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Season 2 Upgraded

Exp 1000, Drop 60

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EXP Testing

2023-02-04 12:59:02

[:en]Hi everybody,


As you probably already noticed, the EXP from mobs substantially dropped.

There are some tests going on, so no worries, that is not a final decision on exp, after we see the results of changing the exp, a final decision will be made.

Our focus is to make the game long-lasting, based not only on "1 day = 1 res", but to implement more challenges, because that's what makes the game interesting.

Bonus Exp is applied in Blood Castle, Devil Square and CryWolf.

We'll be happy to hear from you on forum, let us know what do you think about exp.
[:ru]Всем привет!

Как вы могли уже заметить опыт с монстров был значительно снижен. Это связано с тестами, которые мы проводим, так что не переживайте: это не окончательно состояние, скоро мы увидим результаты и примем финальное решение.

Наша основная задача сделать долгоиграющий сервер, в котором ресет не получится за одень день и более того потребуется выполнить дополнительные задания, которые делают игру интереснее.

Бонусный опыт (exp) работает с Blood Castle, Devil Square и CryWolf.

Мы всегда рады вашим мнениям, которые вы можете оставить на форуме или в чате на сайте.

Хорошей игры! =)

MuMat fresh start

2021-05-26 03:21:28

Hello everybody,

As you may already noticed, we are preparing everything for a fresh start, or let's call it - restart.

With new management, fresh ideas, we are working on everything to preapare a pleasant environment for you to play.

Just to be clear, a fresh start means that the database will be cleared out, and everyone will start from 0. It might seem unfair for someone, and yes, they are right, it's unfair, but only in this way we can proceed forward. 

I have a few players helping me, as I don't know in details what leaded to the crash of previous server, and will appreciate any ideas, that may help to build a perfect server.

Please visit our forum to keep in touch with us

MuMat Administration

P.S. Don't ask when the restart will happen, I don't know, even an estimate. My intention is to start the server as early as possible, but until everything is ready, checked, and re-checked, the server won't start. As for now, enjoy a free gameplay, test with us, help us, and the most helpful players will receive rewards for their help.

Golden Invasion

Total Golden count: 16

Killed: 0

Remaining: 16

Maps: Noria, Lorencia, Devias, Atlans, Tarkan

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