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Season 2 Upgraded

Exp 150 dynamic, Drop 60

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Char nameResetLevel
Item actual drop
MapMonsterItemDrop count
from monster
from monster
Total drop count from all monsters
LorenciaBudge DragVine Gloves1100%5
LorenciaBull FightPad Boots225%7
LorenciaBull FightCrossbow225%8
LorenciaBull FightShort Sword113%9
LorenciaBull FightHand Axe113%7
LorenciaBull FightVine Gloves113%5
LorenciaBull FightKris113%4
LorenciaDestructivWizards Ring2831%90
LorenciaElite BullSmall Axe1100%15
LorenciaGiantSword of Assassin120%8
LorenciaGiantPad Pants120%13
LorenciaGiantPad Gloves120%10
LorenciaHoundHorn Shield311%10
LorenciaHoundLeather Pants27%9
LorenciaHoundVine Helm14%11
LorenciaHoundPad Helm14%8
LorenciaHoundPad Boots14%7
LorenciaHoundVine Gloves14%5
LorenciaHoundSkull Staff14%1
LorenciaHoundPad Gloves14%10
LorenciaHoundScroll of Fire Ball14%1
LorenciaHoundSmall Axe14%15
LorenciaHoundSmall Shield14%14
LorenciaHoundLeather Boots14%5
LorenciaHoundHealing Orb14%8
LorenciaLIchSmall Shield85%14
LorenciaLIchDouble Poleaxe85%14
LorenciaLIchVine Helm74%11
LorenciaLIchDouble Axe53%9
LorenciaLIchOrb of Greater Fortitude53%526
LorenciaLIchGolden Crossbow43%7
LorenciaLIchShort Bow43%15
LorenciaLIchKite Shield43%8
LorenciaLIchHealing Orb43%8
LorenciaLIchVine Pants43%10
LorenciaLIchTransformation Ring +043%4
LorenciaLIchBronze Gloves43%9
LorenciaLIchPad Pants43%13
LorenciaLIchSilk Gloves43%12
LorenciaLIchShort Sword43%9
LorenciaLIchBone Gloves32%6
LorenciaLIchHorn Shield32%10
LorenciaLIchLeather Boots32%5
LorenciaLIchLeather Armor32%7
LorenciaLIchLeather Pants32%9
LorenciaLIchBronze Boots32%12
LorenciaLIchPendant of Fire21%13
LorenciaLIchLeather Gloves21%5
LorenciaLIchVine Armor21%4
LorenciaLIchPad Boots21%7
LorenciaLIchVine Gloves21%5
LorenciaLIchMorning Star21%7
LorenciaLIchOrb of Summoning21%206
LorenciaLIchPad Helm21%8
LorenciaLIchHorn of Uniria11%2438
LorenciaLIchPad Gloves11%10
LorenciaLIchDevils Key11%1483
LorenciaLIchLeather Helm11%4
LorenciaLIchHand Axe11%7
LorenciaLIchPad Armor11%5
LorenciaLIchDevils Eye11%1549
LorenciaLIchBox of Luck +111%493
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Pants38%6
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Boots25%12
LorenciaSkeletonSilk Gloves25%12
LorenciaSkeletonRing of Poison25%9
LorenciaSkeletonPendant of Fire25%13
LorenciaSkeletonLeather Armor25%7
LorenciaSkeletonPad Armor25%5
LorenciaSkeletonVine Pants25%10
LorenciaSkeletonBone Helm13%11
LorenciaSkeletonBronze Helm13%15
LorenciaSkeletonKite Shield13%8
LorenciaSkeletonPad Gloves13%10
LorenciaSkeletonSilk Boots13%5
LorenciaSkeletonOrb of Greater Fortitude13%526
LorenciaSkeletonSword of Assassin13%8
LorenciaSkeletonSkull Shield13%8
LorenciaSkeletonDouble Axe13%9
LorenciaSkeletonBox of Luck +113%493
LorenciaSkeletonBlood Bone +113%6
LorenciaSkeletonLeather Helm13%4
LorenciaSkeletonSmall Shield13%14
LorenciaSkeletonMorning Star13%7
LorenciaSkeletonLarge Round Shield13%12
LorenciaSkeletonHand Axe13%7
LorenciaSpiderSmall Axe15%15
DungeonChief SkelSpirit Gloves20%828
DungeonChief SkelSphinx Boots20%120
DungeonChief SkelBattle Axe10%100
DungeonChief SkelSphinx Pants10%547
DungeonChief SkelRing of Earth10%828
DungeonChief SkelSerpent Sword10%95
DungeonChief SkelLight Spear10%718
DungeonChief SkelLight Crossbow10%282
DungeonChief SkelDevils Key10%1483
DungeonChief SkelBlade10%741
DungeonChief SkelBox of Luck +510%251
DungeonChief SkelTiger Bow10%725
DungeonChief SkelBerdysh10%831
DungeonChief SkelPlate Gloves10%709
DungeonDark KnighScroll of the Emperor11%1
DungeonDark KnighSerpent Spear11%491
DungeonDark KnighDouble Blade11%272
DungeonDark KnighSerpent Shield11%630
DungeonDark KnighGreat Hammer11%837
DungeonDark KnighPendant of Wind11%740
DungeonDark KnighSpirit Helm11%660
DungeonDark KnighRing of Magic11%362
DungeonDark KnighThunder Staff11%693
DungeonGhostSerpent Staff313%115
DungeonGhostBox of Luck +529%251
DungeonGhostRing of Fire29%126
DungeonGhostWind Armor14%262
DungeonGhostPendant of Lighting14%134
DungeonGhostRena +314%997
DungeonGhostSymbol of Kundun +114%1167
DungeonGhostSpiked Shield14%116
DungeonGhostBattle Axe14%100
DungeonGhostLarge Round Shield14%12
DungeonGhostRing of Ice14%111
DungeonGhostSkull Shield14%8
DungeonGhostDouble Axe14%9
DungeonGhostPlate Shield14%120
DungeonGhostBattle Bow14%120
DungeonGhostScroll of Teleport14%1
DungeonGhostScale Gloves14%110
DungeonHell HoundSymbol of Kundun +12534%1167
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +52144%251
DungeonHell HoundPendant of Lighting1192%134
DungeonHell HoundGladius1172%125
DungeonHell HoundRing of Fire1162%126
DungeonHell HoundScale Armor1162%134
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Armor1102%847
DungeonHell HoundWind Boots1102%126
DungeonHell HoundScale Pants1092%125
DungeonHell HoundBattle Bow1072%120
DungeonHell HoundBrass Boots1072%269
DungeonHell HoundSpiked Shield1062%116
DungeonHell HoundWind Armor1062%262
DungeonHell HoundPlate Shield1042%120
DungeonHell HoundWind Helm1042%115
DungeonHell HoundLight Crossbow1032%282
DungeonHell HoundNikea Axe1032%539
DungeonHell HoundRing of Ice1032%111
DungeonHell HoundArquebus1032%116
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Boots1022%120
DungeonHell HoundSpirit Gloves1022%828
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Pants1022%547
DungeonHell HoundScale Helm1022%114
DungeonHell HoundDragon Slayer Shield1012%701
DungeonHell HoundOrb of Impale1012%110
DungeonHell HoundRing of Earth1012%828
DungeonHell HoundBlade1002%741
DungeonHell HoundScale Boots1002%113
DungeonHell HoundElven Axe1002%115
DungeonHell HoundBrass Armor1002%849
DungeonHell HoundGiant Trident992%110
DungeonHell HoundPendant of Ice982%533
DungeonHell HoundSword of Salamander982%283
DungeonHell HoundBerdysh972%831
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Mask962%264
DungeonHell HoundBrass Pants962%641
DungeonHell HoundWind Pants952%107
DungeonHell HoundBrass Gloves952%263
DungeonHell HoundBone Pants952%102
DungeonHell HoundSilk Armor952%110
DungeonHell HoundSphinx Gloves942%103
DungeonHell HoundSerpent Staff932%115
DungeonHell HoundScale Gloves932%110
DungeonHell HoundBone Armor932%105
DungeonHell HoundWind Gloves922%104
DungeonHell HoundSpear911%108
DungeonHell HoundFlail911%100
DungeonHell HoundElven Shield911%101
DungeonHell HoundTransformation Ring +2911%96
DungeonHell HoundBattle Axe861%100
DungeonHell HoundFalcon851%102
DungeonHell HoundBrass Helm841%746
DungeonHell HoundSerpent Sword841%95
DungeonHell HoundGreat Hammer821%837
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +1601%493
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Archangel +2571%179
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +3561%176
DungeonHell HoundDevils Eye521%1549
DungeonHell HoundBlood Bone +2521%184
DungeonHell HoundDevils Key451%1483
DungeonHell HoundRena +3240%997
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Bless160%680
DungeonHell HoundBox of Luck +7140%802
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Meteorite130%14
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Flame130%61
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Life100%402
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Soul100%646
DungeonHell HoundHorn of Uniria40%2438
DungeonHell HoundOrb of Summoning30%206
DungeonHell HoundJewel of Chaos30%385
DungeonHell HoundScroll of Poison20%66
DungeonHell HoundGolden Crossbow10%7
DungeonPoison BulLight Plate Gloves214%720
DungeonPoison BulSymbol of Kundun +1214%1167
DungeonPoison BulPlate Boots17%726
DungeonPoison BulLarkan Axe17%487
DungeonPoison BulBox of Luck +517%251
DungeonPoison BulLegendary Boots17%460
DungeonPoison BulBlade17%741
DungeonPoison BulSpirit Boots17%705
DungeonPoison BulLegendary Sword17%619
DungeonPoison BulThunder Staff17%693
DungeonPoison BulPlate Gloves17%709
DungeonPoison BulRing of Earth17%828
DungeonSkeleton ASymbol of Kundun +1145%1167
DungeonSkeleton AScale Armor124%134
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +5124%251
DungeonSkeleton ABrass Boots103%269
DungeonSkeleton APendant of Ice103%533
DungeonSkeleton ASpear93%108
DungeonSkeleton AFalcon83%102
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Pants83%547
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Boots83%120
DungeonSkeleton AHalberd83%19
DungeonSkeleton ALight Crossbow83%282
DungeonSkeleton AWind Boots72%126
DungeonSkeleton AScale Pants72%125
DungeonSkeleton APlate Shield72%120
DungeonSkeleton ABattle Axe72%100
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Mask72%264
DungeonSkeleton ABronze Armor72%16
DungeonSkeleton AWind Helm72%115
DungeonSkeleton ASerpent Staff72%115
DungeonSkeleton AWind Gloves62%104
DungeonSkeleton ABrass Gloves62%263
DungeonSkeleton AAngelic Staff62%11
DungeonSkeleton ABattle Bow52%120
DungeonSkeleton AScale Helm52%114
DungeonSkeleton ARing of Fire52%126
DungeonSkeleton AArquebus52%116
DungeonSkeleton ABronze Helm52%15
DungeonSkeleton ASpiked Shield41%116
DungeonSkeleton ASphinx Gloves41%103
DungeonSkeleton ASerpent Sword41%95
DungeonSkeleton AWind Pants41%107
DungeonSkeleton ASilk Helm41%9
DungeonSkeleton AScale Gloves41%110
DungeonSkeleton ANikea Axe41%539
DungeonSkeleton AElven Shield41%101
DungeonSkeleton AScroll of Archangel +231%179
DungeonSkeleton AElven Axe31%115
DungeonSkeleton AOrb of Impale31%110
DungeonSkeleton AElven Bow31%7
DungeonSkeleton ADevils Key31%1483
DungeonSkeleton ABone Helm31%11
DungeonSkeleton AScale Boots31%113
DungeonSkeleton AOrb of Greater Damage31%17
DungeonSkeleton AWind Armor31%262
DungeonSkeleton APendant of Lighting31%134
DungeonSkeleton ASilk Armor31%110
DungeonSkeleton AKatana31%6
DungeonSkeleton ATransformation Ring +221%96
DungeonSkeleton AJewel of Life21%402
DungeonSkeleton ABlood Bone +221%184
DungeonSkeleton ARing of Poison21%9
DungeonSkeleton ASilk Pants21%6
DungeonSkeleton AGiant Trident21%110
DungeonSkeleton ABone Armor21%105
DungeonSkeleton ADevils Eye21%1549
DungeonSkeleton ALarge Round Shield21%12
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +321%176
DungeonSkeleton ASword of Salamander21%283
DungeonSkeleton ARing of Ice21%111
DungeonSkeleton AGladius21%125
DungeonSkeleton AJewel of Bless10%680
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +110%493
DungeonSkeleton AFlail10%100
DungeonSkeleton ABox of Luck +710%802
DungeonSkeleton ATomahawk10%5
DungeonSkeleton AJewel of Chaos10%385
DungeonThunder LiTiger Bow218%725
DungeonThunder LiLegendary Sword19%619
DungeonThunder LiRing of Earth19%828
DungeonThunder LiLight Saber19%746
DungeonThunder LiSpirit Boots19%705
DungeonThunder LiSpirit Gloves19%828
DungeonThunder LiLight Plate Gloves19%720
DungeonThunder LiTower Shield19%708
DungeonThunder LiBrass Pants19%641
DungeonThunder LiBrass Armor19%849
DeviasAssassinPendant of Fire44%13
DeviasAssassinOrb of Greater Damage44%17
DeviasAssassinDouble Poleaxe33%14
DeviasAssassinBronze Armor33%16
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +133%493
DeviasAssassinScale Helm33%114
DeviasAssassinSilk Boots33%5
DeviasAssassinPad Pants33%13
DeviasAssassinOrb of Greater Fortitude33%526
DeviasAssassinElven Axe22%115
DeviasAssassinDevils Key22%1483
DeviasAssassinSymbol of Kundun +122%1167
DeviasAssassinLeather Pants22%9
DeviasAssassinScale Boots22%113
DeviasAssassinLarge Round Shield22%12
DeviasAssassinSilk Gloves22%12
DeviasAssassinRena +322%997
DeviasAssassinBlood Bone +122%6
DeviasAssassinBronze Gloves22%9
DeviasAssassinBronze Boots22%12
DeviasAssassinElven Bow22%7
DeviasAssassinBone Armor11%105
DeviasAssassinBone Gloves11%6
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +511%251
DeviasAssassinSilk Pants11%6
DeviasAssassinSilk Helm11%9
DeviasAssassinHealing Orb11%8
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +711%802
DeviasAssassinBone Boots11%8
DeviasAssassinHorn Shield11%10
DeviasAssassinVine Pants11%10
DeviasAssassinDragon Lance11%6
DeviasAssassinBox of Luck +311%176
DeviasAssassinBronze Helm11%15
DeviasAssassinSilk Armor11%110
DeviasAssassinBone Helm11%11
DeviasAssassinSword of Assassin11%8
DeviasAssassinSkull Shield11%8
DeviasAssassinBattle Bow11%120
DeviasAssassinVine Armor11%4
DeviasAssassinPlate Shield11%120
DeviasAssassinJewel of Life11%402
DeviasAssassinKite Shield11%8
DeviasAssassinDevils Eye11%1549
DeviasAssassinRing of Poison11%9
DeviasAssassinScale Gloves11%110
DeviasDestructivWizards Ring2528%90
DeviasElite YetiBox of Luck +5105%251
DeviasElite YetiSymbol of Kundun +184%1167
DeviasElite YetiScale Pants73%125
DeviasElite YetiOrb of Greater Damage63%17
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Pants63%547
DeviasElite YetiSword of Salamander63%283
DeviasElite YetiSpiked Shield52%116
DeviasElite YetiBone Helm52%11
DeviasElite YetiSilk Armor52%110
DeviasElite YetiSerpent Staff52%115
DeviasElite YetiPendant of Lighting52%134
DeviasElite YetiWind Gloves52%104
DeviasElite YetiGiant Trident52%110
DeviasElite YetiScale Armor52%134
DeviasElite YetiBrass Gloves42%263
DeviasElite YetiBone Armor42%105
DeviasElite YetiLarge Round Shield42%12
DeviasElite YetiElven Axe42%115
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Boots42%120
DeviasElite YetiScale Gloves42%110
DeviasElite YetiAngelic Staff42%11
DeviasElite YetiWind Boots42%126
DeviasElite YetiWind Pants42%107
DeviasElite YetiNikea Axe42%539
DeviasElite YetiPlate Shield31%120
DeviasElite YetiBattle Axe31%100
DeviasElite YetiSerpent Sword31%95
DeviasElite YetiGladius31%125
DeviasElite YetiOrb of Impale31%110
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Mask31%264
DeviasElite YetiBronze Armor31%16
DeviasElite YetiBlade31%741
DeviasElite YetiHalberd31%19
DeviasElite YetiDevils Eye31%1549
DeviasElite YetiFlail31%100
DeviasElite YetiGuardian Angel31%2519
DeviasElite YetiBattle Bow31%120
DeviasElite YetiBox of Luck +731%802
DeviasElite YetiScale Boots31%113
DeviasElite YetiBrass Helm31%746
DeviasElite YetiSphinx Gloves21%103
DeviasElite YetiPendant of Ice21%533
DeviasElite YetiLight Crossbow21%282
DeviasElite YetiTomahawk21%5
DeviasElite YetiRing of Fire21%126
DeviasElite YetiElven Shield21%101
DeviasElite YetiSpear21%108
DeviasElite YetiApple21%47
DeviasElite YetiFalcon21%102
DeviasElite YetiScale Helm21%114
DeviasElite YetiDevils Key21%1483
DeviasElite YetiRena +321%997
DeviasElite YetiArquebus21%116
DeviasElite YetiScroll of Archangel +221%179
DeviasElite YetiBrass Boots21%269
DeviasElite YetiWind Helm21%115
DeviasElite YetiHorn of Uniria21%2438
DeviasElite YetiWind Armor21%262
DeviasElite YetiJewel of Bless10%680
DeviasElite YetiBlood Bone +210%184
DeviasElite YetiJewel of Life10%402
DeviasElite YetiBone Pants10%102
DeviasElite YetiSilk Pants10%6
DeviasElite YetiBrass Pants10%641
DeviasElite YetiDragon Slayer Shield10%701
DeviasGolden DerBox of Luck +10150%2
DeviasGolden DerBox of Luck +9150%5
DeviasGolden DevBox of Luck +93100%5
DeviasHommerdBronze Helm213%15
DeviasHommerdBronze Boots16%12
DeviasHommerdPad Pants16%13
DeviasHommerdDragon Lance16%6
DeviasHommerdBronze Gloves16%9
DeviasHommerdBone Boots16%8
DeviasHommerdMorning Star16%7
DeviasHommerdDevils Key16%1483
DeviasHommerdBone Pants16%102
DeviasHommerdScale Boots16%113
DeviasHommerdSword of Assassin16%8
DeviasHommerdBone Gloves16%6
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +555%251
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Helm44%15
DeviasIce MonsteDragon Lance33%6
DeviasIce MonsteRing of Poison33%9
DeviasIce MonsteHalberd33%19
DeviasIce MonsteOrb of Greater Damage33%17
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Gloves33%12
DeviasIce MonsteBone Boots33%8
DeviasIce MonsteVine Pants33%10
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Gloves33%5
DeviasIce MonsteScale Gloves33%110
DeviasIce MonsteVine Helm22%11
DeviasIce MonsteSkull Shield22%8
DeviasIce MonsteBone Pants22%102
DeviasIce MonsteElven Shield22%101
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +122%493
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Pants22%9
DeviasIce MonstePad Boots22%7
DeviasIce MonsteRapier22%8
DeviasIce MonsteBuckler22%6
DeviasIce MonstePad Pants22%13
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Armor22%16
DeviasIce MonsteBow22%8
DeviasIce MonsteKatana22%6
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Helm22%9
DeviasIce MonstePad Helm22%8
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Armor22%7
DeviasIce MonsteHand Axe22%7
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Pants22%6
DeviasIce MonsteBone Armor22%105
DeviasIce MonstePendant of Fire22%13
DeviasIce MonsteSword of Assassin22%8
DeviasIce MonsteDouble Axe11%9
DeviasIce MonsteMace11%8
DeviasIce MonsteRena +311%997
DeviasIce MonsteAngelic Staff11%11
DeviasIce MonsteScale Boots11%113
DeviasIce MonsteArquebus11%116
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Armor11%110
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +711%802
DeviasIce MonstePendant of Lighting11%134
DeviasIce MonsteLeather Boots11%5
DeviasIce MonsteMorning Star11%7
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Gloves11%9
DeviasIce MonsteBlood Bone +111%6
DeviasIce MonsteHealing Orb11%8
DeviasIce MonsteDouble Poleaxe11%14
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Pants11%6
DeviasIce MonsteElven Bow11%7
DeviasIce MonsteSilk Boots11%5
DeviasIce MonsteBronze Boots11%12
DeviasIce MonsteKite Shield11%8
DeviasIce MonsteGolden Crossbow11%7
DeviasIce MonsteBox of Luck +311%176
DeviasIce MonsteScroll of Meteorite11%14
DeviasWhite wizaJewel of Bless250%680
DeviasWormOrb of Impale110%110
DeviasWormPad Armor110%5
DeviasWormSilk Helm110%9
DeviasWormBone Pants110%102
DeviasWormBronze Pants110%6
DeviasWormBox of Luck +3110%176
DeviasWormBox of Luck +5110%251
DeviasWormBronze Armor110%16
DeviasYetiSilk Armor54%110
DeviasYetiPendant of Lighting54%134
DeviasYetiRing of Ice54%111
DeviasYetiSerpent Staff43%115
DeviasYetiScale Gloves43%110
DeviasYetiBox of Luck +543%251
DeviasYetiSphinx Boots32%120
DeviasYetiElven Axe32%115
DeviasYetiGiant Trident32%110
DeviasYetiBattle Bow32%120
DeviasYetiScale Boots32%113
DeviasYetiBronze Boots32%12
DeviasYetiTransformation Ring +232%96
DeviasYetiPlate Shield32%120
DeviasYetiWind Pants32%107
DeviasYetiBone Boots32%8
DeviasYetiWind Boots32%126
DeviasYetiBox of Luck +132%493
DeviasYetiBone Armor32%105
DeviasYetiSymbol of Kundun +132%1167
DeviasYetiWind Helm21%115
DeviasYetiPendant of Fire21%13
DeviasYetiScale Pants21%125
DeviasYetiOrb of Greater Fortitude21%526
DeviasYetiOrb of Summoning21%206
DeviasYetiBronze Helm21%15
DeviasYetiOrb of Impale21%110
DeviasYetiMorning Star21%7
DeviasYetiScale Helm21%114
DeviasYetiBone Pants21%102
DeviasYetiDouble Poleaxe21%14
DeviasYetiElven Shield21%101
DeviasYetiSkull Shield21%8
DeviasYetiLarge Round Shield21%12
DeviasYetiBronze Gloves11%9
DeviasYetiScroll of Poison11%66
DeviasYetiBone Helm11%11
DeviasYetiSilk Gloves11%12
DeviasYetiSphinx Gloves11%103
DeviasYetiKite Shield11%8
DeviasYetiHorn of Uniria11%2438
DeviasYetiSword of Assassin11%8
DeviasYetiScale Armor11%134
DeviasYetiScroll of Archangel +111%1
DeviasYetiOrb of Greater Damage11%17
DeviasYetiRing of Poison11%9
DeviasYetiWind Gloves11%104
DeviasYetiGolden Crossbow11%7
DeviasYetiSerpent Sword11%95
DeviasYetiDevils Key11%1483
DeviasYetiSilk Helm11%9
DeviasYetiBattle Axe11%100
NoriaAgonBlood Bone +1125%6
NoriaAgonLeather Helm125%4
NoriaAgonPendant of Fire125%13
NoriaBeetle MonApple529%47
NoriaBeetle MonHorn Shield318%10
NoriaBeetle MonPad Pants16%13
NoriaBeetle MonCrossbow16%8
NoriaBeetle MonRapier16%8
NoriaBeetle MonVine Armor16%4
NoriaBeetle MonBow16%8
NoriaBeetle MonHealing Orb16%8
NoriaBeetle MonOrb of Summoning16%206
NoriaBeetle MonJewel of Chaos16%385
NoriaBeetle MonPad Armor16%5
NoriaChain ScorPad Helm325%8
NoriaChain ScorVine Boots217%2
NoriaChain ScorSmall Axe217%15
NoriaChain ScorHand Axe217%7
NoriaChain ScorSmall Shield18%14
NoriaChain ScorShort Sword18%9
NoriaChain ScorPad Gloves18%10
NoriaDestructivWizards Ring3741%90
NoriaForest MonApple240%47
NoriaForest MonSmall Axe120%15
NoriaForest MonMace120%8
NoriaForest MonSkull Shield120%8
NoriaGoblinPad Gloves531%10
NoriaGoblinSmall Shield319%14
NoriaGoblinShort Sword319%9
NoriaGoblinSmall Axe213%15
NoriaGoblinJewel of Bless16%680
NoriaGoblinBlood Bone +116%6
NoriaGoblinShort Bow16%15
NoriaGolden GobBox of Luck +87100%7
NoriaHunterVine Helm150%11
NoriaHunterLeather Helm150%4
NoriaSpiderShort Bow1048%15
NoriaSpiderSmall Axe733%15
NoriaSpiderOrb of Summoning210%206
NoriaStone GolePad Pants120%13
NoriaStone GoleElven Bow120%7
NoriaStone GoleDouble Axe120%9
NoriaStone GoleSword of Assassin120%8
NoriaStone GoleDragon Lance120%6
NoriaWhite wizaJewel of Bless250%680
Lost TowerCursed WizSymbol of Kundun +2483%833
Lost TowerCursed WizOrb of Twisting Slash463%375
Lost TowerCursed WizPlate Pants463%598
Lost TowerCursed WizSerpent Spear453%491
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Boots433%343
Lost TowerCursed WizRing of Magic433%362
Lost TowerCursed WizSpirit Armor412%607
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Boots402%460
Lost TowerCursed WizLight Plate Pants402%201
Lost TowerCursed WizDragon Gloves402%307
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Sword392%619
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Pants382%372
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Shield382%321
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Gloves372%197
Lost TowerCursed WizSerpent Shield362%630
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Helm352%371
Lost TowerCursed WizDragon Boots352%392
Lost TowerCursed WizGiant Sword352%318
Lost TowerCursed WizPendant of Ability352%189
Lost TowerCursed WizRing of Wind342%592
Lost TowerCursed WizPlate Helm342%468
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Helm342%175
Lost TowerCursed WizLight Plate Mask342%475
Lost TowerCursed WizGreat Scythe342%374
Lost TowerCursed WizBattle Scepter322%368
Lost TowerCursed WizPendant of Water322%484
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Gloves312%648
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +6312%1506
Lost TowerCursed WizDouble Blade312%272
Lost TowerCursed WizLegendary Pants312%353
Lost TowerCursed WizPlate Armor302%299
Lost TowerCursed WizSerpent Crossbow292%286
Lost TowerCursed WizLarkan Axe282%487
Lost TowerCursed WizLight Plate Boots272%587
Lost TowerCursed WizGorgon Staff252%306
Lost TowerCursed WizBronze Shield231%400
Lost TowerCursed WizScroll of Archangel +3191%250
Lost TowerCursed WizImp151%3918
Lost TowerCursed WizHorn of Uniria141%2438
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +3141%176
Lost TowerCursed WizDevils Key141%1483
Lost TowerCursed WizDevils Eye121%1549
Lost TowerCursed WizScroll of Evil Spirit111%194
Lost TowerCursed WizTransformation Ring +4111%106
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +1111%493
Lost TowerCursed WizBlood Bone +3101%254
Lost TowerCursed WizGuardian Angel101%2519
Lost TowerCursed WizRena +360%997
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Chaos40%385
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Life20%402
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Bless20%680
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Soul20%646
Lost TowerCursed WizScroll of Twister20%48
Lost TowerCursed WizJewel of Creation10%139
Lost TowerCursed WizBox of Luck +710%802
Lost TowerDeath CowSymbol of Kundun +22484%833
Lost TowerDeath CowPendant of Water1673%484
Lost TowerDeath CowBronze Shield1663%400
Lost TowerDeath CowPlate Helm1633%468
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Boots1603%392
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Boots1563%343
Lost TowerDeath CowBattle Scepter1563%368
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Armor1553%731
Lost TowerDeath CowLarkan Axe1512%487
Lost TowerDeath CowHelical Sword1512%505
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Helm1502%688
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Pants1502%516
Lost TowerDeath CowLight Plate Pants1442%201
Lost TowerDeath CowGreat Scythe1442%374
Lost TowerDeath CowSerpent Crossbow1432%286
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Gloves1422%197
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Pants1422%353
Lost TowerDeath CowPlate Armor1412%299
Lost TowerDeath CowPendant of Ability1392%189
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Pants1392%372
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Shield1392%321
Lost TowerDeath CowSerpent Spear1382%491
Lost TowerDeath CowSilver Bow1372%523
Lost TowerDeath CowRing of Magic1372%362
Lost TowerDeath CowDragon Gloves1362%307
Lost TowerDeath CowGuardian Helm1342%371
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Boots1342%460
Lost TowerDeath CowGiant Sword1332%318
Lost TowerDeath CowAdamantine Gloves1332%671
Lost TowerDeath CowLight Plate Mask1332%475
Lost TowerDeath CowDouble Blade1322%272
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Armor1312%475
Lost TowerDeath CowGorgon Staff1312%306
Lost TowerDeath CowOrb of Twisting Slash1312%375
Lost TowerDeath CowLegendary Helm1242%175
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +61112%1506
Lost TowerDeath CowTransformation Ring +4821%106
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Archangel +4551%178
Lost TowerDeath CowBlood Bone +4521%160
Lost TowerDeath CowBlood Bone +3521%254
Lost TowerDeath CowDevils Eye491%1549
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Archangel +3481%250
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +3461%176
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +1451%493
Lost TowerDeath CowDevils Key411%1483
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Evil Spirit311%194
Lost TowerDeath CowScroll of Twister280%48
Lost TowerDeath CowRena +3250%997
Lost TowerDeath CowBox of Luck +7250%802
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Bless100%680
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Chaos90%385
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Life80%402
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Soul50%646
Lost TowerDeath CowBronze Pants10%6
Lost TowerDeath CowHorn of Uniria10%2438
Lost TowerDeath CowJewel of Creation10%139
Lost TowerDeath GorgOrb of Fire Slash404%553
Lost TowerDeath GorgGreat Scythe374%374
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Boots363%392
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Shield363%570
Lost TowerDeath GorgAdamantine Boots353%548
Lost TowerDeath GorgLegendary Staff353%513
Lost TowerDeath GorgSilver Bow343%523
Lost TowerDeath GorgGuardian Armor343%731
Lost TowerDeath GorgOrb of Greater Fortitude343%526
Lost TowerDeath GorgGuardian Helm343%371
Lost TowerDeath GorgSymbol of Kundun +2343%833
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Helm333%688
Lost TowerDeath GorgAdamantine Gloves323%671
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Pants313%516
Lost TowerDeath GorgBattle Scepter313%368
Lost TowerDeath GorgLight Plate Armor313%539
Lost TowerDeath GorgLegendary Pants313%353
Lost TowerDeath GorgBronze Shield293%400
Lost TowerDeath GorgBill of Balrog273%394
Lost TowerDeath GorgOrb of Penetration273%442
Lost TowerDeath GorgGuardian Pants262%372
Lost TowerDeath GorgLighting Sword262%571
Lost TowerDeath GorgLegendary Armor252%475
Lost TowerDeath GorgHelical Sword242%505
Lost TowerDeath GorgDragon Armor192%527
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +6162%1506
Lost TowerDeath GorgImp131%3918
Lost TowerDeath GorgScroll of Archangel +4121%178
Lost TowerDeath GorgDevils Eye111%1549
Lost TowerDeath GorgDevils Key91%1483
Lost TowerDeath GorgBlood Bone +461%160
Lost TowerDeath GorgRena +350%997
Lost TowerDeath GorgTransformation Ring +550%2084
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +340%176
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Soul30%646
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +130%493
Lost TowerDeath GorgScroll of Evil Spirit20%194
Lost TowerDeath GorgBox of Luck +720%802
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Bless10%680
Lost TowerDeath GorgJewel of Life10%402
Lost TowerDeath KnigSymbol of Kundun +21764%833
Lost TowerDeath KnigBronze Shield1474%400
Lost TowerDeath KnigOrb of Fire Slash1464%553
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Armor1414%731
Lost TowerDeath KnigGreat Scythe1393%374
Lost TowerDeath KnigAdamantine Boots1363%548
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Pants1353%372
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Pants1303%516
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Helm1283%688
Lost TowerDeath KnigGorgon Staff1253%306
Lost TowerDeath KnigGiant Sword1253%318
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Helm1243%371
Lost TowerDeath KnigGuardian Boots1223%343
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Armor1213%527
Lost TowerDeath KnigLegendary Armor1203%475
Lost TowerDeath KnigLighting Sword1203%571
Lost TowerDeath KnigOrb of Greater Fortitude1193%526
Lost TowerDeath KnigBattle Scepter1183%368
Lost TowerDeath KnigLight Plate Armor1183%539
Lost TowerDeath KnigLegendary Pants1183%353
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Shield1173%570
Lost TowerDeath KnigHelical Sword1163%505
Lost TowerDeath KnigAdamantine Gloves1153%671
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Gloves1153%307
Lost TowerDeath KnigDragon Boots1133%392
Lost TowerDeath KnigSilver Bow1073%523
Lost TowerDeath KnigLegendary Staff972%513
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +6872%1506
Lost TowerDeath KnigTransformation Ring +5561%2084
Lost TowerDeath KnigScroll of Archangel +4381%178
Lost TowerDeath KnigDevils Key341%1483
Lost TowerDeath KnigBlood Bone +4341%160
Lost TowerDeath KnigDevils Eye321%1549
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +3311%176
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +1281%493
Lost TowerDeath KnigRena +3150%997
Lost TowerDeath KnigScroll of Evil Spirit140%194
Lost TowerDeath KnigBox of Luck +7140%802
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Bless120%680
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Soul120%646
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Chaos70%385
Lost TowerDeath KnigJewel of Life50%402
Lost TowerDeath KnigHorn of Uniria50%2438
Lost TowerDeath KnigScroll of Hellfire50%23
Lost TowerDevilOrb of Fire Slash49%553
Lost TowerDevilBox of Luck +637%1506
Lost TowerDevilSilver Bow37%523
Lost TowerDevilBronze Shield37%400
Lost TowerDevilGiant Sword37%318
Lost TowerDevilOrb of Greater Fortitude37%526
Lost TowerDevilBlood Bone +425%160
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Helm25%371
Lost TowerDevilDragon Shield25%570
Lost TowerDevilHelical Sword25%505
Lost TowerDevilPendant of Ability12%189
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Pants12%372
Lost TowerDevilDragon Gloves12%307
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Pants12%353
Lost TowerDevilDevils Key12%1483
Lost TowerDevilLighting Sword12%571
Lost TowerDevilSymbol of Kundun +212%833
Lost TowerDevilDragon Helm12%688
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Helm12%175
Lost TowerDevilGuardian Boots12%343
Lost TowerDevilBox of Luck +712%802
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Staff12%513
Lost TowerDevilGreat Scythe12%374
Lost TowerDevilBattle Scepter12%368
Lost TowerDevilAdamantine Gloves12%671
Lost TowerDevilLight Plate Pants12%201
Lost TowerDevilLegendary Armor12%475
Lost TowerPoison ShaPlate Armor11%299
Lost TowerShadowSymbol of Kundun +21274%833
Lost TowerShadowSerpent Shield883%630
Lost TowerShadowPendant of Wind873%740
Lost TowerShadowLight Plate Mask863%475
Lost TowerShadowLarkan Axe853%487
Lost TowerShadowLight Saber843%746
Lost TowerShadowPlate Pants823%598
Lost TowerShadowSphinx Armor813%847
Lost TowerShadowPlate Boots783%726
Lost TowerShadowOrb of Twisting Slash773%375
Lost TowerShadowSerpent Spear753%491
Lost TowerShadowLight Plate Boots733%587
Lost TowerShadowThunder Staff723%693
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Pants723%706
Lost TowerShadowTower Shield723%708
Lost TowerShadowLight Plate Gloves713%720
Lost TowerShadowTiger Bow702%725
Lost TowerShadowLegendary Boots692%460
Lost TowerShadowPendant of Water692%484
Lost TowerShadowRing of Earth692%828
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Armor672%607
Lost TowerShadowRing of Magic662%362
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +6662%1506
Lost TowerShadowLegendary Gloves652%648
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Boots652%705
Lost TowerShadowGreat Hammer642%837
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Gloves632%828
Lost TowerShadowBrass Helm632%746
Lost TowerShadowLight Spear612%718
Lost TowerShadowBlade602%741
Lost TowerShadowBrass Armor592%849
Lost TowerShadowLegendary Sword592%619
Lost TowerShadowSpirit Helm582%660
Lost TowerShadowBerdysh582%831
Lost TowerShadowPlate Gloves542%709
Lost TowerShadowRing of Wind532%592
Lost TowerShadowPlate Helm522%468
Lost TowerShadowBlood Bone +3341%254
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Archangel +3281%250
Lost TowerShadowTransformation Ring +3221%337
Lost TowerShadowDevils Key211%1483
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +3201%176
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +1201%493
Lost TowerShadowDevils Eye140%1549
Lost TowerShadowBox of Luck +7110%802
Lost TowerShadowRena +390%997
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Soul90%646
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Evil Spirit50%194
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Bless50%680
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Life50%402
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Twister40%48
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Chaos30%385
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Flame20%61
Lost TowerShadowJewel of Creation20%139
Lost TowerShadowHorn of Uniria20%2438
Lost TowerShadowScroll of Poison10%66
AtlansAegis7Hurricane Boots4583%5979
AtlansAegis7Dragon Soul Staff4563%2583
AtlansAegis7Red Spirit Armor4563%4834
AtlansAegis7Great Dragon Helm4563%2586
AtlansAegis7Dark Master Pants4543%6011
AtlansAegis7Thunder Hawk Armor4513%3830
AtlansAegis7Dark Soul Helm4463%6088
AtlansAegis7Rune Blade4453%2517
AtlansAegis7Great Reign Crossbow4343%2568
AtlansAegis7Hurricane Gloves4283%1760
AtlansAegis7Thunder Blade4273%2726
AtlansAegis7Dark Breaker4253%2593
AtlansAegis7Red Spirit Pants4233%2473
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Fire Scream4163%1740
AtlansAegis7Dark Master Mask4153%3164
AtlansAegis7Dark Phoenix Armor4113%2473
AtlansAegis7Symbol of Kundun +63132%2380
AtlansAegis7Spirit +11441%2336
AtlansAegis7Box of Luck +61381%1506
AtlansAegis7Guardian Angel1151%2519
AtlansAegis7Transformation Ring +5921%2084
AtlansAegis7Spirit +0731%938
AtlansAegis7Devils Key600%1483
AtlansAegis7Blood Bone +7560%826
AtlansAegis7Devils Eye550%1549
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Archangel +7520%823
AtlansAegis7Box of Luck +7250%802
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Bless250%680
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Ice Storm250%106
AtlansAegis7Rena +3240%997
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Soul190%646
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Decay180%122
AtlansAegis7Scroll of Nova140%199
AtlansAegis7Pet Rudolph90%88
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Chaos90%385
AtlansAegis7Orb of Summoning60%206
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Life50%402
AtlansAegis7Horn of Uniria40%2438
AtlansAegis7Jewel of Creation30%139
AtlansBahamutSymbol of Kundun +12194%1167
AtlansBahamutSword of Salamander1753%283
AtlansBahamutBrass Helm1703%746
AtlansBahamutLight Crossbow1663%282
AtlansBahamutLight Saber1593%746
AtlansBahamutSpirit Boots1573%705
AtlansBahamutBrass Gloves1573%263
AtlansBahamutLight Spear1563%718
AtlansBahamutSphinx Mask1563%264
AtlansBahamutDragon Slayer Shield1563%701
AtlansBahamutRing of Earth1543%828
AtlansBahamutPendant of Wind1543%740
AtlansBahamutThunder Staff1533%693
AtlansBahamutBrass Armor1503%849
AtlansBahamutSphinx Pants1503%547
AtlansBahamutSphinx Armor1493%847
AtlansBahamutWind Armor1483%262
AtlansBahamutBrass Boots1463%269
AtlansBahamutNikea Axe1443%539
AtlansBahamutGreat Hammer1403%837
AtlansBahamutPlate Boots1393%726
AtlansBahamutSpirit Gloves1383%828
AtlansBahamutPendant of Ice1383%533
AtlansBahamutTiger Bow1372%725
AtlansBahamutLight Plate Gloves1362%720
AtlansBahamutSpirit Helm1302%660
AtlansBahamutSpirit Pants1282%706
AtlansBahamutTower Shield1272%708
AtlansBahamutBox of Luck +61272%1506
AtlansBahamutBrass Pants1272%641
AtlansBahamutPlate Gloves1272%709
AtlansBahamutGuardian Angel761%2519
AtlansBahamutTransformation Ring +3631%337
AtlansBahamutDevils Eye481%1549
AtlansBahamutBox of Luck +1461%493
AtlansBahamutDevils Key421%1483
AtlansBahamutScroll of Archangel +2401%179
AtlansBahamutBlood Bone +2361%184
AtlansBahamutBox of Luck +7301%802
AtlansBahamutRena +3230%997
AtlansBahamutScroll of Poison90%66
AtlansBahamutJewel of Soul90%646
AtlansBahamutJewel of Bless80%680
AtlansBahamutScroll of Ice80%8
AtlansBahamutJewel of Chaos70%385
AtlansBahamutScroll of Flame60%61
AtlansBahamutJewel of Life50%402
AtlansBahamutHorn of Uniria40%2438
AtlansBahamutJewel of Creation20%139
AtlansBahamutScroll of Twister10%48
AtlansBlood SoldThunder Hawk Armor8414%3830
AtlansBlood SoldDark Soul Helm8244%6088
AtlansBlood SoldHurricane Boots8074%5979
AtlansBlood SoldRed Spirit Armor7974%4834
AtlansBlood SoldDark Soul Pants7844%5449
AtlansBlood SoldGreat Dragon Pants7774%5765
AtlansBlood SoldDark Master Pants7774%6011
AtlansBlood SoldDark Master Armor7714%5519
AtlansBlood SoldDark Master Mask7194%3164
AtlansBlood SoldSymbol of Kundun +72811%2294
AtlansBlood SoldImp1831%3918
AtlansBlood SoldSpirit +11711%2336
AtlansBlood SoldBox of Luck +61531%1506
AtlansBlood SoldThunder Blade1061%2726
AtlansBlood SoldHorn of Uniria1041%2438
AtlansBlood SoldTransformation Ring +5981%2084
AtlansBlood SoldDark Breaker940%2593
AtlansBlood SoldGuardian Angel870%2519
AtlansBlood SoldGreat Dragon Helm760%2586
AtlansBlood SoldSpirit +0720%938
AtlansBlood SoldScroll of Archangel +7680%823
AtlansBlood SoldDevils Eye580%1549
AtlansBlood SoldDevils Key560%1483
AtlansBlood SoldScroll of Nova490%199
AtlansBlood SoldBlood Bone +7490%826
AtlansBlood SoldRena +3460%997
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Life230%402
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Bless200%680
AtlansBlood SoldBox of Luck +7170%802
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Soul130%646
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Chaos130%385
AtlansBlood SoldPet Rudolph100%88
AtlansBlood SoldJewel of Creation40%139
AtlansBlood SoldHoly Spirit Helm10%1320
AtlansBlood SoldBlack Dragon Pants10%1471
AtlansDeath AngeDark Soul Helm7044%6088
AtlansDeath AngeGreat Dragon Pants6964%5765
AtlansDeath AngeDark Master Pants6904%6011
AtlansDeath AngeDark Soul Pants6854%5449
AtlansDeath AngeDark Master Armor6674%5519
AtlansDeath AngeHurricane Boots6584%5979
AtlansDeath AngeGuardian Angel3282%2519
AtlansDeath AngeRed Spirit Armor1701%4834
AtlansDeath AngeHorn of Uniria1631%2438
AtlansDeath AngeThunder Hawk Armor1521%3830
AtlansDeath AngeSymbol of Kundun +71461%2294
AtlansDeath AngeBox of Luck +61091%1506
AtlansDeath AngeSpirit +1821%2336
AtlansDeath AngeTransformation Ring +5610%2084
AtlansDeath AngeSpirit +0580%938
AtlansDeath AngeRena +3280%997
AtlansDeath AngeBox of Luck +7180%802
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Soul110%646
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Chaos100%385
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Bless90%680
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Life80%402
AtlansDeath AngeJewel of Creation80%139
AtlansDeath AngePet Rudolph50%88
AtlansDeath CentHurricane Armor368112%7200
AtlansDeath CentDark Soul Armor24388%5176
AtlansDeath CentGreat Dragon Armor24138%5252
AtlansDeath CentHurricane Pants23728%4958
AtlansDeath CentImp11674%3918
AtlansDeath CentSymbol of Kundun +73981%2294
AtlansDeath CentSpirit +11841%2336
AtlansDeath CentBox of Luck +61811%1506
AtlansDeath CentTransformation Ring +51070%2084
AtlansDeath CentSpirit +01000%938
AtlansDeath CentOrb of Summoning640%206
AtlansDeath CentRena +3400%997
AtlansDeath CentBox of Luck +7310%802
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Life290%402
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Bless250%680
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Soul240%646
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Chaos170%385
AtlansDeath CentJewel of Creation140%139
AtlansDeath CentHorn of Uniria90%2438
AtlansDeath CentPet Rudolph50%88
AtlansDeath CentGreat Dragon Boots10%2043
AtlansDeath CentThunder Blade10%2726
AtlansGolden SatBox of Luck +115100%7
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Penetration2325%442
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Shield2305%570
AtlansGreat BahaSilver Bow2215%523
AtlansGreat BahaGuardian Armor2205%731
AtlansGreat BahaLighting Sword2165%571
AtlansGreat BahaAdamantine Gloves2134%671
AtlansGreat BahaAdamantine Mask2024%432
AtlansGreat BahaElemental Shield2014%434
AtlansGreat BahaLegendary Staff2014%513
AtlansGreat BahaBill of Balrog1944%394
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Fire Slash1924%553
AtlansGreat BahaLight Plate Armor1914%539
AtlansGreat BahaHelical Sword1914%505
AtlansGreat BahaCrystal Morning Star1894%432
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Helm1874%688
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Pants1864%516
AtlansGreat BahaDragon Armor1844%527
AtlansGreat BahaLegendary Armor1824%475
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Greater Fortitude1824%526
AtlansGreat BahaSymbol of Kundun +31784%377
AtlansGreat BahaAdamantine Boots1714%548
AtlansGreat BahaBox of Luck +6762%1506
AtlansGreat BahaTransformation Ring +5611%2084
AtlansGreat BahaGuardian Angel521%2519
AtlansGreat BahaHorn of Uniria491%2438
AtlansGreat BahaImp461%3918
AtlansGreat BahaDevils Eye441%1549
AtlansGreat BahaDevils Key381%1483
AtlansGreat BahaBlood Bone +4381%160
AtlansGreat BahaBox of Luck +1371%493
AtlansGreat BahaScroll of Archangel +4351%178
AtlansGreat BahaRena +3251%997
AtlansGreat BahaScroll of Evil Spirit230%194
AtlansGreat BahaBox of Luck +7150%802
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Bless140%680
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Soul70%646
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Chaos60%385
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Life40%402
AtlansGreat BahaScroll of Hellfire10%23
AtlansGreat BahaOrb of Summoning10%206
AtlansGreat BahaJewel of Creation10%139
AtlansLizard KinLighting Sword138%571
AtlansLizard KinStorm Crow Gloves128%482
AtlansLizard KinDragon Armor117%527
AtlansLizard KinAdamantine Boots117%548
AtlansLizard KinGrand Soul Gloves96%376
AtlansLizard KinCrystal Morning Star96%432
AtlansLizard KinAdamantine Pants85%472
AtlansLizard KinElemental Shield74%434
AtlansLizard KinSymbol of Kundun +374%377
AtlansLizard KinAdamantine Mask74%432
AtlansLizard KinDragon Shield74%570
AtlansLizard KinOrb of Penetration64%442
AtlansLizard KinBill of Balrog64%394
AtlansLizard KinStaff of Resurrection64%450
AtlansLizard KinLegendary Staff53%513
AtlansLizard KinBluewing Crossbow53%501
AtlansLizard KinBox of Luck +643%1506
AtlansLizard KinLight Plate Armor43%539
AtlansLizard KinOrb of Greater Fortitude43%526
AtlansLizard KinOrb of Fire Slash32%553
AtlansLizard KinDevils Key32%1483
AtlansLizard KinScroll of Archangel +521%37
AtlansLizard KinScroll of Hellfire21%23
AtlansLizard KinBox of Luck +711%802
AtlansLizard KinBox of Luck +111%493
AtlansLizard KinDevils Eye11%1549
AtlansLizard KinScroll of Evil Spirit11%194
AtlansLizard KinRena +311%997
AtlansSilver ValLight Plate Armor1815%539
AtlansSilver ValLighting Sword1775%571
AtlansSilver ValDragon Armor1775%527
AtlansSilver ValAdamantine Boots1765%548
AtlansSilver ValHorn of Uniria1755%2438
AtlansSilver ValBluewing Crossbow1715%501
AtlansSilver ValElemental Shield1675%434
AtlansSilver ValOrb of Greater Fortitude1665%526
AtlansSilver ValCrystal Morning Star1645%432
AtlansSilver ValOrb of Fire Slash1645%553
AtlansSilver ValDragon Helm1645%688
AtlansSilver ValOrb of Penetration1635%442
AtlansSilver ValAdamantine Mask1614%432
AtlansSilver ValGuardian Armor1604%731
AtlansSilver ValDragon Shield1594%570
AtlansSilver ValLegendary Staff1584%513
AtlansSilver ValAdamantine Gloves1564%671
AtlansSilver ValBill of Balrog1384%394
AtlansSilver ValSymbol of Kundun +31354%377
AtlansSilver ValGuardian Angel923%2519
AtlansSilver ValBox of Luck +6742%1506
AtlansSilver ValTransformation Ring +5471%2084
AtlansSilver ValBlood Bone +5371%52
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Archangel +4331%178
AtlansSilver ValBlood Bone +4251%160
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Archangel +5241%37
AtlansSilver ValDevils Key231%1483
AtlansSilver ValDevils Eye231%1549
AtlansSilver ValBox of Luck +1211%493
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Evil Spirit191%194
AtlansSilver ValBox of Luck +7140%802
AtlansSilver ValRena +3130%997
AtlansSilver ValScroll of Hellfire120%23
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Life90%402
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Chaos60%385
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Bless60%680
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Soul40%646
AtlansSilver ValJewel of Creation10%139
AtlansValkyrieSymbol of Kundun +11874%1167
AtlansValkyrieBrass Pants1273%641
AtlansValkyrieGreat Hammer1273%837
AtlansValkyrieLarkan Axe1263%487
AtlansValkyrieRing of Wind1223%592
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Gloves1213%828
AtlansValkyrieLegendary Sword1203%619
AtlansValkyriePendant of Wind1193%740
AtlansValkyrieBrass Helm1193%746
AtlansValkyrieLight Plate Boots1173%587
AtlansValkyrieDragon Slayer Shield1143%701
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Pants1133%706
AtlansValkyriePlate Boots1133%726
AtlansValkyrieBrass Armor1123%849
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Armor1102%607
AtlansValkyrieLegendary Boots1092%460
AtlansValkyrieLight Plate Gloves1082%720
AtlansValkyrieTiger Bow1082%725
AtlansValkyrieSerpent Spear1082%491
AtlansValkyriePendant of Water1072%484
AtlansValkyriePlate Gloves1062%709
AtlansValkyrieThunder Staff1062%693
AtlansValkyrieSphinx Armor1062%847
AtlansValkyrieRing of Earth1062%828
AtlansValkyrieLegendary Gloves1032%648
AtlansValkyrieTower Shield1032%708
AtlansValkyrieLight Plate Mask1022%475
AtlansValkyriePlate Helm1022%468
AtlansValkyriePlate Pants1022%598
AtlansValkyrieLight Saber1012%746
AtlansValkyrieLight Spear1012%718
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Helm982%660
AtlansValkyrieSpirit Boots952%705
AtlansValkyrieSerpent Shield902%630
AtlansValkyrieBox of Luck +6842%1506
AtlansValkyrieTransformation Ring +3481%337
AtlansValkyrieBlood Bone +3381%254
AtlansValkyrieDevils Eye331%1549
AtlansValkyrieDevils Key311%1483
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Archangel +3301%250
AtlansValkyrieBox of Luck +1231%493
AtlansValkyrieBox of Luck +7180%802
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Evil Spirit160%194
AtlansValkyrieRena +3160%997
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Bless140%680
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Poison130%66
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Soul120%646
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Flame90%61
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Life80%402
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Chaos70%385
AtlansValkyrieHorn of Uniria60%2438
AtlansValkyrieScroll of Twister50%48
AtlansValkyrieJewel of Creation20%139
AtlansVeparSymbol of Kundun +14764%1167
AtlansVeparLegendary Gloves3273%648
AtlansVeparBrass Armor3263%849
AtlansVeparGreat Hammer3243%837
AtlansVeparDragon Slayer Shield3243%701
AtlansVeparTiger Bow3163%725
AtlansVeparSpirit Gloves3073%828
AtlansVeparRing of Earth3063%828
AtlansVeparPlate Gloves3023%709
AtlansVeparBrass Helm3023%746
AtlansVeparSpirit Boots2993%705
AtlansVeparLight Spear2963%718
AtlansVeparPlate Boots2953%726
AtlansVeparLegendary Sword2913%619
AtlansVeparTower Shield2903%708
AtlansVeparSphinx Armor2883%847
AtlansVeparBrass Pants2873%641
AtlansVeparLight Saber2873%746
AtlansVeparSpirit Armor2853%607
AtlansVeparSpirit Helm2833%660
AtlansVeparPendant of Ice2833%533
AtlansVeparLight Plate Boots2802%587
AtlansVeparNikea Axe2802%539
AtlansVeparSpirit Pants2802%706
AtlansVeparLight Plate Gloves2802%720
AtlansVeparRing of Wind2802%592
AtlansVeparSerpent Shield2792%630
AtlansVeparSphinx Pants2762%547
AtlansVeparPlate Pants2652%598
AtlansVeparPendant of Wind2572%740
AtlansVeparThunder Staff2562%693
AtlansVeparBox of Luck +62422%1506
AtlansVeparDevils Eye1782%1549
AtlansVeparDevils Key1712%1483
AtlansVeparTransformation Ring +31571%337
AtlansVeparBlood Bone +2911%184
AtlansVeparScroll of Archangel +3901%250
AtlansVeparBlood Bone +3881%254
AtlansVeparBox of Luck +1801%493
AtlansVeparScroll of Archangel +2771%179
AtlansVeparBox of Luck +7560%802
AtlansVeparScroll of Evil Spirit380%194
AtlansVeparRena +3370%997
AtlansVeparScroll of Poison310%66
AtlansVeparJewel of Soul220%646
AtlansVeparJewel of Bless200%680
AtlansVeparScroll of Flame200%61
AtlansVeparHorn of Uniria160%2438
AtlansVeparJewel of Life120%402
AtlansVeparJewel of Chaos120%385
AtlansVeparScroll of Twister70%48
AtlansVeparJewel of Creation10%139
AtlansVeparBone Gloves10%6
TarkanBeam KnighSymbol of Kundun +510%709
TarkanBeam KnighGrand Soul Boots10%798
TarkanBeam KnighScroll of Critical Damage10%1224
TarkanBeam KnighOrb of Ice Arrow10%879
TarkanBeam KnighGreat Scepter10%1292
TarkanBloody wolAdamantine Pants62%472
TarkanBloody wolAquagold Crossbow62%475
TarkanBloody wolStorm Crow Pants62%862
TarkanBloody wolAdamantine Mask62%432
TarkanBloody wolOrb of Death Stab52%370
TarkanBloody wolHoly Spirit Gloves41%368
TarkanBloody wolMaster Scepter41%479
TarkanBloody wolStaff of Resurrection41%450
TarkanBloody wolCrystal Morning Star41%432
TarkanBloody wolBlack Dragon Gloves41%952
TarkanBloody wolElemental Shield31%434
TarkanBloody wolScroll of FireBurst31%795
TarkanBloody wolSymbol of Kundun +331%377
TarkanBloody wolCrystal Sword31%521
TarkanBloody wolStorm Crow Gloves31%482
TarkanBloody wolGrand Soul Gloves31%376
TarkanBloody wolDark Steel Gloves21%880
TarkanBloody wolBox of Luck +621%1506
TarkanBloody wolGrand Soul Shield21%848
TarkanBloody wolBluewing Crossbow21%501
TarkanBloody wolStorm Crow Boots21%534
TarkanBloody wolBlood Bone +510%52
TarkanBloody wolJewel of Bless10%680
TarkanBloody wolGrand Soul Boots10%798
TarkanDeath BeamDark Phoenix Gloves1100%1186
TarkanGolden IroBox of Luck +126100%6
TarkanIron WheelHoly Spirit Gloves20%368
TarkanIron WheelOrb of Rageful Blow10%1207
TarkanIron WheelAdamantine Armor10%1355
TarkanIron WheelAdamantine Pants10%472
TarkanMutantOrb of Death Stab118%370
TarkanMutantAquagold Crossbow118%475
TarkanMutantStorm Crow Boots118%534
TarkanMutantStaff of Resurrection107%450
TarkanMutantOrb of Penetration86%442
TarkanMutantLight Plate Armor86%539
TarkanMutantMaster Scepter75%479
TarkanMutantCrystal Morning Star64%432
TarkanMutantCrystal Sword64%521
TarkanMutantSymbol of Kundun +364%377
TarkanMutantBill of Balrog64%394
TarkanMutantBluewing Crossbow64%501
TarkanMutantDragon Shield54%570
TarkanMutantAdamantine Mask54%432
TarkanMutantAdamantine Pants54%472
TarkanMutantStorm Crow Gloves54%482
TarkanMutantElemental Shield43%434
TarkanMutantGrand Soul Gloves43%376
TarkanMutantOrb of Greater Fortitude32%526
TarkanMutantHoly Spirit Gloves32%368
TarkanMutantScroll of Archangel +521%37
TarkanMutantLegendary Staff21%513
TarkanMutantBlood Bone +511%52
TarkanMutantDevils Key11%1483
TarkanMutantBox of Luck +611%1506
TarkanMutantBox of Luck +111%493
TarkanMutantOrb of Fire Slash11%553
TarkanMutantLighting Sword11%571
TarkanTantalosOrb of Ice Arrow208%879
TarkanTantalosSword of Destruction156%1218
TarkanTantalosHoly Spirit Boots135%894
TarkanTantalosBlack Dragon Helm135%1266
TarkanTantalosGrand Soul Boots125%798
TarkanTantalosHoly Spirit Gloves114%368
TarkanTantalosGrand Soul Helm104%916
TarkanTantalosGrand Soul Shield104%848
TarkanTantalosStorm Crow Pants104%862
TarkanTantalosOrb of Rageful Blow93%1207
TarkanTantalosOrb of Death Stab93%370
TarkanTantalosDark Steel Gloves93%880
TarkanTantalosScroll of FireBurst93%795
TarkanTantalosSymbol of Kundun +493%395
TarkanTantalosCrystal Sword93%521
TarkanTantalosBlack Dragon Gloves83%952
TarkanTantalosScroll of Critical Damage83%1224
TarkanTantalosStorm Crow Boots83%534
TarkanTantalosStorm Crow Armor83%1287
TarkanTantalosAdamantine Armor73%1355
TarkanTantalosBlack Dragon Boots73%1391
TarkanTantalosMaster Scepter62%479
TarkanTantalosAquagold Crossbow62%475
TarkanTantalosDark Steel Boots52%1205
TarkanTantalosGreat Scepter52%1292
TarkanTantalosTransformation Ring +542%2084
TarkanTantalosHorn of Uniria31%2438
TarkanTantalosDevils Eye31%1549
TarkanTantalosGuardian Angel31%2519
TarkanTantalosBlood Bone +621%114
TarkanTantalosDevils Key21%1483
TarkanTantalosBox of Luck +610%1506
TarkanTantalosJewel of Bless10%680
TarkanTantalosOrb of Summoning10%206
TarkanTantalosRena +310%997
TarkanTantalosJewel of Creation10%139
9Cursed WizSymbol of Kundun +2121%833
9Cursed WizBronze Shield101%400
9Cursed WizDragon Boots91%392
9Cursed WizGorgon Staff80%306
9Cursed WizDouble Blade80%272
9Cursed WizBattle Scepter70%368
9Cursed WizSerpent Shield70%630
9Cursed WizLight Plate Pants70%201
9Cursed WizGuardian Gloves70%197
9Cursed WizRing of Wind70%592
9Cursed WizLight Plate Boots60%587
9Cursed WizPlate Helm60%468
9Cursed WizSpirit Armor60%607
9Cursed WizGuardian Boots60%343
9Cursed WizGuardian Pants50%372
9Cursed WizTransformation Ring +450%106
9Cursed WizLight Plate Mask50%475
9Cursed WizPlate Armor50%299
9Cursed WizLegendary Sword40%619
9Cursed WizGiant Sword40%318
9Cursed WizLarkan Axe40%487
9Cursed WizJewel of Bless40%680
9Cursed WizSerpent Spear40%491
9Cursed WizRing of Magic40%362
9Cursed WizSerpent Crossbow40%286
9Cursed WizGuardian Angel40%2519
9Cursed WizOrb of Twisting Slash40%375
9Cursed WizDragon Gloves40%307
9Cursed WizGuardian Helm30%371
9Cursed WizPendant of Ability30%189
9Cursed WizLegendary Shield30%321
9Cursed WizScroll of Archangel +330%250
9Cursed WizLegendary Helm30%175
9Cursed WizLegendary Pants30%353
9Cursed WizJewel of Soul30%646
9Cursed WizJewel of Life30%402
9Cursed WizLegendary Boots30%460
9Cursed WizPlate Pants30%598
9Cursed WizJewel of Chaos20%385
9Cursed WizHorn of Uniria20%2438
9Cursed WizPendant of Water20%484
9Cursed WizDevils Key20%1483
9Cursed WizImp20%3918
9Cursed WizBox of Luck +120%493
9Cursed WizBox of Luck +720%802
9Cursed WizGreat Scythe10%374
9Cursed WizBlood Bone +310%254
9Cursed WizRena +310%997
9Cursed WizScroll of Evil Spirit10%194
9Dark KnighSymbol of Kundun +2116%833
9Dark KnighPlate Helm95%468
9Dark KnighLegendary Gloves95%648
9Dark KnighSpirit Armor84%607
9Dark KnighSpirit Helm74%660
9Dark KnighThunder Staff63%693
9Dark KnighLight Plate Gloves63%720
9Dark KnighSpirit Gloves63%828
9Dark KnighPlate Gloves53%709
9Dark KnighLight Spear53%718
9Dark KnighBrass Armor53%849
9Dark KnighLegendary Shield53%321
9Dark KnighRing of Earth42%828
9Dark KnighSerpent Crossbow42%286
9Dark KnighSphinx Armor42%847
9Dark KnighPendant of Wind42%740
9Dark KnighPlate Boots42%726
9Dark KnighPlate Armor42%299
9Dark KnighLegendary Boots42%460
9Dark KnighSpirit Boots32%705
9Dark KnighLight Saber32%746
9Dark KnighGreat Hammer32%837
9Dark KnighJewel of Bless32%680
9Dark KnighRing of Magic32%362
9Dark KnighJewel of Soul32%646
9Dark KnighSerpent Spear32%491
9Dark KnighLegendary Sword32%619
9Dark KnighPlate Pants32%598
9Dark KnighTower Shield32%708
9Dark KnighLarkan Axe32%487
9Dark KnighSpirit Pants32%706
9Dark KnighBerdysh32%831
9Dark KnighTiger Bow32%725
9Dark KnighPendant of Water21%484
9Dark KnighImp21%3918
9Dark KnighRing of Wind21%592
9Dark KnighOrb of Twisting Slash21%375
9Dark KnighDevils Key21%1483
9Dark KnighSerpent Shield21%630
9Dark KnighBlood Bone +321%254
9Dark KnighBox of Luck +111%493
9Dark KnighScroll of Evil Spirit11%194
9Dark KnighBox of Luck +711%802
9Dark KnighDouble Blade11%272
9Dark KnighLight Plate Boots11%587
9Dark KnighScroll of Poison11%66
9Dark KnighScroll of Flame11%61
9Dark KnighDevils Eye11%1549
9Death CowLegendary Shield120%321
9Death CowAdamantine Gloves90%671
9Death CowPlate Armor90%299
9Death CowSymbol of Kundun +290%833
9Death CowDragon Boots80%392
9Death CowGiant Sword80%318
9Death CowSilver Bow70%523
9Death CowGuardian Helm70%371
9Death CowGuardian Boots70%343
9Death CowLarkan Axe70%487
9Death CowGuardian Armor70%731
9Death CowPendant of Water60%484
9Death CowGuardian Gloves60%197
9Death CowPlate Helm60%468
9Death CowGuardian Pants60%372
9Death CowDouble Blade50%272
9Death CowBattle Scepter50%368
9Death CowJewel of Bless50%680
9Death CowDragon Helm50%688
9Death CowLegendary Armor50%475
9Death CowHelical Sword50%505
9Death CowSerpent Spear50%491
9Death CowLegendary Helm40%175
9Death CowGorgon Staff40%306
9Death CowDragon Pants40%516
9Death CowSerpent Crossbow40%286
9Death CowLight Plate Mask40%475
9Death CowBronze Shield40%400
9Death CowPendant of Ability40%189
9Death CowJewel of Soul30%646
9Death CowLight Plate Pants30%201
9Death CowDragon Gloves30%307
9Death CowBox of Luck +130%493
9Death CowLegendary Pants30%353
9Death CowOrb of Twisting Slash30%375
9Death CowDevils Eye30%1549
9Death CowTransformation Ring +420%106
9Death CowDevils Key20%1483
9Death CowBox of Luck +720%802
9Death CowRena +320%997
9Death CowRing of Magic20%362
9Death CowScroll of Archangel +320%250
9Death CowScroll of Evil Spirit10%194
9Death CowScroll of Archangel +410%178
9Death CowJewel of Life10%402
9Death CowGreat Scythe10%374
9Death GorgDragon Boots172%392
9Death GorgSymbol of Kundun +2121%833
9Death GorgGuardian Pants111%372
9Death GorgDragon Pants101%516
9Death GorgLegendary Pants91%353
9Death GorgGuardian Helm81%371
9Death GorgLegendary Staff81%513
9Death GorgGreat Scythe81%374
9Death GorgDragon Armor71%527
9Death GorgAdamantine Boots71%548
9Death GorgHelical Sword71%505
9Death GorgGuardian Armor61%731
9Death GorgBill of Balrog61%394
9Death GorgLighting Sword61%571
9Death GorgBattle Scepter61%368
9Death GorgImp50%3918
9Death GorgDragon Shield50%570
9Death GorgLegendary Armor50%475
9Death GorgSilver Bow50%523
9Death GorgLight Plate Armor50%539
9Death GorgBronze Shield40%400
9Death GorgAdamantine Gloves40%671
9Death GorgJewel of Creation30%139
9Death GorgDragon Helm30%688
9Death GorgTransformation Ring +530%2084
9Death GorgBlood Bone +420%160
9Death GorgOrb of Greater Fortitude10%526
9Death GorgJewel of Bless10%680
9Death GorgJewel of Soul10%646
9Death GorgJewel of Life10%402
9Death GorgScroll of Evil Spirit10%194
9Death GorgDevils Key10%1483
9Death KnigGuardian Helm140%371
9Death KnigBronze Shield120%400
9Death KnigSymbol of Kundun +2100%833
9Death KnigDragon Boots100%392
9Death KnigDragon Helm90%688
9Death KnigGuardian Pants80%372
9Death KnigAdamantine Boots80%548
9Death KnigAdamantine Gloves60%671
9Death KnigGreat Scythe60%374
9Death KnigGuardian Armor50%731
9Death KnigGorgon Staff50%306
9Death KnigGiant Sword50%318
9Death KnigLighting Sword50%571
9Death KnigLegendary Armor50%475
9Death KnigLegendary Pants50%353
9Death KnigBattle Scepter50%368
9Death KnigScroll of Archangel +440%178
9Death KnigDragon Pants40%516
9Death KnigHelical Sword40%505
9Death KnigSilver Bow40%523
9Death KnigJewel of Bless40%680
9Death KnigDragon Armor40%527
9Death KnigGuardian Boots40%343
9Death KnigDragon Gloves40%307
9Death KnigDragon Shield30%570
9Death KnigJewel of Soul30%646
9Death KnigTransformation Ring +530%2084
9Death KnigLegendary Staff30%513
9Death KnigDevils Key20%1483
9Death KnigOrb of Fire Slash10%553
9Death KnigBlood Bone +410%160
9Death KnigBox of Luck +710%802
9Death KnigBox of Luck +110%493
9Death KnigDevils Eye10%1549
9Death KnigRena +310%997
9Illusion oGreat Scythe13%374
9Illusion oBox of Luck +913%5
9Illusion oLight Plate Armor13%539
9Poison ShaSerpent Shield96%630
9Poison ShaLight Plate Gloves85%720
9Poison ShaSymbol of Kundun +274%833
9Poison ShaSerpent Crossbow74%286
9Poison ShaPendant of Wind74%740
9Poison ShaPendant of Water64%484
9Poison ShaLarkan Axe64%487
9Poison ShaLegendary Gloves64%648
9Poison ShaTransformation Ring +464%106
9Poison ShaDouble Blade53%272
9Poison ShaLight Saber53%746
9Poison ShaJewel of Soul53%646
9Poison ShaSpirit Boots53%705
9Poison ShaSpirit Helm53%660
9Poison ShaThunder Staff42%693
9Poison ShaLight Spear42%718
9Poison ShaPlate Boots42%726
9Poison ShaSpirit Pants42%706
9Poison ShaTower Shield42%708
9Poison ShaLegendary Shield42%321
9Poison ShaPlate Pants32%598
9Poison ShaLegendary Boots32%460
9Poison ShaGuardian Gloves32%197
9Poison ShaLegendary Helm32%175
9Poison ShaBlood Bone +332%254
9Poison ShaJewel of Bless32%680
9Poison ShaPlate Gloves32%709
9Poison ShaPendant of Ability32%189
9Poison ShaRing of Magic32%362
9Poison ShaRing of Wind32%592
9Poison ShaLight Plate Pants21%201
9Poison ShaLight Plate Mask21%475
9Poison ShaLight Plate Boots21%587
9Poison ShaScroll of Archangel +321%250
9Poison ShaLegendary Sword21%619
9Poison ShaJewel of Life21%402
9Poison ShaRena +311%997
9Poison ShaBox of Luck +111%493
9Poison ShaSpirit Armor11%607
9Poison ShaDevils Key11%1483
9Poison ShaSerpent Spear11%491
9Poison ShaTiger Bow11%725
9Poison ShaOrb of Twisting Slash11%375
9Poison ShaPlate Armor11%299
11Chief SkelBrass Boots30%269
11Chief SkelSerpent Staff30%115
11Chief SkelElven Axe30%115
11Chief SkelWind Boots20%126
11Chief SkelBrass Helm20%746
11Chief SkelWind Armor20%262
11Chief SkelNikea Axe20%539
11Chief SkelSphinx Gloves20%103
11Chief SkelBox of Luck +110%493
11Chief SkelDragon Slayer Shield10%701
11Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +110%1167
11Chief SkelSphinx Mask10%264
11Chief SkelRing of Fire10%126
11Chief SkelWind Pants10%107
11Chief SkelPendant of Ice10%533
11Chief SkelBrass Gloves10%263
11Chief SkelLight Crossbow10%282
11Chief SkelGiant Trident10%110
11Chief SkelBattle Axe10%100
11Chief SkelSphinx Pants10%547
11Chief SkelPlate Shield10%120
11Dark SkullSerpent Sword20%95
11Dark SkullRing of Earth20%828
11Dark SkullSword of Salamander20%283
11Dark SkullTower Shield20%708
11Dark SkullSphinx Armor20%847
11Dark SkullBerdysh20%831
11Dark SkullSphinx Boots10%120
11Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +110%1167
11Dark SkullBrass Boots10%269
11Dark SkullSphinx Pants10%547
11Dark SkullSpirit Boots10%705
11Dark SkullBlood Bone +210%184
11Dark SkullNikea Axe10%539
11Dark SkullLight Crossbow10%282
11Dark SkullTiger Bow10%725
11Dark SkullSphinx Mask10%264
11Giant OgreTower Shield20%708
11Giant OgreScroll of Poison10%66
11Giant OgreGreat Hammer10%837
11Giant OgreLight Spear10%718
11Giant OgreThunder Staff10%693
11Giant OgreBlade10%741
11Giant OgreBerdysh10%831
11Magic SkelLight Plate Boots10%587
11Magic SkelRing of Magic10%362
11Magic SkelPendant of Ice10%533
11Magic SkelPlate Boots10%726
11Magic SkelPlate Armor10%299
11Magic SkelSpirit Gloves10%828
11Red SkeletPlate Gloves10%709
11Red SkeletScroll of Evil Spirit10%194
11Red SkeletLight Plate Mask10%475
11Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +210%833
11Red SkeletBerdysh10%831
11Red SkeletSpirit Armor10%607
12Chief SkelSerpent Shield80%630
12Chief SkelPlate Armor60%299
12Chief SkelPlate Pants60%598
12Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +260%833
12Chief SkelLight Spear50%718
12Chief SkelOrb of Twisting Slash50%375
12Chief SkelDouble Blade50%272
12Chief SkelLegendary Sword50%619
12Chief SkelSerpent Spear50%491
12Chief SkelThunder Staff40%693
12Chief SkelLegendary Boots40%460
12Chief SkelLegendary Pants40%353
12Chief SkelPlate Gloves40%709
12Chief SkelSpirit Armor30%607
12Chief SkelDragon Gloves30%307
12Chief SkelTower Shield30%708
12Chief SkelRing of Magic30%362
12Chief SkelLight Plate Gloves30%720
12Chief SkelSpirit Boots30%705
12Chief SkelLegendary Gloves30%648
12Chief SkelPendant of Wind30%740
12Chief SkelRing of Wind30%592
12Chief SkelPendant of Water30%484
12Chief SkelTransformation Ring +320%337
12Chief SkelLegendary Shield20%321
12Chief SkelPlate Boots20%726
12Chief SkelLarkan Axe20%487
12Chief SkelTiger Bow20%725
12Chief SkelGuardian Gloves20%197
12Chief SkelPlate Helm20%468
12Chief SkelGorgon Staff20%306
12Chief SkelSpirit Pants20%706
12Chief SkelSphinx Armor20%847
12Chief SkelPendant of Ability20%189
12Chief SkelLight Plate Mask20%475
12Chief SkelSerpent Crossbow20%286
12Chief SkelLight Saber20%746
12Chief SkelBlood Bone +320%254
12Chief SkelSpirit Helm10%660
12Chief SkelLight Plate Pants10%201
12Chief SkelGuardian Boots10%343
12Chief SkelDevils Eye10%1549
12Chief SkelGiant Sword10%318
12Chief SkelBrass Armor10%849
12Chief SkelScroll of Flame10%61
12Dark SkullLight Plate Mask40%475
12Dark SkullGuardian Helm40%371
12Dark SkullLegendary Helm30%175
12Dark SkullPlate Helm30%468
12Dark SkullLegendary Boots30%460
12Dark SkullPlate Pants30%598
12Dark SkullBattle Scepter30%368
12Dark SkullDragon Boots20%392
12Dark SkullRing of Magic20%362
12Dark SkullSilver Bow20%523
12Dark SkullOrb of Twisting Slash20%375
12Dark SkullLegendary Pants20%353
12Dark SkullGuardian Pants20%372
12Dark SkullSerpent Spear20%491
12Dark SkullPendant of Water20%484
12Dark SkullGorgon Staff20%306
12Dark SkullGuardian Boots20%343
12Dark SkullPlate Armor20%299
12Dark SkullLight Plate Pants10%201
12Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +210%833
12Dark SkullLarkan Axe10%487
12Dark SkullDragon Gloves10%307
12Dark SkullGiant Sword10%318
12Dark SkullBlood Bone +310%254
12Dark SkullPendant of Ability10%189
12Dark SkullDragon Pants10%516
12Dark SkullGreat Scythe10%374
12Dark SkullDouble Blade10%272
12Dark SkullHelical Sword10%505
12Dark SkullSerpent Crossbow10%286
12Dark SkullSerpent Shield10%630
12Dark SkullLegendary Shield10%321
12Giant OgreGorgon Staff30%306
12Giant OgreDragon Armor30%527
12Giant OgreGiant Sword30%318
12Giant OgreLegendary Helm30%175
12Giant OgreDragon Helm30%688
12Giant OgreDragon Shield30%570
12Giant OgreHelical Sword20%505
12Giant OgreLegendary Pants20%353
12Giant OgreOrb of Greater Fortitude20%526
12Giant OgreLight Plate Pants20%201
12Giant OgreSilver Bow20%523
12Giant OgreAdamantine Boots10%548
12Giant OgrePendant of Ability10%189
12Giant OgreLegendary Armor10%475
12Giant OgreLighting Sword10%571
12Giant OgreGreat Scythe10%374
12Giant OgreGuardian Helm10%371
12Giant OgreLegendary Staff10%513
12Magic SkelGuardian Armor20%731
12Magic SkelAdamantine Boots20%548
12Magic SkelCrystal Morning Star10%432
12Magic SkelElemental Shield10%434
12Magic SkelDragon Helm10%688
12Magic SkelSilver Bow10%523
12Magic SkelAdamantine Mask10%432
12Magic SkelBluewing Crossbow10%501
12Magic SkelOrb of Fire Slash10%553
12Red SkeletBattle Scepter40%368
12Red SkeletGuardian Helm40%371
12Red SkeletLighting Sword40%571
12Red SkeletDragon Helm30%688
12Red SkeletDragon Shield30%570
12Red SkeletAdamantine Gloves20%671
12Red SkeletOrb of Penetration20%442
12Red SkeletBronze Shield20%400
12Red SkeletBill of Balrog20%394
12Red SkeletDragon Boots20%392
12Red SkeletLegendary Staff20%513
12Red SkeletHelical Sword20%505
12Red SkeletLegendary Pants10%353
12Red SkeletGuardian Armor10%731
12Red SkeletOrb of Greater Fortitude10%526
12Red SkeletAdamantine Boots10%548
12Red SkeletGuardian Pants10%372
16Chief SkelAdamantine Pants161%472
16Chief SkelAquagold Crossbow151%475
16Chief SkelHoly Spirit Gloves151%368
16Chief SkelStaff of Resurrection141%450
16Chief SkelBlack Dragon Gloves141%952
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Shield131%848
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Boots131%534
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Pants121%862
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Boots110%798
16Chief SkelAdamantine Armor110%1355
16Chief SkelCrystal Sword110%521
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Gloves100%482
16Chief SkelMaster Scepter90%479
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Gloves90%376
16Chief SkelOrb of Death Stab90%370
16Chief SkelBluewing Crossbow80%501
16Chief SkelOrb of Ice Arrow70%879
16Chief SkelCrystal Morning Star70%432
16Chief SkelGrand Soul Helm70%916
16Chief SkelDark Steel Gloves60%880
16Chief SkelHoly Spirit Boots50%894
16Chief SkelScroll of FireBurst50%795
16Chief SkelElemental Shield40%434
16Chief SkelAdamantine Mask30%432
16Chief SkelGuardian Angel20%2519
16Chief SkelTransformation Ring +520%2084
16Chief SkelBlack Dragon Boots20%1391
16Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +520%37
16Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +620%117
16Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +410%395
16Chief SkelScroll of Soul Barrier10%36
16Chief SkelDevils Key10%1483
16Chief SkelBlood Bone +510%52
16Chief SkelStorm Crow Armor10%1287
16Chief SkelBlood Bone +610%114
16Chief SkelBox of Luck +710%802
16Chief SkelJewel of Bless10%680
16Dark SkullDark Phoenix Gloves971%1186
16Dark SkullAdamantine Armor961%1355
16Dark SkullGrand Soul Boots961%798
16Dark SkullGrand Soul Pants951%1277
16Dark SkullOrb of Rageful Blow881%1207
16Dark SkullRed Spirit Gloves871%1445
16Dark SkullGrand Soul Helm861%916
16Dark SkullSaint Crossbow851%1479
16Dark SkullDark Steel Boots841%1205
16Dark SkullScroll of Critical Damage831%1224
16Dark SkullHoly Spirit Helm801%1320
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Pants801%1471
16Dark SkullDark Steel Mask801%1269
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Gloves761%952
16Dark SkullStorm Crow Armor741%1287
16Dark SkullSword of Destruction741%1218
16Dark SkullOrb of Ice Arrow741%879
16Dark SkullDark Steel Gloves741%880
16Dark SkullGreat Scepter741%1292
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Boots731%1391
16Dark SkullHoly Spirit Boots731%894
16Dark SkullBlack Dragon Helm721%1266
16Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +5421%709
16Dark SkullGuardian Angel290%2519
16Dark SkullTransformation Ring +5170%2084
16Dark SkullDevils Key90%1483
16Dark SkullDevils Eye80%1549
16Dark SkullScroll of Aqua Beam70%49
16Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +770%823
16Dark SkullBox of Luck +770%802
16Dark SkullBlood Bone +760%826
16Dark SkullJewel of Bless50%680
16Dark SkullJewel of Soul50%646
16Dark SkullRena +340%997
16Dark SkullScroll of Cometfall20%89
16Dark SkullScroll of Teleport Ally20%47
16Dark SkullJewel of Life20%402
16Dark SkullHorn of Uniria10%2438
16Giant OgreElemental Mace592%1379
16Giant OgreStaff of Destruction582%1467
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Armor512%1394
16Giant OgreThunder Hawk Gloves482%1556
16Giant OgreDark Master Gloves451%1288
16Giant OgreHoly Spirit Pants411%1548
16Giant OgreSword of Destruction361%1218
16Giant OgreRed Spirit Gloves331%1445
16Giant OgreHoly Spirit Boots331%894
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Helm311%1266
16Giant OgreDark Soul Gloves311%1446
16Giant OgreStorm Crow Armor301%1287
16Giant OgreGreat Scepter291%1292
16Giant OgreOrb of Ice Arrow291%879
16Giant OgreRed Spirit Boots281%1446
16Giant OgreDark Steel Mask281%1269
16Giant OgreSaint Crossbow271%1479
16Giant OgreGrand Soul Pants261%1277
16Giant OgreScroll of Critical Damage251%1224
16Giant OgreDark Steel Boots231%1205
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Pants231%1471
16Giant OgreGrand Soul Helm221%916
16Giant OgreDark Phoenix Gloves211%1186
16Giant OgreHoly Spirit Helm181%1320
16Giant OgreGuardian Angel130%2519
16Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +5120%709
16Giant OgreTransformation Ring +590%2084
16Giant OgreBlood Bone +780%826
16Giant OgreGrand Soul Boots80%798
16Giant OgreAdamantine Armor70%1355
16Giant OgreOrb of Rageful Blow70%1207
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Gloves70%952
16Giant OgreBlack Dragon Boots50%1391
16Giant OgreDevils Key50%1483
16Giant OgreDevils Eye50%1549
16Giant OgreHorn of Uniria40%2438
16Giant OgreScroll of Inferno30%44
16Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +720%823
16Giant OgreJewel of Chaos20%385
16Giant OgreImp20%3918
16Giant OgreRena +320%997
16Giant OgreJewel of Bless10%680
16Giant OgreJewel of Soul10%646
16Giant OgreJewel of Life10%402
16Giant OgreScroll of Soul Barrier10%36
16Giant OgreScroll of Teleport Ally10%47
16Giant OgreScroll of Aqua Beam10%49
16Magic SkelCelestial Bow262%1286
16Magic SkelGrand Soul Armor252%1307
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Pants222%1242
16Magic SkelScroll of Electric Spark201%1322
16Magic SkelThunder Hawk Pants201%1779
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Helm201%1260
16Magic SkelGreat Dragon Gloves191%1566
16Magic SkelThunder Hawk Gloves191%1556
16Magic SkelRed Spirit Helm191%1359
16Magic SkelHoly Spirit Pants191%1548
16Magic SkelDark Soul Boots181%1472
16Magic SkelDark Master Boots181%1487
16Magic SkelLord Scepter181%2034
16Magic SkelStaff of Destruction181%1467
16Magic SkelBlack Dragon Armor171%1394
16Magic SkelDark Steel Pants161%1227
16Magic SkelGreat Dragon Boots161%2043
16Magic SkelThunder Hawk Boots151%1265
16Magic SkelScroll of Summon151%1904
16Magic SkelDark Steel Armor151%1294
16Magic SkelHoly Spirit Armor151%1263
16Magic SkelDragon Spear141%1313
16Magic SkelDark Master Gloves141%1288
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Boots121%1362
16Magic SkelHoly Spirit Helm101%1320
16Magic SkelSpirit +191%2336
16Magic SkelElemental Mace81%1379
16Magic SkelDark Soul Gloves81%1446
16Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +670%2380
16Magic SkelDark Steel Mask60%1269
16Magic SkelHorn of Uniria60%2438
16Magic SkelRed Spirit Boots50%1446
16Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +750%823
16Magic SkelGrand Soul Pants50%1277
16Magic SkelDevils Eye40%1549
16Magic SkelBlood Bone +740%826
16Magic SkelDark Phoenix Gloves40%1186
16Magic SkelRena +330%997
16Magic SkelJewel of Soul10%646
16Magic SkelScroll of Inferno10%44
16Magic SkelScroll of Decay10%122
16Red SkeletRed Spirit Helm573%1359
16Red SkeletGreat Dragon Gloves542%1566
16Red SkeletDark Phoenix Gloves522%1186
16Red SkeletDark Steel Pants522%1227
16Red SkeletDragon Spear502%1313
16Red SkeletThunder Hawk Boots502%1265
16Red SkeletBlack Dragon Pants502%1471
16Red SkeletDark Soul Gloves492%1446
16Red SkeletScroll of Electric Spark492%1322
16Red SkeletBlack Dragon Armor472%1394
16Red SkeletElemental Mace472%1379
16Red SkeletGrand Soul Pants462%1277
16Red SkeletRed Spirit Gloves462%1445
16Red SkeletDark Phoenix Boots462%1362
16Red SkeletDark Steel Mask462%1269
16Red SkeletGrand Soul Armor452%1307
16Red SkeletDark Phoenix Helm422%1260
16Red SkeletDark Master Gloves412%1288
16Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +6402%2380
16Red SkeletHoly Spirit Helm402%1320
16Red SkeletHoly Spirit Pants402%1548
16Red SkeletThunder Hawk Gloves392%1556
16Red SkeletCelestial Bow382%1286
16Red SkeletRed Spirit Boots372%1446
16Red SkeletHoly Spirit Armor352%1263
16Red SkeletStaff of Destruction342%1467
16Red SkeletSaint Crossbow342%1479
16Red SkeletDark Steel Boots331%1205
16Red SkeletGuardian Angel90%2519
16Red SkeletTransformation Ring +580%2084
16Red SkeletDevils Eye70%1549
16Red SkeletDevils Key70%1483
16Red SkeletBlood Bone +750%826
16Red SkeletRena +340%997
16Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +740%823
16Red SkeletBox of Luck +730%802
16Red SkeletScroll of Soul Barrier20%36
16Red SkeletJewel of Life20%402
16Red SkeletJewel of Chaos20%385
16Red SkeletJewel of Bless20%680
16Red SkeletHorn of Uniria10%2438
16Red SkeletJewel of Creation10%139
16Red SkeletJewel of Soul10%646
16Red SkeletPet Rudolph10%88
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Boots844%1391
17Chief SkelOrb of Rageful Blow804%1207
17Chief SkelAdamantine Armor783%1355
17Chief SkelSword of Destruction783%1218
17Chief SkelSaint Crossbow773%1479
17Chief SkelGreat Scepter763%1292
17Chief SkelRed Spirit Gloves763%1445
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Helm763%916
17Chief SkelScroll of Critical Damage763%1224
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Helm753%1266
17Chief SkelHoly Spirit Boots753%894
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Pants743%1471
17Chief SkelOrb of Ice Arrow733%879
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Boots693%798
17Chief SkelStorm Crow Armor663%1287
17Chief SkelHoly Spirit Helm653%1320
17Chief SkelBlack Dragon Gloves643%952
17Chief SkelDark Steel Boots633%1205
17Chief SkelDark Soul Gloves532%1446
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Shield512%848
17Chief SkelSymbol of Kundun +5492%709
17Chief SkelStorm Crow Pants432%862
17Chief SkelScroll of FireBurst432%795
17Chief SkelDark Steel Mask422%1269
17Chief SkelGrand Soul Pants372%1277
17Chief SkelDark Phoenix Gloves362%1186
17Chief SkelRed Spirit Boots352%1446
17Chief SkelDark Steel Gloves352%880
17Chief SkelImp110%3918
17Chief SkelTransformation Ring +580%2084
17Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +780%823
17Chief SkelDevils Key80%1483
17Chief SkelHorn of Uniria80%2438
17Chief SkelBlood Bone +780%826
17Chief SkelScroll of Archangel +660%117
17Chief SkelScroll of Soul Barrier50%36
17Chief SkelJewel of Soul50%646
17Chief SkelRena +350%997
17Chief SkelJewel of Chaos50%385
17Chief SkelJewel of Bless40%680
17Chief SkelDevils Eye40%1549
17Chief SkelScroll of Cometfall30%89
17Chief SkelScroll of Teleport Ally30%47
17Chief SkelBox of Luck +730%802
17Chief SkelBlood Bone +630%114
17Chief SkelJewel of Life20%402
17Dark SkullHoly Spirit Pants3054%1548
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Armor2994%1394
17Dark SkullDark Master Gloves2874%1288
17Dark SkullStaff of Destruction2844%1467
17Dark SkullThunder Hawk Gloves2794%1556
17Dark SkullElemental Mace2734%1379
17Dark SkullGrand Soul Helm1772%916
17Dark SkullDark Soul Gloves1722%1446
17Dark SkullSaint Crossbow1682%1479
17Dark SkullHoly Spirit Boots1632%894
17Dark SkullGreat Scepter1632%1292
17Dark SkullScroll of Critical Damage1602%1224
17Dark SkullGrand Soul Pants1582%1277
17Dark SkullHoly Spirit Helm1582%1320
17Dark SkullDark Phoenix Gloves1562%1186
17Dark SkullDark Steel Mask1542%1269
17Dark SkullOrb of Ice Arrow1522%879
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Helm1512%1266
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Pants1502%1471
17Dark SkullStorm Crow Armor1462%1287
17Dark SkullDark Steel Boots1452%1205
17Dark SkullRed Spirit Boots1442%1446
17Dark SkullRed Spirit Gloves1402%1445
17Dark SkullSword of Destruction1352%1218
17Dark SkullSymbol of Kundun +51092%709
17Dark SkullHorn of Uniria631%2438
17Dark SkullGuardian Angel491%2519
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Gloves371%952
17Dark SkullTransformation Ring +5361%2084
17Dark SkullGrand Soul Boots280%798
17Dark SkullImp260%3918
17Dark SkullScroll of Archangel +7250%823
17Dark SkullBlack Dragon Boots250%1391
17Dark SkullOrb of Rageful Blow250%1207
17Dark SkullAdamantine Armor230%1355
17Dark SkullDevils Key230%1483
17Dark SkullDevils Eye180%1549
17Dark SkullBox of Luck +7160%802
17Dark SkullJewel of Soul150%646
17Dark SkullBlood Bone +7150%826
17Dark SkullRena +3130%997
17Dark SkullJewel of Bless110%680
17Dark SkullJewel of Life100%402
17Dark SkullScroll of Inferno70%44
17Dark SkullScroll of Soul Barrier50%36
17Dark SkullScroll of Aqua Beam50%49
17Dark SkullJewel of Chaos40%385
17Dark SkullScroll of Teleport Ally20%47
17Dark SkullJewel of Creation20%139
17Dark SkullScroll of Cometfall20%89
17Dark SkullLighting Sword10%571
17Giant OgreStaff of Destruction853%1467
17Giant OgreRed Spirit Helm843%1359
17Giant OgreGrand Soul Armor823%1307
17Giant OgreBlack Dragon Helm803%1266
17Giant OgreDark Steel Boots772%1205
17Giant OgreDark Phoenix Gloves762%1186
17Giant OgreDragon Spear752%1313
17Giant OgreHoly Spirit Armor732%1263
17Giant OgreSaint Crossbow722%1479
17Giant OgreScroll of Electric Spark722%1322
17Giant OgreRed Spirit Boots692%1446
17Giant OgreBlack Dragon Pants692%1471
17Giant OgreScroll of Critical Damage692%1224
17Giant OgreDark Master Gloves682%1288
17Giant OgreDark Phoenix Boots682%1362
17Giant OgreRed Spirit Gloves682%1445
17Giant OgreCelestial Bow662%1286
17Giant OgreThunder Hawk Gloves662%1556
17Giant OgreDark Soul Gloves652%1446
17Giant OgreGreat Scepter642%1292
17Giant OgreDark Phoenix Helm642%1260
17Giant OgreHoly Spirit Helm632%1320
17Giant OgreGrand Soul Pants632%1277
17Giant OgreHoly Spirit Pants632%1548
17Giant OgreDark Steel Mask612%1269
17Giant OgreElemental Mace602%1379
17Giant OgreBlack Dragon Armor602%1394
17Giant OgreSword of Destruction582%1218
17Giant OgreThunder Hawk Boots562%1265
17Giant OgreSymbol of Kundun +6542%2380
17Giant OgreDark Steel Pants502%1227
17Giant OgreTransformation Ring +5231%2084
17Giant OgreImp130%3918
17Giant OgreBlood Bone +7120%826
17Giant OgreDevils Key110%1483
17Giant OgreGuardian Angel100%2519
17Giant OgreDevils Eye90%1549
17Giant OgreScroll of Archangel +770%823
17Giant OgreJewel of Chaos60%385
17Giant OgreRena +360%997
17Giant OgreScroll of Cometfall50%89
17Giant OgreJewel of Bless50%680
17Giant OgreJewel of Life40%402
17Giant OgreJewel of Soul30%646
17Giant OgreScroll of Teleport Ally20%47
17Giant OgreScroll of Inferno10%44
17Giant OgrePet Rudolph10%88
17Giant OgreHorn of Uniria10%2438
17Giant OgreJewel of Creation10%139
17Giant OgreBox of Luck +710%802
17Magic SkelDragon Spear383%1313
17Magic SkelGrand Soul Armor352%1307
17Magic SkelGreat Dragon Gloves352%1566
17Magic SkelRed Spirit Pants352%2473
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Helm342%1260
17Magic SkelDark Steel Armor322%1294
17Magic SkelRune Blade322%2517
17Magic SkelDark Steel Pants312%1227
17Magic SkelCelestial Bow312%1286
17Magic SkelDragon Soul Staff312%2583
17Magic SkelThunder Hawk Pants302%1779
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Boots302%1362
17Magic SkelSymbol of Kundun +6302%2380
17Magic SkelHoly Spirit Armor282%1263
17Magic SkelHurricane Gloves272%1760
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Pants272%1242
17Magic SkelGreat Reign Crossbow262%2568
17Magic SkelScroll of Summon262%1904
17Magic SkelThunder Hawk Boots262%1265
17Magic SkelRed Spirit Helm262%1359
17Magic SkelLord Scepter252%2034
17Magic SkelDark Phoenix Armor252%2473
17Magic SkelDark Master Boots232%1487
17Magic SkelScroll of Fire Scream222%1740
17Magic SkelGreat Dragon Boots222%2043
17Magic SkelScroll of Electric Spark211%1322
17Magic SkelDark Soul Boots201%1472
17Magic SkelBlack Dragon Armor131%1394
17Magic SkelHoly Spirit Pants121%1548
17Magic SkelImp121%3918
17Magic SkelStaff of Destruction111%1467
17Magic SkelElemental Mace111%1379
17Magic SkelThunder Hawk Gloves101%1556
17Magic SkelDark Master Gloves91%1288
17Magic SkelSpirit +181%2336
17Magic SkelHorn of Uniria70%2438
17Magic SkelScroll of Archangel +740%823
17Magic SkelDevils Key30%1483
17Magic SkelBlood Bone +730%826
17Magic SkelDevils Eye30%1549
17Magic SkelTransformation Ring +520%2084
17Magic SkelSpirit +020%938
17Magic SkelJewel of Soul20%646
17Magic SkelPet Rudolph10%88
17Magic SkelRena +310%997
17Magic SkelJewel of Chaos10%385
17Magic SkelScroll of Decay10%122
17Magic SkelAdamantine Pants10%472
17Magic SkelScroll of Ice Storm10%106
17Red SkeletDragon Spear412%1313
17Red SkeletDark Soul Gloves382%1446
17Red SkeletDark Soul Boots372%1472
17Red SkeletThunder Hawk Boots362%1265
17Red SkeletRed Spirit Boots342%1446
17Red SkeletThunder Hawk Gloves342%1556
17Red SkeletDark Steel Armor331%1294
17Red SkeletDark Steel Pants331%1227
17Red SkeletGreat Dragon Gloves321%1566
17Red SkeletBlack Dragon Armor321%1394
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Boots311%1362
17Red SkeletCelestial Bow311%1286
17Red SkeletGreat Dragon Boots301%2043
17Red SkeletStaff of Destruction301%1467
17Red SkeletScroll of Electric Spark291%1322
17Red SkeletHoly Spirit Armor291%1263
17Red SkeletGrand Soul Armor291%1307
17Red SkeletDark Master Boots291%1487
17Red SkeletLord Scepter271%2034
17Red SkeletDark Master Gloves261%1288
17Red SkeletScroll of Summon251%1904
17Red SkeletElemental Mace251%1379
17Red SkeletRed Spirit Helm251%1359
17Red SkeletHoly Spirit Pants241%1548
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Pants231%1242
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Helm221%1260
17Red SkeletSymbol of Kundun +6141%2380
17Red SkeletSpirit +1121%2336
17Red SkeletImp90%3918
17Red SkeletGuardian Angel70%2519
17Red SkeletHoly Spirit Helm70%1320
17Red SkeletDevils Key60%1483
17Red SkeletTransformation Ring +560%2084
17Red SkeletSaint Crossbow50%1479
17Red SkeletBlack Dragon Pants50%1471
17Red SkeletDark Phoenix Gloves50%1186
17Red SkeletRed Spirit Gloves50%1445
17Red SkeletGrand Soul Pants50%1277
17Red SkeletScroll of Archangel +740%823
17Red SkeletRena +340%997
17Red SkeletDark Steel Mask40%1269
17Red SkeletDevils Eye30%1549
17Red SkeletBox of Luck +730%802
17Red SkeletBlood Bone +720%826
17Red SkeletJewel of Soul20%646
17Red SkeletHorn of Uniria10%2438
17Red SkeletJewel of Chaos10%385
Kalima 2Death CentSymbol of Kundun +21290%833
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Shield1170%321
Kalima 2Death CentSerpent Shield1090%630
Kalima 2Death CentLight Plate Gloves1050%720
Kalima 2Death CentPendant of Wind1050%740
Kalima 2Death CentOrb of Twisting Slash1040%375
Kalima 2Death CentSerpent Spear1040%491
Kalima 2Death CentSphinx Armor1040%847
Kalima 2Death CentLight Plate Mask1020%475
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Gloves1020%709
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Pants1020%706
Kalima 2Death CentLight Saber1020%746
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Gloves1010%648
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Armor990%299
Kalima 2Death CentBerdysh990%831
Kalima 2Death CentRing of Magic960%362
Kalima 2Death CentTower Shield950%708
Kalima 2Death CentBrass Armor930%849
Kalima 2Death CentSerpent Crossbow920%286
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Helm910%468
Kalima 2Death CentGreat Hammer910%837
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Sword900%619
Kalima 2Death CentLegendary Boots890%460
Kalima 2Death CentPendant of Water880%484
Kalima 2Death CentLight Spear870%718
Kalima 2Death CentThunder Staff860%693
Kalima 2Death CentRing of Wind850%592
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Pants850%598
Kalima 2Death CentPlate Boots850%726
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Gloves840%828
Kalima 2Death CentDouble Blade830%272
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Armor830%607
Kalima 2Death CentTiger Bow810%725
Kalima 2Death CentRing of Earth810%828
Kalima 2Death CentLight Plate Boots790%587
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Boots740%705
Kalima 2Death CentSpirit Helm740%660
Kalima 2Death CentLarkan Axe730%487
Kalima 2Death CentTransformation Ring +3450%337
Kalima 2Death CentImp320%3918
Kalima 2Death CentDevils Key280%1483
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Archangel +3280%250
Kalima 2Death CentDevils Eye250%1549
Kalima 2Death CentBox of Luck +1250%493
Kalima 2Death CentBlood Bone +3230%254
Kalima 2Death CentRena +3180%997
Kalima 2Death CentBox of Luck +7150%802
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Soul110%646
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Evil Spirit110%194
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Flame90%61
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Bless80%680
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Poison70%66
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Chaos60%385
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Life50%402
Kalima 2Death CentHorn of Uniria10%2438
Kalima 2Death CentScroll of Twister10%48
Kalima 2Death CentJewel of Creation10%139
Kalima 2Illusion oOrb of Fire Slash13%553
Kalima 2Necron2Tower Shield68%708
Kalima 2Necron2Great Hammer45%837
Kalima 2Necron2Legendary Sword45%619
Kalima 2Necron2Dragon Slayer Shield45%701
Kalima 2Necron2Ring of Wind34%592
Kalima 2Necron2Guardian Angel34%2519
Kalima 2Necron2Plate Boots34%726
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Gloves34%828
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Helm34%660
Kalima 2Necron2Legendary Gloves34%648
Kalima 2Necron2Tiger Bow34%725
Kalima 2Necron2Brass Helm34%746
Kalima 2Necron2Plate Gloves34%709
Kalima 2Necron2Ring of Earth23%828
Kalima 2Necron2Light Saber23%746
Kalima 2Necron2Berdysh23%831
Kalima 2Necron2Brass Armor23%849
Kalima 2Necron2Brass Pants23%641
Kalima 2Necron2Sphinx Pants23%547
Kalima 2Necron2Pendant of Wind23%740
Kalima 2Necron2Thunder Staff23%693
Kalima 2Necron2Blade23%741
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Pants23%706
Kalima 2Necron2Box of Luck +123%493
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Armor23%607
Kalima 2Necron2Light Spear11%718
Kalima 2Necron2Blood Bone +211%184
Kalima 2Necron2Nikea Axe11%539
Kalima 2Necron2Sphinx Armor11%847
Kalima 2Necron2Devils Key11%1483
Kalima 2Necron2Box of Luck +711%802
Kalima 2Necron2Spirit Boots11%705
Kalima 2Schriker2Legendary Boots111%460
Kalima 2Schriker2Light Plate Boots111%587
Kalima 2Schriker2Gorgon Staff111%306
Kalima 2Schriker2Symbol of Kundun +2111%833
Kalima 2Schriker2Thunder Staff111%693
Kalima 2Schriker2Ring of Magic111%362
Kalima 2Schriker2Legendary Pants111%353
Kalima 2Schriker2Pendant of Wind111%740
Kalima 2Schriker2Guardian Boots111%343
Kalima 4Death AngeStorm Crow Boots60%534
Kalima 4Death AngeBluewing Crossbow40%501
Kalima 4Death AngeElemental Shield40%434
Kalima 4Death AngeMaster Scepter30%479
Kalima 4Death AngeGrand Soul Gloves30%376
Kalima 4Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +330%377
Kalima 4Death AngeScroll of FireBurst30%795
Kalima 4Death AngeCrystal Sword20%521
Kalima 4Death AngeCrystal Morning Star20%432
Kalima 4Death AngeStorm Crow Gloves20%482
Kalima 4Death AngeAdamantine Mask20%432
Kalima 4Death AngeStorm Crow Pants20%862
Kalima 4Death AngeOrb of Death Stab10%370
Kalima 4Death AngeGrand Soul Shield10%848
Kalima 4Death AngeTransformation Ring +510%2084
Kalima 4Death AngeOrb of Penetration10%442
Kalima 4Death AngeBill of Balrog10%394
Kalima 4Death AngeGuardian Angel10%2519
Kalima 4Death AngeAquagold Crossbow10%475
Kalima 4Death AngeDevils Eye10%1549
Kalima 4Death CentSword of Destruction30%1218
Kalima 4Death CentBlack Dragon Gloves20%952
Kalima 4Death CentStorm Crow Armor20%1287
Kalima 4Death CentHoly Spirit Boots20%894
Kalima 4Death CentDevils Key10%1483
Kalima 4Death CentStorm Crow Boots10%534
Kalima 4Death CentGrand Soul Shield10%848
Kalima 4Death CentHoly Spirit Gloves10%368
Kalima 4Necron4Bluewing Crossbow2135%501
Kalima 4Necron4Storm Crow Pants2035%862
Kalima 4Necron4Crystal Sword2015%521
Kalima 4Necron4Grand Soul Shield1965%848
Kalima 4Necron4Grand Soul Gloves1965%376
Kalima 4Necron4Grand Soul Boots1965%798
Kalima 4Necron4Black Dragon Boots1955%1391
Kalima 4Necron4Orb of Death Stab1945%370
Kalima 4Necron4Orb of Rageful Blow1934%1207
Kalima 4Necron4Storm Crow Gloves1934%482
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of FireBurst1914%795
Kalima 4Necron4Storm Crow Boots1914%534
Kalima 4Necron4Holy Spirit Gloves1904%368
Kalima 4Necron4Black Dragon Gloves1834%952
Kalima 4Necron4Staff of Resurrection1744%450
Kalima 4Necron4Dark Steel Gloves1734%880
Kalima 4Necron4Master Scepter1654%479
Kalima 4Necron4Aquagold Crossbow1654%475
Kalima 4Necron4Adamantine Pants1624%472
Kalima 4Necron4Adamantine Armor1594%1355
Kalima 4Necron4Symbol of Kundun +41443%395
Kalima 4Necron4Imp962%3918
Kalima 4Necron4Devils Eye561%1549
Kalima 4Necron4Transformation Ring +5481%2084
Kalima 4Necron4Devils Key481%1483
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Archangel +6271%117
Kalima 4Necron4Blood Bone +6251%114
Kalima 4Necron4Box of Luck +1241%493
Kalima 4Necron4Box of Luck +7150%802
Kalima 4Necron4Rena +3110%997
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Soul110%646
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Bless90%680
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Evil Spirit90%194
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Life90%402
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Aqua Beam70%49
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Soul Barrier70%36
Kalima 4Necron4Jewel of Chaos40%385
Kalima 4Necron4Horn of Uniria30%2438
Kalima 4Necron4Scroll of Hellfire30%23
Kalima 4Necron4Plate Boots10%726
Kalima 5Aegis5Storm Crow Pants150%862
Kalima 5Aegis5Devils Key150%1483
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Pants800%1242
Kalima 5Death CentStaff of Destruction710%1467
Kalima 5Death CentCelestial Bow690%1286
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Boots690%1362
Kalima 5Death CentGrand Soul Armor690%1307
Kalima 5Death CentHoly Spirit Pants680%1548
Kalima 5Death CentThunder Hawk Boots670%1265
Kalima 5Death CentDark Master Gloves660%1288
Kalima 5Death CentGreat Dragon Gloves660%1566
Kalima 5Death CentHoly Spirit Armor650%1263
Kalima 5Death CentLord Scepter630%2034
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Helm610%1260
Kalima 5Death CentThunder Hawk Gloves600%1556
Kalima 5Death CentBlack Dragon Armor600%1394
Kalima 5Death CentDark Soul Boots570%1472
Kalima 5Death CentGreat Dragon Boots550%2043
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Electric Spark540%1322
Kalima 5Death CentSymbol of Kundun +6530%2380
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Summon520%1904
Kalima 5Death CentDark Master Boots520%1487
Kalima 5Death CentDark Steel Pants520%1227
Kalima 5Death CentElemental Mace520%1379
Kalima 5Death CentDark Steel Armor510%1294
Kalima 5Death CentRed Spirit Helm500%1359
Kalima 5Death CentDark Soul Gloves480%1446
Kalima 5Death CentDragon Spear470%1313
Kalima 5Death CentRed Spirit Boots420%1446
Kalima 5Death CentSpirit +1260%2336
Kalima 5Death CentHoly Spirit Helm160%1320
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Archangel +7140%823
Kalima 5Death CentDevils Eye140%1549
Kalima 5Death CentDark Phoenix Gloves130%1186
Kalima 5Death CentGrand Soul Pants120%1277
Kalima 5Death CentDevils Key120%1483
Kalima 5Death CentDark Steel Mask110%1269
Kalima 5Death CentImp100%3918
Kalima 5Death CentBlack Dragon Pants100%1471
Kalima 5Death CentSaint Crossbow100%1479
Kalima 5Death CentGuardian Angel90%2519
Kalima 5Death CentTransformation Ring +590%2084
Kalima 5Death CentBlood Bone +790%826
Kalima 5Death CentRena +370%997
Kalima 5Death CentBox of Luck +760%802
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Chaos50%385
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Bless40%680
Kalima 5Death CentRed Spirit Gloves40%1445
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Decay30%122
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Soul30%646
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Inferno30%44
Kalima 5Death CentScroll of Cometfall30%89
Kalima 5Death CentJewel of Life20%402
Kalima 5Illusion oDark Master Armor13%5519
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Soul Gloves49%1446
Kalima 5Necron5Red Spirit Boots49%1446
Kalima 5Necron5Symbol of Kundun +649%2380
Kalima 5Necron5Holy Spirit Pants36%1548
Kalima 5Necron5Thunder Hawk Gloves36%1556
Kalima 5Necron5Holy Spirit Helm24%1320
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Master Gloves24%1288
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Phoenix Gloves24%1186
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Steel Pants24%1227
Kalima 5Necron5Dark Steel Mask24%1269
Kalima 5Necron5Elemental Mace24%1379
Kalima 5Necron5Grand Soul Armor24%1307
Kalima 5Necron5Grand Soul Pants24%1277
Kalima 5Necron5Staff of Destruction12%1467
Kalima 5Necron5Holy Spirit Armor12%1263
Kalima 5Necron5Red Spirit Helm12%1359
Kalima 5Necron5Devils Eye12%1549
Kalima 5Necron5Transformation Ring +512%2084
Kalima 5Necron5Thunder Hawk Boots12%1265
Kalima 5Necron5Jewel of Soul12%646
Kalima 5Necron5Saint Crossbow12%1479
Kalima 5Necron5Black Dragon Pants12%1471
Kalima 5Necron5Imp12%3918
Kalima 5Necron5Scroll of Critical Damage12%1224
Kalima 5Necron5Dragon Spear12%1313
Kalima 5Necron5Black Dragon Armor12%1394
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Steel Armor1505%1294
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Breaker1455%2593
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Dragon Helm1455%2586
Kalima 5Schriker5Thunder Blade1455%2726
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Summon1404%1904
Kalima 5Schriker5Lord Scepter1404%2034
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Pants1344%1242
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Dragon Gloves1344%1566
Kalima 5Schriker5Red Spirit Pants1304%2473
Kalima 5Schriker5Thunder Hawk Pants1234%1779
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Master Boots1234%1487
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Reign Crossbow1224%2568
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Soul Boots1224%1472
Kalima 5Schriker5Dragon Soul Staff1214%2583
Kalima 5Schriker5Hurricane Gloves1214%1760
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Fire Scream1184%1740
Kalima 5Schriker5Great Dragon Boots1164%2043
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Armor1124%2473
Kalima 5Schriker5Rune Blade1093%2517
Kalima 5Schriker5Symbol of Kundun +6803%2380
Kalima 5Schriker5Horn of Uniria592%2438
Kalima 5Schriker5Spirit +1532%2336
Kalima 5Schriker5Red Spirit Helm391%1359
Kalima 5Schriker5Celestial Bow381%1286
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Boots371%1362
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Electric Spark371%1322
Kalima 5Schriker5Grand Soul Armor361%1307
Kalima 5Schriker5Dragon Spear361%1313
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Steel Pants311%1227
Kalima 5Schriker5Thunder Hawk Boots301%1265
Kalima 5Schriker5Dark Phoenix Helm301%1260
Kalima 5Schriker5Transformation Ring +5281%2084
Kalima 5Schriker5Holy Spirit Armor261%1263
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Archangel +7211%823
Kalima 5Schriker5Devils Eye191%1549
Kalima 5Schriker5Blood Bone +7181%826
Kalima 5Schriker5Spirit +0150%938
Kalima 5Schriker5Guardian Angel140%2519
Kalima 5Schriker5Devils Key130%1483
Kalima 5Schriker5Box of Luck +790%802
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Ice Storm80%106
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Soul70%646
Kalima 5Schriker5Rena +360%997
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Nova60%199
Kalima 5Schriker5Scroll of Decay30%122
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Bless30%680
Kalima 5Schriker5Jewel of Life20%402
Kalima 5Schriker5Orb of Summoning20%206
Kalima 5Schriker5Pet Rudolph10%88
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Phoenix Boots3135%1362
Kalima 6Aegis6Red Spirit Helm2905%1359
Kalima 6Aegis6Great Dragon Gloves2814%1566
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Master Boots2764%1487
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Soul Boots2614%1472
Kalima 6Aegis6Grand Soul Armor2173%1307
Kalima 6Aegis6Holy Spirit Helm2123%1320
Kalima 6Aegis6Red Spirit Boots2093%1446
Kalima 6Aegis6Symbol of Kundun +62063%2380
Kalima 6Aegis6Black Dragon Pants2043%1471
Kalima 6Aegis6Thunder Hawk Gloves2033%1556
Kalima 6Aegis6Holy Spirit Armor1993%1263
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Soul Gloves1953%1446
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Electric Spark1943%1322
Kalima 6Aegis6Grand Soul Pants1943%1277
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Steel Mask1933%1269
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Master Gloves1923%1288
Kalima 6Aegis6Dragon Spear1903%1313
Kalima 6Aegis6Red Spirit Gloves1903%1445
Kalima 6Aegis6Saint Crossbow1863%1479
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Phoenix Helm1863%1260
Kalima 6Aegis6Holy Spirit Pants1863%1548
Kalima 6Aegis6Staff of Destruction1823%1467
Kalima 6Aegis6Elemental Mace1803%1379
Kalima 6Aegis6Black Dragon Armor1803%1394
Kalima 6Aegis6Celestial Bow1773%1286
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Steel Pants1733%1227
Kalima 6Aegis6Dark Phoenix Gloves1683%1186
Kalima 6Aegis6Thunder Hawk Boots1663%1265
Kalima 6Aegis6Transformation Ring +5821%2084
Kalima 6Aegis6Blood Bone +7491%826
Kalima 6Aegis6Devils Eye481%1549
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Archangel +7451%823
Kalima 6Aegis6Devils Key381%1483
Kalima 6Aegis6Rena +3250%997
Kalima 6Aegis6Box of Luck +7200%802
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Bless190%680
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Chaos160%385
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Soul150%646
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Inferno80%44
Kalima 6Aegis6Horn of Uniria80%2438
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Cometfall70%89
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Teleport Ally60%47
Kalima 6Aegis6Pet Rudolph60%88
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Life40%402
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Ice Storm40%106
Kalima 6Aegis6Scroll of Soul Barrier20%36
Kalima 6Aegis6Grand Soul Gloves20%376
Kalima 6Aegis6Orb of Summoning20%206
Kalima 6Aegis6Jewel of Creation10%139
Kalima 6Blood SoldLord Scepter1691%2034
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Steel Armor1661%1294
Kalima 6Blood SoldSymbol of Kundun +61661%2380
Kalima 6Blood SoldRed Spirit Helm1631%1359
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Boots1621%1362
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Pants1561%1242
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Master Boots1551%1487
Kalima 6Blood SoldGreat Dragon Gloves1521%1566
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Electric Spark1511%1322
Kalima 6Blood SoldGreat Dragon Boots1511%2043
Kalima 6Blood SoldCelestial Bow1511%1286
Kalima 6Blood SoldElemental Mace1501%1379
Kalima 6Blood SoldHoly Spirit Armor1491%1263
Kalima 6Blood SoldStaff of Destruction1481%1467
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Soul Boots1481%1472
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Armor1481%2473
Kalima 6Blood SoldThunder Hawk Pants1461%1779
Kalima 6Blood SoldThunder Hawk Boots1461%1265
Kalima 6Blood SoldDragon Soul Staff1461%2583
Kalima 6Blood SoldRune Blade1451%2517
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Phoenix Helm1431%1260
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Summon1431%1904
Kalima 6Blood SoldDragon Spear1411%1313
Kalima 6Blood SoldRed Spirit Pants1381%2473
Kalima 6Blood SoldDark Steel Pants1381%1227
Kalima 6Blood SoldGrand Soul Armor1331%1307
Kalima 6Blood SoldBlack Dragon Armor1311%1394
Kalima 6Blood SoldGreat Reign Crossbow1291%2568
Kalima 6Blood SoldSpirit +1770%2336
Kalima 6Blood SoldImp720%3918
Kalima 6Blood SoldTransformation Ring +5490%2084
Kalima 6Blood SoldDevils Eye430%1549
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +7420%823
Kalima 6Blood SoldBlood Bone +7340%826
Kalima 6Blood SoldDevils Key270%1483
Kalima 6Blood SoldRena +3210%997
Kalima 6Blood SoldBox of Luck +7110%802
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Bless100%680
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Soul80%646
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Ice Storm80%106
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Nova70%199
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Chaos50%385
Kalima 6Blood SoldPet Rudolph40%88
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Life40%402
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Teleport Ally40%47
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Decay20%122
Kalima 6Blood SoldHorn of Uniria20%2438
Kalima 6Blood SoldScroll of Inferno10%44
Kalima 6Blood SoldJewel of Creation10%139
Kalima 6Death AngeThunder Blade2462%2726
Kalima 6Death AngeDragon Soul Staff2411%2583
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Breaker2371%2593
Kalima 6Death AngeThunder Hawk Pants2331%1779
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Dragon Helm2221%2586
Kalima 6Death AngeRune Blade2211%2517
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Reign Crossbow2131%2568
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Steel Armor2131%1294
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Dragon Boots2131%2043
Kalima 6Death AngeLord Scepter2111%2034
Kalima 6Death AngeGreat Dragon Gloves2081%1566
Kalima 6Death AngeHurricane Gloves2061%1760
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Fire Scream2011%1740
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Soul Boots1991%1472
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Pants1951%1242
Kalima 6Death AngeRed Spirit Pants1921%2473
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Summon1881%1904
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Armor1871%2473
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Master Boots1851%1487
Kalima 6Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +61571%2380
Kalima 6Death AngeHorn of Uniria981%2438
Kalima 6Death AngeSpirit +1861%2336
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Helm750%1260
Kalima 6Death AngeHoly Spirit Armor630%1263
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Phoenix Boots630%1362
Kalima 6Death AngeCelestial Bow620%1286
Kalima 6Death AngeTransformation Ring +5610%2084
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Electric Spark590%1322
Kalima 6Death AngeThunder Hawk Boots570%1265
Kalima 6Death AngeDark Steel Pants560%1227
Kalima 6Death AngeGrand Soul Armor540%1307
Kalima 6Death AngeRed Spirit Helm540%1359
Kalima 6Death AngeDragon Spear520%1313
Kalima 6Death AngeDevils Key450%1483
Kalima 6Death AngeSpirit +0430%938
Kalima 6Death AngeDevils Eye300%1549
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Archangel +7270%823
Kalima 6Death AngeGuardian Angel240%2519
Kalima 6Death AngeBlood Bone +7230%826
Kalima 6Death AngeRena +3220%997
Kalima 6Death AngeBox of Luck +7210%802
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Bless190%680
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Soul160%646
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Ice Storm150%106
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Life90%402
Kalima 6Death AngeOrb of Summoning50%206
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Chaos50%385
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Decay40%122
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Nova40%199
Kalima 6Death AngePet Rudolph30%88
Kalima 6Death AngeJewel of Creation30%139
Kalima 6Death AngeScroll of Inferno20%44
Kalima 6Death AngeStorm Crow Armor10%1287
Kalima 6Death CentHurricane Boots4191%5979
Kalima 6Death CentRed Spirit Armor4081%4834
Kalima 6Death CentThunder Hawk Armor4081%3830
Kalima 6Death CentDark Breaker4051%2593
Kalima 6Death CentGreat Dragon Pants4021%5765
Kalima 6Death CentGreat Dragon Helm3981%2586
Kalima 6Death CentDark Soul Helm3941%6088
Kalima 6Death CentDark Master Mask3921%3164
Kalima 6Death CentThunder Blade3881%2726
Kalima 6Death CentDark Master Pants3811%6011
Kalima 6Death CentSpirit +1900%2336
Kalima 6Death CentGreat Reign Crossbow720%2568
Kalima 6Death CentDragon Soul Staff710%2583
Kalima 6Death CentHorn of Uniria710%2438
Kalima 6Death CentRune Blade700%2517
Kalima 6Death CentHurricane Gloves690%1760
Kalima 6Death CentDark Phoenix Armor640%2473
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Fire Scream640%1740
Kalima 6Death CentImp620%3918
Kalima 6Death CentRed Spirit Pants560%2473
Kalima 6Death CentTransformation Ring +5500%2084
Kalima 6Death CentDevils Eye320%1549
Kalima 6Death CentSpirit +0320%938
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Archangel +7290%823
Kalima 6Death CentDevils Key280%1483
Kalima 6Death CentBlood Bone +7250%826
Kalima 6Death CentRena +3200%997
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Decay190%122
Kalima 6Death CentBox of Luck +7180%802
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Soul150%646
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Life120%402
Kalima 6Death CentScroll of Nova110%199
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Chaos70%385
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Bless70%680
Kalima 6Death CentOrb of Summoning50%206
Kalima 6Death CentPet Rudolph40%88
Kalima 6Death CentJewel of Creation30%139
Kalima 6Illusion oKnight Blade13%3
Kalima 6Illusion oDark Reign Blade13%3
Kalima 6Necron6Great Dragon Boots3296%2043
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Phoenix Armor3206%2473
Kalima 6Necron6Thunder Hawk Pants3186%1779
Kalima 6Necron6Thunder Blade3166%2726
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Fire Scream3166%1740
Kalima 6Necron6Dragon Soul Staff3156%2583
Kalima 6Necron6Great Reign Crossbow3145%2568
Kalima 6Necron6Hurricane Gloves3075%1760
Kalima 6Necron6Lord Scepter3075%2034
Kalima 6Necron6Thunder Hawk Armor3035%3830
Kalima 6Necron6Great Dragon Helm2925%2586
Kalima 6Necron6Red Spirit Armor2885%4834
Kalima 6Necron6Red Spirit Pants2875%2473
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Summon2855%1904
Kalima 6Necron6Rune Blade2845%2517
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Breaker2775%2593
Kalima 6Necron6Dark Master Mask2705%3164
Kalima 6Necron6Symbol of Kundun +61583%2380
Kalima 6Necron6Spirit +1791%2336
Kalima 6Necron6Transformation Ring +5461%2084
Kalima 6Necron6Blood Bone +7431%826
Kalima 6Necron6Devils Eye431%1549
Kalima 6Necron6Spirit +0371%938
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Archangel +7331%823
Kalima 6Necron6Devils Key331%1483
Kalima 6Necron6Rena +3270%997
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Decay190%122
Kalima 6Necron6Box of Luck +7130%802
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Bless100%680
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Ice Storm90%106
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Chaos80%385
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Soul70%646
Kalima 6Necron6Jewel of Life70%402
Kalima 6Necron6Scroll of Nova60%199
Kalima 6Necron6Horn of Uniria30%2438
Kalima 6Necron6Pet Rudolph10%88
Kalima 6Necron6Grand Soul Boots10%798
Kalima 6Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +62362%2380
Kalima 6Rogue CentHoly Spirit Pants2202%1548
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Soul Gloves2172%1446
Kalima 6Rogue CentDragon Spear2152%1313
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Electric Spark2062%1322
Kalima 6Rogue CentHoly Spirit Armor2062%1263
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Master Gloves2052%1288
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Summon2052%1904
Kalima 6Rogue CentStaff of Destruction2032%1467
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Pants2022%1242
Kalima 6Rogue CentGrand Soul Armor2022%1307
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Master Boots2012%1487
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Soul Boots2012%1472
Kalima 6Rogue CentThunder Hawk Gloves1982%1556
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Steel Armor1962%1294
Kalima 6Rogue CentCelestial Bow1952%1286
Kalima 6Rogue CentThunder Hawk Boots1942%1265
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Helm1942%1260
Kalima 6Rogue CentGreat Dragon Gloves1932%1566
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Steel Pants1912%1227
Kalima 6Rogue CentGreat Dragon Boots1912%2043
Kalima 6Rogue CentLord Scepter1902%2034
Kalima 6Rogue CentRed Spirit Boots1892%1446
Kalima 6Rogue CentBlack Dragon Armor1842%1394
Kalima 6Rogue CentRed Spirit Helm1832%1359
Kalima 6Rogue CentElemental Mace1792%1379
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Boots1792%1362
Kalima 6Rogue CentSpirit +11161%2336
Kalima 6Rogue CentTransformation Ring +5651%2084
Kalima 6Rogue CentDevils Eye561%1549
Kalima 6Rogue CentDevils Key440%1483
Kalima 6Rogue CentBlood Bone +7440%826
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Steel Mask390%1269
Kalima 6Rogue CentGuardian Angel380%2519
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Archangel +7330%823
Kalima 6Rogue CentGrand Soul Pants300%1277
Kalima 6Rogue CentRed Spirit Gloves300%1445
Kalima 6Rogue CentSaint Crossbow300%1479
Kalima 6Rogue CentBlack Dragon Pants290%1471
Kalima 6Rogue CentHoly Spirit Helm280%1320
Kalima 6Rogue CentImp270%3918
Kalima 6Rogue CentRena +3270%997
Kalima 6Rogue CentDark Phoenix Gloves250%1186
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Soul170%646
Kalima 6Rogue CentBox of Luck +7140%802
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Cometfall120%89
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Decay80%122
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Life70%402
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Chaos60%385
Kalima 6Rogue CentHorn of Uniria60%2438
Kalima 6Rogue CentJewel of Bless60%680
Kalima 6Rogue CentPet Rudolph50%88
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Inferno20%44
Kalima 6Rogue CentScroll of Ice Storm20%106
Kalima 6Schriker6Hurricane Boots74613%5979
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Master Pants71012%6011
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Soul Pants69712%5449
Kalima 6Schriker6Red Spirit Armor69012%4834
Kalima 6Schriker6Great Dragon Pants67412%5765
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Soul Helm67012%6088
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Master Armor63211%5519
Kalima 6Schriker6Symbol of Kundun +71973%2294
Kalima 6Schriker6Horn of Uniria1362%2438
Kalima 6Schriker6Spirit +1962%2336
Kalima 6Schriker6Transformation Ring +5501%2084
Kalima 6Schriker6Spirit +0491%938
Kalima 6Schriker6Thunder Hawk Armor451%3830
Kalima 6Schriker6Thunder Blade431%2726
Kalima 6Schriker6Dark Master Mask401%3164
Kalima 6Schriker6Guardian Angel381%2519
Kalima 6Schriker6Imp331%3918
Kalima 6Schriker6Devils Key321%1483
Kalima 6Schriker6Devils Eye311%1549
Kalima 6Schriker6Blood Bone +7291%826
Kalima 6Schriker6Scroll of Archangel +7291%823
Kalima 6Schriker6Rena +3280%997
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Bless170%680
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Soul170%646
Kalima 6Schriker6Box of Luck +7140%802
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Life80%402
Kalima 6Schriker6Jewel of Chaos80%385
Kalima 6Schriker6Pet Rudolph30%88
32Alpha CrusSymbol of Kundun +6335%2380
32Alpha CrusSaint Crossbow315%1479
32Alpha CrusDark Soul Gloves315%1446
32Alpha CrusRed Spirit Boots294%1446
32Alpha CrusScroll of Electric Spark294%1322
32Alpha CrusBlack Dragon Helm294%1266
32Alpha CrusGreat Scepter284%1292
32Alpha CrusSword of Destruction274%1218
32Alpha CrusThunder Hawk Gloves274%1556
32Alpha CrusDark Steel Pants274%1227
32Alpha CrusScroll of Critical Damage254%1224
32Alpha CrusDragon Spear254%1313
32Alpha CrusDark Master Gloves254%1288
32Alpha CrusElemental Mace244%1379
32Alpha CrusDark Steel Boots244%1205
32Alpha CrusBlack Dragon Pants234%1471
32Alpha CrusHorn of Uniria223%2438
32Alpha CrusRed Spirit Gloves213%1445
32Alpha CrusThunder Hawk Boots203%1265
32Alpha CrusStaff of Destruction193%1467
32Alpha CrusBlack Dragon Armor183%1394
32Alpha CrusDark Steel Mask183%1269
32Alpha CrusJewel of Bless152%680
32Alpha CrusTransformation Ring +5112%2084
32Alpha CrusScroll of Archangel +7102%823
32Alpha CrusDevils Key81%1483
32Alpha CrusJewel of Soul81%646
32Alpha CrusDevils Eye71%1549
32Alpha CrusRena +371%997
32Alpha CrusBlood Bone +751%826
32Alpha CrusCelestial Bow30%1286
32Alpha CrusBox of Luck +730%802
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Boots30%894
32Alpha CrusGrand Soul Pants30%1277
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Pants20%1548
32Alpha CrusOrb of Ice Arrow20%879
32Alpha CrusGrand Soul Helm20%916
32Alpha CrusDark Phoenix Gloves20%1186
32Alpha CrusJewel of Chaos10%385
32Alpha CrusJewel of Creation10%139
32Alpha CrusDark Phoenix Helm10%1260
32Alpha CrusOrb of Summoning10%206
32Alpha CrusGrand Soul Armor10%1307
32Alpha CrusJewel of Life10%402
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Helm10%1320
32Alpha CrusHoly Spirit Armor10%1263
32Ax WarriorMaster Scepter147%479
32Ax WarriorDark Steel Gloves147%880
32Ax WarriorStorm Crow Pants137%862
32Ax WarriorElemental Shield126%434
32Ax WarriorStorm Crow Gloves116%482
32Ax WarriorStorm Crow Boots116%534
32Ax WarriorAquagold Crossbow116%475
32Ax WarriorScroll of FireBurst116%795
32Ax WarriorCrystal Morning Star105%432
32Ax WarriorGrand Soul Shield95%848
32Ax WarriorSymbol of Kundun +395%377
32Ax WarriorAdamantine Mask95%432
32Ax WarriorCrystal Sword84%521
32Ax WarriorStaff of Resurrection84%450
32Ax WarriorAdamantine Pants84%472
32Ax WarriorBluewing Crossbow42%501
32Ax WarriorGuardian Angel42%2519
32Ax WarriorJewel of Soul32%646
32Ax WarriorTransformation Ring +532%2084
32Ax WarriorHorn of Uniria32%2438
32Ax WarriorDevils Eye32%1549
32Ax WarriorGrand Soul Gloves21%376
32Ax WarriorJewel of Bless21%680
32Ax WarriorImp21%3918
32Ax WarriorRena +321%997
32Ax WarriorScroll of Evil Spirit21%194
32Ax WarriorBox of Luck +711%802
32Ax WarriorScroll of Archangel +511%37
32Ax WarriorDevils Key11%1483
32Ax WarriorBlood Bone +511%52
32Ax WarriorJewel of Life11%402
32Ax WarriorJewel of Creation11%139
32Ax WarriorBox of Luck +111%493
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Pants207%1471
32Beam KnighSaint Crossbow197%1479
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Armor186%1287
32Beam KnighAdamantine Armor166%1355
32Beam KnighGreat Scepter166%1292
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Shield155%848
32Beam KnighSword of Destruction155%1218
32Beam KnighScroll of Critical Damage155%1224
32Beam KnighDark Steel Gloves135%880
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Boots135%1391
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Gloves124%952
32Beam KnighRed Spirit Gloves124%1445
32Beam KnighDark Steel Boots114%1205
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Pants104%862
32Beam KnighScroll of FireBurst93%795
32Beam KnighTransformation Ring +572%2084
32Beam KnighSymbol of Kundun +562%709
32Beam KnighBlack Dragon Helm52%1266
32Beam KnighJewel of Bless41%680
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Helm41%916
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Boots31%798
32Beam KnighDevils Eye31%1549
32Beam KnighBlood Bone +631%114
32Beam KnighScroll of Archangel +631%117
32Beam KnighGuardian Angel21%2519
32Beam KnighHorn of Uniria21%2438
32Beam KnighRena +321%997
32Beam KnighCrystal Sword21%521
32Beam KnighStaff of Resurrection21%450
32Beam KnighMaster Scepter21%479
32Beam KnighAdamantine Pants21%472
32Beam KnighScroll of Cometfall10%89
32Beam KnighJewel of Life10%402
32Beam KnighScroll of Teleport Ally10%47
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Boots10%534
32Beam KnighGrand Soul Gloves10%376
32Beam KnighBox of Luck +710%802
32Beam KnighDevils Key10%1483
32Beam KnighOrb of Death Stab10%370
32Beam KnighStorm Crow Gloves10%482
32Beam KnighJewel of Soul10%646
32Beam KnighOrb of Ice Arrow10%879
32Bloody wolCrystal Sword196%521
32Bloody wolSymbol of Kundun +3165%377
32Bloody wolMaster Scepter155%479
32Bloody wolStorm Crow Boots144%534
32Bloody wolStaff of Resurrection144%450
32Bloody wolCrystal Morning Star134%432
32Bloody wolAquagold Crossbow134%475
32Bloody wolScroll of FireBurst134%795
32Bloody wolStorm Crow Pants124%862
32Bloody wolBlack Dragon Gloves124%952
32Bloody wolBluewing Crossbow124%501
32Bloody wolAdamantine Mask124%432
32Bloody wolElemental Shield103%434
32Bloody wolAdamantine Pants93%472
32Bloody wolStorm Crow Gloves93%482
32Bloody wolDark Steel Gloves82%880
32Bloody wolGrand Soul Shield72%848
32Bloody wolJewel of Bless62%680
32Bloody wolBlood Bone +552%52
32Bloody wolJewel of Soul41%646
32Bloody wolBox of Luck +731%802
32Bloody wolJewel of Life31%402
32Bloody wolJewel of Creation31%139
32Bloody wolDevils Key21%1483
32Bloody wolDevils Eye21%1549
32Bloody wolTransformation Ring +521%2084
32Bloody wolScroll of Archangel +621%117
32Bloody wolRena +321%997
32Bloody wolBlood Bone +621%114
32Bloody wolHorn of Uniria10%2438
32Bloody wolOrb of Death Stab10%370
32Bloody wolScroll of Evil Spirit10%194
32Death AngeCrystal Morning Star270%432
32Death AngeStorm Crow Gloves250%482
32Death AngeAdamantine Mask230%432
32Death AngeAdamantine Pants220%472
32Death AngeAquagold Crossbow220%475
32Death AngeStorm Crow Pants220%862
32Death AngeElemental Shield210%434
32Death AngeBluewing Crossbow200%501
32Death AngeGrand Soul Shield200%848
32Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +3200%377
32Death AngeCrystal Sword190%521
32Death AngeMaster Scepter190%479
32Death AngeScroll of FireBurst190%795
32Death AngeStaff of Resurrection180%450
32Death AngeStorm Crow Boots160%534
32Death AngeImp150%3918
32Death AngeBill of Balrog140%394
32Death AngeHorn of Uniria80%2438
32Death AngeJewel of Bless70%680
32Death AngeScroll of Archangel +560%37
32Death AngeBlood Bone +560%52
32Death AngeDevils Key50%1483
32Death AngeJewel of Chaos40%385
32Death AngeHoly Spirit Gloves30%368
32Death AngeGuardian Angel30%2519
32Death AngeBox of Luck +130%493
32Death AngeOrb of Penetration30%442
32Death AngeTransformation Ring +530%2084
32Death AngeDevils Eye30%1549
32Death AngeJewel of Soul30%646
32Death AngeScroll of Aqua Beam20%49
32Death AngeOrb of Death Stab20%370
32Death AngeGrand Soul Gloves10%376
32Death AngeScroll of Evil Spirit10%194
32Death AngeJewel of Life10%402
32Death AngeJewel of Creation10%139
32DrakanBlack Dragon Gloves187%952
32DrakanBlack Dragon Pants176%1471
32DrakanStorm Crow Armor176%1287
32DrakanSymbol of Kundun +5166%709
32DrakanBlack Dragon Boots166%1391
32DrakanSword of Destruction145%1218
32DrakanDark Steel Boots145%1205
32DrakanScroll of Critical Damage135%1224
32DrakanAdamantine Armor135%1355
32DrakanDark Steel Gloves135%880
32DrakanRed Spirit Gloves135%1445
32DrakanSaint Crossbow125%1479
32DrakanBlack Dragon Helm125%1266
32DrakanDark Steel Mask114%1269
32DrakanJewel of Soul104%646
32DrakanGreat Scepter93%1292
32DrakanGuardian Angel93%2519
32DrakanDevils Eye62%1549
32DrakanJewel of Life42%402
32DrakanBlood Bone +742%826
32DrakanScroll of Archangel +742%823
32DrakanOrb of Rageful Blow31%1207
32DrakanTransformation Ring +531%2084
32DrakanDevils Key21%1483
32DrakanJewel of Bless21%680
32DrakanScroll of Cometfall21%89
32DrakanGrand Soul Pants21%1277
32DrakanHoly Spirit Helm10%1320
32DrakanGrand Soul Boots10%798
32DrakanDark Phoenix Gloves10%1186
32DrakanJewel of Chaos10%385
32DrakanGrand Soul Helm10%916
32DrakanHoly Spirit Boots10%894
32DrakanRena +310%997
32Illusion oHurricane Boots27%5979
32Illusion oDark Master Pants27%6011
32Illusion oHurricane Armor27%7200
32Illusion oGreat Lord Scepter27%2
32Illusion oBox of Luck +1127%7
32Illusion oArrow Viper Bow27%1559
32Illusion oDark Reign Blade27%3
32Illusion oKnight Blade27%3
32Illusion oSpirit +113%2336
32Illusion oGreat Dragon Pants13%5765
32Illusion oDark Soul Helm13%6088
32Illusion oStaff of Kundun13%1
32Illusion oBox of Luck +1013%2
32Illusion oGuardian Angel13%2519
32Illusion oGreat Dragon Armor13%5252
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Armor7811%1287
32Iron WheelBlack Dragon Boots639%1391
32Iron WheelAdamantine Armor588%1355
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Boots446%534
32Iron WheelSymbol of Kundun +4355%395
32Iron WheelStaff of Resurrection345%450
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Pants334%862
32Iron WheelAdamantine Pants314%472
32Iron WheelGrand Soul Shield294%848
32Iron WheelScroll of FireBurst294%795
32Iron WheelDark Steel Gloves284%880
32Iron WheelCrystal Sword274%521
32Iron WheelStorm Crow Gloves264%482
32Iron WheelMaster Scepter264%479
32Iron WheelImp253%3918
32Iron WheelBlack Dragon Gloves233%952
32Iron WheelAquagold Crossbow233%475
32Iron WheelJewel of Soul142%646
32Iron WheelJewel of Bless122%680
32Iron WheelTransformation Ring +5122%2084
32Iron WheelHorn of Uniria81%2438
32Iron WheelDevils Eye81%1549
32Iron WheelOrb of Rageful Blow71%1207
32Iron WheelBox of Luck +171%493
32Iron WheelJewel of Chaos61%385
32Iron WheelScroll of Archangel +661%117
32Iron WheelGuardian Angel61%2519
32Iron WheelHoly Spirit Gloves51%368
32Iron WheelBlood Bone +651%114
32Iron WheelRena +341%997
32Iron WheelScroll of Cometfall41%89
32Iron WheelGrand Soul Boots41%798
32Iron WheelGrand Soul Gloves41%376
32Iron WheelOrb of Death Stab30%370
32Iron WheelJewel of Life20%402
32Iron WheelScroll of Aqua Beam20%49
32Iron WheelDevils Key10%1483
32Iron WheelBox of Luck +710%802
32Iron WheelJewel of Creation10%139
32Lizard WarMaster Scepter386%479
32Lizard WarAquagold Crossbow365%475
32Lizard WarScroll of FireBurst355%795
32Lizard WarAdamantine Pants355%472
32Lizard WarGrand Soul Shield355%848
32Lizard WarBlack Dragon Boots345%1391
32Lizard WarSymbol of Kundun +4335%395
32Lizard WarDark Steel Gloves335%880
32Lizard WarCrystal Sword325%521
32Lizard WarStorm Crow Gloves325%482
32Lizard WarAdamantine Armor315%1355
32Lizard WarBlack Dragon Gloves294%952
32Lizard WarBluewing Crossbow284%501
32Lizard WarStorm Crow Pants284%862
32Lizard WarStaff of Resurrection274%450
32Lizard WarJewel of Soul264%646
32Lizard WarStorm Crow Boots244%534
32Lizard WarImp193%3918
32Lizard WarJewel of Bless193%680
32Lizard WarDevils Key112%1483
32Lizard WarTransformation Ring +5102%2084
32Lizard WarBlood Bone +691%114
32Lizard WarOrb of Death Stab71%370
32Lizard WarDevils Eye71%1549
32Lizard WarHoly Spirit Gloves61%368
32Lizard WarScroll of Archangel +661%117
32Lizard WarGrand Soul Gloves51%376
32Lizard WarOrb of Rageful Blow41%1207
32Lizard WarBox of Luck +741%802
32Lizard WarScroll of Soul Barrier41%36
32Lizard WarScroll of Evil Spirit41%194
32Lizard WarBox of Luck +130%493
32Lizard WarGrand Soul Boots30%798
32Lizard WarJewel of Creation30%139
32Lizard WarJewel of Chaos20%385
32Lizard WarHorn of Uniria20%2438
32Lizard WarJewel of Life10%402
32Lizard WarRena +310%997
32Mega CrustStaff of Resurrection227%450
32Mega CrustBluewing Crossbow216%501
32Mega CrustDark Steel Gloves216%880
32Mega CrustAquagold Crossbow216%475
32Mega CrustAdamantine Pants206%472
32Mega CrustCrystal Sword196%521
32Mega CrustAdamantine Armor196%1355
32Mega CrustBlack Dragon Gloves165%952
32Mega CrustScroll of FireBurst165%795
32Mega CrustStorm Crow Boots155%534
32Mega CrustSymbol of Kundun +4155%395
32Mega CrustBlack Dragon Boots155%1391
32Mega CrustStorm Crow Pants155%862
32Mega CrustGrand Soul Shield144%848
32Mega CrustStorm Crow Gloves144%482
32Mega CrustMaster Scepter134%479
32Mega CrustJewel of Bless134%680
32Mega CrustImp62%3918
32Mega CrustTransformation Ring +562%2084
32Mega CrustDevils Eye41%1549
32Mega CrustJewel of Soul41%646
32Mega CrustOrb of Rageful Blow41%1207
32Mega CrustGrand Soul Gloves31%376
32Mega CrustHoly Spirit Gloves31%368
32Mega CrustJewel of Creation21%139
32Mega CrustBox of Luck +121%493
32Mega CrustScroll of Archangel +621%117
32Mega CrustOrb of Death Stab10%370
32Mega CrustScroll of Aqua Beam10%49
32Mega CrustDevils Key10%1483
32Mega CrustJewel of Chaos10%385
32Mega CrustJewel of Life10%402
32Mega CrustRena +310%997
32Mega CrustScroll of Evil Spirit10%194
32Mega CrustBlood Bone +610%114
32Poison GolSymbol of Kundun +5567%709
32Poison GolRed Spirit Gloves516%1445
32Poison GolGreat Scepter476%1292
32Poison GolDark Steel Boots445%1205
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Helm445%1266
32Poison GolDark Steel Gloves405%880
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Gloves405%952
32Poison GolScroll of Critical Damage405%1224
32Poison GolStorm Crow Armor395%1287
32Poison GolSaint Crossbow385%1479
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Pants354%1471
32Poison GolGrand Soul Shield344%848
32Poison GolAdamantine Armor344%1355
32Poison GolScroll of FireBurst334%795
32Poison GolSword of Destruction324%1218
32Poison GolBlack Dragon Boots273%1391
32Poison GolStorm Crow Pants253%862
32Poison GolJewel of Soul182%646
32Poison GolTransformation Ring +5152%2084
32Poison GolJewel of Bless132%680
32Poison GolMaster Scepter101%479
32Poison GolStorm Crow Gloves101%482
32Poison GolRena +381%997
32Poison GolDevils Key81%1483
32Poison GolBlood Bone +671%114
32Poison GolDevils Eye71%1549
32Poison GolStorm Crow Boots71%534
32Poison GolHorn of Uniria71%2438
32Poison GolAdamantine Pants71%472
32Poison GolGuardian Angel61%2519
32Poison GolStaff of Resurrection61%450
32Poison GolCrystal Sword61%521
32Poison GolScroll of Archangel +661%117
32Poison GolAquagold Crossbow61%475
32Poison GolGrand Soul Boots40%798
32Poison GolHoly Spirit Boots40%894
32Poison GolJewel of Life40%402
32Poison GolJewel of Chaos40%385
32Poison GolGrand Soul Helm40%916
32Poison GolOrb of Ice Arrow30%879
32Poison GolHoly Spirit Gloves20%368
32Poison GolOrb of Rageful Blow20%1207
32Poison GolScroll of Cometfall10%89
32Poison GolJewel of Creation10%139
32Poison GolOrb of Summoning10%206
32Poison GolBox of Luck +710%802
32Queen BeeBlack Dragon Helm335%1266
32Queen BeeRed Spirit Gloves294%1445
32Queen BeeSymbol of Kundun +6284%2380
32Queen BeeDragon Spear274%1313
32Queen BeeElemental Mace264%1379
32Queen BeeDark Master Gloves264%1288
32Queen BeeSword of Destruction254%1218
32Queen BeeDark Steel Boots254%1205
32Queen BeeDark Steel Mask244%1269
32Queen BeeGreat Scepter244%1292
32Queen BeeStaff of Destruction234%1467
32Queen BeeBlack Dragon Pants223%1471
32Queen BeeThunder Hawk Boots223%1265
32Queen BeeRed Spirit Boots223%1446
32Queen BeeJewel of Bless223%680
32Queen BeeHorn of Uniria223%2438
32Queen BeeThunder Hawk Gloves213%1556
32Queen BeeSaint Crossbow203%1479
32Queen BeeDark Soul Gloves203%1446
32Queen BeeBlack Dragon Armor193%1394
32Queen BeeJewel of Soul193%646
32Queen BeeDark Steel Pants173%1227
32Queen BeeScroll of Critical Damage162%1224
32Queen BeeTransformation Ring +5142%2084
32Queen BeeScroll of Electric Spark122%1322
32Queen BeeBlood Bone +7112%826
32Queen BeeDevils Key81%1483
32Queen BeeRena +371%997
32Queen BeeScroll of Archangel +771%823
32Queen BeeJewel of Chaos61%385
32Queen BeeJewel of Life61%402
32Queen BeeJewel of Creation51%139
32Queen BeeGrand Soul Armor41%1307
32Queen BeeHoly Spirit Armor41%1263
32Queen BeeHoly Spirit Boots41%894
32Queen BeeDevils Eye41%1549
32Queen BeeHoly Spirit Pants30%1548
32Queen BeeDark Phoenix Gloves30%1186
32Queen BeeBox of Luck +730%802
32Queen BeeGrand Soul Pants30%1277
32Queen BeeScroll of Inferno20%44
32Queen BeeDark Phoenix Helm20%1260
32Queen BeeGrand Soul Helm20%916
32Queen BeeCelestial Bow20%1286
32Queen BeeScroll of Cometfall10%89
32Queen BeePet Rudolph10%88
32Queen BeeOrb of Ice Arrow10%879
32Queen RainMaster Scepter496%479
32Queen RainSymbol of Kundun +4435%395
32Queen RainScroll of Critical Damage435%1224
32Queen RainBlack Dragon Helm415%1266
32Queen RainScroll of FireBurst405%795
32Queen RainAdamantine Armor395%1355
32Queen RainBlack Dragon Gloves385%952
32Queen RainAquagold Crossbow385%475
32Queen RainStorm Crow Armor375%1287
32Queen RainBlack Dragon Boots364%1391
32Queen RainCrystal Sword364%521
32Queen RainSword of Destruction364%1218
32Queen RainGrand Soul Shield354%848
32Queen RainStorm Crow Pants314%862
32Queen RainStorm Crow Boots304%534
32Queen RainGreat Scepter304%1292
32Queen RainDark Steel Gloves294%880
32Queen RainJewel of Bless192%680
32Queen RainImp182%3918
32Queen RainJewel of Soul162%646
32Queen RainTransformation Ring +5111%2084
32Queen RainScroll of Archangel +6101%117
32Queen RainDevils Eye91%1549
32Queen RainGrand Soul Boots81%798
32Queen RainJewel of Creation71%139
32Queen RainAdamantine Pants61%472
32Queen RainOrb of Rageful Blow61%1207
32Queen RainRena +361%997
32Queen RainOrb of Ice Arrow61%879
32Queen RainBluewing Crossbow61%501
32Queen RainStorm Crow Gloves61%482
32Queen RainOrb of Death Stab51%370
32Queen RainBlood Bone +651%114
32Queen RainStaff of Resurrection40%450
32Queen RainHoly Spirit Boots40%894
32Queen RainScroll of Cometfall30%89
32Queen RainJewel of Chaos30%385
32Queen RainJewel of Life30%402
32Queen RainHoly Spirit Gloves30%368
32Queen RainGrand Soul Gloves20%376
32Queen RainGrand Soul Helm20%916
32Queen RainBox of Luck +720%802
32Queen RainDevils Key10%1483
AidaBloody DeaGreat Dragon Pants41713%5765
AidaBloody DeaDark Master Armor41012%5519
AidaBloody DeaRed Spirit Armor40512%4834
AidaBloody DeaDark Soul Helm40512%6088
AidaBloody DeaDark Master Pants40312%6011
AidaBloody DeaHurricane Boots38712%5979
AidaBloody DeaDark Soul Pants37111%5449
AidaBloody DeaSymbol of Kundun +7933%2294
AidaBloody DeaHorn of Uniria772%2438
AidaBloody DeaSpirit +1562%2336
AidaBloody DeaTransformation Ring +5351%2084
AidaBloody DeaGuardian Angel331%2519
AidaBloody DeaThunder Blade261%2726
AidaBloody DeaSpirit +0241%938
AidaBloody DeaImp211%3918
AidaBloody DeaBlood Bone +7211%826
AidaBloody DeaThunder Hawk Armor201%3830
AidaBloody DeaDark Master Mask201%3164
AidaBloody DeaDevils Eye201%1549
AidaBloody DeaDevils Key181%1483
AidaBloody DeaScroll of Archangel +7181%823
AidaBloody DeaRena +3160%997
AidaBloody DeaBox of Luck +7110%802
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Bless100%680
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Soul40%646
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Life40%402
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Chaos30%385
AidaBloody DeaJewel of Creation20%139
AidaBloody GolGreat Dragon Pants78813%5765
AidaBloody GolDark Soul Pants78213%5449
AidaBloody GolDark Soul Helm77713%6088
AidaBloody GolDark Master Armor77413%5519
AidaBloody GolDark Master Pants77313%6011
AidaBloody GolHurricane Boots74712%5979
AidaBloody GolGuardian Angel3726%2519
AidaBloody GolRed Spirit Armor2083%4834
AidaBloody GolHorn of Uniria1973%2438
AidaBloody GolThunder Hawk Armor1943%3830
AidaBloody GolSymbol of Kundun +71883%2294
AidaBloody GolSpirit +1962%2336
AidaBloody GolTransformation Ring +5461%2084
AidaBloody GolSpirit +0391%938
AidaBloody GolRena +3280%997
AidaBloody GolBox of Luck +7190%802
AidaBloody GolJewel of Bless140%680
AidaBloody GolJewel of Soul120%646
AidaBloody GolJewel of Chaos110%385
AidaBloody GolJewel of Life100%402
AidaBloody GolJewel of Creation60%139
AidaBloody GolPet Rudolph40%88
AidaBloody OrcGreat Dragon Pants26110%5765
AidaBloody OrcDark Soul Helm25510%6088
AidaBloody OrcDark Master Armor2499%5519
AidaBloody OrcThunder Hawk Armor2469%3830
AidaBloody OrcDark Master Pants2459%6011
AidaBloody OrcRed Spirit Armor2459%4834
AidaBloody OrcDark Master Mask2258%3164
AidaBloody OrcHurricane Boots2148%5979
AidaBloody OrcDark Soul Pants2078%5449
AidaBloody OrcSymbol of Kundun +7913%2294
AidaBloody OrcImp673%3918
AidaBloody OrcSpirit +1381%2336
AidaBloody OrcThunder Blade311%2726
AidaBloody OrcGreat Dragon Helm291%2586
AidaBloody OrcDark Breaker281%2593
AidaBloody OrcHorn of Uniria271%2438
AidaBloody OrcGuardian Angel241%2519
AidaBloody OrcBlood Bone +7241%826
AidaBloody OrcScroll of Nova241%199
AidaBloody OrcDevils Key211%1483
AidaBloody OrcSpirit +0211%938
AidaBloody OrcTransformation Ring +5201%2084
AidaBloody OrcDevils Eye171%1549
AidaBloody OrcScroll of Archangel +7110%823
AidaBloody OrcRena +380%997
AidaBloody OrcBox of Luck +770%802
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Soul60%646
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Bless30%680
AidaBloody OrcGrand Soul Pants20%1277
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Life20%402
AidaBloody OrcJewel of Chaos20%385
AidaBloody OrcDark Steel Pants10%1227
AidaBloody OrcPet Rudolph10%88
AidaBloody WitDark Soul Pants1313%5449
AidaBloody WitDark Master Armor1212%5519
AidaBloody WitGreat Dragon Pants1212%5765
AidaBloody WitDark Master Pants1111%6011
AidaBloody WitDark Soul Armor1111%5176
AidaBloody WitDark Soul Helm77%6088
AidaBloody WitHurricane Pants66%4958
AidaBloody WitGuardian Angel55%2519
AidaBloody WitRed Spirit Armor55%4834
AidaBloody WitHurricane Boots55%5979
AidaBloody WitSymbol of Kundun +744%2294
AidaBloody WitImp33%3918
AidaBloody WitSpirit +133%2336
AidaBloody WitSpirit +022%938
AidaBloody WitHorn of Uniria22%2438
AidaBloody WitRena +311%997
AidaBlue GolemSaint Crossbow240%1479
AidaBlue GolemHorn of Uniria120%2438
AidaBlue GolemStorm Crow Armor120%1287
AidaBlue GolemGrand Soul Boots120%798
AidaDeath RideHoly Spirit Gloves225%368
AidaDeath RideStorm Crow Boots113%534
AidaDeath RideStaff of Resurrection113%450
AidaDeath RideDark Steel Gloves113%880
AidaDeath RideBlack Dragon Gloves113%952
AidaDeath RideDevils Eye113%1549
AidaDeath RideDevils Key113%1483
Kalima 7Aegis6Dark Master Gloves10%1288
Kalima 7Aegis6Devils Eye10%1549
Kalima 7Aegis6Rena +310%997
Kalima 7Aegis7Hurricane Gloves2742%1760
Kalima 7Aegis7Thunder Blade2692%2726
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Soul Helm2692%6088
Kalima 7Aegis7Shining Scepter2682%1584
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Breaker2672%2593
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Fire Scream2672%1740
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Soul Staff2642%2583
Kalima 7Aegis7Great Reign Crossbow2612%2568
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Master Mask2612%3164
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Phoenix Armor2582%2473
Kalima 7Aegis7Great Dragon Helm2582%2586
Kalima 7Aegis7Dark Master Pants2522%6011
Kalima 7Aegis7Thunder Hawk Armor2512%3830
Kalima 7Aegis7Red Spirit Armor2482%4834
Kalima 7Aegis7Hurricane Boots2462%5979
Kalima 7Aegis7Rune Blade2442%2517
Kalima 7Aegis7Red Spirit Pants2432%2473
Kalima 7Aegis7Symbol of Kundun +61751%2380
Kalima 7Aegis7Spirit +1831%2336
Kalima 7Aegis7Imp701%3918
Kalima 7Aegis7Guardian Angel610%2519
Kalima 7Aegis7Transformation Ring +5600%2084
Kalima 7Aegis7Spirit +0460%938
Kalima 7Aegis7Blood Bone +7430%826
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Archangel +7360%823
Kalima 7Aegis7Devils Eye360%1549
Kalima 7Aegis7Devils Key300%1483
Kalima 7Aegis7Rena +3220%997
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Decay150%122
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Soul150%646
Kalima 7Aegis7Box of Luck +7150%802
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Ice Storm130%106
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Life120%402
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Armor80%30
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Helm80%29
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Bless80%680
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Mask80%34
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Pants70%41
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Pants60%27
Kalima 7Aegis7Scroll of Nova60%199
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Pants60%32
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Helm60%34
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Gloves50%29
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Boots50%31
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Boots50%23
Kalima 7Aegis7Orb of Summoning50%206
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Helm50%37
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Gloves50%36
Kalima 7Aegis7Soleil Scepter50%33
Kalima 7Aegis7Volcano Armor50%28
Kalima 7Aegis7Bone Blade40%17
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Armor40%24
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Armor40%29
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Gloves40%27
Kalima 7Aegis7Explosion Blade40%30
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Pants40%22
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Gloves40%33
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Pants30%29
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylph Wind Bow30%28
Kalima 7Aegis7Horn of Uniria30%2438
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Chaos30%385
Kalima 7Aegis7Grand Viper Staff20%21
Kalima 7Aegis7Dragon Knight Gloves20%34
Kalima 7Aegis7Venom Mist Boots20%24
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Boots20%30
Kalima 7Aegis7Jewel of Creation20%139
Kalima 7Aegis7Sunlight Boots20%20
Kalima 7Aegis7Pet Rudolph20%88
Kalima 7Aegis7Sylphid Ray Armor20%27
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Master Mask4732%3164
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Master Armor4572%5519
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Master Pants4552%6011
Kalima 7Blood SoldGreat Dragon Pants4432%5765
Kalima 7Blood SoldThunder Hawk Armor4412%3830
Kalima 7Blood SoldShining Scepter4372%1584
Kalima 7Blood SoldHurricane Boots4342%5979
Kalima 7Blood SoldRed Spirit Armor4112%4834
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Soul Helm4072%6088
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Soul Pants3872%5449
Kalima 7Blood SoldSymbol of Kundun +71811%2294
Kalima 7Blood SoldImp930%3918
Kalima 7Blood SoldSpirit +1920%2336
Kalima 7Blood SoldDark Breaker560%2593
Kalima 7Blood SoldThunder Blade560%2726
Kalima 7Blood SoldHorn of Uniria540%2438
Kalima 7Blood SoldGuardian Angel520%2519
Kalima 7Blood SoldGreat Dragon Helm480%2586
Kalima 7Blood SoldTransformation Ring +5460%2084
Kalima 7Blood SoldSpirit +0450%938
Kalima 7Blood SoldScroll of Archangel +7380%823
Kalima 7Blood SoldDevils Key370%1483
Kalima 7Blood SoldScroll of Nova340%199
Kalima 7Blood SoldDevils Eye330%1549
Kalima 7Blood SoldBlood Bone +7310%826
Kalima 7Blood SoldRena +3240%997
Kalima 7Blood SoldBox of Luck +7190%802
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Helm90%37
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Gloves80%34
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Bless80%680
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Pants70%41
Kalima 7Blood SoldSoleil Scepter70%33
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Armor70%27
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Gloves60%36
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Boots60%31
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Chaos60%385
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Soul60%646
Kalima 7Blood SoldGrand Viper Staff50%21
Kalima 7Blood SoldExplosion Blade50%30
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Pants50%27
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Gloves40%33
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Armor40%28
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Pants40%29
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Armor40%24
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Creation40%139
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Armor40%29
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Gloves30%29
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Pants30%32
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylph Wind Bow30%28
Kalima 7Blood SoldJewel of Life30%402
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Mask30%34
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Gloves30%27
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Armor20%30
Kalima 7Blood SoldSylphid Ray Boots20%30
Kalima 7Blood SoldBone Blade20%17
Kalima 7Blood SoldDragon Knight Helm20%29
Kalima 7Blood SoldVenom Mist Boots20%24
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Boots20%20
Kalima 7Blood SoldSunlight Pants20%22
Kalima 7Blood SoldVolcano Boots10%23
Kalima 7Blood SoldThunder Hawk Boots10%1265
Kalima 7Blood SoldPet Rudolph10%88
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Soul Helm5674%6088
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Master Armor5513%5519
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Soul Pants5403%5449
Kalima 7Death AngeDark Master Pants5173%6011
Kalima 7Death AngeGreat Dragon Pants5173%5765
Kalima 7Death AngeShining Scepter5113%1584
Kalima 7Death AngeHurricane Boots5033%5979
Kalima 7Death AngeGuardian Angel2592%2519
Kalima 7Death AngeHorn of Uniria1491%2438
Kalima 7Death AngeSymbol of Kundun +71471%2294
Kalima 7Death AngeRed Spirit Armor1421%4834
Kalima 7Death AngeThunder Hawk Armor1381%3830
Kalima 7Death AngeSpirit +1700%2336
Kalima 7Death AngeTransformation Ring +5500%2084
Kalima 7Death AngeSpirit +0260%938
Kalima 7Death AngeRena +3140%997
Kalima 7Death AngeBox of Luck +7120%802
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Bless100%680
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Soul90%646
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Chaos90%385
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Life80%402
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Mask70%34
Kalima 7Death AngeJewel of Creation70%139
Kalima 7Death AngeSylph Wind Bow60%28
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Pants60%41
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Pants50%27
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Gloves50%36
Kalima 7Death AngeGrand Viper Staff50%21
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Helm50%34
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Armor40%24
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Boots40%31
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Pants40%29
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Armor30%28
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Armor30%27
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Gloves30%34
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Gloves30%27
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Gloves30%33
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Boots30%30
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Boots30%24
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Gloves30%29
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Helm30%29
Kalima 7Death AngeSoleil Scepter30%33
Kalima 7Death AngeBone Blade20%17
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Pants20%22
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Armor20%30
Kalima 7Death AngeDragon Knight Armor20%29
Kalima 7Death AngeSylphid Ray Pants20%32
Kalima 7Death AngePet Rudolph20%88
Kalima 7Death AngeExplosion Blade20%30
Kalima 7Death AngeVenom Mist Helm20%37
Kalima 7Death AngeThunder Hawk Boots10%1265
Kalima 7Death AngeSunlight Boots10%20
Kalima 7Death AngeVolcano Boots10%23
Kalima 7Death CentHurricane Armor19166%7200
Kalima 7Death CentDark Soul Armor12594%5176
Kalima 7Death CentGreat Dragon Armor12524%5252
Kalima 7Death CentHurricane Pants12374%4958
Kalima 7Death CentImp6022%3918
Kalima 7Death CentSymbol of Kundun +71931%2294
Kalima 7Death CentSpirit +11290%2336
Kalima 7Death CentTransformation Ring +5740%2084
Kalima 7Death CentSpirit +0570%938
Kalima 7Death CentOrb of Summoning440%206
Kalima 7Death CentRena +3240%997
Kalima 7Death CentBox of Luck +7230%802
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Bless170%680
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Life150%402
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Chaos140%385
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Soul130%646
Kalima 7Death CentExplosion Blade90%30
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Helm80%34
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Pants70%41
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Armor70%28
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Armor70%27
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Gloves70%29
Kalima 7Death CentJewel of Creation70%139
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Pants60%32
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Boots60%30
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Boots60%20
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Gloves60%34
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Gloves60%36
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Pants50%29
Kalima 7Death CentBone Blade50%17
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Pants50%22
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Helm50%37
Kalima 7Death CentSylphid Ray Gloves50%33
Kalima 7Death CentSoleil Scepter40%33
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Mask40%34
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Armor40%29
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Armor40%30
Kalima 7Death CentVenom Mist Boots40%24
Kalima 7Death CentHorn of Uniria30%2438
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Boots30%31
Kalima 7Death CentGrand Viper Staff30%21
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Helm30%29
Kalima 7Death CentVolcano Boots30%23
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Armor30%24
Kalima 7Death CentSunlight Gloves30%27
Kalima 7Death CentDragon Knight Pants30%27
Kalima 7Death CentSylph Wind Bow10%28
Kalima 7Death CentPet Rudolph10%88
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Soul Armor106618%5176
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Master Armor99517%5519
Kalima 7Necron7Dark Soul Pants98316%5449
Kalima 7Necron7Hurricane Pants93716%4958
Kalima 7Necron7Horn of Uniria4968%2438
Kalima 7Necron7Imp4948%3918
Kalima 7Necron7Great Dragon Pants4337%5765
Kalima 7Necron7Symbol of Kundun +71703%2294
Kalima 7Necron7Spirit +1771%2336
Kalima 7Necron7Transformation Ring +5491%2084
Kalima 7Necron7Spirit +0481%938
Kalima 7Necron7Orb of Summoning381%206
Kalima 7Necron7Rena +3170%997
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Life160%402
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Soul140%646
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Chaos130%385
Kalima 7Necron7Box of Luck +7130%802
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Bless130%680
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Helm110%37
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Armor80%29
Kalima 7Necron7Jewel of Creation70%139
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Armor70%30
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Gloves70%34
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Boots70%24
Kalima 7Necron7Sylph Wind Bow60%28
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Boots60%31
Kalima 7Necron7Soleil Scepter60%33
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Boots60%20
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Boots50%30
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Pants50%32
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Pants50%29
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Gloves40%29
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Armor40%27
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Armor40%28
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Mask40%34
Kalima 7Necron7Pet Rudolph40%88
Kalima 7Necron7Venom Mist Gloves40%36
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Gloves40%27
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Helm40%29
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Armor40%24
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Gloves40%33
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Boots40%23
Kalima 7Necron7Volcano Pants30%41
Kalima 7Necron7Dragon Knight Pants30%27
Kalima 7Necron7Explosion Blade30%30
Kalima 7Necron7Sylphid Ray Helm30%34
Kalima 7Necron7Sunlight Pants30%22
Kalima 7Necron7Holy Spirit Armor10%1263
Kalima 7Necron7Bone Blade10%17
Kalima 7Necron7Grand Viper Staff10%21
Kalima 7Rogue CentGreat Dragon Helm3733%2586
Kalima 7Rogue CentShining Scepter3683%1584
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Soul Helm3623%6088
Kalima 7Rogue CentRed Spirit Armor3613%4834
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Breaker3593%2593
Kalima 7Rogue CentHurricane Boots3533%5979
Kalima 7Rogue CentThunder Blade3503%2726
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Master Mask3493%3164
Kalima 7Rogue CentGreat Dragon Pants3443%5765
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Master Pants3413%6011
Kalima 7Rogue CentThunder Hawk Armor3403%3830
Kalima 7Rogue CentSpirit +1861%2336
Kalima 7Rogue CentHurricane Gloves691%1760
Kalima 7Rogue CentRune Blade661%2517
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Phoenix Armor661%2473
Kalima 7Rogue CentImp621%3918
Kalima 7Rogue CentHorn of Uniria621%2438
Kalima 7Rogue CentScroll of Fire Scream611%1740
Kalima 7Rogue CentGreat Reign Crossbow601%2568
Kalima 7Rogue CentTransformation Ring +5571%2084
Kalima 7Rogue CentRed Spirit Pants561%2473
Kalima 7Rogue CentDragon Soul Staff500%2583
Kalima 7Rogue CentScroll of Archangel +7360%823
Kalima 7Rogue CentBlood Bone +7340%826
Kalima 7Rogue CentDevils Eye330%1549
Kalima 7Rogue CentDevils Key310%1483
Kalima 7Rogue CentSpirit +0310%938
Kalima 7Rogue CentRena +3250%997
Kalima 7Rogue CentBox of Luck +7240%802
Kalima 7Rogue CentScroll of Decay160%122
Kalima 7Rogue CentJewel of Soul120%646
Kalima 7Rogue CentJewel of Bless90%680
Kalima 7Rogue CentSylphid Ray Boots90%30
Kalima 7Rogue CentJewel of Chaos90%385
Kalima 7Rogue CentSunlight Gloves80%27
Kalima 7Rogue CentSylphid Ray Helm70%34
Kalima 7Rogue CentOrb of Summoning70%206
Kalima 7Rogue CentSylphid Ray Pants70%32
Kalima 7Rogue CentSylphid Ray Gloves70%33
Kalima 7Rogue CentScroll of Nova60%199
Kalima 7Rogue CentVenom Mist Pants60%29
Kalima 7Rogue CentJewel of Life50%402
Kalima 7Rogue CentVolcano Pants50%41
Kalima 7Rogue CentSylph Wind Bow50%28
Kalima 7Rogue CentVenom Mist Gloves50%36
Kalima 7Rogue CentSunlight Mask40%34
Kalima 7Rogue CentExplosion Blade40%30
Kalima 7Rogue CentDragon Knight Armor40%29
Kalima 7Rogue CentSoleil Scepter40%33
Kalima 7Rogue CentVolcano Boots40%23
Kalima 7Rogue CentDragon Knight Helm40%29
Kalima 7Rogue CentVenom Mist Boots40%24
Kalima 7Rogue CentDragon Knight Boots30%31
Kalima 7Rogue CentSylphid Ray Armor30%27
Kalima 7Rogue CentSunlight Boots30%20
Kalima 7Rogue CentVenom Mist Helm30%37
Kalima 7Rogue CentDragon Knight Gloves30%34
Kalima 7Rogue CentSunlight Armor20%24
Kalima 7Rogue CentVolcano Armor20%28
Kalima 7Rogue CentVenom Mist Armor20%30
Kalima 7Rogue CentScroll of Electric Spark10%1322
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Master Gloves10%1288
Kalima 7Rogue CentDark Steel Pants10%1227
Kalima 7Rogue CentSymbol of Kundun +610%2380
Kalima 7Rogue CentSunlight Pants10%22
Kalima 7Rogue CentGrand Viper Staff10%21
Kalima 7Rogue CentDragon Knight Pants10%27
Kalima 7Rogue CentDragon Spear10%1313
Kalima 7Rogue CentBone Blade10%17
Kalima 7Rogue CentVolcano Gloves10%29
Kalima 7Schriker7Hurricane Armor160124%7200
Kalima 7Schriker7Great Dragon Armor158623%5252
Kalima 7Schriker7Arrow Viper Bow155723%1559
Kalima 7Schriker7Hurricane Pants4066%4958
Kalima 7Schriker7Guardian Angel4056%2519
Kalima 7Schriker7Dark Soul Armor4026%5176
Kalima 7Schriker7Imp2143%3918
Kalima 7Schriker7Symbol of Kundun +72053%2294
Kalima 7Schriker7Spirit +11062%2336
Kalima 7Schriker7Spirit +0511%938
Kalima 7Schriker7Transformation Ring +5501%2084
Kalima 7Schriker7Box of Luck +7230%802
Kalima 7Schriker7Rena +3210%997
Kalima 7Schriker7Jewel of Bless160%680
Kalima 7Schriker7Jewel of Soul130%646
Kalima 7Schriker7Jewel of Chaos110%385
Kalima 7Schriker7Jewel of Creation90%139
Kalima 7Schriker7Jewel of Life80%402
Kalima 7Schriker7Volcano Pants60%41
Kalima 7Schriker7Volcano Gloves60%29
Kalima 7Schriker7Sylphid Ray Gloves60%33
Kalima 7Schriker7Dragon Knight Helm50%29
Kalima 7Schriker7Sunlight Pants50%22
Kalima 7Schriker7Venom Mist Gloves50%36
Kalima 7Schriker7Sylphid Ray Helm50%34
Kalima 7Schriker7Venom Mist Armor50%30
Kalima 7Schriker7Volcano Boots50%23
Kalima 7Schriker7Dragon Knight Gloves50%34
Kalima 7Schriker7Grand Viper Staff40%21
Kalima 7Schriker7Sylph Wind Bow40%28
Kalima 7Schriker7Dragon Knight Boots40%31
Kalima 7Schriker7Soleil Scepter40%33
Kalima 7Schriker7Sunlight Mask40%34
Kalima 7Schriker7Dragon Knight Pants40%27
Kalima 7Schriker7Horn of Uniria30%2438
Kalima 7Schriker7Sylphid Ray Pants30%32
Kalima 7Schriker7Sunlight Armor30%24
Kalima 7Schriker7Dragon Knight Armor30%29
Kalima 7Schriker7Volcano Armor30%28
Kalima 7Schriker7Sylphid Ray Boots30%30
Kalima 7Schriker7Pet Rudolph30%88
Kalima 7Schriker7Explosion Blade30%30
Kalima 7Schriker7Venom Mist Helm20%37
Kalima 7Schriker7Venom Mist Boots20%24
Kalima 7Schriker7Venom Mist Pants20%29
Kalima 7Schriker7Sunlight Gloves20%27
Kalima 7Schriker7Bone Blade20%17
Kalima 7Schriker7Sylphid Ray Armor10%27
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerGreat Dragon Boots6557%2043
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerGreat Reign Crossbow6497%2568
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerRed Spirit Pants6387%2473
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerLord Scepter6367%2034
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerRune Blade6296%2517
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Phoenix Armor6056%2473
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerThunder Hawk Pants6046%1779
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Summon5996%1904
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDragon Soul Staff5886%2583
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerSymbol of Kundun +62803%2380
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerThunder Hawk Boots1642%1265
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerGrand Soul Armor1522%1307
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerCelestial Bow1522%1286
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerSpirit +11472%2336
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Master Boots1472%1487
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerRed Spirit Helm1451%1359
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Phoenix Helm1411%1260
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Soul Boots1401%1472
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Steel Armor1401%1294
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Electric Spark1381%1322
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Phoenix Boots1371%1362
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerHoly Spirit Armor1361%1263
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerBlack Dragon Armor1351%1394
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDragon Spear1351%1313
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerElemental Mace1351%1379
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Phoenix Pants1341%1242
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Steel Pants1321%1227
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerStaff of Destruction1271%1467
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerGreat Dragon Gloves1171%1566
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Master Gloves1151%1288
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerGuardian Angel1041%2519
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerTransformation Ring +5841%2084
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerGrand Soul Pants801%1277
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerThunder Hawk Gloves651%1556
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Steel Mask641%1269
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerHorn of Uniria641%2438
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Soul Gloves631%1446
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerBlood Bone +7621%826
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Archangel +7601%823
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerRed Spirit Boots591%1446
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerHoly Spirit Pants581%1548
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDevils Key561%1483
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDevils Eye551%1549
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerDark Phoenix Gloves380%1186
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerRena +3330%997
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerBox of Luck +7310%802
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Nova300%199
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerJewel of Life210%402
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerJewel of Chaos200%385
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerJewel of Bless200%680
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerJewel of Soul170%646
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerPet Rudolph70%88
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Teleport Ally60%47
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Ice Storm40%106
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Decay40%122
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerScroll of Inferno30%44
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerJewel of Creation30%139
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerSpirit +030%938
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerOrb of Summoning20%206
Kanturu RuinsBerserkerAdamantine Mask10%432
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntRed Spirit Boots3744%1446
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntBlack Dragon Helm3664%1266
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntGrand Soul Pants3634%1277
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDark Steel Boots3594%1205
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntHoly Spirit Pants3574%1548
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntGreat Scepter3564%1292
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntBlack Dragon Pants3504%1471
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDark Phoenix Gloves3504%1186
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntOrb of Ice Arrow3484%879
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntGrand Soul Helm3474%916
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntOrb of Rageful Blow3474%1207
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntHoly Spirit Boots3444%894
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntAdamantine Armor3434%1355
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDark Steel Mask3434%1269
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntBlack Dragon Boots3404%1391
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntSword of Destruction3404%1218
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntStorm Crow Armor3384%1287
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntHoly Spirit Helm3384%1320
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntSaint Crossbow3364%1479
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntRed Spirit Gloves3324%1445
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDark Soul Gloves3233%1446
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntThunder Hawk Gloves3183%1556
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of Critical Damage3173%1224
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntSymbol of Kundun +52833%709
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntStorm Crow Pants891%862
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntTransformation Ring +5791%2084
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntGrand Soul Boots771%798
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntGrand Soul Shield741%848
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntImp721%3918
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of FireBurst691%795
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntBlack Dragon Gloves681%952
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntGuardian Angel671%2519
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDark Steel Gloves621%880
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDevils Key591%1483
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of Archangel +7591%823
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntBlood Bone +7531%826
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDevils Eye531%1549
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntRena +3390%997
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntBox of Luck +7310%802
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntJewel of Bless210%680
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of Aqua Beam190%49
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntJewel of Soul180%646
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntJewel of Chaos150%385
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of Cometfall90%89
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntJewel of Life90%402
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of Teleport Ally80%47
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of Inferno70%44
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntJewel of Creation70%139
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntHorn of Uniria60%2438
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntOrb of Summoning40%206
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntScroll of Soul Barrier40%36
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntSpirit +020%938
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntSpirit +120%2336
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntGuardian Helm10%371
Kanturu RuinsBlade HuntDragon Helm10%688
Kanturu RuinsGenociderThunder Blade3225%2726
Kanturu RuinsGenociderThunder Hawk Pants3054%1779
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDragon Soul Staff3004%2583
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Breaker3004%2593
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Steel Armor2964%1294
Kanturu RuinsGenociderGreat Dragon Helm2894%2586
Kanturu RuinsGenociderGreat Reign Crossbow2884%2568
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Phoenix Armor2774%2473
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Master Boots2774%1487
Kanturu RuinsGenociderRed Spirit Pants2754%2473
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Fire Scream2754%1740
Kanturu RuinsGenociderGreat Dragon Gloves2744%1566
Kanturu RuinsGenociderRune Blade2724%2517
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Phoenix Pants2694%1242
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Soul Boots2684%1472
Kanturu RuinsGenociderGreat Dragon Boots2644%2043
Kanturu RuinsGenociderHurricane Gloves2594%1760
Kanturu RuinsGenociderLord Scepter2474%2034
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Summon2263%1904
Kanturu RuinsGenociderSymbol of Kundun +61983%2380
Kanturu RuinsGenociderHorn of Uniria1282%2438
Kanturu RuinsGenociderSpirit +11122%2336
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Phoenix Helm941%1260
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Electric Spark901%1322
Kanturu RuinsGenociderHoly Spirit Armor831%1263
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDragon Spear811%1313
Kanturu RuinsGenociderThunder Hawk Boots781%1265
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Steel Pants761%1227
Kanturu RuinsGenociderCelestial Bow751%1286
Kanturu RuinsGenociderGrand Soul Armor741%1307
Kanturu RuinsGenociderRed Spirit Helm681%1359
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDark Phoenix Boots651%1362
Kanturu RuinsGenociderTransformation Ring +5651%2084
Kanturu RuinsGenociderSpirit +0571%938
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDevils Eye511%1549
Kanturu RuinsGenociderDevils Key491%1483
Kanturu RuinsGenociderBlood Bone +7481%826
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Archangel +7361%823
Kanturu RuinsGenociderRena +3320%997
Kanturu RuinsGenociderGuardian Angel310%2519
Kanturu RuinsGenociderBox of Luck +7230%802
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Ice Storm170%106
Kanturu RuinsGenociderJewel of Bless120%680
Kanturu RuinsGenociderJewel of Soul120%646
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Decay90%122
Kanturu RuinsGenociderJewel of Chaos90%385
Kanturu RuinsGenociderJewel of Life80%402
Kanturu RuinsGenociderOrb of Summoning40%206
Kanturu RuinsGenociderPet Rudolph30%88
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Inferno30%44
Kanturu RuinsGenociderScroll of Nova20%199
Kanturu RuinsGenociderJewel of Creation10%139
Kanturu RuinsGigantisCelestial Bow412%1286
Kanturu RuinsGigantisDark Phoenix Helm39%1260
Kanturu RuinsGigantisDark Steel Pants26%1227
Kanturu RuinsGigantisDark Steel Armor26%1294
Kanturu RuinsGigantisStaff of Destruction26%1467
Kanturu RuinsGigantisDragon Spear26%1313
Kanturu RuinsGigantisBlack Dragon Armor26%1394
Kanturu RuinsGigantisScroll of Electric Spark26%1322
Kanturu RuinsGigantisThunder Hawk Boots26%1265
Kanturu RuinsGigantisLord Scepter13%2034
Kanturu RuinsGigantisHoly Spirit Armor13%1263
Kanturu RuinsGigantisSpirit +113%2336
Kanturu RuinsGigantisDark Master Gloves13%1288
Kanturu RuinsGigantisGrand Soul Armor13%1307
Kanturu RuinsGigantisBlack Dragon Pants13%1471
Kanturu RuinsGigantisRed Spirit Boots13%1446
Kanturu RuinsGigantisDark Soul Boots13%1472
Kanturu RuinsGigantisRed Spirit Gloves13%1445
Kanturu RuinsGigantisDark Master Boots13%1487
Kanturu RuinsGigantisThunder Hawk Gloves13%1556
Kanturu RuinsGigantisGreat Dragon Gloves13%1566
Kanturu RuinsIron RiderGrand Soul Boots150%798
Kanturu RuinsIron RiderStorm Crow Boots150%534
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosGreat Scepter1834%1292
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosSword of Destruction1753%1218
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosStaff of Destruction1713%1467
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosCelestial Bow1663%1286
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosRed Spirit Boots1653%1446
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosThunder Hawk Gloves1653%1556
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Master Gloves1643%1288
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosScroll of Critical Damage1623%1224
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosBlack Dragon Helm1593%1266
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosScroll of Electric Spark1583%1322
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosRed Spirit Helm1553%1359
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosGrand Soul Pants1513%1277
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosSaint Crossbow1513%1479
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Phoenix Boots1503%1362
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Steel Boots1493%1205
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosHoly Spirit Armor1483%1263
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosRed Spirit Gloves1483%1445
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosElemental Mace1483%1379
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Phoenix Helm1483%1260
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosHoly Spirit Pants1473%1548
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosSymbol of Kundun +61473%2380
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Steel Pants1463%1227
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosGrand Soul Armor1463%1307
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosBlack Dragon Armor1453%1394
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Steel Mask1433%1269
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDragon Spear1423%1313
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosHoly Spirit Helm1383%1320
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Phoenix Gloves1363%1186
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosThunder Hawk Boots1333%1265
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDark Soul Gloves1293%1446
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosBlack Dragon Pants1283%1471
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosTransformation Ring +5421%2084
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDevils Key381%1483
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosGuardian Angel331%2519
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosScroll of Archangel +7281%823
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosDevils Eye281%1549
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosImp210%3918
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosBlood Bone +7190%826
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosRena +3190%997
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosBox of Luck +7150%802
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosJewel of Soul120%646
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosJewel of Bless110%680
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosJewel of Chaos90%385
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosScroll of Cometfall90%89
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosHorn of Uniria60%2438
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosJewel of Life60%402
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosScroll of Teleport Ally50%47
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosOrb of Summoning40%206
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosSpirit +120%2336
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosSpirit +020%938
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosScroll of Inferno10%44
Kanturu RuinsKentaurosJewel of Creation10%139
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosGreat Scepter1875%1292
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosBlack Dragon Boots1855%1391
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosStorm Crow Armor1824%1287
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosBlack Dragon Pants1794%1471
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosStorm Crow Pants1784%862
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosGrand Soul Helm1764%916
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosSaint Crossbow1754%1479
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosDark Steel Gloves1754%880
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosHoly Spirit Boots1704%894
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosScroll of Critical Damage1704%1224
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosGrand Soul Boots1624%798
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosOrb of Ice Arrow1624%879
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosGrand Soul Shield1614%848
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosBlack Dragon Gloves1594%952
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosRed Spirit Gloves1594%1445
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosBlack Dragon Helm1554%1266
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosSword of Destruction1554%1218
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosScroll of FireBurst1554%795
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosAdamantine Armor1554%1355
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosDark Steel Boots1494%1205
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosOrb of Rageful Blow1464%1207
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosHoly Spirit Helm1423%1320
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosSymbol of Kundun +51353%709
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosTransformation Ring +5481%2084
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosDevils Eye321%1549
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosDevils Key291%1483
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosBlood Bone +7291%826
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosScroll of Archangel +6241%117
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosBlood Bone +6231%114
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosScroll of Archangel +7211%823
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosScroll of Cometfall200%89
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosRena +3180%997
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosBox of Luck +7120%802
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosJewel of Life100%402
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosJewel of Bless90%680
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosJewel of Soul80%646
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosScroll of Teleport Ally70%47
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosJewel of Chaos60%385
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosScroll of Soul Barrier30%36
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosHorn of Uniria20%2438
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosSpirit +110%2336
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosDragon Armor10%527
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosJewel of Creation10%139
Kanturu RuinsSatyrosSpirit +010%938
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WOrb of Rageful Blow2858%1207
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WBlack Dragon Boots2718%1391
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WAdamantine Armor2657%1355
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WStorm Crow Armor2497%1287
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WDark Steel Gloves1444%880
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WBlack Dragon Gloves1414%952
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WGrand Soul Shield1414%848
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WStorm Crow Boots1384%534
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WAdamantine Pants1334%472
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WGrand Soul Gloves1324%376
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WStorm Crow Pants1294%862
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WStorm Crow Gloves1233%482
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WOrb of Death Stab1213%370
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WCrystal Sword1213%521
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WHoly Spirit Gloves1183%368
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WSymbol of Kundun +41153%395
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WScroll of FireBurst1123%795
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WGrand Soul Boots1113%798
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WStaff of Resurrection1063%450
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WAquagold Crossbow1013%475
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WMaster Scepter993%479
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WImp682%3918
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WTransformation Ring +5441%2084
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WDevils Eye401%1549
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WHorn of Uniria391%2438
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WBox of Luck +1301%493
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WBlood Bone +6281%114
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WDevils Key281%1483
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WGuardian Angel261%2519
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WScroll of Archangel +6231%117
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WRena +3110%997
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WBox of Luck +790%802
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WJewel of Chaos90%385
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WJewel of Bless80%680
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WJewel of Soul60%646
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WScroll of Aqua Beam50%49
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WScroll of Cometfall50%89
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WSpirit +020%938
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WJewel of Life20%402
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WScroll of Soul Barrier20%36
Kanturu RuinsSplinter WSpirit +110%2336
246Statue of Absolute Weapon of Archangel111%9
247Statue of Absolute Weapon of Archangel222%9
251Statue of Absolute Weapon of Archangel222%9
252Statue of Absolute Weapon of Archangel444%9