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Total online: 10 / 200

Server time

Season 2 Upgraded

Exp 150 dynamic, Drop 60

Last 10 players in game
Char nameResetLevel

2024-05-29 23:42:51

Fixed char sale

[:en]Another Elf & SM buff[:ru]Очередные усиления Эльфа и СМа

2024-05-10 17:18:38



Attack Success Rate increased scaling from strength
Defense Success Rate increased scaling from agility significantly


Attack Success Rate increased scaling from agility significantly
Attack Success Rate increased scaling from strength



Вероятность попадания от силы увеличена
Вероятность избежать атаку от ловкости увеличена значительно


Вероятность попадания от ловкости увеличена значительно
Вероятность попадания от силы увеличена

In-game shops

2024-04-21 01:49:28

We have set up in-game shops where you can spend your goblin points and wCoins, but you have to update the game client: download the archive, unzip it and copy (and replace) all the files in it into the client folder on your computer. After that go into the game and click X.

Also we updated the whole client on the downloads page.

Castle Siege every week!

2024-04-16 21:24:24

Schedule for Castle Siege was changed: it will be each Sunday at 20:00.

Happy Hour event and other improvements

2024-04-13 18:09:59

What was done

Happy Hour event

We enabled and fixed happy hour event. It increases 2x exp for all server for an hour. Schedule for it:

At weekdays:

  • 18:00 - 19:00
  • 20:00 - 21:00

Additionaly at holidays:

  • 13:00 - 14:00

Disabled message filter

Removed filter for messages in the game chat, but you have to make this update in your client. Just download Filter.bmd file and copy and replace in <mumat-client-folder>/data/local

Everyday gift on the website

Every day after 1 hour of online in the game under the user panel on the website appears a small gift, but someday this gift could be more valuable ;)

What is in progress

We constantly improve gameplay, some features required more time to configure them correctly and you could participate in this process. Currently we're working on these features:

  • We're working on configuring PvP settings for different skills combinations and for this time stats reset feature will be free.
  • We're fixing Last Man Standing event, you could participate every day at 21:00. Look for and NPC in Lorencia near the vault. As the prize for the strongest: Golden Fenrir for next 24 hours.

What are our nearest plans

Also we write tasks for yourself based on your feedbacks and our analytics. Our nearest (not all, just next on which we'll work) plans are:

  • Make Castle Siege every week on Sundays
  • Work on PvP ratio and rating according to your feedbacks
  • Prepare Goblin Points feature.


[:en]Server changes[:ru]Последние изменения на сервере

2024-03-14 00:44:05

[:en]In recent days, the following work has been done on the server:

  • Changed BK life buff - decreased approximately 3 times.
  • Removed Horn fragment from Kundun (Kalima boss) drop
  • Changed item drop rate for BOKs (Boxes of kundun) to 100% - it means that zen no longer drops from BOKs, only items
  • Added new quests on the website.

[:ru]В последние дни на сервере были проделаны следующие работы:

  • Поменян бафф у БК для добавления жизней - уменьшен приблизительно в 3 раза
  • Убран Horn fragment из дропа Кундуна (босс в калиме)
  • Сделали вероятность выпадения вещей из BOKов (box of kundun) 100%, то есть больше зен не должен падать, только вещи
  • Добавлены новые квесты на сайте

New quests

2024-03-07 11:29:56

Bone Blade +12 (simple, non-exl) is the frequent task for high resets and very painful. So we created two quests for grabbing this item. Do you need Bone Blade for reset? where you need to kill Poison Shadows for BB+11+skill+luck and Kill Phoenix of darkness... if you could where prize is for choice: one of options is BB+0+skill+luck.

[:ru]Зал славы: начало новой недели[:en]Hall of fame: start of a new week

2024-02-12 00:27:11

[:ru]Поздравляем победителей топов зала Славы за предыдущую неделю! Победители топов: Tartarus, Ebiass, Grant, Nerfiel, Hades, Astrea. Больше всего наград досталось Tartarus. Ищите ваши награды в ваших хранилищах.

Вместе с награждением победителей обнулились все топы, что означает начало новой борьбы! ;)

[:en]Congratulations to the winners of the Hall of Fame tops from the previous week! Top winners: Tartarus, Ebiass, Grant, Nerfiel, Hades, Astrea. Tartarus received the most awards. Item rewards are in your storages.

Along with the awarding of the winners, all tops were reset to zero, which means the start of a new competition! ;)

Loch's Feather

2024-02-07 13:11:21

[:en]Loch's Feather added to rewards for each top in Hall of Fame!

[:ru]Перо (Loch's Feather) теперь в качестве награды за первое место во всех топах в Зале славы!

Hall of fame!

2024-02-07 00:11:53

[:ru]На МуМат есть отдельная страница с топами игроков в различных достижениях. В конце каждой недели в воскресенье в 23:59 лучшие игроки в каждой номинации получают призы.

На момент написания этой новости в 5 из 8 номинаций лидирует Tartarus. Вы действительно позволите ему собрать все части для фенрира? =)

[:en]The MuMat has a separate page with top players in various achievements. At the end of each week on Sunday at 23:59, the best players in each category receive prizes.

At the time of writing this news, Tartarus is leading in 5 out of 8 nominations. Will you really let him collect all the parts for Fenrir? =)

Golden Invasion

Total Golden count: 17

Killed: 0

Remaining: 17

Maps: Noria, Devias, Atlans, Tarkan

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