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Season 2 Upgraded

Exp 150 dynamic, Drop 60

Last 10 players in game
Char nameResetLevel
Date of sale SellerPrice
Adamantine Boots +luck2024-06-19 07:50:52Alexander6kkzen
Adamantine Gloves +10 +luck +16add2024-06-19 07:50:47Alexander12kkzen
Battle Axe +10 +luck +skill2024-06-19 07:50:40Alexander10kkzen
Adamantine Armor +6 +8add2024-06-19 07:43:24brainly5kkzen
Flail +10 +luck2024-06-19 07:43:20brainly10kkzen
Brass Pants +62024-06-19 07:43:15brainly1kkzen
Dark Master Mask +exl
  • Increase Zen by 30%
2024-06-19 07:43:10brainly105kkzen
Plate Gloves +62024-06-19 07:42:54brainly5kkzen
Legendary Pants +8 +luck +12add2024-06-19 07:42:50brainly6kkzen
Hurricane Gloves +exl
  • Increase Zen by 30%
2024-06-19 07:42:45brainly95kkzen
Lord Scepter +skill +exl
  • +Life/8
2024-06-19 07:42:15brainly99kkzen
Legendary Armor +8 +8add2024-06-19 07:42:08brainly8kkzen
Elemental Mace +7 +luck +12add2024-06-19 07:41:52Head6kkzen
Crescent Axe +102024-06-19 07:41:43Head3kkzen
Large Round Shield +82024-06-19 07:41:39Head15kkzen
Tower Shield +9 +luck +skill +20add2024-06-19 07:41:34Head6kkzen
Crossbow +7 +luck +skill2024-06-19 07:41:28Head6kkzen
Light Plate Mask +7 +luck2024-06-19 07:41:23Head6kkzen
Battle Axe +8 +4add2024-06-19 07:41:19Head9kkzen
Wind Helm +10 +luck +16add2024-06-19 07:41:15Head10kkzen
Adamantine Pants +9 +4add2024-06-19 07:41:09Head7kkzen
Storm Crow Pants +10 +16add2024-06-19 07:41:05Head5kkzen
Spiked Shield +6 +skill2024-06-19 07:41:01Head5kkzen
Legendary Helm +9 +luck2024-06-19 07:40:57Head10kkzen
Scale Gloves +82024-06-19 07:40:52Head3kkzen
Light Plate Mask +10 +12add2024-06-19 07:40:48Head5kkzen
Elemental Mace +6 +luck2024-06-19 07:40:37Headly5kkzen
Master Scepter +9 +12add2024-06-19 07:40:33Headly7kkzen
Spirit Boots +7 +luck2024-06-19 07:40:29Headly10kkzen
Plate Boots +8 +luck +8add2024-06-19 07:40:24Headly3kkzen
Adamantine Gloves +8 +luck +4add2024-06-19 07:40:19Headly12kkzen
Adamantine Mask +6 +12add2024-06-19 07:40:14Headly15kkzen
Gorgon Staff +8 +16add2024-06-19 07:40:10Headly7kkzen
Grand Soul Gloves +10 +4add2024-06-19 07:40:06Headly3kkzen
Wind Gloves +10 +luck +12add2024-06-19 07:39:58Headly5kkzen
Dragon Boots +7 +4add2024-06-19 07:39:54Headly14kkzen
Adamantine Mask +72024-06-19 07:39:48Headly15kkzen
Brass Helm +6 +luck2024-06-19 07:39:44Headly9kkzen
Wind Pants +9 +luck +8add2024-06-19 07:39:39Headly2kkzen
Wind Armor +72024-06-19 07:39:35Headly5kkzen
Chaos Lighting Staff +8 +luck +8add2024-06-19 07:39:31Headly33kkzen
Grand Soul Helm +92024-06-19 07:39:27Headly2kkzen
Saint Crossbow +10 +luck +skill2024-06-19 07:39:23Headly16kkzen
Spiked Shield +9 +luck2024-06-19 07:39:18Headly6kkzen
Plate Gloves +9 +8add2024-06-19 07:39:11Headly5kkzen
Legendary Boots +10 +16add2024-06-19 07:39:06Headly10kkzen
Staff of Resurrection +8 +luck +8add2024-06-19 07:39:02Headly22kkzen
Scale Armor +9 +4add2024-06-19 07:38:57Headly7kkzen
Silk Pants +7 +8add2024-06-19 07:38:53Headly9kkzen
Legendary Sword +9 +luck +4add2024-06-19 07:38:21Alexander8kkzen