necron5Adamantine Gloves10%44028
Kalima 5Necron5Legendary Staff10%45591
Kalima 5Necron5Adamantine Mask10%50827
Kalima 5Necron5Guardian Armor10%43834
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Evil Spirit10%8663
Kalima 5Rogue CentSword of Destruction10240%102091
Kalima 5Rogue CentOrb of Ice Arrow10140%69018
Kalima 5Rogue CentBlack Dragon Helm10010%101706
Kalima 5Rogue CentOrb of Rageful Blow9960%86131
Kalima 5Rogue CentBlack Dragon Boots9930%97122
Kalima 5Rogue CentCrystal Sword9860%47553
Kalima 5Rogue CentScroll of FireBurst9830%65144
Kalima 5Rogue CentGrand Soul Boots9790%50668
Kalima 5Rogue CentGreat Scepter9750%102060
Kalima 5Rogue CentOrb of Death Stab9720%39242
Kalima 5Rogue CentBlack Dragon Gloves9650%60259
Kalima 5Rogue CentAquagold Crossbow9630%47596
Kalima 5Rogue CentDark Steel Gloves9600%65636
Kalima 5Rogue CentStorm Crow Armor9590%87702
Kalima 5Rogue CentGrand Soul Shield9540%63697
Kalima 5Rogue CentGrand Soul Helm9530%68127
Kalima 5Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +49460%30821
Kalima 5Rogue CentAdamantine Armor9400%96831
Kalima 5Rogue CentHoly Spirit Boots9330%68418
Kalima 5Rogue CentScroll of Critical Damage9330%102821
Kalima 5Rogue CentStorm Crow Pants9320%64051
Kalima 5Rogue CentHoly Spirit Gloves9320%39829
Kalima 5Rogue CentMaster Scepter9310%47179
Kalima 5Rogue CentStorm Crow Boots9060%47092
Kalima 5Rogue CentTransformation Ring +52950%146057
Kalima 5Rogue CentDevils Eye1880%77208
Kalima 5Rogue CentBlood Bone +61880%8020
Kalima 5Rogue CentScroll of Archangel +61850%7980
Kalima 5Rogue CentHorn of Uniria1790%195724
Kalima 5Rogue CentAdamantine Pants1690%38506
Kalima 5Rogue CentBluewing Crossbow1650%50116
Kalima 5Rogue CentDevils Key1630%77205
Kalima 5Rogue CentGrand Soul Gloves1600%32448
Kalima 5Rogue CentImp1590%185777
Kalima 5Rogue CentStaff of Resurrection1550%38307
Kalima 5Rogue CentStorm Crow Gloves1490%38521
Kalima 5Rogue CentRena +3970%58855
Kalima 5Rogue CentBox of Luck +7750%51244
Kalima 5Rogue CentJewel of Bless500%31135
Kalima 5Rogue CentJewel of Chaos400%15411
Kalima 5Rogue CentJewel of Soul370%28647
Kalima 5Rogue CentJewel of Life350%19831
Kalima 5Rogue CentScroll of Cometfall280%5057
Kalima 5Rogue CentScroll of Aqua Beam250%4728
Kalima 5Rogue CentOrb of Summoning130%24681
Kalima 5Rogue CentScroll of Soul Barrier110%4153
Kalima 5Rogue CentJewel of Creation60%9087
Kalima 5Rogue CentHelical Sword10%25923
Kalima 5Rogue CentLegendary Pants10%10068
Kalima 5Schriker5Thunder Blade31645%142494
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Breaker30954%139370
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Dragon Helm30844%139542
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Fire Scream28524%94545
Kalima 5Schriker5Hurricane Gloves28374%94537
Kalima 5Schriker5Lord Scepter28294%101455
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Armor28214%150401
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Dragon Boots28054%101153
Kalima 5Schriker5Red Spirit Pants27984%150064
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Master Boots27774%51235
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Soul Boots27504%51292
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Summon27464%102439
Kalima 5Schriker5Dragon Soul Staff27354%149652
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Reign Crossbow27334%149660
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Dragon Gloves27294%52574
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Pants27244%48713
Kalima 5Schriker5Thunder Hawk Pants27224%87110
Kalima 5Schriker5Rune Blade27224%149859
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Steel Armor26784%48995
Kalima 5Schriker5Symbol of Kundun +621573%137015
Kalima 5Schriker5Spirit +110712%155813
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Electric Spark8391%69746
Kalima 5Schriker5Dragon Spear8281%68771
Kalima 5Schriker5Red Spirit Helm8281%65880
Kalima 5Schriker5Celestial Bow8271%65371
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Steel Pants7941%68633
Kalima 5Schriker5Grand Soul Armor7881%65376
Kalima 5Schriker5Thunder Hawk Boots7851%68258
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Boots7741%65411
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Helm7411%64883
Kalima 5Schriker5Holy Spirit Armor7321%65260
Kalima 5Schriker5Transformation Ring +56781%146057
Kalima 5Schriker5Spirit +05311%67978
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Archangel +74331%49363
Kalima 5Schriker5Devils Key4271%77205
Kalima 5Schriker5Devils Eye4241%77208
Kalima 5Schriker5Blood Bone +73981%49328
Kalima 5Schriker5Imp3691%185777
Kalima 5Schriker5Rena +32960%58855
Kalima 5Schriker5Guardian Angel2960%230850
Kalima 5Schriker5Horn of Uniria2780%195724
Kalima 5Schriker5Box of Luck +71970%51244
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Nova1610%15706
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Soul1500%28647
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Bless1090%31135
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Decay910%7532
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Life860%19831
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Ice Storm810%5173
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Chaos750%15411
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Inferno600%5161
Kalima 5Schriker5Pet Rudolph260%5105
Kalima 5Schriker5Orb of Summoning180%24681
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Creation90%9087
Kalima 5Schriker5Grand Soul Boots10%50668
Kalima 5Schriker5Black Dragon Gloves10%60259
Kalima 5Schriker5Grand Soul Gloves10%32448
Kalima 5Schriker5Staff of Resurrection10%38307
Kalima 5Schriker5Black Dragon Boots10%97122
Kalima 6Aegis6Great Dragon Gloves24035%52574
Kalima 6Aegis6Red Spirit Helm23094%65880
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Master Boots22784%51235
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Soul Boots22674%51292
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Phoenix Boots22564%65411
Kalima 6Aegis6Symbol of Kundun +617383%137015
Kalima 6Aegis6Dragon Spear15953%68771
Kalima 6Aegis6Red Spirit Gloves15863%95002
Kalima 6Aegis6Celestial Bow15813%65371
Kalima 6Aegis6Saint Crossbow15653%94484
Kalima 6Aegis6Black Dragon Pants15633%94711
Kalima 6Aegis6Holy Spirit Armor15613%65260
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Soul Gloves15603%97031
Kalima 6Aegis6Grand Soul Pants15523%84737
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Phoenix Gloves15523%84637
Kalima 6Aegis6Holy Spirit Pants15513%96785
Kalima 6Aegis6Thunder Hawk Boots15483%68258
Kalima 6Aegis6Elemental Mace15433%72490
Kalima 6Aegis6Staff of Destruction15413%72986
Kalima 6Aegis6Black Dragon Armor15343%72970
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Electric Spark15293%69746
Kalima 6Aegis6Red Spirit Boots15273%96847
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Steel Pants15213%68633
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Phoenix Helm15203%64883
Kalima 6Aegis6Grand Soul Armor15183%65376
Kalima 6Aegis6Thunder Hawk Gloves14993%99965
Kalima 6Aegis6Holy Spirit Helm14963%87839
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Steel Mask14833%88041
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Master Gloves14813%69486
Kalima 6Aegis6Transformation Ring +55371%146057
Kalima 6Aegis6Devils Eye3451%77208
Kalima 6Aegis6Blood Bone +73411%49328
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Archangel +73331%49363
Kalima 6Aegis6Devils Key3211%77205
Kalima 6Aegis6Rena +32340%58855
Kalima 6Aegis6Box of Luck +71870%51244
Kalima 6Aegis6Horn of Uniria1010%195724
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Inferno960%5161
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Cometfall950%5057
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Soul930%28647
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Bless840%31135
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Ice Storm770%5173
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Teleport Ally550%5425
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Life540%19831
Kalima 6Aegis6Imp530%185777
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Chaos470%15411
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Soul Barrier420%4153
Kalima 6Aegis6Guardian Angel220%230850
Kalima 6Aegis6Pet Rudolph210%5105
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Creation110%9087
Kalima 6Aegis6Adamantine Pants20%38506
Kalima 6Aegis6Legendary Staff10%45591
Kalima 6Aegis6Dragon Armor10%45616
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Summon35290%102439
Kalima 6Blood SoldSymbol of Kundun +635280%137015
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Pants35180%48713
Kalima 6Blood SoldLord Scepter35130%101455
Kalima 6Blood SoldThunder Hawk Pants35130%87110
Kalima 6Blood SoldGrand Soul Armor35070%65376
Kalima 6Blood SoldRune Blade35010%149859
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Armor34760%150401
Kalima 6Blood SoldHoly Spirit Armor34700%65260
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Electric Spark34600%69746
Kalima 6Blood SoldGreat Dragon Gloves34240%52574
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Steel Armor34220%48995
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Soul Boots34160%51292
Kalima 6Blood SoldGreat Reign Crossbow34080%149660
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Boots34060%65411
Kalima 6Blood SoldRed Spirit Pants33970%150064
Kalima 6Blood SoldBlack Dragon Armor33790%72970
Kalima 6Blood SoldDragon Spear33690%68771
Kalima 6Blood SoldDragon Soul Staff33680%149652
Kalima 6Blood SoldStaff of Destruction33620%72986
Kalima 6Blood SoldThunder Hawk Boots33530%68258
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Helm33500%64883
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Steel Pants33480%68633
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Master Boots33410%51235
Kalima 6Blood SoldGreat Dragon Boots33400%101153
Kalima 6Blood SoldElemental Mace33350%72490
Kalima 6Blood SoldRed Spirit Helm33310%65880
Kalima 6Blood SoldCelestial Bow32780%65371
Kalima 6Blood SoldSpirit +118450%155813
Kalima 6Blood SoldHorn of Uniria16590%195724
Kalima 6Blood SoldTransformation Ring +510800%146057
Kalima 6Blood SoldGuardian Angel8050%230850
Kalima 6Blood SoldImp7660%185777
Kalima 6Blood SoldBlood Bone +77370%49328
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +76950%49363
Kalima 6Blood SoldDevils Eye6910%77208
Kalima 6Blood SoldDevils Key6660%77205
Kalima 6Blood SoldRena +34610%58855
Kalima 6Blood SoldBox of Luck +73400%51244
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Bless1810%31135
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Teleport Ally1720%5425
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Soul1620%28647
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Decay1400%7532
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Ice Storm1370%5173
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Life1230%19831
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Chaos1180%15411
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Nova1150%15706
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Inferno580%5161
Kalima 6Blood SoldPet Rudolph480%5105
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Creation260%9087
Kalima 6Blood SoldOrb of Summoning50%24681
Kalima 6Blood SoldStorm Crow Pants30%64051
Kalima 6Blood SoldAquagold Crossbow20%47596
Kalima 6Blood SoldCrystal Sword20%47553
Kalima 6Blood SoldBlack Dragon Gloves20%60259
Kalima 6Blood SoldElemental Shield20%50664
Kalima 6Blood SoldMaster Scepter10%47179
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Steel Gloves10%65636
Kalima 6Blood SoldBluewing Crossbow10%50116
Kalima 6Blood SoldStaff of Resurrection10%38307
Kalima 6Blood SoldGrand Soul Gloves10%32448
Kalima 6Blood SoldGrand Soul Shield10%63697
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Dragon Helm110171%139542
Kalima 6Death AngeThunder Blade108301%142494
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Breaker107841%139370
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Armor97061%150401
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Soul Boots96171%51292
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Steel Armor95741%48995
Kalima 6Death AngeHurricane Gloves95301%94537
Kalima 6Death AngeRune Blade94961%149859
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Dragon Gloves94791%52574
Kalima 6Death AngeRed Spirit Pants94681%150064
Kalima 6Death AngeDragon Soul Staff94571%149652
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Pants94561%48713
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Dragon Boots94461%101153
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Fire Scream94071%94545
Kalima 6Death AngeLord Scepter93681%101455
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Reign Crossbow93541%149660
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Summon93411%102439
Kalima 6Death AngeThunder Hawk Pants93411%87110
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Master Boots93261%51235
Kalima 6Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +671141%137015
Kalima 6Death AngeSpirit +135120%155813
Kalima 6Death AngeCelestial Bow27610%65371
Kalima 6Death AngeThunder Hawk Boots27560%68258
Kalima 6Death AngeDragon Spear27500%68771
Kalima 6Death AngeRed Spirit Helm27390%65880
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Boots27380%65411
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Helm27290%64883
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Steel Pants27100%68633
Kalima 6Death AngeGrand Soul Armor27080%65376
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Electric Spark26330%69746
Kalima 6Death AngeHoly Spirit Armor26060%65260
Kalima 6Death AngeTransformation Ring +520660%146057
Kalima 6Death AngeSpirit +018280%67978
Kalima 6Death AngeImp14610%185777
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Archangel +714280%49363
Kalima 6Death AngeDevils Eye14270%77208
Kalima 6Death AngeGuardian Angel14180%230850
Kalima 6Death AngeBlood Bone +713760%49328
Kalima 6Death AngeDevils Key13660%77205
Kalima 6Death AngeRena +38700%58855
Kalima 6Death AngeBox of Luck +77650%51244
Kalima 6Death AngeHorn of Uniria6390%195724
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Nova5350%15706
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Decay4230%7532
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Ice Storm3620%5173
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Soul3420%28647
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Bless3400%31135
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Life2640%19831
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Chaos2430%15411
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Inferno2320%5161
Kalima 6Death AngePet Rudolph1140%5105
Kalima 6Death AngeOrb of Summoning980%24681
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Creation680%9087
Kalima 6Death AngeAdamantine Armor80%96831
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of FireBurst40%65144
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Steel Gloves30%65636
Kalima 6Death AngeOrb of Rageful Blow30%86131
Kalima 6Death AngeBlack Dragon Boots30%97122
Kalima 6Death AngeHoly Spirit Gloves30%39829
Kalima 6Death AngeCrystal Sword20%47553
Kalima 6Death AngeStorm Crow Gloves20%38521
Kalima 6Death AngeGrand Soul Gloves20%32448
Kalima 6Death AngeBlack Dragon Gloves20%60259
Kalima 6Death AngeMaster Scepter20%47179
Kalima 6Death AngeStorm Crow Pants20%64051
Kalima 6Death AngeGrand Soul Boots20%50668
Kalima 6Death AngeAquagold Crossbow10%47596
Kalima 6Death AngeAdamantine Pants10%38506
Kalima 6Death AngeGrand Soul Shield10%63697
Kalima 6Death AngeOrb of Death Stab10%39242
Kalima 6Death CentDark Master Pants197891%450726
Kalima 6Death CentRed Spirit Armor195651%320000
Kalima 6Death CentDark Soul Helm195541%449375
Kalima 6Death CentGreat Dragon Helm195421%139542
Kalima 6Death CentGreat Dragon Pants195171%447896
Kalima 6Death CentDark Breaker195131%139370
Kalima 6Death CentDark Master Mask195081%206820
Kalima 6Death CentThunder Blade194541%142494
Kalima 6Death CentThunder Hawk Armor193451%254301
Kalima 6Death CentHurricane Boots192191%449496
Kalima 6Death CentHorn of Uniria43660%195724
Kalima 6Death CentSpirit +140060%155813
Kalima 6Death CentImp38310%185777
Kalima 6Death CentGreat Reign Crossbow33960%149660
Kalima 6Death CentDragon Soul Staff32730%149652
Kalima 6Death CentHurricane Gloves32690%94537
Kalima 6Death CentRed Spirit Pants32530%150064
Kalima 6Death CentDark Phoenix Armor32160%150401
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Fire Scream31890%94545
Kalima 6Death CentRune Blade31680%149859
Kalima 6Death CentTransformation Ring +525290%146057
Kalima 6Death CentGuardian Angel21890%230850
Kalima 6Death CentSpirit +020700%67978
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Archangel +716010%49363
Kalima 6Death CentBlood Bone +715830%49328
Kalima 6Death CentDevils Eye15540%77208
Kalima 6Death CentDevils Key15290%77205
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Decay10490%7532
Kalima 6Death CentRena +39950%58855
Kalima 6Death CentBox of Luck +77900%51244
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Nova7490%15706
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Bless4320%31135
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Soul4130%28647
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Life3150%19831
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Chaos2780%15411
Kalima 6Death CentOrb of Summoning1490%24681
Kalima 6Death CentPet Rudolph1260%5105
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Creation810%9087
Kalima 6Illusion oKnight Blade231%164
Kalima 6Illusion oGreat Dragon Armor181%476110
Kalima 6Illusion oHurricane Armor161%644457
Kalima 6Illusion oArrow Viper Bow161%141369
Kalima 6Illusion oGreat Lord Scepter151%143
Kalima 6Illusion oDark Reign Blade141%137
Kalima 6Illusion oStaff of Kundun91%127
Kalima 6Illusion oGuardian Angel80%230850
Kalima 6Illusion oSymbol of Kundun +740%195153
Kalima 6Illusion oImp20%185777
Kalima 6Illusion oOrb of Summoning20%24681
Kalima 6Illusion oHorn of Uniria10%195724
Kalima 6Illusion oTransformation Ring +510%146057
Kalima 6Illusion oSpirit +110%155813
Kalima 6Necron6Hurricane Gloves122515%94537
Kalima 6Necron6Thunder Hawk Armor122475%254301
Kalima 6Necron6Dragon Soul Staff121475%149652
Kalima 6Necron6Great Dragon Helm121425%139542
Kalima 6Necron6Great Reign Crossbow121125%149660
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Master Mask121095%206820
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Breaker120855%139370
Kalima 6Necron6Thunder Blade120695%142494
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Phoenix Armor120635%150401
Kalima 6Necron6Thunder Hawk Pants120515%87110
Kalima 6Necron6Rune Blade120455%149859
Kalima 6Necron6Red Spirit Armor120235%320000
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Fire Scream120225%94545
Kalima 6Necron6Red Spirit Pants120095%150064
Kalima 6Necron6Lord Scepter119745%101455
Kalima 6Necron6Great Dragon Boots118475%101153
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Summon117575%102439
Kalima 6Necron6Symbol of Kundun +670423%137015
Kalima 6Necron6Spirit +133461%155813
Kalima 6Necron6Guardian Angel26111%230850
Kalima 6Necron6Transformation Ring +520691%146057
Kalima 6Necron6Spirit +017471%67978
Kalima 6Necron6Horn of Uniria17461%195724
Kalima 6Necron6Imp14521%185777
Kalima 6Necron6Devils Eye13791%77208
Kalima 6Necron6Devils Key13701%77205
Kalima 6Necron6Blood Bone +713381%49328
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Archangel +713101%49363
Kalima 6Necron6Rena +38610%58855
Kalima 6Necron6Box of Luck +77230%51244
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Decay5470%7532
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Ice Storm4260%5173
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Nova4230%15706
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Soul3490%28647
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Bless3450%31135
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Life2770%19831
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Chaos2340%15411
Kalima 6Necron6Orb of Summoning1280%24681
Kalima 6Necron6Pet Rudolph1190%5105
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Creation620%9087
Kalima 6Necron6Orb of Ice Arrow50%69018
Kalima 6Necron6Adamantine Armor40%96831
Kalima 6Necron6Black Dragon Gloves30%60259
Kalima 6Necron6Sword of Destruction30%102091
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Steel Gloves30%65636
Kalima 6Necron6Grand Soul Helm20%68127
Kalima 6Necron6Storm Crow Pants20%64051
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of FireBurst20%65144
Kalima 6Necron6Storm Crow Armor10%87702
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Steel Boots10%91514
Kalima 6Necron6Red Spirit Gloves10%95002
Kalima 6Necron6Saint Crossbow10%94484
Kalima 6Necron6Master Scepter10%47179
Kalima 6Necron6Black Dragon Boots10%97122
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Summon71881%102439
Kalima 6Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +671201%137015
Kalima 6Rogue CentHoly Spirit Pants69711%96785
Kalima 6Rogue CentHoly Spirit Armor69621%65260
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Master Boots69251%51235
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Soul Gloves68981%97031
Kalima 6Rogue CentGreat Dragon Boots68841%101153
Kalima 6Rogue CentStaff of Destruction68761%72986
Kalima 6Rogue CentLord Scepter68721%101455
Kalima 6Rogue CentThunder Hawk Gloves68371%99965
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Pants68301%48713
Kalima 6Rogue CentDragon Spear68291%68771
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Steel Armor68271%48995
Kalima 6Rogue CentRed Spirit Boots68261%96847
Kalima 6Rogue CentRed Spirit Helm68211%65880
Kalima 6Rogue CentBlack Dragon Armor68201%72970
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Steel Pants68081%68633
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Master Gloves68011%69486
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Soul Boots67991%51292
Kalima 6Rogue CentGrand Soul Armor67921%65376
Kalima 6Rogue CentElemental Mace67671%72490
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Electric Spark67561%69746
Kalima 6Rogue CentCelestial Bow67501%65371
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Helm67401%64883
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Boots67091%65411
Kalima 6Rogue CentGreat Dragon Gloves66761%52574
Kalima 6Rogue CentThunder Hawk Boots65941%68258
Kalima 6Rogue CentSpirit +135351%155813
Kalima 6Rogue CentTransformation Ring +522130%146057
Kalima 6Rogue CentImp15560%185777
Kalima 6Rogue CentDevils Eye14440%77208
Kalima 6Rogue CentDevils Key14330%77205
Kalima 6Rogue CentBlood Bone +714300%49328
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Archangel +714160%49363
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Gloves12260%84637
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Steel Mask11990%88041
Kalima 6Rogue CentHoly Spirit Helm11540%87839
Kalima 6Rogue CentGrand Soul Pants11520%84737
Kalima 6Rogue CentRed Spirit Gloves11410%95002
Kalima 6Rogue CentSaint Crossbow11110%94484
Kalima 6Rogue CentBlack Dragon Pants10850%94711
Kalima 6Rogue CentHorn of Uniria9510%195724
Kalima 6Rogue CentGuardian Angel8570%230850
Kalima 6Rogue CentRena +38520%58855
Kalima 6Rogue CentBox of Luck +77330%51244
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Cometfall3900%5057
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Decay2970%7532
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Soul2310%28647
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Bless2230%31135
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Life1900%19831
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Teleport Ally1840%5425
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Ice Storm1800%5173
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Inferno1660%5161
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Chaos1330%15411
Kalima 6Rogue CentPet Rudolph990%5105
Kalima 6Rogue CentOrb of Summoning710%24681
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Creation430%9087
Kalima 6Schriker6Hurricane Boots3452212%449496
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Soul Helm3452012%449375
Kalima 6Schriker6Red Spirit Armor3451312%320000
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Soul Pants3451312%453392
Kalima 6Schriker6Great Dragon Pants3444812%447896
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Master Pants3440012%450726
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Master Armor3429412%453402
Kalima 6Schriker6Symbol of Kundun +796183%195153
Kalima 6Schriker6Horn of Uniria54812%195724
Kalima 6Schriker6Guardian Angel50172%230850
Kalima 6Schriker6Spirit +147722%155813
Kalima 6Schriker6Transformation Ring +529641%146057
Kalima 6Schriker6Imp29491%185777
Kalima 6Schriker6Spirit +024151%67978
Kalima 6Schriker6Thunder Hawk Armor20601%254301
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Master Mask19951%206820
Kalima 6Schriker6Thunder Blade19631%142494
Kalima 6Schriker6Scroll of Archangel +718971%49363
Kalima 6Schriker6Devils Key18731%77205
Kalima 6Schriker6Devils Eye18661%77208
Kalima 6Schriker6Blood Bone +718491%49328
Kalima 6Schriker6Orb of Summoning16801%24681
Kalima 6Schriker6Rena +311570%58855
Kalima 6Schriker6Box of Luck +710260%51244
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Bless5770%31135
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Soul5190%28647
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Chaos3860%15411
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Life3740%19831
Kalima 6Schriker6Pet Rudolph1500%5105
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Creation980%9087
Kalima 6Schriker6Dragon Spear40%68771
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Phoenix Helm30%64883
Kalima 6Schriker6Scroll of Electric Spark30%69746
Kalima 6Schriker6Saint Crossbow30%94484
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Phoenix Gloves30%84637
Kalima 6Schriker6Red Spirit Gloves30%95002
Kalima 6Schriker6Holy Spirit Pants30%96785
Kalima 6Schriker6Thunder Hawk Boots20%68258
Kalima 6Schriker6Black Dragon Pants20%94711
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Master Gloves20%69486
Kalima 6Schriker6Grand Soul Pants20%84737
Kalima 6Schriker6Red Spirit Boots20%96847
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Steel Boots10%91514
Kalima 6Schriker6Thunder Hawk Gloves10%99965
Kalima 6Schriker6Scroll of Soul Barrier10%4153
Kalima 6Schriker6Celestial Bow10%65371
Kalima 6Schriker6Elemental Mace10%72490
Kalima 6Schriker6Holy Spirit Helm10%87839
Kalima 6Schriker6Red Spirit Helm10%65880
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Phoenix Boots10%65411
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Steel Pants10%68633
Kalima 6Schriker6Grand Soul Armor10%65376
32Alpha CrusSymbol of Kundun +625205%137015
32Alpha CrusScroll of Electric Spark22044%69746
32Alpha CrusThunder Hawk Boots20774%68258
32Alpha CrusDark Steel Pants20314%68633
32Alpha CrusThunder Hawk Gloves20114%99965
32Alpha CrusSaint Crossbow20014%94484
32Alpha CrusDark Steel Mask19934%88041
32Alpha CrusScroll of Critical Damage19874%102821
32Alpha CrusBlack Dragon Armor19824%72970
32Alpha CrusGreat Scepter19794%102060
32Alpha CrusBlack Dragon Helm19624%101706
32Alpha CrusRed Spirit Gloves19594%95002
32Alpha CrusDragon Spear19524%68771
32Alpha CrusStaff of Destruction19504%72986
32Alpha CrusDark Master Gloves19464%69486
32Alpha CrusDark Steel Boots19344%91514
32Alpha CrusSword of Destruction19274%102091
32Alpha CrusBlack Dragon Pants19254%94711
32Alpha CrusDark Soul Gloves19024%97031
32Alpha CrusRed Spirit Boots18954%96847
32Alpha CrusElemental Mace18774%72490
32Alpha CrusJewel of Bless13513%31135
32Alpha CrusJewel of Soul10622%28647
32Alpha CrusTransformation Ring +57611%146057
32Alpha CrusBlood Bone +75031%49328
32Alpha CrusDevils Eye4661%77208
32Alpha CrusDevils Key4531%77205
32Alpha CrusScroll of Archangel +74511%49363
32Alpha CrusImp3741%185777
32Alpha CrusHorn of Uniria3381%195724
32Alpha CrusJewel of Life3211%19831
32Alpha CrusRena +32961%58855
32Alpha CrusBox of Luck +72651%51244
32Alpha CrusOrb of Ice Arrow2180%69018
32Alpha CrusGrand Soul Helm2180%68127
32Alpha CrusJewel of Creation2160%9087
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Pants2140%96785
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Boots2030%68418
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Helm2030%87839
32Alpha CrusDark Phoenix Helm2010%64883
32Alpha CrusGrand Soul Armor2010%65376
32Alpha CrusDark Phoenix Gloves2000%84637
32Alpha CrusGrand Soul Pants1990%84737
32Alpha CrusCelestial Bow1970%65371
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Armor1780%65260
32Alpha CrusJewel of Chaos1770%15411
32Alpha CrusScroll of Soul Barrier930%4153
32Alpha CrusScroll of Teleport Ally890%5425
32Alpha CrusScroll of Inferno890%5161
32Alpha CrusScroll of Aqua Beam600%4728
32Alpha CrusScroll of Cometfall480%5057
32Alpha CrusGuardian Angel470%230850
32Alpha CrusPet Rudolph330%5105
32Alpha CrusOrb of Summoning240%24681
32Alpha CrusBill of Balrog20%41809
32Alpha CrusDragon Shield10%45924
32Alpha CrusAdamantine Boots10%45599
32Alpha CrusAdamantine Mask10%50827
32Ax WarriorGrand Soul Shield3015%63697
32Ax WarriorScroll of FireBurst2855%65144
32Ax WarriorAquagold Crossbow2805%47596
32Ax WarriorStorm Crow Pants2785%64051
32Ax WarriorElemental Shield2775%50664
32Ax WarriorStorm Crow Gloves2735%38521
32Ax WarriorAdamantine Pants2705%38506
32Ax WarriorAdamantine Mask2705%50827
32Ax WarriorBluewing Crossbow2695%50116
32Ax WarriorCrystal Sword2625%47553
32Ax WarriorStorm Crow Boots2594%47092
32Ax WarriorSymbol of Kundun +32564%40885
32Ax WarriorDark Steel Gloves2564%65636
32Ax WarriorCrystal Morning Star2564%50456
32Ax WarriorStaff of Resurrection2424%38307
32Ax WarriorMaster Scepter2404%47179
32Ax WarriorJewel of Bless1152%31135
32Ax WarriorJewel of Soul1112%28647
32Ax WarriorScroll of Archangel +5882%5128
32Ax WarriorTransformation Ring +5761%146057
32Ax WarriorBox of Luck +1551%19744
32Ax WarriorGuardian Angel551%230850
32Ax WarriorDevils Key521%77205
32Ax WarriorBlood Bone +5501%5169
32Ax WarriorDevils Eye491%77208
32Ax WarriorHoly Spirit Gloves311%39829
32Ax WarriorJewel of Life301%19831
32Ax WarriorOrb of Death Stab301%39242
32Ax WarriorOrb of Penetration301%50109
32Ax WarriorGrand Soul Gloves270%32448
32Ax WarriorBox of Luck +7260%51244
32Ax WarriorRena +3260%58855
32Ax WarriorHorn of Uniria260%195724
32Ax WarriorScroll of Evil Spirit220%8663
32Ax WarriorJewel of Creation200%9087
32Ax WarriorJewel of Chaos180%15411
32Ax WarriorImp120%185777
32Ax WarriorScroll of Aqua Beam90%4728
32Ax WarriorScroll of Hellfire50%3151
32Beam KnighScroll of Critical Damage3665%102821
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Gloves3534%60259
32Beam KnighSword of Destruction3474%102091
32Beam KnighDark Steel Gloves3464%65636
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Pants3444%64051
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Helm3384%101706
32Beam KnighRed Spirit Gloves3384%95002
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Pants3374%94711
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Armor3374%87702
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Shield3344%63697
32Beam KnighGreat Scepter3334%102060
32Beam KnighDark Steel Boots3324%91514
32Beam KnighAdamantine Armor3314%96831
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Boots3244%97122
32Beam KnighScroll of FireBurst3174%65144
32Beam KnighSaint Crossbow3124%94484
32Beam KnighSymbol of Kundun +53024%48721
32Beam KnighJewel of Bless1722%31135
32Beam KnighJewel of Soul1492%28647
32Beam KnighTransformation Ring +51181%146057
32Beam KnighAquagold Crossbow801%47596
32Beam KnighDevils Key771%77205
32Beam KnighDevils Eye751%77208
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Boots711%47092
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Gloves691%38521
32Beam KnighMaster Scepter661%47179
32Beam KnighStaff of Resurrection641%38307
32Beam KnighAdamantine Pants641%38506
32Beam KnighCrystal Sword631%47553
32Beam KnighGuardian Angel601%230850
32Beam KnighScroll of Archangel +6541%7980
32Beam KnighBlood Bone +6521%8020
32Beam KnighJewel of Life501%19831
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Helm461%68127
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Boots411%50668
32Beam KnighBox of Luck +7340%51244
32Beam KnighOrb of Rageful Blow330%86131
32Beam KnighHoly Spirit Boots330%68418
32Beam KnighImp290%185777
32Beam KnighJewel of Creation290%9087
32Beam KnighOrb of Ice Arrow280%69018
32Beam KnighHorn of Uniria270%195724
32Beam KnighJewel of Chaos270%15411
32Beam KnighRena +3260%58855
32Beam KnighScroll of Cometfall160%5057
32Beam KnighScroll of Teleport Ally110%5425
32Beam KnighHoly Spirit Gloves80%39829
32Beam KnighScroll of Aqua Beam80%4728
32Beam KnighScroll of Soul Barrier60%4153
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Gloves50%32448
32Beam KnighOrb of Death Stab30%39242
32Beam KnighOrb of Summoning30%24681
32Bloody wolCrystal Sword3392%47553
32Bloody wolScroll of FireBurst3302%65144
32Bloody wolAdamantine Mask3191%50827
32Bloody wolMaster Scepter3191%47179
32Bloody wolDark Steel Gloves3181%65636
32Bloody wolStorm Crow Gloves3131%38521
32Bloody wolAdamantine Pants3111%38506
32Bloody wolCrystal Morning Star3101%50456
32Bloody wolElemental Shield3011%50664
32Bloody wolBluewing Crossbow2991%50116
32Bloody wolStaff of Resurrection2961%38307
32Bloody wolGrand Soul Shield2911%63697
32Bloody wolStorm Crow Pants2911%64051
32Bloody wolBlack Dragon Gloves2881%60259
32Bloody wolAquagold Crossbow2861%47596
32Bloody wolStorm Crow Boots2771%47092
32Bloody wolSymbol of Kundun +32571%40885
32Bloody wolJewel of Bless1331%31135
32Bloody wolJewel of Soul950%28647
32Bloody wolTransformation Ring +5800%146057
32Bloody wolBlood Bone +5630%5169
32Bloody wolScroll of Archangel +5580%5128
32Bloody wolScroll of Archangel +6560%7980
32Bloody wolImp480%185777
32Bloody wolDevils Key480%77205
32Bloody wolBox of Luck +1470%19744
32Bloody wolGrand Soul Boots450%50668
32Bloody wolDevils Eye450%77208
32Bloody wolGuardian Angel420%230850
32Bloody wolBlood Bone +6400%8020
32Bloody wolJewel of Life350%19831
32Bloody wolRena +3340%58855
32Bloody wolHoly Spirit Gloves340%39829
32Bloody wolOrb of Death Stab320%39242
32Bloody wolGrand Soul Gloves290%32448
32Bloody wolBox of Luck +7240%51244
32Bloody wolJewel of Creation230%9087
32Bloody wolHorn of Uniria190%195724
32Bloody wolScroll of Hellfire180%3151
32Bloody wolJewel of Chaos180%15411
32Bloody wolScroll of Evil Spirit150%8663
32Bloody wolScroll of Aqua Beam90%4728
32Bloody wolLegendary Gloves10%12852
32Bloody wolOrb of Summoning10%24681
32Bloody wolSpirit Boots10%14415
32Death AngeAdamantine Mask4960%50827
32Death AngeCrystal Morning Star4670%50456
32Death AngeBill of Balrog4640%41809
32Death AngeAquagold Crossbow4600%47596
32Death AngeStorm Crow Boots4580%47092
32Death AngeMaster Scepter4540%47179
32Death AngeGrand Soul Shield4440%63697
32Death AngeCrystal Sword4430%47553
32Death AngeStorm Crow Gloves4410%38521
32Death AngeElemental Shield4400%50664
32Death AngeBluewing Crossbow4270%50116
32Death AngeStaff of Resurrection4260%38307
32Death AngeStorm Crow Pants4260%64051
32Death AngeScroll of FireBurst4240%65144
32Death AngeAdamantine Pants4240%38506
32Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +33270%40885
32Death AngeJewel of Bless1500%31135
32Death AngeJewel of Soul1310%28647
32Death AngeImp1100%185777
32Death AngeTransformation Ring +5940%146057
32Death AngeBlood Bone +5710%5169
32Death AngeDevils Key650%77205
32Death AngeGuardian Angel610%230850
32Death AngeBox of Luck +1610%19744
32Death AngeDevils Eye590%77208
32Death AngeScroll of Archangel +5560%5128
32Death AngeHoly Spirit Gloves480%39829
32Death AngeJewel of Life450%19831
32Death AngeOrb of Death Stab400%39242
32Death AngeHorn of Uniria380%195724
32Death AngeOrb of Penetration350%50109
32Death AngeGrand Soul Gloves340%32448
32Death AngeBox of Luck +7300%51244
32Death AngeJewel of Creation280%9087
32Death AngeRena +3270%58855
32Death AngeScroll of Evil Spirit230%8663
32Death AngeJewel of Chaos200%15411
32Death AngeScroll of Aqua Beam150%4728
32Death AngeOrb of Summoning20%24681
32Death AngeScroll of Hellfire10%3151
32Death AngeLight Plate Boots10%12330
32DrakanBlack Dragon Pants3822%94711
32DrakanAdamantine Armor3592%96831
32DrakanSword of Destruction3582%102091
32DrakanBlack Dragon Gloves3512%60259
32DrakanDark Steel Mask3512%88041
32DrakanScroll of Critical Damage3502%102821
32DrakanSymbol of Kundun +53472%48721
32DrakanBlack Dragon Boots3452%97122
32DrakanStorm Crow Armor3442%87702
32DrakanRed Spirit Gloves3442%95002
32DrakanDark Steel Boots3402%91514
32DrakanBlack Dragon Helm3372%101706
32DrakanGreat Scepter3322%102060
32DrakanSaint Crossbow3322%94484
32DrakanDark Steel Gloves3232%65636
32DrakanJewel of Bless1861%31135
32DrakanJewel of Soul1241%28647
32DrakanTransformation Ring +51041%146057
32DrakanGuardian Angel830%230850
32DrakanScroll of Archangel +7800%49363
32DrakanDevils Eye800%77208
32DrakanBlood Bone +7620%49328
32DrakanDevils Key600%77205
32DrakanOrb of Ice Arrow460%69018
32DrakanGrand Soul Helm430%68127
32DrakanHoly Spirit Helm420%87839
32DrakanRena +3420%58855
32DrakanJewel of Life360%19831
32DrakanDark Phoenix Gloves360%84637
32DrakanGrand Soul Boots330%50668
32DrakanHoly Spirit Boots320%68418
32DrakanScroll of Cometfall320%5057
32DrakanBox of Luck +7290%51244
32DrakanGrand Soul Pants290%84737
32DrakanJewel of Creation250%9087
32DrakanOrb of Rageful Blow250%86131
32DrakanScroll of Soul Barrier190%4153
32DrakanScroll of Teleport Ally160%5425
32DrakanJewel of Chaos160%15411
32DrakanHorn of Uniria130%195724
32DrakanScroll of Aqua Beam120%4728
32DrakanOrb of Summoning20%24681
32Illusion oHurricane Armor1559%644457
32Illusion oGreat Dragon Armor1418%476110
32Illusion oKnight Blade1418%164
32Illusion oGreat Lord Scepter1287%143
32Illusion oDark Reign Blade1237%137
32Illusion oStaff of Kundun1187%127
32Illusion oArrow Viper Bow1177%141369
32Illusion oBox of Luck +10493%222
32Illusion oBox of Luck +11463%533
32Illusion oBox of Luck +12412%531
32Illusion oSymbol of Kundun +7302%195153
32Illusion oGuardian Angel261%230850
32Illusion oImp201%185777
32Illusion oSpirit +1191%155813
32Illusion oHorn of Uniria191%195724
32Illusion oDark Master Mask161%206820
32Illusion oHurricane Boots161%449496
32Illusion oRed Spirit Armor151%320000
32Illusion oDark Master Armor131%453402
32Illusion oGreat Dragon Pants131%447896
32Illusion oThunder Hawk Armor121%254301
32Illusion oJewel of Bless101%31135
32Illusion oDark Soul Pants101%453392
32Illusion oDark Master Pants101%450726
32Illusion oDark Soul Helm80%449375
32Illusion oTransformation Ring +580%146057
32Illusion oJewel of Creation70%9087
32Illusion oJewel of Soul70%28647
32Illusion oSpirit +060%67978
32Illusion oBox of Luck +940%531
32Illusion oBox of Luck +740%51244
32Illusion oOrb of Summoning30%24681
32Illusion oScroll of Archangel +720%49363
32Illusion oJewel of Life10%19831
32Illusion oDevils Eye10%77208
32Illusion oPet Rudolph10%5105
32Illusion oJewel of Chaos10%15411
32Illusion oThunder Blade10%142494
32Illusion oDevils Key10%77205
32Iron WheelBlack Dragon Boots45589%97122
32Iron WheelAdamantine Armor44499%96831
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Armor44389%87702
32Iron WheelSymbol of Kundun +421424%30821
32Iron WheelCrystal Sword21074%47553
32Iron WheelAquagold Crossbow20944%47596
32Iron WheelScroll of FireBurst20744%65144
32Iron WheelBlack Dragon Gloves20654%60259
32Iron WheelAdamantine Pants20634%38506
32Iron WheelStaff of Resurrection20604%38307
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Pants20554%64051
32Iron WheelDark Steel Gloves20464%65636
32Iron WheelGrand Soul Shield20384%63697
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Gloves20334%38521
32Iron WheelMaster Scepter20264%47179
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Boots20144%47092
32Iron WheelJewel of Bless11392%31135
32Iron WheelJewel of Soul8132%28647
32Iron WheelImp6811%185777
32Iron WheelTransformation Ring +56421%146057
32Iron WheelHorn of Uniria5161%195724
32Iron WheelOrb of Rageful Blow4791%86131
32Iron WheelDevils Key4521%77205
32Iron WheelDevils Eye4091%77208
32Iron WheelScroll of Archangel +64011%7980
32Iron WheelBox of Luck +13981%19744
32Iron WheelBlood Bone +63831%8020
32Iron WheelJewel of Life2841%19831
32Iron WheelHoly Spirit Gloves2250%39829
32Iron WheelBox of Luck +72240%51244
32Iron WheelOrb of Death Stab2000%39242
32Iron WheelRena +31960%58855
32Iron WheelGrand Soul Boots1880%50668
32Iron WheelGrand Soul Gloves1790%32448
32Iron WheelJewel of Creation1790%9087
32Iron WheelJewel of Chaos1670%15411
32Iron WheelGuardian Angel1400%230850
32Iron WheelScroll of Soul Barrier990%4153
32Iron WheelScroll of Cometfall640%5057
32Iron WheelScroll of Aqua Beam590%4728
32Iron WheelOrb of Summoning290%24681
32Iron WheelPendant of Ability20%2655
32Iron WheelGuardian Boots10%8674
32Iron WheelLight Plate Boots10%12330
32Iron WheelLegendary Gloves10%12852
32Iron WheelSpirit Armor10%12531
32Iron WheelPlate Helm10%4515
32Iron WheelLegendary Helm10%2823
32Lizard WarBlack Dragon Boots21775%97122
32Lizard WarAquagold Crossbow21285%47596
32Lizard WarSymbol of Kundun +420985%30821
32Lizard WarStorm Crow Gloves20805%38521
32Lizard WarDark Steel Gloves20765%65636
32Lizard WarStaff of Resurrection20735%38307
32Lizard WarAdamantine Pants20715%38506
32Lizard WarGrand Soul Shield20655%63697
32Lizard WarAdamantine Armor20645%96831
32Lizard WarMaster Scepter20425%47179
32Lizard WarStorm Crow Pants20365%64051
32Lizard WarStorm Crow Boots20295%47092
32Lizard WarScroll of FireBurst20215%65144
32Lizard WarBluewing Crossbow20165%50116
32Lizard WarBlack Dragon Gloves20035%60259
32Lizard WarCrystal Sword19825%47553
32Lizard WarJewel of Bless10643%31135
32Lizard WarJewel of Soul9062%28647
32Lizard WarDevils Eye8862%77208
32Lizard WarDevils Key7792%77205
32Lizard WarTransformation Ring +56432%146057
32Lizard WarBox of Luck +14091%19744
32Lizard WarScroll of Archangel +64061%7980
32Lizard WarBlood Bone +64001%8020
32Lizard WarGuardian Angel3701%230850
32Lizard WarJewel of Life2511%19831
32Lizard WarOrb of Rageful Blow2101%86131
32Lizard WarRena +32050%58855
32Lizard WarGrand Soul Boots2040%50668
32Lizard WarBox of Luck +72040%51244
32Lizard WarHoly Spirit Gloves1910%39829
32Lizard WarGrand Soul Gloves1910%32448
32Lizard WarOrb of Death Stab1840%39242
32Lizard WarJewel of Creation1650%9087
32Lizard WarJewel of Chaos1640%15411
32Lizard WarHorn of Uniria1430%195724
32Lizard WarScroll of Evil Spirit1290%8663
32Lizard WarImp1200%185777
32Lizard WarScroll of Aqua Beam850%4728
32Lizard WarScroll of Soul Barrier610%4153
32Lizard WarScroll of Hellfire490%3151
32Lizard WarOrb of Summoning220%24681
32Lizard WarLight Plate Boots10%12330
32Lizard WarGiant Sword10%8674
32Lizard WarDragon Gloves10%8615
32Lizard WarSerpent Shield10%12562
32Lizard WarLight Plate Gloves10%13594
32Lizard WarRing of Wind10%12622
32Mega CrustCrystal Sword4310%47553
32Mega CrustStorm Crow Gloves3970%38521
32Mega CrustAquagold Crossbow3850%47596
32Mega CrustStaff of Resurrection3830%38307
32Mega CrustBlack Dragon Boots3810%97122
32Mega CrustStorm Crow Pants3810%64051
32Mega CrustMaster Scepter3760%47179
32Mega CrustDark Steel Gloves3750%65636
32Mega CrustAdamantine Pants3690%38506
32Mega CrustGrand Soul Shield3690%63697
32Mega CrustStorm Crow Boots3680%47092
32Mega CrustScroll of FireBurst3590%65144
32Mega CrustAdamantine Armor3570%96831
32Mega CrustBluewing Crossbow3520%50116
32Mega CrustBlack Dragon Gloves3400%60259
32Mega CrustSymbol of Kundun +43100%30821
32Mega CrustJewel of Bless1440%31135
32Mega CrustJewel of Soul1290%28647
32Mega CrustDevils Key1160%77205
32Mega CrustDevils Eye1030%77208
32Mega CrustTransformation Ring +5920%146057
32Mega CrustBox of Luck +1730%19744
32Mega CrustGuardian Angel650%230850
32Mega CrustScroll of Archangel +6610%7980
32Mega CrustBlood Bone +6520%8020
32Mega CrustOrb of Death Stab510%39242
32Mega CrustHorn of Uniria500%195724
32Mega CrustGrand Soul Gloves470%32448
32Mega CrustGrand Soul Boots420%50668
32Mega CrustBox of Luck +7410%51244
32Mega CrustOrb of Rageful Blow390%86131
32Mega CrustRena +3360%58855
32Mega CrustHoly Spirit Gloves320%39829
32Mega CrustImp280%185777
32Mega CrustJewel of Life260%19831
32Mega CrustJewel of Chaos250%15411
32Mega CrustJewel of Creation230%9087
32Mega CrustScroll of Evil Spirit220%8663
32Mega CrustScroll of Soul Barrier190%4153
32Mega CrustOrb of Summoning110%24681
32Mega CrustScroll of Hellfire70%3151
32Mega CrustScroll of Aqua Beam60%4728
32Poison GolSymbol of Kundun +524585%48721
32Poison GolGrand Soul Shield23365%63697
32Poison GolScroll of FireBurst23315%65144
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Pants23285%94711
32Poison GolScroll of Critical Damage23275%102821
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Boots23235%97122
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Helm23235%101706
32Poison GolRed Spirit Gloves23185%95002
32Poison GolStorm Crow Armor23005%87702
32Poison GolSword of Destruction22895%102091
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Gloves22795%60259
32Poison GolGreat Scepter22634%102060
32Poison GolStorm Crow Pants22504%64051
32Poison GolAdamantine Armor22334%96831
32Poison GolDark Steel Gloves22284%65636
32Poison GolSaint Crossbow22234%94484
32Poison GolDark Steel Boots22004%91514
32Poison GolJewel of Bless12512%31135
32Poison GolJewel of Soul10262%28647
32Poison GolTransformation Ring +57782%146057
32Poison GolBlood Bone +65031%8020
32Poison GolDevils Eye4881%77208
32Poison GolDevils Key4851%77205
32Poison GolScroll of Archangel +64741%7980
32Poison GolStorm Crow Gloves4511%38521
32Poison GolAquagold Crossbow4481%47596
32Poison GolMaster Scepter4441%47179
32Poison GolStorm Crow Boots4341%47092
32Poison GolAdamantine Pants4261%38506
32Poison GolCrystal Sword4141%47553
32Poison GolStaff of Resurrection4141%38307
32Poison GolGuardian Angel3831%230850
32Poison GolJewel of Life3001%19831
32Poison GolGrand Soul Helm2591%68127
32Poison GolOrb of Ice Arrow2320%69018
32Poison GolRena +32310%58855
32Poison GolHoly Spirit Boots2280%68418
32Poison GolBox of Luck +72230%51244
32Poison GolOrb of Rageful Blow2210%86131
32Poison GolHorn of Uniria2160%195724
32Poison GolGrand Soul Boots1990%50668
32Poison GolJewel of Chaos1870%15411
32Poison GolJewel of Creation1860%9087
32Poison GolImp1850%185777
32Poison GolScroll of Cometfall1300%5057
32Poison GolScroll of Soul Barrier820%4153
32Poison GolScroll of Teleport Ally750%5425
32Poison GolHoly Spirit Gloves480%39829
32Poison GolOrb of Death Stab470%39242
32Poison GolGrand Soul Gloves410%32448
32Poison GolScroll of Aqua Beam400%4728
32Poison GolOrb of Summoning150%24681
32Queen BeeSymbol of Kundun +625225%137015
32Queen BeeScroll of Electric Spark18494%69746
32Queen BeeScroll of Critical Damage18184%102821
32Queen BeeDark Soul Gloves18054%97031
32Queen BeeSaint Crossbow18024%94484
32Queen BeeBlack Dragon Helm17774%101706
32Queen BeeRed Spirit Boots17734%96847
32Queen BeeDragon Spear17714%68771
32Queen BeeElemental Mace17694%72490
32Queen BeeDark Steel Pants17664%68633
32Queen BeeThunder Hawk Gloves17554%99965
32Queen BeeBlack Dragon Armor17454%72970
32Queen BeeThunder Hawk Boots17444%68258
32Queen BeeGreat Scepter17414%102060
32Queen BeeDark Steel Boots17384%91514
32Queen BeeDark Master Gloves17214%69486
32Queen BeeDark Steel Mask17154%88041
32Queen BeeBlack Dragon Pants16824%94711
32Queen BeeSword of Destruction16604%102091
32Queen BeeRed Spirit Gloves16524%95002
32Queen BeeStaff of Destruction16494%72986
32Queen BeeJewel of Bless13303%31135
32Queen BeeJewel of Soul10302%28647
32Queen BeeTransformation Ring +57072%146057
32Queen BeeDevils Eye5081%77208
32Queen BeeDevils Key4941%77205
32Queen BeeBlood Bone +74711%49328
32Queen BeeScroll of Archangel +74671%49363
32Queen BeeHorn of Uniria3321%195724
32Queen BeeImp3251%185777
32Queen BeeJewel of Life2961%19831
32Queen BeeBox of Luck +72711%51244
32Queen BeeRena +32681%58855
32Queen BeeGrand Soul Helm2000%68127
32Queen BeeOrb of Ice Arrow1930%69018
32Queen BeeGrand Soul Armor1890%65376
32Queen BeeJewel of Creation1870%9087
32Queen BeeHoly Spirit Pants1850%96785
32Queen BeeCelestial Bow1830%65371
32Queen BeeDark Phoenix Helm1810%64883
32Queen BeeHoly Spirit Helm1730%87839
32Queen BeeGrand Soul Pants1720%84737
32Queen BeeJewel of Chaos1710%15411
32Queen BeeDark Phoenix Gloves1690%84637
32Queen BeeHoly Spirit Armor1600%65260
32Queen BeeHoly Spirit Boots1590%68418
32Queen BeeScroll of Soul Barrier940%4153
32Queen BeeScroll of Inferno730%5161
32Queen BeeScroll of Aqua Beam500%4728
32Queen BeeScroll of Teleport Ally490%5425
32Queen BeeGuardian Angel460%230850
32Queen BeeScroll of Cometfall400%5057
32Queen BeePet Rudolph390%5105
32Queen BeeOrb of Summoning130%24681
32Queen BeeLight Plate Armor10%46719
32Queen BeeElemental Shield10%50664
32Queen BeeSilver Bow10%25976
32Queen BeeAdamantine Gloves10%44028
32Queen BeeDragon Shield10%45924
32Queen BeeLegendary Armor10%25856
32Queen RainAdamantine Armor26101%96831
32Queen RainSword of Destruction25551%102091
32Queen RainScroll of Critical Damage25411%102821
32Queen RainBlack Dragon Helm25401%101706
32Queen RainAquagold Crossbow25291%47596
32Queen RainStorm Crow Armor25231%87702
32Queen RainBlack Dragon Boots25031%97122
32Queen RainGrand Soul Shield24961%63697
32Queen RainStorm Crow Pants24901%64051
32Queen RainDark Steel Gloves24831%65636
32Queen RainMaster Scepter24811%47179
32Queen RainCrystal Sword24671%47553
32Queen RainStorm Crow Boots24551%47092
32Queen RainScroll of FireBurst24521%65144
32Queen RainSymbol of Kundun +424511%30821
32Queen RainGreat Scepter24321%102060
32Queen RainBlack Dragon Gloves23901%60259
32Queen RainJewel of Bless12840%31135
32Queen RainJewel of Soul10240%28647
32Queen RainTransformation Ring +56810%146057
32Queen RainBlood Bone +65080%8020
32Queen RainDevils Eye4930%77208
32Queen RainDevils Key4870%77205
32Queen RainScroll of Archangel +64580%7980
32Queen RainStorm Crow Gloves4340%38521
32Queen RainAdamantine Pants4290%38506
32Queen RainStaff of Resurrection4250%38307
32Queen RainBluewing Crossbow4090%50116
32Queen RainHorn of Uniria3550%195724
32Queen RainJewel of Life3190%19831
32Queen RainOrb of Ice Arrow2740%69018
32Queen RainRena +32660%58855
32Queen RainHoly Spirit Boots2650%68418
32Queen RainOrb of Rageful Blow2650%86131
32Queen RainBox of Luck +72620%51244
32Queen RainHoly Spirit Gloves2570%39829
32Queen RainGrand Soul Helm2560%68127
32Queen RainGrand Soul Boots2510%50668
32Queen RainOrb of Death Stab2430%39242
32Queen RainGuardian Angel2250%230850
32Queen RainJewel of Creation2010%9087
32Queen RainImp1850%185777
32Queen RainJewel of Chaos1700%15411
32Queen RainScroll of Cometfall950%5057
32Queen RainScroll of Soul Barrier510%4153
32Queen RainScroll of Aqua Beam500%4728
32Queen RainGrand Soul Gloves410%32448
32Queen RainOrb of Summoning170%24681
32Queen RainGreat Scythe20%9880
32Queen RainGuardian Gloves20%2811
32Queen RainSerpent Crossbow10%2440
32Queen RainGuardian Boots10%8674
32Queen RainPlate Armor10%2363
32Queen RainSerpent Spear10%4587
32Rogue CentSword of Destruction10%102091
32Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +410%30821
AidaBloody DeaDark Master Pants2804912%450726
AidaBloody DeaRed Spirit Armor2797812%320000
AidaBloody DeaDark Master Armor2770712%453402
AidaBloody DeaDark Soul Helm2768612%449375
AidaBloody DeaGreat Dragon Pants2762312%447896
AidaBloody DeaDark Soul Pants2755212%453392
AidaBloody DeaHurricane Boots2734612%449496
AidaBloody DeaSymbol of Kundun +771903%195153
AidaBloody DeaHorn of Uniria39962%195724
AidaBloody DeaSpirit +135232%155813
AidaBloody DeaGuardian Angel31591%230850
AidaBloody DeaTransformation Ring +522291%146057
AidaBloody DeaImp19311%185777
AidaBloody DeaSpirit +017821%67978
AidaBloody DeaDark Master Mask16801%206820
AidaBloody DeaThunder Hawk Armor16171%254301
AidaBloody DeaThunder Blade15821%142494
AidaBloody DeaScroll of Archangel +714271%49363
AidaBloody DeaBlood Bone +714131%49328
AidaBloody DeaDevils Eye14121%77208
AidaBloody DeaDevils Key13401%77205
AidaBloody DeaOrb of Summoning13231%24681
AidaBloody DeaRena +39080%58855
AidaBloody DeaBox of Luck +76800%51244
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Bless3790%31135
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Soul3630%28647
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Chaos2350%15411
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Life2300%19831
AidaBloody DeaPet Rudolph1110%5105
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Creation750%9087
AidaBloody DeaElemental Mace40%72490
AidaBloody DeaHoly Spirit Pants30%96785
AidaBloody DeaGreat Dragon Gloves30%52574
AidaBloody DeaHoly Spirit Armor30%65260
AidaBloody DeaSaint Crossbow20%94484
AidaBloody DeaBlack Dragon Armor20%72970
AidaBloody DeaRed Spirit Gloves20%95002
AidaBloody DeaDark Phoenix Gloves20%84637
AidaBloody DeaDark Phoenix Boots20%65411
AidaBloody DeaHoly Spirit Helm10%87839
AidaBloody DeaDark Steel Mask10%88041
AidaBloody DeaDark Steel Boots10%91514
AidaBloody DeaDark Phoenix Helm10%64883
AidaBloody DeaCelestial Bow10%65371
AidaBloody DeaStaff of Destruction10%72986
AidaBloody DeaDark Master Gloves10%69486
AidaBloody DeaDark Soul Gloves10%97031
AidaBloody DeaGrand Soul Pants10%84737
AidaBloody DeaThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
AidaBloody DeaBlack Dragon Pants10%94711
AidaBloody GolGreat Dragon Pants5163213%447896
AidaBloody GolDark Master Pants5155513%450726
AidaBloody GolDark Master Armor5141513%453402
AidaBloody GolHurricane Boots5130113%449496
AidaBloody GolDark Soul Helm5125213%449375
AidaBloody GolDark Soul Pants5110513%453392
AidaBloody GolRed Spirit Armor130293%320000
AidaBloody GolThunder Hawk Armor127913%254301
AidaBloody GolSymbol of Kundun +7114933%195153
AidaBloody GolHorn of Uniria92832%195724
AidaBloody GolGuardian Angel79312%230850
AidaBloody GolImp64842%185777
AidaBloody GolSpirit +156281%155813
AidaBloody GolTransformation Ring +534701%146057
AidaBloody GolSpirit +028841%67978
AidaBloody GolOrb of Summoning15960%24681
AidaBloody GolRena +313360%58855
AidaBloody GolBox of Luck +711400%51244
AidaBloody GolJewel of Bless6430%31135
AidaBloody GolJewel of Life6320%19831
AidaBloody GolJewel of Soul6260%28647
AidaBloody GolJewel of Creation4980%9087
AidaBloody GolJewel of Chaos4380%15411
AidaBloody GolPet Rudolph1640%5105
AidaBloody GolThunder Hawk Gloves70%99965
AidaBloody GolHoly Spirit Pants70%96785
AidaBloody GolCelestial Bow60%65371
AidaBloody GolHoly Spirit Armor50%65260
AidaBloody GolDark Phoenix Helm40%64883
AidaBloody GolDark Steel Mask30%88041
AidaBloody GolStaff of Destruction30%72986
AidaBloody GolDark Steel Pants30%68633
AidaBloody GolGreat Dragon Gloves30%52574
AidaBloody GolHoly Spirit Helm30%87839
AidaBloody GolRed Spirit Boots30%96847
AidaBloody GolDragon Spear30%68771
AidaBloody GolElemental Mace20%72490
AidaBloody GolThunder Hawk Boots20%68258
AidaBloody GolDark Master Boots20%51235
AidaBloody GolDark Steel Armor20%48995
AidaBloody GolGrand Soul Armor20%65376
AidaBloody GolDark Phoenix Pants20%48713
AidaBloody GolDark Phoenix Gloves20%84637
AidaBloody GolDark Master Gloves10%69486
AidaBloody GolRed Spirit Helm10%65880
AidaBloody GolScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
AidaBloody GolDark Soul Gloves10%97031
AidaBloody GolDark Phoenix Boots10%65411
AidaBloody GolDark Soul Boots10%51292
AidaBloody GolBlack Dragon Armor10%72970
AidaBloody OrcDark Master Pants152189%450726
AidaBloody OrcDark Master Armor151559%453402
AidaBloody OrcDark Master Mask151409%206820
AidaBloody OrcDark Soul Helm150309%449375
AidaBloody OrcDark Soul Pants150189%453392
AidaBloody OrcRed Spirit Armor149939%320000
AidaBloody OrcHurricane Boots149639%449496
AidaBloody OrcGreat Dragon Pants149619%447896
AidaBloody OrcThunder Hawk Armor148339%254301
AidaBloody OrcSymbol of Kundun +749623%195153
AidaBloody OrcHorn of Uniria33372%195724
AidaBloody OrcImp26392%185777
AidaBloody OrcSpirit +124261%155813
AidaBloody OrcGreat Dragon Helm18961%139542
AidaBloody OrcThunder Blade18921%142494
AidaBloody OrcDark Breaker18741%139370
AidaBloody OrcTransformation Ring +515451%146057
AidaBloody OrcGuardian Angel14101%230850
AidaBloody OrcSpirit +013051%67978
AidaBloody OrcScroll of Nova11041%15706
AidaBloody OrcBlood Bone +710021%49328
AidaBloody OrcDevils Key9601%77205
AidaBloody OrcDevils Eye9451%77208
AidaBloody OrcScroll of Archangel +79291%49363
AidaBloody OrcRena +36500%58855
AidaBloody OrcBox of Luck +74770%51244
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Bless2570%31135
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Soul2560%28647
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Life1940%19831
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Chaos1800%15411
AidaBloody OrcOrb of Summoning1170%24681
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Creation500%9087
AidaBloody OrcPet Rudolph480%5105
AidaBloody OrcThunder Hawk Gloves40%99965
AidaBloody OrcHoly Spirit Helm30%87839
AidaBloody OrcScroll of Critical Damage30%102821
AidaBloody OrcDark Steel Pants20%68633
AidaBloody OrcGrand Soul Pants10%84737
AidaBloody OrcSaint Crossbow10%94484
AidaBloody OrcDark Phoenix Helm10%64883
AidaBloody OrcScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
AidaBloody OrcDragon Spear10%68771
AidaBloody OrcDark Steel Mask10%88041
AidaBloody OrcHoly Spirit Boots10%68418
AidaBloody OrcGrand Soul Armor10%65376
AidaBloody OrcOrb of Ice Arrow10%69018
AidaBloody OrcStaff of Destruction10%72986
AidaBloody OrcHoly Spirit Armor10%65260
AidaBloody OrcDark Phoenix Gloves10%84637
AidaBloody OrcRed Spirit Gloves10%95002
AidaBloody OrcBlack Dragon Armor10%72970
AidaBloody OrcDark Steel Boots10%91514
AidaBloody WitGreat Dragon Pants1698314%447896
AidaBloody WitHurricane Pants1686914%475294
AidaBloody WitDark Soul Pants1685314%453392
AidaBloody WitDark Soul Armor1682714%474825
AidaBloody WitDark Master Armor1669814%453402
AidaBloody WitDark Soul Helm57555%449375
AidaBloody WitDark Master Pants56975%450726
AidaBloody WitRed Spirit Armor56035%320000
AidaBloody WitHurricane Boots54435%449496
AidaBloody WitSymbol of Kundun +730223%195153
AidaBloody WitGuardian Angel16831%230850
AidaBloody WitHorn of Uniria15771%195724
AidaBloody WitSpirit +115381%155813
AidaBloody WitTransformation Ring +59481%146057
AidaBloody WitSpirit +08211%67978
AidaBloody WitImp7401%185777
AidaBloody WitRena +33770%58855
AidaBloody WitBox of Luck +73180%51244
AidaBloody WitJewel of Soul1890%28647
AidaBloody WitJewel of Bless1840%31135
AidaBloody WitJewel of Life1750%19831
AidaBloody WitJewel of Creation1350%9087
AidaBloody WitJewel of Chaos1110%15411
AidaBloody WitOrb of Summoning600%24681
AidaBloody WitPet Rudolph450%5105
AidaBloody WitGreat Dragon Boots30%101153
AidaBloody WitBlack Dragon Armor20%72970
AidaBloody WitThunder Hawk Gloves10%99965
AidaBloody WitDark Soul Gloves10%97031
AidaBloody WitScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
AidaBloody WitCelestial Bow10%65371
AidaBloody WitGreat Dragon Gloves10%52574
AidaBloody WitGrand Soul Armor10%65376
AidaBloody WitGrand Soul Pants10%84737
AidaBloody WitThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
AidaBloody WitRed Spirit Gloves10%95002
AidaBloody WitRed Spirit Boots10%96847
AidaBloody WitDark Phoenix Pants10%48713
AidaBloody WitRed Spirit Helm10%65880
AidaBloody WitElemental Mace10%72490
AidaBlue GolemGreat Scepter4784%102060
AidaBlue GolemBlack Dragon Helm4744%101706
AidaBlue GolemBlack Dragon Boots4694%97122
AidaBlue GolemBlack Dragon Pants4694%94711
AidaBlue GolemScroll of FireBurst4684%65144
AidaBlue GolemSymbol of Kundun +54684%48721
AidaBlue GolemOrb of Rageful Blow4634%86131
AidaBlue GolemHoly Spirit Boots4624%68418
AidaBlue GolemGrand Soul Boots4624%50668
AidaBlue GolemStorm Crow Pants4604%64051
AidaBlue GolemDark Steel Gloves4594%65636
AidaBlue GolemOrb of Ice Arrow4584%69018
AidaBlue GolemStorm Crow Armor4574%87702
AidaBlue GolemSaint Crossbow4564%94484
AidaBlue GolemAdamantine Armor4554%96831
AidaBlue GolemBlack Dragon Gloves4524%60259
AidaBlue GolemDark Steel Boots4484%91514
AidaBlue GolemScroll of Critical Damage4474%102821
AidaBlue GolemGrand Soul Shield4454%63697
AidaBlue GolemRed Spirit Gloves4434%95002
AidaBlue GolemSword of Destruction4304%102091
AidaBlue GolemGrand Soul Helm4133%68127
AidaBlue GolemTransformation Ring +51341%146057
AidaBlue GolemOrb of Death Stab991%39242
AidaBlue GolemAdamantine Pants991%38506
AidaBlue GolemDevils Eye971%77208
AidaBlue GolemBlood Bone +6931%8020
AidaBlue GolemStorm Crow Boots911%47092
AidaBlue GolemStaff of Resurrection911%38307
AidaBlue GolemGrand Soul Gloves901%32448
AidaBlue GolemCrystal Sword901%47553
AidaBlue GolemHoly Spirit Gloves891%39829
AidaBlue GolemDevils Key861%77205
AidaBlue GolemScroll of Archangel +6851%7980
AidaBlue GolemStorm Crow Gloves851%38521
AidaBlue GolemGuardian Angel831%230850
AidaBlue GolemMaster Scepter831%47179
AidaBlue GolemAquagold Crossbow781%47596
AidaBlue GolemImp621%185777
AidaBlue GolemRena +3530%58855
AidaBlue GolemBox of Luck +7410%51244
AidaBlue GolemHorn of Uniria250%195724
AidaBlue GolemScroll of Cometfall210%5057
AidaBlue GolemJewel of Soul190%28647
AidaBlue GolemScroll of Soul Barrier140%4153
AidaBlue GolemJewel of Bless120%31135
AidaBlue GolemScroll of Aqua Beam110%4728
AidaBlue GolemJewel of Life100%19831
AidaBlue GolemScroll of Teleport Ally100%5425
AidaBlue GolemJewel of Chaos70%15411
AidaBlue GolemJewel of Creation40%9087
AidaBlue GolemOrb of Summoning30%24681
AidaDeath RideCrystal Sword9975%47553
AidaDeath RideBluewing Crossbow9884%50116
AidaDeath RideAdamantine Pants9824%38506
AidaDeath RideGrand Soul Shield9774%63697
AidaDeath RideMaster Scepter9754%47179
AidaDeath RideStorm Crow Pants9694%64051
AidaDeath RideBlack Dragon Gloves9654%60259
AidaDeath RideDark Steel Gloves9534%65636
AidaDeath RideAquagold Crossbow9524%47596
AidaDeath RideScroll of FireBurst9514%65144
AidaDeath RideStaff of Resurrection9494%38307
AidaDeath RideOrb of Rageful Blow9474%86131
AidaDeath RideStorm Crow Boots9474%47092
AidaDeath RideHoly Spirit Gloves9284%39829
AidaDeath RideAdamantine Armor9274%96831
AidaDeath RideBlack Dragon Boots9234%97122
AidaDeath RideOrb of Death Stab9214%39242
AidaDeath RideGrand Soul Gloves9174%32448
AidaDeath RideStorm Crow Gloves9144%38521
AidaDeath RideGrand Soul Boots8894%50668
AidaDeath RideSymbol of Kundun +48754%30821
AidaDeath RideDevils Key3502%77205
AidaDeath RideDevils Eye3362%77208
AidaDeath RideTransformation Ring +52871%146057
AidaDeath RideScroll of Archangel +61761%7980
AidaDeath RideImp1751%185777
AidaDeath RideBox of Luck +11731%19744
AidaDeath RideBlood Bone +61491%8020
AidaDeath RideGuardian Angel1181%230850
AidaDeath RideBox of Luck +71010%51244
AidaDeath RideRena +3830%58855
AidaDeath RideScroll of Evil Spirit610%8663
AidaDeath RideScroll of Aqua Beam400%4728
AidaDeath RideHorn of Uniria340%195724
AidaDeath RideJewel of Bless340%31135
AidaDeath RideJewel of Chaos340%15411
AidaDeath RideJewel of Soul330%28647
AidaDeath RideScroll of Soul Barrier280%4153
AidaDeath RideScroll of Hellfire230%3151
AidaDeath RideJewel of Life210%19831
AidaDeath RideOrb of Summoning120%24681
AidaDeath RideJewel of Creation50%9087
AidaDeath RideGuardian Boots10%8674
AidaDeath RideLegendary Pants10%10068
AidaDeath TreeOrb of Death Stab13235%39242
AidaDeath TreeCrystal Morning Star12315%50456
AidaDeath TreeStaff of Resurrection12245%38307
AidaDeath TreeGrand Soul Gloves12235%32448
AidaDeath TreeStorm Crow Gloves12225%38521
AidaDeath TreeLight Plate Armor12215%46719
AidaDeath TreeCrystal Sword12115%47553
AidaDeath TreeBluewing Crossbow12005%50116
AidaDeath TreeHoly Spirit Gloves11865%39829
AidaDeath TreeStorm Crow Boots11855%47092
AidaDeath TreeOrb of Penetration11855%50109
AidaDeath TreeAquagold Crossbow11845%47596
AidaDeath TreeMaster Scepter11685%47179
AidaDeath TreeAdamantine Pants11665%38506
AidaDeath TreeElemental Shield11604%50664
AidaDeath TreeAdamantine Mask11564%50827
AidaDeath TreeBill of Balrog11504%41809
AidaDeath TreeSymbol of Kundun +39754%40885
AidaDeath TreeOrb of Fire Slash3241%45815
AidaDeath TreeDragon Shield3231%45924
AidaDeath TreeTransformation Ring +53211%146057
AidaDeath TreeOrb of Greater Fortitude3081%46591
AidaDeath TreeLegendary Staff2971%45591
AidaDeath TreeAdamantine Boots2921%45599
AidaDeath TreeDragon Armor2921%45616
AidaDeath TreeLighting Sword2901%45825
AidaDeath TreeGuardian Angel2441%230850
AidaDeath TreeScroll of Archangel +52201%5128
AidaDeath TreeDevils Key2071%77205
AidaDeath TreeBox of Luck +12051%19744
AidaDeath TreeDevils Eye2041%77208
AidaDeath TreeBlood Bone +51781%5169
AidaDeath TreeBox of Luck +71160%51244
AidaDeath TreeImp1090%185777
AidaDeath TreeScroll of Evil Spirit950%8663
AidaDeath TreeRena +3950%58855
AidaDeath TreeHorn of Uniria930%195724
AidaDeath TreeScroll of Hellfire630%3151
AidaDeath TreeOrb of Summoning510%24681
AidaDeath TreeJewel of Soul370%28647
AidaDeath TreeJewel of Bless200%31135
AidaDeath TreeJewel of Chaos180%15411
AidaDeath TreeJewel of Life170%19831
AidaDeath TreeJewel of Creation70%9087
AidaDeath TreeScroll of the Emperor20%191
AidaDeath TreeLight Spear10%13540
AidaDeath TreeLight Plate Gloves10%13594
AidaDeath TreeOrb of Twisting Slash10%3621
AidaDeath TreeLight Saber10%14564
AidaForest OrcCrystal Sword3775%47553
AidaForest OrcScroll of FireBurst3775%65144
AidaForest OrcHoly Spirit Gloves3695%39829
AidaForest OrcOrb of Death Stab3675%39242
AidaForest OrcAdamantine Pants3645%38506
AidaForest OrcStaff of Resurrection3635%38307
AidaForest OrcStorm Crow Gloves3535%38521
AidaForest OrcBluewing Crossbow3515%50116
AidaForest OrcStorm Crow Boots3475%47092
AidaForest OrcGrand Soul Gloves3445%32448
AidaForest OrcGrand Soul Shield3385%63697
AidaForest OrcElemental Shield3375%50664
AidaForest OrcMaster Scepter3375%47179
AidaForest OrcStorm Crow Pants3334%64051
AidaForest OrcAdamantine Mask3294%50827
AidaForest OrcBill of Balrog3284%41809
AidaForest OrcOrb of Penetration3284%50109
AidaForest OrcAquagold Crossbow3244%47596
AidaForest OrcCrystal Morning Star3174%50456
AidaForest OrcSymbol of Kundun +33124%40885
AidaForest OrcTransformation Ring +5931%146057
AidaForest OrcBlood Bone +5691%5169
AidaForest OrcDevils Eye631%77208
AidaForest OrcDevils Key581%77205
AidaForest OrcBox of Luck +1541%19744
AidaForest OrcScroll of Archangel +5491%5128
AidaForest OrcImp320%185777
AidaForest OrcBox of Luck +7250%51244
AidaForest OrcRena +3230%58855
AidaForest OrcScroll of Evil Spirit200%8663
AidaForest OrcGuardian Angel160%230850
AidaForest OrcHorn of Uniria140%195724
AidaForest OrcJewel of Life140%19831
AidaForest OrcJewel of Soul130%28647
AidaForest OrcScroll of Aqua Beam110%4728
AidaForest OrcJewel of Chaos100%15411
AidaForest OrcJewel of Bless70%31135
AidaHell MaineThunder Hawk Gloves321%99965
AidaHell MaineElemental Mace214%72490
AidaHell MaineRed Spirit Helm214%65880
AidaHell MaineScroll of Summon17%102439
AidaHell MaineRena +317%58855
AidaHell MaineDark Steel Armor17%48995
AidaHell MaineDragon Spear17%68771
AidaHell MaineHoly Spirit Pants17%96785
AidaHell MaineDark Master Boots17%51235
AidaHell MaineDark Steel Pants17%68633
AidaWitch QueeDark Steel Pants1294%68633
AidaWitch QueeGrand Soul Armor1294%65376
AidaWitch QueeThunder Hawk Gloves1274%99965
AidaWitch QueeBlack Dragon Pants1224%94711
AidaWitch QueeRed Spirit Boots1174%96847
AidaWitch QueeDark Master Gloves1144%69486
AidaWitch QueeStaff of Destruction1123%72986
AidaWitch QueeThunder Hawk Boots1093%68258
AidaWitch QueeHoly Spirit Pants1093%96785
AidaWitch QueeDark Steel Mask1093%88041
AidaWitch QueeSaint Crossbow1063%94484
AidaWitch QueeDark Phoenix Gloves1053%84637
AidaWitch QueeElemental Mace1043%72490
AidaWitch QueeSymbol of Kundun +61043%137015
AidaWitch QueeRed Spirit Helm1043%65880
AidaWitch QueeScroll of Electric Spark1043%69746
AidaWitch QueeHoly Spirit Armor1033%65260
AidaWitch QueeDark Phoenix Boots1033%65411
AidaWitch QueeHoly Spirit Helm1033%87839
AidaWitch QueeCelestial Bow1013%65371
AidaWitch QueeDark Soul Gloves1003%97031
AidaWitch QueeDragon Spear983%68771
AidaWitch QueeBlack Dragon Armor973%72970
AidaWitch QueeGrand Soul Pants963%84737
AidaWitch QueeDark Steel Boots913%91514
AidaWitch QueeRed Spirit Gloves893%95002
AidaWitch QueeGreat Dragon Gloves883%52574
AidaWitch QueeDark Phoenix Helm873%64883
AidaWitch QueeHorn of Uniria742%195724
AidaWitch QueeGuardian Angel361%230850
AidaWitch QueeDevils Eye331%77208
AidaWitch QueeTransformation Ring +5331%146057
AidaWitch QueeDevils Key221%77205
AidaWitch QueeBlood Bone +7201%49328
AidaWitch QueeRena +3201%58855
AidaWitch QueeScroll of Archangel +7150%49363
AidaWitch QueeBox of Luck +7100%51244
AidaWitch QueeScroll of Ice Storm90%5173
AidaWitch QueeScroll of Soul Barrier40%4153
AidaWitch QueeScroll of Inferno40%5161
AidaWitch QueeJewel of Life40%19831
AidaWitch QueeJewel of Bless30%31135
AidaWitch QueePet Rudolph30%5105
AidaWitch QueeJewel of Soul20%28647
AidaWitch QueeScroll of Teleport Ally20%5425
AidaWitch QueeDragon Armor10%45616
AidaWitch QueeJewel of Chaos10%15411
Kalima 7Aegis6Great Dragon Gloves130%52574
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Soul Boots130%51292
Kalima 7Aegis6Red Spirit Helm110%65880
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Phoenix Boots100%65411
Kalima 7Aegis6Symbol of Kundun +6100%137015
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Steel Mask90%88041
Kalima 7Aegis6Grand Soul Pants90%84737
Kalima 7Aegis6Grand Soul Armor90%65376
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Steel Pants80%68633
Kalima 7Aegis6Celestial Bow80%65371
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Master Gloves70%69486
Kalima 7Aegis6Red Spirit Gloves70%95002
Kalima 7Aegis6Elemental Mace60%72490
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Phoenix Helm60%64883
Kalima 7Aegis6Saint Crossbow60%94484
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Phoenix Gloves60%84637
Kalima 7Aegis6Holy Spirit Helm60%87839
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Master Boots50%51235
Kalima 7Aegis6Thunder Hawk Gloves50%99965
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Soul Gloves50%97031
Kalima 7Aegis6Scroll of Electric Spark50%69746
Kalima 7Aegis6Thunder Hawk Boots50%68258
Kalima 7Aegis6Dragon Spear40%68771
Kalima 7Aegis6Black Dragon Armor40%72970
Kalima 7Aegis6Holy Spirit Armor40%65260
Kalima 7Aegis6Staff of Destruction40%72986
Kalima 7Aegis6Red Spirit Boots30%96847
Kalima 7Aegis6Black Dragon Pants30%94711
Kalima 7Aegis6Holy Spirit Pants20%96785
Kalima 7Aegis6Imp20%185777
Kalima 7Aegis6Transformation Ring +520%146057
Kalima 7Aegis6Sylphid Ray Gloves10%2398
Kalima 7Aegis6Devils Key10%77205
Kalima 7Aegis6Bone Blade10%2375
Kalima 7Aegis6Volcano Gloves10%2452
Kalima 7Aegis6Volcano Pants10%2318
Kalima 7Aegis6Scroll of Cometfall10%5057
Kalima 7Aegis6Devils Eye10%77208
Kalima 7Aegis6Dragon Knight Boots10%2392
Kalima 7Aegis6Rena +310%58855
Kalima 7Aegis6Dragon Knight Pants10%2410
Kalima 7Aegis6Dragon Knight Armor10%2326
Kalima 7Aegis6Jewel of Soul10%28647
Kalima 7Aegis6Scroll of Archangel +710%49363
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Soul Helm184852%449375
Kalima 7Aegis7Red Spirit Armor184262%320000
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Fire Scream183902%94545
Kalima 7Aegis7Red Spirit Pants183762%150064
Kalima 7Aegis7Great Reign Crossbow183712%149660
Kalima 7Aegis7Hurricane Boots183572%449496
Kalima 7Aegis7Thunder Hawk Armor182952%254301
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Master Pants182832%450726
Kalima 7Aegis7Thunder Blade182212%142494
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Master Mask182042%206820
Kalima 7Aegis7Great Dragon Helm181892%139542
Kalima 7Aegis7Shining Scepter181602%124013
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Phoenix Armor181152%150401
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Breaker181072%139370
Kalima 7Aegis7Hurricane Gloves180602%94537
Kalima 7Aegis7Rune Blade180352%149859
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Soul Staff179792%149652
Kalima 7Aegis7Symbol of Kundun +6124421%137015
Kalima 7Aegis7Spirit +161441%155813
Kalima 7Aegis7Horn of Uniria60821%195724
Kalima 7Aegis7Transformation Ring +537290%146057
Kalima 7Aegis7Spirit +030080%67978
Kalima 7Aegis7Guardian Angel26600%230850
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Archangel +723730%49363
Kalima 7Aegis7Devils Eye23570%77208
Kalima 7Aegis7Devils Key23410%77205
Kalima 7Aegis7Blood Bone +723210%49328
Kalima 7Aegis7Imp19250%185777
Kalima 7Aegis7Rena +315120%58855
Kalima 7Aegis7Box of Luck +712140%51244
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Nova10580%15706
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Decay6410%7532
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Ice Storm5460%5173
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Bless5450%31135
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Soul5130%28647
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Life4290%19831
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Chaos3990%15411
Kalima 7Aegis7Explosion Blade3400%2466
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Helm3310%2410
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Boots3210%2371
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Armor3180%2423
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Armor3100%2326
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Gloves3080%2422
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Mask3080%2389
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Pants3070%2431
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Armor3060%2402
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Boots3060%2453
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Pants3030%2318
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Boots3020%2392
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Gloves3010%2398
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Gloves3010%2452
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Pants3000%2410
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Boots2990%2374
Kalima 7Aegis7Soleil Scepter2960%2383
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Helm2950%2446
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Armor2920%2377
Kalima 7Aegis7Bone Blade2920%2375
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylph Wind Bow2920%2392
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Pants2920%2417
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Helm2910%2406
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Armor2890%2377
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Gloves2860%2309
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Gloves2840%2374
Kalima 7Aegis7Grand Viper Staff2830%2302
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Pants2790%2344
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Boots2780%2429
Kalima 7Aegis7Pet Rudolph1500%5105
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Creation1030%9087
Kalima 7Aegis7Orb of Summoning470%24681
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Steel Boots30%91514
Kalima 7Aegis7Red Spirit Gloves30%95002
Kalima 7Aegis7Black Dragon Boots30%97122
Kalima 7Aegis7Holy Spirit Boots30%68418
Kalima 7Aegis7Orb of Rageful Blow30%86131
Kalima 7Aegis7Orb of Ice Arrow30%69018
Kalima 7Aegis7Grand Soul Boots20%50668
Kalima 7Aegis7Grand Soul Helm20%68127
Kalima 7Aegis7Adamantine Armor20%96831
Kalima 7Aegis7Black Dragon Pants20%94711
Kalima 7Aegis7Grand Soul Pants20%84737
Kalima 7Aegis7Holy Spirit Helm20%87839
Kalima 7Aegis7Storm Crow Armor10%87702
Kalima 7Aegis7Sword of Destruction10%102091
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Critical Damage10%102821
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Steel Gloves10%65636
Kalima 7Aegis7Black Dragon Helm10%101706
Kalima 7Blood SoldGreat Dragon Pants306443%447896
Kalima 7Blood SoldRed Spirit Armor304493%320000
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Soul Pants303493%453392
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Master Mask302783%206820
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Master Armor302643%453402
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Soul Helm301763%449375
Kalima 7Blood SoldHurricane Boots301073%449496
Kalima 7Blood SoldThunder Hawk Armor300933%254301
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Master Pants300793%450726
Kalima 7Blood SoldShining Scepter300313%124013
Kalima 7Blood SoldSymbol of Kundun +7127041%195153
Kalima 7Blood SoldHorn of Uniria65981%195724
Kalima 7Blood SoldSpirit +162111%155813
Kalima 7Blood SoldImp52280%185777
Kalima 7Blood SoldThunder Blade38370%142494
Kalima 7Blood SoldTransformation Ring +537560%146057
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Breaker37140%139370
Kalima 7Blood SoldGreat Dragon Helm37110%139542
Kalima 7Blood SoldGuardian Angel31370%230850
Kalima 7Blood SoldSpirit +030950%67978
Kalima 7Blood SoldScroll of Nova27100%15706
Kalima 7Blood SoldBlood Bone +725040%49328
Kalima 7Blood SoldDevils Eye24500%77208
Kalima 7Blood SoldDevils Key23700%77205
Kalima 7Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +723560%49363
Kalima 7Blood SoldRena +315370%58855
Kalima 7Blood SoldBox of Luck +712610%51244
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Soul4880%28647
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Bless4810%31135
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Life3480%19831
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Pants3430%2344
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Boots3410%2371
Kalima 7Blood SoldExplosion Blade3310%2466
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Gloves3310%2398
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Mask3250%2389
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Helm3240%2410
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Armor3230%2423
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Armor3230%2377
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Boots3220%2453
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Gloves3180%2452
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Boots3180%2392
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Helm3180%2446
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylph Wind Bow3140%2392
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Armor3120%2377
Kalima 7Blood SoldGrand Viper Staff3090%2302
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Boots3080%2374
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Armor3060%2326
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Pants3050%2410
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Helm3050%2406
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Gloves3030%2422
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Pants3010%2318
Kalima 7Blood SoldSoleil Scepter2990%2383
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Boots2970%2429
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Chaos2970%15411
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Pants2960%2417
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Armor2950%2402
Kalima 7Blood SoldBone Blade2940%2375
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Pants2930%2431
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Gloves2910%2374
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Gloves2880%2309
Kalima 7Blood SoldPet Rudolph1880%5105
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Creation960%9087
Kalima 7Blood SoldOrb of Summoning900%24681
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Phoenix Gloves50%84637
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Spear50%68771
Kalima 7Blood SoldGreat Scepter50%102060
Kalima 7Blood SoldGrand Soul Helm40%68127
Kalima 7Blood SoldRed Spirit Gloves30%95002
Kalima 7Blood SoldHoly Spirit Armor30%65260
Kalima 7Blood SoldGrand Soul Pants30%84737
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Master Gloves30%69486
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Steel Boots30%91514
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Phoenix Helm30%64883
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Steel Pants30%68633
Kalima 7Blood SoldBlack Dragon Helm30%101706
Kalima 7Blood SoldOrb of Ice Arrow20%69018
Kalima 7Blood SoldSaint Crossbow20%94484
Kalima 7Blood SoldBlack Dragon Armor20%72970
Kalima 7Blood SoldRed Spirit Boots20%96847
Kalima 7Blood SoldThunder Hawk Boots10%68258
Kalima 7Blood SoldHoly Spirit Helm10%87839
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Soul Gloves10%97031
Kalima 7Blood SoldStaff of Destruction10%72986
Kalima 7Blood SoldScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Steel Mask10%88041
Kalima 7Blood SoldSword of Destruction10%102091
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Master Armor575484%453402
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Soul Pants575314%453392
Kalima 7Death AngeHurricane Boots574854%449496
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Master Pants573744%450726
Kalima 7Death AngeShining Scepter572274%124013
Kalima 7Death AngeGreat Dragon Pants569934%447896
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Soul Helm569614%449375
Kalima 7Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +7153191%195153
Kalima 7Death AngeThunder Hawk Armor144481%254301
Kalima 7Death AngeRed Spirit Armor144481%320000
Kalima 7Death AngeGuardian Angel92971%230850
Kalima 7Death AngeImp90211%185777
Kalima 7Death AngeHorn of Uniria81601%195724
Kalima 7Death AngeSpirit +173881%155813
Kalima 7Death AngeTransformation Ring +545400%146057
Kalima 7Death AngeSpirit +036290%67978
Kalima 7Death AngeOrb of Summoning22220%24681
Kalima 7Death AngeRena +318220%58855
Kalima 7Death AngeBox of Luck +715470%51244
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Bless7240%31135
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Life7060%19831
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Soul6730%28647
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Creation5400%9087
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Chaos4560%15411
Kalima 7Death AngeSoleil Scepter4130%2383
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Boots4110%2429
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Boots3950%2374
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Gloves3900%2452
Kalima 7Death AngeExplosion Blade3860%2466
Kalima 7Death AngeBone Blade3820%2375
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Armor3820%2377
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Armor3820%2402
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Pants3770%2431
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Armor3770%2377
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Helm3740%2410
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Gloves3720%2422
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Pants3690%2318
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Helm3680%2406
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Pants3680%2410
Kalima 7Death AngeSylph Wind Bow3660%2392
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Gloves3630%2309
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Gloves3620%2374
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Pants3610%2417
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Boots3560%2371
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Boots3560%2392
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Gloves3530%2398
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Helm3530%2446
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Armor3520%2423
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Boots3510%2453
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Mask3500%2389
Kalima 7Death AngeGrand Viper Staff3420%2302
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Pants3290%2344
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Armor3220%2326
Kalima 7Death AngePet Rudolph2280%5105
Kalima 7Death AngeStaff of Destruction80%72986
Kalima 7Death AngeThunder Hawk Boots60%68258
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Master Boots50%51235
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Phoenix Boots50%65411
Kalima 7Death AngeHoly Spirit Armor40%65260
Kalima 7Death AngeHoly Spirit Pants40%96785
Kalima 7Death AngeGrand Soul Pants40%84737
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Phoenix Helm40%64883
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Soul Boots30%51292
Kalima 7Death AngeRed Spirit Boots30%96847
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Steel Armor30%48995
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Phoenix Gloves30%84637
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Soul Gloves30%97031
Kalima 7Death AngeGrand Soul Armor20%65376
Kalima 7Death AngeGreat Dragon Gloves20%52574
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Steel Mask20%88041
Kalima 7Death AngeHoly Spirit Helm20%87839
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Spear20%68771
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Master Gloves20%69486
Kalima 7Death AngeThunder Hawk Gloves20%99965
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Steel Pants10%68633
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Phoenix Pants10%48713
Kalima 7Death AngeScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
Kalima 7Death AngeElemental Mace10%72490
Kalima 7Death AngeBlack Dragon Armor10%72970
Kalima 7Death AngeRed Spirit Helm10%65880
Kalima 7Death CentHurricane Armor1561287%644457
Kalima 7Death CentHurricane Pants1039305%475294
Kalima 7Death CentGreat Dragon Armor1037135%476110
Kalima 7Death CentDark Soul Armor1036025%474825
Kalima 7Death CentGuardian Angel315371%230850
Kalima 7Death CentSymbol of Kundun +7174281%195153
Kalima 7Death CentImp152591%185777
Kalima 7Death CentHorn of Uniria103640%195724
Kalima 7Death CentSpirit +185380%155813
Kalima 7Death CentTransformation Ring +552820%146057
Kalima 7Death CentSpirit +043500%67978
Kalima 7Death CentRena +321750%58855
Kalima 7Death CentBox of Luck +717430%51244
Kalima 7Death CentOrb of Summoning13450%24681
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Bless8060%31135
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Life7880%19831
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Soul7580%28647
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Creation6040%9087
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Chaos5280%15411
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Helm4720%2406
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Armor4540%2377
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Pants4480%2410
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Boots4430%2371
Kalima 7Death CentExplosion Blade4410%2466
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Armor4390%2423
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Boots4350%2429
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Boots4340%2392
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Helm4290%2446
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Gloves4260%2398
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Pants4260%2417
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Mask4240%2389
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Armor4240%2377
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Armor4220%2402
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Armor4220%2326
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Gloves4210%2309
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Boots4210%2453
Kalima 7Death CentGrand Viper Staff4200%2302
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Boots4130%2374
Kalima 7Death CentBone Blade4110%2375
Kalima 7Death CentSoleil Scepter4100%2383
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Gloves4090%2452
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Gloves4080%2422
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Pants4080%2344
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Pants3970%2431
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Pants3950%2318
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Gloves3940%2374
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Helm3820%2410
Kalima 7Death CentSylph Wind Bow3700%2392
Kalima 7Death CentPet Rudolph2240%5105
Kalima 7Death CentGreat Dragon Gloves90%52574
Kalima 7Death CentThunder Hawk Pants80%87110
Kalima 7Death CentDark Soul Boots70%51292
Kalima 7Death CentDark Steel Armor60%48995
Kalima 7Death CentDark Phoenix Pants60%48713
Kalima 7Death CentGreat Dragon Boots60%101153
Kalima 7Death CentGreat Dragon Helm50%139542
Kalima 7Death CentScroll of Fire Scream50%94545
Kalima 7Death CentDark Phoenix Armor40%150401
Kalima 7Death CentHoly Spirit Armor40%65260
Kalima 7Death CentRed Spirit Pants40%150064
Kalima 7Death CentGreat Reign Crossbow30%149660
Kalima 7Death CentThunder Blade30%142494
Kalima 7Death CentLord Scepter30%101455
Kalima 7Death CentHurricane Gloves30%94537
Kalima 7Death CentScroll of Summon30%102439
Kalima 7Death CentRune Blade20%149859
Kalima 7Death CentDark Breaker20%139370
Kalima 7Death CentDark Phoenix Boots20%65411
Kalima 7Death CentDark Master Boots20%51235
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Soul Staff10%149652
Kalima 7Death CentScroll of Electric Spark10%69746
Kalima 7Death CentDark Phoenix Helm10%64883
Kalima 7Death CentDark Steel Pants10%68633
Kalima 7Death CentRed Spirit Helm10%65880
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Master Armor8601018%453402
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Soul Armor8590018%474825
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Soul Pants8588818%453392
Kalima 7Necron7Hurricane Pants8586618%475294
Kalima 7Necron7Great Dragon Pants429239%447896
Kalima 7Necron7Horn of Uniria172174%195724
Kalima 7Necron7Symbol of Kundun +7139003%195153
Kalima 7Necron7Imp97902%185777
Kalima 7Necron7Guardian Angel82572%230850
Kalima 7Necron7Spirit +169601%155813
Kalima 7Necron7Transformation Ring +542741%146057
Kalima 7Necron7Spirit +034511%67978
Kalima 7Necron7Orb of Summoning16560%24681
Kalima 7Necron7Rena +316320%58855
Kalima 7Necron7Box of Luck +714370%51244
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Life6470%19831
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Bless6110%31135
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Soul6070%28647
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Creation4630%9087
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Chaos4210%15411
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Gloves3620%2374
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Boots3610%2453
Kalima 7Necron7Sylph Wind Bow3590%2392
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Armor3580%2423
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Gloves3570%2398
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Boots3560%2392
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Helm3520%2410
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Gloves3510%2422
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Pants3500%2410
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Boots3500%2429
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Pants3500%2431
Kalima 7Necron7Bone Blade3460%2375
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Pants3440%2417
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Armor3420%2377
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Gloves3400%2452
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Armor3380%2402
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Helm3350%2446
Kalima 7Necron7Explosion Blade3340%2466
Kalima 7Necron7Soleil Scepter3330%2383
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Pants3320%2344
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Mask3300%2389
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Armor3260%2326
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Boots3250%2374
Kalima 7Necron7Grand Viper Staff3230%2302
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Helm3220%2406
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Gloves3200%2309
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Boots3180%2371
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Pants3180%2318
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Armor3050%2377
Kalima 7Necron7Pet Rudolph2200%5105
Kalima 7Necron7Rune Blade60%149859
Kalima 7Necron7Scroll of Summon50%102439
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Phoenix Armor40%150401
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Steel Armor40%48995
Kalima 7Necron7Great Dragon Boots40%101153
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Phoenix Pants30%48713
Kalima 7Necron7Red Spirit Pants30%150064
Kalima 7Necron7Thunder Hawk Boots30%68258
Kalima 7Necron7Great Reign Crossbow30%149660
Kalima 7Necron7Lord Scepter30%101455
Kalima 7Necron7Great Dragon Gloves20%52574
Kalima 7Necron7Red Spirit Helm20%65880
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Soul Staff20%149652
Kalima 7Necron7Thunder Hawk Pants20%87110
Kalima 7Necron7Holy Spirit Armor20%65260
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Soul Boots20%51292
Kalima 7Necron7Scroll of Nova10%15706
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Master Gloves10%69486
Kalima 7Necron7Black Dragon Armor10%72970
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Steel Mask10%88041
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Soul Gloves10%97031
Kalima 7Necron7Scroll of Electric Spark10%69746
Kalima 7Necron7Celestial Bow10%65371
Kalima 7Necron7Staff of Destruction10%72986
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Master Mask187854%206820
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Soul Helm187664%449375
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Breaker187254%139370
Kalima 7Rogue CentThunder Hawk Armor187184%254301
Kalima 7Rogue Cen